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  1. novazeus


    yeah that's against all building codes just like the government to ignore the codes they write and enforce. not the first time i've seen that. one time when i was building an office building, i was trying to get a certificate of occupancy a little early to get the electrical meter set and i got red tagged for not having urinal partitions. i go to the building department to pay the red tag, go in their bathrooms, no urinal partitions.
  2. novazeus


    very cool! great to see the drone perform so well. idk if i could do that with the drone humming behind me. they are amazing. beautiful yard btw.
  3. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    u may be right. i just rode my e+ after a night of charging. ran it up to 14mph with no sign of tiltback, no beeps, nothing. i have the pedal settings at zero and still lots of play in the pedals. it’s visible when standing still and rocking back and forth. i’ve got 6 other wheels and none are like that. after watching these crash videos, and having 6 other wheels, makes me not want to ride it at all. i bought all these little wheels, 2 s1’s and the e+ in anticipation of teaching my gfs how to ride but since they can fail at any time, i’ll probably never put any of them on one. when i tell them they have to put on a full face helmet, wristguards, elbow pads, gloves, motorcycle jacket, knee pads, ankle protectors, and adequate foot protection, all i’ll see is a cloud of dust from them running away.
  4. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    re-read what i wrote. i said of all my wheels, the e+ have the loosest pedals. i have mine set to maximum stiffness just like all my wheels but the e+ pedals have more play. i agree with u, i think it was an overlean. again, compared to my 4 other different wheels, i can see how an overlean could happen easier on a e+ compared to my other 4 different wheels. even the 9bot s1 and s2 has stiffer pedals. i don’t think all 9bot1e+ are created equal. recently mine was doing 18mph!
  5. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    i can see that happening on the e+. of all my wheels, the e+ has the loosest pedals, meaning they aren’t stiff at all. it’s easy to get too far forward and hard to regain balance rearwards because of such a forward tilt, resulting in an overlean. somebody described them as being like a carousel ride going up and down. u gotta ride 9bots very gingerly. not much power and not much battery but easy to overlean especially coming off a more powerful wheel. noticed how the one guy was saying he was gonna have a hard time keeping up.
  6. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    Bob would probably love it while it lasted. probably take all of 5 minutes for him to save daddy from the bubble that ate him.
  7. novazeus

    The Photo Thread

    Bob approves of his new friend. he never attacks me on the eucs but for some reason attacking me on the escooter is big fun. i literally had to bail and run off because i thought we might collide but he does love running with the ewheels so that's all that matters.
  8. novazeus

    The Photo Thread

    1st ride ever on a escooter.
  9. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    that doesn't look like some of the other face plant scenarios i've seen. to me that looks like an overlean beyond the wheels capacity. i ordered this anyway.
  10. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    i remember the high speed tesla crash. idk if i'd blame the tesla for that. i'll look for the 9bot broken collar bone crash. i was criticized and made fun of for wearing protective gear my whole little motorcycle road riding duration. most of the people i rode with never wore helmets. mostly cops or ex-cops. if i rode with cars and trucks on highways(which i never would) i would wear a bubble suit. even riding around sidewalks and concrete curbs, i'd wear more safety gear including a helmet. idk how fast i went on inline skates, pretty fast, but i never wore any protection. and i did fall once on smooth asphalt when a bolt fell off my boot holding the rail on. nbd.
  11. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    1. i hope ur not referring to ignore the beeps ron 2. that’s bad news about the ninebot but idk what safety equip would prevent a broken collar bone, and i know that’s got nothing to do with the example u gave me. i thnk it’s suicidal to ride wheels on roads with cars and trucks. a woman and her baby in a stroller were just killed by two teenagers racing on a road. florida kills more bicyclists than any other state. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-bike-study-national-fatalities-20170823-story.html when i see the abuses these cordless electrical devices take, i’m surprised there aren’t failures daily. i do wish this forum would have a sticky somewhere documenting crashes, injuries and causes. of any activity on the planet that needs this, this is one for sure. i’d just like to know the stats and i’m guessing this is the biggest english speaking euc forum in the world? anything man builds can fail. who knows how many cops died from riding harley road kings because of a defect in their suspension. in the meanwhile, i’m charging the battery on my new Inmotion L8F that just came today. very nice. Bob was very interested in it. don’t know if he wants to try to ride it or eat it.
  12. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    after reading this, i felt more confident my wheels would not just randomly “cut off” the way i’m using them. not doubting u, but can u give me one example of a wheel (not cheapo) that just shut down on smooth pavement, not near tiltback and sufficient battery charge. u have been at this a lot longer than me so i figure if anybody could recall such an event, it could be u. Cut-off or cut-out There are actually (at least) two types of cut-offs that can occur with an EUC: the first is what I've called "mainboard induced cut-off" or sometimes I've also used the term "[motor] shutdown" or "[high/max]-speed cut-out", and the second is the BMS cut-off. (2017 notice: most wheels nowadays don't seem to no longer cut the power at high speed, "overlean"/"overpowering" near the top speeds or board failure is more common cause of such falls) Mainboard induced/motor shutdown/high-speed cut-out/max speed cut-out: In this type of cut-off, it seems that the mainboard firmware decides to cut the power to the motor for some reason (at least overspeed/too much current passing through the board or the wheel has tilted more than 45 degrees). When the mainboard does the cut off, the wheel doesn't usually totally power down, but keeps playing a warning sound or something to tell the user that the wheel must be reset before it can be ridden again. I have also thought that this might ALSO be BMS-related, if it's the overcurrent/short circuit protection of the BMS triggering, as those don't seem to latch, but release automatically? So the entire wheel would turn off for a split second... (2017 notice: this seems to be pretty much a thing of the past, at least in the mainstream big-name wheels, like KingSong, Inmotion, Gotway, Ninebot...) BMS Cut-off is caused by the overdischarge (undervoltage) protection circuitry in the battery BMS triggering, and usually cuts ALL power to the wheel immediately. This can be particularly dangerous, as it can occur very unexpectedly, causing the rider to fall almost every time. Typically the protection is latched, so if your wheel shuts off and doesn't turn back on until you've plugged it in charger, it was probably because the overdischarge protection had triggered
  13. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    i saw that video. u had to work at it to get that tiltback. it was a range test i think.
  14. novazeus

    UK police wanting to contact me

    the little euc manufacturers and the little euc dealers don’t have the deep pockets it takes to get these wheels legally adopted. in my own situation here in tampa, florida, i think the only way going forward is to hitch the wagon to a bird type player. hopefully they will come in and make a good presentation and toss some dollars to the government for allowing escooters in their city. don’t give these politicians too much credit, their only concern is getting re-elected and who’s gonna buy them lunch. in sue happy good ol usa, i’d worry more about civil liability. if ur operating an illegal device, say on a sidewalk, i don’t think insurance will cover u. i was watching one of chooch’s videos, and somebody kicked their leg out like playing they were gonna knock him over.
  15. novazeus

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    that’s good to know but twenty miles inland is a big difference than being on the penisular where u are. my head gets hot in my little bike lid i bought. i’m not disagreeing with u about helmets and protection, always better to be safe rather than injured. i just don’t see myself donning full protection to go 1/3 of a mile down my road to my mailbox. i’ll probably be one of those that faceplants thru no fault of my own and all because of the wheel i’m riding and then i’ll stop riding wheels. the thrill or convenience or whatever u are suppose to get out of riding wheels won’t be worth the time and trouble for suiting up before every dinky ride. i’ll graduate to my new inmotion l8f coming tmrw.