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  1. From my experience it has said it after the wheel falls on the side and spins out, could be when it spins out could try lifting it without the lift button and let it spin out and see if it says that and if not just try to drop it on the side.
  2. No need to go at me like that, I don't have a brand of choice, was just repeating what I've read and I'm by no means an expert.
  3. There are people on here that know a lot more about the inner workings of wheels than me but if it was overvoltage that happened because of full battery and braking hard down a hill then I'm guessing difficult to predict that and give you a warning earlier, there just wasn't enough time. Do you have an android phone? I recommend using EUC World and turn on logging that way you can analyze the logs after incidents like these (which you hopefully won't experience again) and see under the hood more likely what happened.
  4. Ah I see that's cool, the temperature that you can see on your tour graphs on the web is that motherboard or mosfet temperature?
  5. What would be a good temperature for the heat alarm in EUC World for the V11?
  6. If you are going down hill on full charge it's generating power to the batteries and it might have cut the engine to protect the batteries from overcharging hence the overload warning that you got. So in this scenario full charge is not optimal at all for that short trip down a hill. Inmotion wheels are like the safest wheels, they have high safety margins.
  7. Full charge, did you go down any steep hills? Did you accelerate very fast?
  8. I'm not sure, still trying to figure out, might be as you say easier to accelerate but more difficult to brake but I haven't done any side by side settings testing for that, but overall it does feel like a smoother ride to me.
  9. So, after more experimentation I managed to get the 45km/h limit to work but the difference is not huge. With this setting you will normally get tiltback a bit later then usual around 37 so it's not easy to reach and stay around or above 40 even with this limit set. How to get it working: Set speed in EUC World, immediatly after it's set push the handle button to make it take effect, open the Inmotion App and verify beneath the speedometer that it says 45km/h then you can close the Inmotion App.
  10. Rawnei

    MSuper Pro?

    Yeah ok dude, we can agree to disagree. 😁
  11. Rawnei

    MSuper Pro?

    LOL did you butcher a poor Inmotion wheel to create that. 🤣
  12. I think kids in general have super funny reactions when they see you, always huge eyes, stopping whatever they are doing to focus solely on you, if their parents are near they are always verbally urging them to also stop what they are doing and also have a look. 😂
  13. Ouch, what protection did you have? That sucks, what protection did you have and are you ok?
  14. Had this helmet for a while now and super happy with it, comfy, light, good airflow, good hearing of your surroundings, you almost forget you are wearing it, do recommend.
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