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  1. It's nice to see Chooch riding off-trails, those quick turns into backward riding are awesome. 👏 V12 seems to be a pretty nice wheel for what it's offering.
  2. It's a bit ironic how there are people who don't give a shit and at the same time adamantly defend this sort of behavior, the only arguments for this sort of thing seem to be that "it's fun" and "nobody got hurt" (this time) with no consideration to other people involved or arguments presented against it. I admire your energy @mrelwood Et al. for bringing well thought arguments to the discussion, it's refreshing to read between the emotionally charged posts and even if it might not change the mentality that some have it brings to light important things to be said. This issue is not a
  3. What I was saying is that regulations for vehicles on different type of roads exists already, to further regulate a specific vehicle is to limit them because they don't believe the persons riding them can abide to existing regulations or that they are not safe enough.
  4. Do we really need to regulate EUC's specifically though? Speed limits and traffic rules apply to all vehicles on all type of roads regardless if it's a car, bicycle or PEV, some roads like the highway have rules what type of vehicles are allowed to travel on them and PEV's are definitely not allowed there. So there's really two issues I see, one is drivers (all type of vehicles) and pedestrians knowingly breaking those rules and two drivers not even aware of the rules (which is everyones responsibility to know if you are on a public road). So maybe stricter policing of those rules wo
  5. And they aren't even jaywalking, it was green for pedestrians red for traffic.
  6. As I said, throw a dice, I rode 4 times not even in rain on my batch3 V11 and bearing was borked, another unlucky soul had to swap his motor 4 times (there was a youtube video about that). I had to wait 2 months for a new motor, wouldn't call that a non issue but congratulations for not having any issues I guess.
  7. Throw a dice, the current models rely on the small rubber seal built into the bearing to protect it from water and dust, if you are lucky you don't get it if you are unlucky you do, you can put additional sealing on it yourself. There is no statistics but my gut feeling tell me most hollow motor owners avoid bad weather because they fear a bearing failure.
  8. Regarding fans operating while charging the answer is yes, the other day was particularly hot here (28c outside) and when I got home to charge the wheel I could hear the fans quite loudly for the first time ever.
  9. It's a very satisfactory feeling to release the pressure, please understand. Joking aside it's normal nothing to worry about, just some lubrication.
  10. That'd be awesome, would be nice to see if they addressed the weak-points you pointed out in your previous video.
  11. Regardless of specs and degree of hill it's not like you're gonna stop and measure the incline before you ride a hill. Why can't the Sherman or EXN disengage the motor if it's under too much stress like so many other wheels? (WrongWay Inmotion V12 climb test is a good and clear example) I'm also convinced they would have no problem climbing if the motherboard had a bit beefier components or an updated design to address the weak points, with so many blown boards there should be a big base for postmortem investigations to clearly see where it's failing. It's not always so simple, if
  12. 79c?! Geez, is it a HS or HT? I do some really long steep climbs on my HT and it never went above 52c.
  13. Rawnei

    NB EX

    Do you happen to have some sort of source for "updated EX"?
  14. I think it sucks and doesn't really protect your wheel much, damages easily, attracts dust and just makes it harder to put pads or other accessories on your wheel. If you want protection better to get bumpers or foam in strategic places.
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