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  1. Don't do this, that's very experimental, rather get the 3D printed seals with grease to water- and dust-proof the bearings.
  2. V11 overreports 8% so if you set it to 55kmh you get 50kmh max in reality.. if you leave it at 50kmh you actually get 46kmh.. if you are used to cruising at 52-53 it makes a difference. Yes you lose about 5kmh top speed which is a lot, 50 vs 55kmh is a big difference in experience. Edit: I really wish more people called Inmotion out on this, 8% is a big difference and it's not because of tire size or pressure etc it's a software error that it misreports this much, if they claim 50kmh or 55kmh they should be held to that standard or not advertise it. If you use EUC world you
  3. The only things about the V11 that kind of pisses me off is that it has 50kmh top speed despite it's announced 55kmh fancy mode (V11 overreports 8% so if you adjust that 55kmh is actually 50kmh), I like to cruise around 50-52 but have to watch myself and stay below 50 on it. The second thing is the bearing problems, hardly ridden it because of that, I need to get the 3D printed seal and install that, it's a PITA. If it wasn't for those two things I would be very happy with it.
  4. I actually rode my V11 today since not riding it all winter and noticed that yes indeed it's a bit tough to brake while riding seated on the original Inmotion seat, the seat is very nice but it's also positioned in a way that your body is a bit infront of the center of the wheel wheel so it takes no effort to accelerate but is hard to brake, I tried moving the seat back a bit but it's difficult since it's designed to fit so well on the handle. I would say this makes it more difficult to control than Gotway seated actually.
  5. With the V11 pad you don't really have to think that much the pads are not so intrusive to seated riding, just sit down as feels comfortable really, usually that means small contact with pedals as you say no heal pressure that's fine.
  6. I just have normal powerpads for MSP and official Inmotion powerpads for V11, nothing special they are fitted like normal for me riding while standing but works fine for seated not being in the way too much if you learn correct foot position. I have them both attached with Velcro but don't really move them around at all after I found what works for me.
  7. Yeah velcro is a must for all pads imo, it's such a good and robust solution to make your pads more flexible and not static.
  8. I ride seated all the time now, became used to the low posture it's actually kinda fun when you get into it feels like a go-cart, but standing has it's charm too and a must for some places, the V11 seated is like a Rolls Royce or comfy sofa, high position and suspension makes it very comfortable. 😄
  9. Suspension does a lot more than just allowing you to ride more relaxed imo, you can take terrain in a different way and it allows a bit of a different mindset when facing a bit rougher terrain, but the technology is still a bit early and leads to other compromises hence why it's not so popular (yet).
  10. Seated with powerpads works just fine but you won't be using the pads you will have the legs outside of them in an arc. For braking it's just a matter of leaning back, if you need to brake really hard I suggest you stand up and break instead. BTW V11 seated is by far much higher than other wheels, try seated on an MSP, then you will love the height of the V11 saddle. 😁 Here's me riding seated on the MSP with powerpads: https://youtu.be/1EKTt0n8DXY?t=356
  11. That does not sound normal at all, probably something was wrong with it from factory and you should be able to get it fixed under warranty. You can ride off-road, down stairs and in skateparks with a V10F no problem.
  12. It take years to get new technology to market and while there are advances in battery technology it's not something we will see this year in EUC or even next I highly doubt it, so not something we will see tomorrow as I said even if there are many exciting things in progress.
  13. If you ride a non-suspenion wheel just be a bit mindful, keep your knees at all times, potholes or bumps wont feel comfortable or fun like it does with suspension so will most likely avoid or be careful with those so you don't lose control coming from suspension. The difference is quite big in that regard.
  14. lol now we cooking with fantasy, none of this is true today and it wont be true tomorrow, if we're lucky maybe in 5-10 years, so definitely not something we can hope for on the V12.
  15. Unpopular opinion but Sherman is overrated and over-hyped here on the forum anyway, so many people who never even seen one in reality is praising it, we should really stop comparing so much to it. It's a great wheel with speed and range don't get me wrong but it's a heavy cruising wheel not a nimble wheel, it's definitely not for everyone just like a monster pro or whatnot, lots of experienced riders actively choose something more nimble, I know several experienced riders after trying the Sherman didn't want one and one rider who actually sold his because it was too clumsy for him. I bet
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