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  1. There exists fire extinguishers for Lithium Batteries, I bought the N-Ext from BatterySafetySolutions that I keep at home. https://www.elfa.nl/en/news/veilig-werken-met-lithium-ion/
  2. Rawnei


    Oh wow, not a good sign, so either hope for a fix from Inmotion or come up with DIY fix, I'm glad my gf's order that was supposed to be batch1 that got delayed now seems to be ending up as a a batch3 instead.
  3. Come on guys lets be real for a moment, how many Gotways have you guys owned? Comments like these feel like someone just repeating things that someone else said that wasn't well founded to begin with. Historically all wheels from all manufacturers have had various limitations and/or problems, Gotway however has set itself apart with superior performance and believe it or not great durability. Like Mango I dare you to go up a long steep incline on your Sherman, will you risk the motherboard burning up? Mike I can go more than 10kmh faster on my MSP High Torque model than you on your KS18 w
  4. Small off-road clip of the S20 in Jacks review of the commander here (linked to 3:14):
  5. Hmm looks like the battery cables are soldered onto the board or are those some sort of bullet connectors? If soldered will be difficult to swap the board. The smaller cables are probably for lights and such, they just go out the same opening.
  6. I use my Galaxy Watch for EUC World a lot, it's very handy to have speed and battery on your wrist, I prefer not using the power saving mode because I want to be able to bring my watch up and see all the stats directly with no delay however this also compromises battery life and how long you can use the watch. @Seba would it be possible to implement a feature where power saving mode for the watch is automatically enabled when you are not riding and then disabled again when you resume riding? What I mean by not riding is the "Overall" vs "Ride" time on a tour.
  7. You're asking us, yet you're the one bringing the rumor over here, where did you hear it?
  8. I assume you mean speed with safety margin when you write "able to reach", I wouldn't want to hit 72kmh with 1% safety margin left. 😬😂
  9. I ended up getting a 20cm 3.5 splitter cable, then I made my own 3.5mm to DC cable and put a on/off switch on it, works brilliantly, I have WLED set to max 1500ma.
  10. They are getting expensive because there is a battery and electronics shortage plus a shipping crisis...
  11. You are dirty Shane, I meant the hole on the back of wheel not the rider. 😉😂
  12. I'm not a fan of the purple would prefer black but I also think it will not be that noticeable in the end.
  13. A lot of the weight come from the batteries, you are arguing you want a wheel that can do 100miles well then it's going to weight more because it needs more batteries, the slower you ride the further you can go, you don't need to ride at the speed limit. And as you say you haven't tried bigger wheels perhaps you should? You don't need to jump from an Mten3 to a Monster Pro the range in-between is huge.
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