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  1. Hello what the you guys think of adding rubberized undercoating on the rim of the wheel, in order to protect the rim and motor from salt and rust? see below: https://amzn.to/3jtFZ3q I did so on the sherman it looks fine but im not used to see this paint like layer on the rim of the wheel. So asking to the community their opinion.
  2. Anyone knows how to adjust it in eucworld? edit: found.
  3. Thanks i was looking for this info. U confirm that its inside euc world config that i need to input-6%?
  4. i am genuinely interested to know why you dislike suspension (not talking of current suspension wheels, but the principle in general). And come back to nyc chat
  5. Rumors says it will be 16',nothing confirmed. Yeah speedyfeet was quite explicit on how he disliked the mpro😅
  6. Nyc is not gonna get euc banned (so no need to insult nyc riders), however euc fires will if gotway keeps up like this.
  7. Congrats. Just dont jump with it though : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJrjmMOgFTn/?igshid=1d0sh2f0sivdh
  8. Its the shell that scratches against the motor. If you remove the shell you will see nasty paint scratches on the motor. You are the second one escalating me this issue. Must be a batch issue...Replacing the shell didnt fix, next in line was to install a new motor. Suggest you get this fixed, there could be some side effects, you don't wanna find out at 25mph in traffic🤷🏻‍♂️. Regarding my V11, i returned it. There were too many issues for a new wheel, was taking to much time go fix to be acceptable. I need to sell the never used v11 clark pads v2 i bought for it now. Will get a Sherman i
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