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  1. hello, Anyone here has installed the latest Begode / Gotway motherboard aka black motherboard? If so what is your feedback on this? Supposedly they allow to update the firmware OTA. thanks
  2. Anyone else wearing an airbag vest? Would this activate if u hit a bump or pothole?
  3. Pads locking the rider down are death traps, especially with spiked pedals.....
  4. Hello, Even though my settings are in mph in eucworld, recorded tours on the website are in km. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a motorcycle jacket with CE level 2 pads. After a fall, i noticed it might not be enough for shoulders, they still get hurt. Im thinking of putting 2 pads in each shoulder pocket instead of one there. Would this help to provide better protection ? Or is there any reason that i shouldnt do that. I gave it a test and it seems ok. thanks
  6. sherman is a street wheel, certainly not for off road or hilly roads.
  7. Hello what the you guys think of adding rubberized undercoating on the rim of the wheel, in order to protect the rim and motor from salt and rust? see below: https://amzn.to/3jtFZ3q I did so on the sherman it looks fine but im not used to see this paint like layer on the rim of the wheel. So asking to the community their opinion.
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