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  1. Actually i found it on your app, its the led setting #6! I would still be curious to check out the gotway app but its not on android anymore. If someone knows where to find it it would be great!
  2. Just got it too and i agree with that. I guess the point for us is to set it to the washer that doesn't fold at all on impact? Else i wouldn't see the point. The chin feels plastic while looking solid, and i think overall its just a minimal protection in case of a small fall but i wouldn't wear this on high speed.
  3. Sure, Ive created a topic in the learning section of the forum. 👍
  4. I started to learn EUC on a Nikola+ (i couldnt bother going through the learning wheel). I watched a lot of tutorial videos. the ones that helped me the most are those from @evX_Mick and @Mike Sacristan.Thanks to them, their channels are great! I tried for 5 days so far , 2 at home and 3 outside. 1st day: The euc is heavy and i have no control at all. I wonder how i can use this and asking myself if i didnt make a mistake to buy such a big wheel. Not progressing at all. 2nd day: Raining outside so trying mounting dismounting at home, and slightly moving forwards, but i keep being disturbed by things home so i cant really move too much. Very slight progress. 3rd day: I go outside again, trying to move from a pole and progress. Barely managed to run 5 meters without falling. Exhausted and going back home. No significant progress. 4th day: Learning the basics home again thanks to rain, mounting dismounting. Nothing else much can be done. I think im starting to get it a little bit. 5th day: Back outside, decided to solely focus on mounting and moving forward without any help. Managing to mount and move forward after 1,5 hour. Finally. Body too tired to continue but good progress this time. I'm going too fast (due not handling well forward positioning) and cannot stop yet so i will focus on stopping next time. The number 1 problem in NYC for me is to find a place to train in a safe environment. There are people everywhere all the time. I'm constantly kicked out wherever i go ("you cannot do that here"). Today i woke up at 6am to go to a soccer field and train in peace. By 8am it was full of gym trainers asking me again to move away so that they can use half of the place for their classes. People also constantly ask questions but i have no energy to interact as i'm already out of breathe when i try to control the EUC and no time for chatting considering the difficulty and limited time i have to find a good place to train before people start to be everywhere....I'm also impatient to move out of this learning phase(and the pain to find a training area) and be on my way... Will update more when i have further news...
  5. Is it ok to remove the visor for mtb helmets? I feel like they arent safe for the neck should a fall happen. @Blicky Te⚡️laHow is the poc artic spin chin bar? Does it feel solid during a fall?
  6. Im already doing:) im looking to turn off the leds on the gotway nikola and on euc world i couldnt only change the colors (unless i missed). So i thought of checking the gotway app.
  7. Auto quoting myself. It doesnt make the startup sound anymore. Just (loud) beeps. Still annoying but better than what it used to be.
  8. Settled for the Gotway Nikola+ 100v bought locally at euc.nyc. Great honest guys in NYC with top notch customer support for the newbie that i am!!!
  9. where is the Gotway app for android in 2020? i cant find a working version anywhere... Thanks
  10. Is the issue still happening with the Nikola+? How to confirm a Nikola+ 21700 1800wh isnt from this problematic batch?
  11. I was debating nikola+ vs msp and went for the nikola+ just because of the fragile "paper mache" shell of the msp...Granted both look great.
  12. You forgot the dangerous spandex biking guys on the bike lanes who never want to stop no matter what 😅. Best is to get over it and ignore. Else you will get mad everyday....
  13. How about that annoying startup noise? Is it still doing it?
  14. yep, ive noticed the used market is not very worth it outside of some exceptions in this forum and i'm better off going for a new one directly (sketchy practices, used wheels prices barely below new ones)...
  15. i was going back and forth with multiple models that were all "a week use" old . Started to get skeptical when it was a Gotway nikola 84v....
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