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  1. Hundreds of euc riders ride every day in nyc. And youtube isn't everyday life. I must say, after reading this topic and others, I find it weird to see regularly on Facebook or here people revel in a fictional ban in NYC. I wouldn't welcome any ban of euc anywhere in the world personally....
  2. I wouldnt call 3700USD for an EUC reasonably priced
  3. wait, Gotway changed the tire of the mpro for an offroad one?
  4. I still have a hard time to understand what are the limits of the EX. Freespin on mine is 53.7mph, no beeps at 37mph....latest firmware
  5. This is where you are mistaken. I wasnt hyping anything. I just said i struggled to film him at the beginning (and mostly because i wasnt used to film other people with the right angle and ride at the same time). If you understood that i was hyping it up or pretending this was the fastest or superior technique, then im sorry for not being clear. Im just trying here to showcase a different style of riding, without saying its superior to any other techniques. Also have you seen how nyc riders are crucified online when they display fast riding on youtube? No thank you, no racing of any sort in a
  6. i don't really understand why we are talking about racing. It was never implied that a rider could become the fastest with that technique, at any moment in the video or in posts here. I just said he was going fast (fast enough for riding in manhattan), which you can already see bits in the video,at 17:09 for example. Again, if that's not enough, too bad! It was never my intention to make a video about riders going very fast (for obvious reasons, i wouldnt have made the video otherwise), but only to showcase >another< way of riding an EUC, that uses soft mode and doesn't use pads.
  7. No offense too, but respectfully, if you "don't buy it", i couldn't care less. I already spent hours making this video, and took the time to post extra infos on this topic. If you don't believe me too bad . I'm not trying to convince desperately anyone. Thank you 😂. You can also take your euc and experiment by yourself (the basics of the technique are ALL in the video) and take your own conclusions, without asking me to make another video so that you can decide. I think it will be more efficient Yeah its called Knee torn acl, an injury that will impact you potentially for lif
  8. Hi all, What an interesting topic! I knew this would trigger discussion with interesting like minded people to discuss about riding technique, instead of the usual complains about nonsense. The purpose of this video was to: Explain SOFT mode, as its often misunderstood, as i did, but also to gather explanations about @houseofjobriding technique and show riders other ways to ride. I'm not saying its the best or even matches every rider. However i find it interesting to try new ways to ride, and personally, though i don't handle that technique well at all (thank you stiff soft mode), i
  9. everything is explained in the video
  10. It would sell at least 3000usd used. No one is going to sell you an Ex for 2400usd unless there's something shaddy about it.... Where do you see the ex has many issues? Any owners of the wheel reporting this latest version getting problems? Ex is not issue proof but as much as any other wheel not more not less...
  11. Well i have a noticeable change on my Sherman. Imo it works better with heavier wheels. It will take the edge of smaller bumps and smoothen up a bit.
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