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  1. I had this case once. Disconnect and reconnect the battery should be the solution. The problem is that opening the case could void the warranty. Check with your reseller to find an agreement. I am sure he would be pleased to solve the problem without having to pay for transportation.
  2. You can also wait for your fifty years and you will no longer be annoyed by high pitch noises ;-)
  3. Gil

    IPS S5

    It is so bad they disappeared. They announced a fully redundant (motor + motherboard + battery) wheel in June. Unfortunately, the design efficiency has not been reviewed by anyone. It would have been worth knowing how the wheel reacts with a faulty component. The wheel (IPS S5) is still on Aliexpress (750 euros).
  4. Hi, You can buy this : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/140mm-Car-Auto-Truck-Brass-Wheel-Tire-Valve-Cap-Tyre-Stem-Extension-Extender-Tire-Inflation-Valve/32891050431.html I have been using one for years. Very convenient.
  5. Hello, 1) How did you do a factory reset ? 2) I often wonder whether those apps that solicit the processor at high rate could have a bad effect on stability.
  6. As a former owner of a 9B1 I am almost sure that you can turn lights on without the app. RTFM! Press the red button for 2 seconds ;-)
  7. Do not insert anything metallic in this hole. This hole is just there for fixing the rubber cap that you apparently removed. No more reset button with the production V8. My V8 once seemed dead. I disconnected the battery for a few seconds and anything came back to order.
  8. HAve in mind that you will have to replace the connector with a GX12-3 connector. If you don't know how to change it, you could try to ask the vendor if he would accept to mount a GX12-3 connector.
  9. I would be very cautious with such a high temperature. The genuine V8 charger gets warm, not more. I bought a spare charger and it does not get very hot neither.
  10. Replacing a tire is not that easy.
  11. It is described on the French forum. They use VyprVPN.
  12. This can be easily circumvented by using a VPN.
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