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  1. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Fantomas is in No Way an ordinary rider, he is undoubtedly the most Extraordinary rider on the planet right now!
  2. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    No, the batteries are Not located in the hub but are encased in their own enclosures on each side of the wheel, as can be seen in the image below. Only the Ninebot Z10 has the batteries actually situated inside the concave/offset hub of the wheel and they Do Not rotate in the Z10!
  3. fbhb


    Yep, really scary to see a rider and wheel get taken out like this. I have added this video and the clip from the original Facebook post to the: [WARNING] Gotway Nikola 100v 1800WH Battery Fire thread, to help make people aware of these "Seller" upgrade large battery packs! There seems to be a steadily climbing number of instances, where battery fires have occurred with these Non Factory battery upgrades being sold on Ali Express. Be very careful of what you are buying, especially if it is Not a Factory specced battery configuration!!!
  4. Some more S18 footage:
  5. The following video is Not a Nikola, but a 100v Monster V3 with 3rd party battery upgrade which may well have been suspect 21700 cells! Posting this here to also help make people aware of the increasing fire risk with some of these large, "Seller" upgraded battery packs!!! "This is why i won’t do third party battery upgrades. another monster with added battery packs from some third party deal. just spontaneous combustion as rider was riding" Note: The above text is quoted from the actual Facebook post. Note: Recent comments on the Facebook post have since stated this Monster was a 3108wh 21700 from Ali seller Loomo. Below is another short clip that shows the wheel ignite with the rider still onboard, just before he got dumped in the road! Scary, Scary scenes!!!
  6. Posted on Facebook by Eileen Mao, King Song's trick rider checking the S18's downhill credentials!!!
  7. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Kuji drops his V11 video, finally!!!
  8. The front light can be turned on/off by a long press on the power button, if you do not want to enter into the app! The slider settings you were playing around with would need to be done with the wheel stationery, AFAIR.
  9. Another set of images was posted earlier today on Facebook by Damilola Alade (Afeez)
  10. Maybe my previous post was not quite right, regarding the S18 being delayed! King Song just teased this image on Facebook:
  11. Yes, you are correct in thinking that the Z10 has a brake assist mode and you can easily enable it in the app. I set my Z10 to have the brake assist active permanently, for as long as I can remember now. How it works is by quite simply applying 3 degrees of rearward tilt to the pedals, when any normal braking force is felt/sensed by the electronics. It works really well, once you initially get used to the mild tilt back sensation (and then after time you don't even notice it's tilting you back), and it does actually get applied in a very smooth manner!
  12. IMHO, I would say the S18 will very likely be delayed owing to the fact that so far we have only seen the prototypes in demo videos. Kuji has stated that he was also waiting for the "Production" S18 to form his final thoughts/compile video and also to compare directly against the V11 at the same time. He does not have the "Final" version in his possession as yet, (he had hoped it would have been Mid May/similar time as receiving the V11), so on that basis I would imagine that King Song are still working to finalise the "Production" version! Personally, I am hoping that they take all the time they need to make sure there is No repeat of the 16X rollout (even though I desperately want one right NOW!!!)
  13. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    We can finally expect to hear some first hand feedback from Kuji in the next week or two!
  14. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    100% sure @Unventor is commenting that he wishes the IP55 rating was higher, due to him commuting in all weathers! He is definitely getting the V11 despite the rating and has a pre-order placed.
  15. If you need a DH certified lid, the Bell Super DH definitely fits the bill. I can personally recommend it and commented recently on the "Helmet Thread" when @ShanesPlanet was looking into getting one!
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