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  1. I ordered a second genuine 5A charger to arrive with my Sherman and have Only used one at a time to test that both were working correctly. I think it would most probably only be on the second time of using one of mine, again just with one on it's own, whilst it was nearing 90+% charge I heard a loud "pop" - the charge cycle stopped and I quickly turned off the power supply and unplugged the power lead! I then had a sniff at the charger to see if I could detect the usual smell of burnt components and of course that tell tale odour was present! The wheel would not continue to charge with
  2. I have just proven that very careful alignment during the re-build of the S18 will pretty much allow Any 18x3/2.75-14 tire to fit, so as it does fit the S18 the CST C6004 will definitely fit all other 18x3 EUCs! I also firmly believe that this could well be the tire that becomes a worthy successor to the well renowned Chao Yang H-666! I've also added a splash of carbon wrap to the front section of the fender and moved the King Song logo from the trolley handle for a better overall look!
  3. The more I ride on this CST C6004, the more and more it inspires confidence! I personally think it is going be a very hard tire to beat as an All round option, having only just tried it on some loose off road trails this morning for the first time and coming home even more impressed! IMHO, the genuine motor cycle tires are the Only way I will go in future for both the Sherman and the S18, as the usual standard EUC/bicycle tires just cannot compare in performance, toughness and longevity!
  4. I chose to fit the CST C6004 as it is the widest of the 4 tires, with the most aggressive tread apart from the knobby CST C803. Therefore I can confirm that the other 3 tires will definitely fit without issue, just as long as you are very precise with all of your alignment. I have edited the original post to include All the fastener size information you requested.
  5. I have edited the original post to include All the fastener size information you requested.
  6. Yes, I thought you may have seen it before but it's the only comparison out there. Another tire you may want to look into is the CST C6004, which has a tread pattern similar to the Kenda K340A but with a much more aggressive series of blocks around the edge and 7mm deep tread! I have just fitted this same tire to my S18 and can't rate it highly enough, it is a fantastic tire in every respect from carving to straight line stability and tight turns! I still have to try it on some dirt trails, but expect it will also do really well there too, in everything but very deep mud, for a du
  7. Have a read through this post, as the error message you have is the same as the OP!
  8. This is my comprehensive account of All that is likely to be involved in fixing each of the known and some Newly discovered issues with the King Song S18. I would like to preface this write up by saying that I was fully aware of the can of worms the early batch S18 can pose and during my pre-order period I had plenty of time to opt out, especially given the disdain from some quarters that has been aimed at the S18. My opinion is that this disdain should really be aimed purely at King Song themselves and Not at the wheel! Added to that, it has been very difficult to get any specific clar
  9. That Kenda tire will most likely fit the S18 without any fender rubbing issues! However, the CST-803 is a "guaranteed" fit, as I have previously posted photos of someone's fitment as proof. Also, added to that I have already got hold of my own CST-803 as an option to use on my S18 if required at a later stage. My personal recommendation would be to try and find the CST-803 for sale somewhere, knowing that it fits No Problem and the tread pattern is a little more closed, so would also work OK on the road! I also have several 2.75-14 dual purpose tires that I am assessing for fitmen
  10. I agree that they are most likely using up the stock of Blue lights for any orders other than for Jason eWheels. I have to admit, I did pull both side panels after seeing the Blue lights, just to make sure my wheel was the current spec that my seller had promised and found it had the thicker/wrapped cables/fuses etc. - so All Good there! I did try an allen key on the pedal hangars to check their tightness and was able to get a little bit more on most of the screws, Not loose but part of a turn away from completely tight. Have not had the top cover off to check the board as yet, but wil
  11. That definitely sounds like your issue then! In my case with the Tesla, the bracket tended to wedge itself onto the handle, due to the handle's tapered profile which really did offer a very stable connection. You could try using a piece of leather to pack out the fit between the skinny handle and the bracket and see if that helps?
  12. I had absolutely No wobble left and right with the fitment to my Tesla, so maybe the clamping/securing of the suspension brackets needs to be done up tighter.
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