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  1. I can agree with certain points made on both sides of the recent discussion here between @Rich Sam and @Planemo, but would also like to add that the stock Kenda 262 knobby is by design a motorcycle trials tire. So the carcass is stiff, but as @Rich Sam states the sidewall is very pliable with a lot of built in give. This actually helps these types of knobby to purposely deform/mould/grip to the shape of the kind of obstacles negotiated at very slow speeds during motorcycle trials riding (i.e. rocks, boulders, plinths, stacks of pallets etc.) whilst using much, much lower pressures than the low
  2. Abrams battery packs are sealed in individual housings and incorporated into the side panels. Photo courtesy of Afeez of e-Rides via Facebook: Very nicely done!
  3. From my own experience (also mentioned at length by myself and others elsewhere on these forums), I would highly recommend and vouch for the CST6004 out of these 4 options!
  4. Please avoid ever attempting to put out a Lithium battery fire with water alone, it will Only make matters worse unfortunately!
  5. Just a few more of the photos of the "Modular" construction posted by Bradley Michael Spence of eevee's on Facebook (for those that don't do Facebook): EDIT: Abrams side pads photo below courtesy of Negreanu George Ovidiu via Facebook:
  6. I too can't understand no one reacting to the much improved build quality Veteran have made with the Abrams, especially in this area of cooling! King Song's S18 used this method of control board housing without the need for fans for cooling and is one of the coolest running wheels currently available, so this move bodes well for the Abrams. Photos courtesy of Bradley Michael Spence of eevee's via Facebook: This is definitely a huge step in the right direction and also an initial insight into what Veteran are describing as "Modular" construction fo
  7. If King Song are Not pressured into releasing the S20 to dealers/customers before it is Truly ready, they are the most capable company able to pull off the move to 126V IMHO! King Song is Also the EUC company that actually designs and builds it's own motherboards, rather than having them outsourced as most others do, which again helps in the S20's chances of successfully making the step up to 126V! Very obviously, the S20 will be late (very late) to market but that is to be expected given the step up in tech involved and the resultant hurdles it is creating during the current deve
  8. Thanks for all the hard work that you were able to put in whilst representing King Song, it is truly appreciated and I for one, wish you all the best in your future endeavours! Great to hear that you will still be active in the community and that we can still reach you through various channels!
  9. Looks like plenty of room to reach through the gap with more than just the One finger needed to press/operate the power button from the top by default! The Red switch in the middle, very close to the front of the controller housing is the power button's location (with the 2 charge ports either side). So I personally see no dramas whatsoever reaching it standing or sitting normally, with the added bonus of it being protected, hidden from view and No Way to press it by accident!
  10. I do not have any experience with the thickness of the original GotWay pedal plates, but this topic I created back in June 2020 about my Z10 pedal plates may help you. The pedal plates for the Z10 are ONLY 1.5mm thick aluminium, but were just thick enough to take a 4mm thread to accommodate the MTB pedal pins I chose to use. If the grub screws you are using are 4mm diameter and the GotWay pedal plates are at least 1.5mm thick you should be good to go! Hope this helps.
  11. NOTE: I have updated the OP on 04/10/2021, with images to reflect the fact that this mod is Now installed by soldering directly to the spare 13/12v output on the control board, which enables the USB port to be powered on/off when the Sherman is powered on/off!
  12. Good to hear you were able to get in touch with him, but sorry to hear he does not take PayPal any longer. I definitely used PayPal for my code, but that was in April 2020! Hope you get it sorted one way or another, the unlock tool is well worth the outlay plus the NineTool also allows a whole range of options for settings changes with serial numbers, firmware versions etc.
  13. NOTE: I have updated my OP today, with images to reflect the fact that this mod is Now installed by soldering directly to the spare 13/12v output on the control board, which enables the USB port to be powered on/off when the Sherman is powered on/off!
  14. @ShanesPlanet according to the S20 website's FAQ's page, the pads are supplied loose with the wheel for you to either fit to your desired position yourself or not at all if you prefer another option/combo!
  15. @Duf, my mistake regarding having to dig out the relevant info you need. I thought I had posted about the NineTool info in this other thread that also has a lot of relevant details: But the posts of mine I was thinking of are actually in this topic right here, just several posts back where I refer to a Spanish web page that describes All the steps involved. You may have already seen it though (and other useful posts from informed forum members), if you've scoured through some of the posts on this page in particular. Anyway, hope it helps as the most recent version by mrn76 was
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