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  1. @Paulo Mesquita unfortunately you cannot expect to get as much range on the S18 as you were getting on the 16X due to the much smaller 1100wh and ONLY 3sp battery configuration (which can also suffer from heavy battery sag). The 16X is quite well known for it's considerably good range abilities, whereas the S18 is at the other end of the spectrum, especially if you are a heavier rider
  2. I definitely think any serious off-road gives the body a good work out, so I'd give it a pass to qualify as exercise. During New Zealand's lock down, I went out on the wheel pretty much every day, classed it as my daily exercise so you should be good IMHO!
  3. Glad to hear you got your replacement motherboard sorted and having a better experience with the S18 so far. For reference, my settings for the Red rebound dial are: wind it as far over to the fast setting, then wind it 5 clicks back!
  4. Well this change to a much smaller version of the "Hollow Motor" might mean that the EX suspension model also gets phased out from the line-up too? There is Absolutely No Way GotWay/Begode will be able to retrofit/re-engineer that cumbersome, clunky, travel limited air suspension into these New motors!
  5. @Lukasz made a 20s4p mod to his S18 by adding 2x rear packs and created a topic about it on the forum, confirming that the two front packs are 2/3 of the whole pack, as quoted from his topic here: I personally would not risk riding my S18 without the 2x 42v rear packs, as the voltage sag can at times be too much of a burden even with All 4 packs (2x 84v front & 2x 42v rear) available!
  6. Yes, 25A was too low in my use case also. IIRC, I started at 35A after upgrading to 2.6 but quickly increased in increments to around 50A-55A with some trial and error.
  7. @Rawnei you are correct that later versions of EUC world have changed the way current alarms behave, hence your 100A setting no longer being triggered! As from version 2.6 @Seba implemented changes specifically to how GotWay/Begode and Veteran wheels need to be set up for current alarms to work. Below is a quote from the EUC World blog: "Changes in EUC World 2.6 While developing EUC World, I had been wondering for a long time if something could be done to improve the reliability of the current and power readout. Thanks to user support, it was possible to purchase a special
  8. Glad to hear you got a quick turnaround on getting your replacement board and it arrived in a relatively short amount of time, especially given the current delays from China. The communication back and forth is pretty much standard and I went through the same scenario on both occasions, but on my second board replacement I asked my seller for a quicker method of shipping to speed things up. Well also great that your supplied board version is L21-20, which is obviously the very latest and even more bang up to date so that's an added bonus. As I've mentioned many times before, it would b
  9. fbhb


    You are lucky your money tree is at least still growing, mine has sadly wilted
  10. Yeah, that's also on my list of "to do's" when I finally do the Michelin tire and pedal hanger swap during the coming months.
  11. Shane, you really do not have too much to worry about by doing the update. As long as you follow the instructions to the letter it will most definitely go real smoothly and it's also very quick to complete! Worst case scenario, is if it does brick your Sherman you already have the upgrade chip you used to upgrade to 1.0.56. that can restore it if needs be. Give it a go, you really have nothing to loose but can gain more range via the voltage calibration (if your fully charged voltage does not read a Full 100.8v) and many owners are also claiming less pedal dip than 1.56.0. too!
  12. You can at least take heart in the "Good" reviews out there, which does indicate that a huge number of owners were lucky with the way their S18 arrived to them! I knew full well what I was getting into with my early batch S18, but had planned and prepared to strip and re-build it straight out of the box. Since doing so to my own exacting standards (I have a Full strip down topic describing the process here) I have had nothing but a great experience with my S18, with No issues whatsoever to report! The more recent batches of the S18 have had many of the early issues resolved, but som
  13. Shane, you know Full Well these questions are gonna keep coming and No matter what the brand unfortunately "tis the nature of the beast"! Not saying it's right by any means, I've had more than my fair share of sh1tty QC issues from GotWay/Begode, King Song and now Veteran and with being very particular about my gear constantly shake my head in amazement too... Fortunately for me, I can at least re-build any issue I find myself correctly with the right parts on hand.
  14. @supercurio, I'm really sorry to hear of your misfortune but glad to hear that it did not cause you to fall and get injured. However, from your description of the hill testing you were attempting at your relatively low weight, I would not expect the Sherman to fail unless the board was actually faulty to begin with. As you so rightly mentioned, the Sherman is not known for low speed high stress hill climbing, but that does not sound like the stress you were subjecting the wheel to whilst setting up your side pad positions and you did attempt this with due caution. You mentioned that
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