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  1. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    Nice moody shots of the Dten, posted on Facebook. I wonder when GotWay is going to release this for sale? Anyone have any inside information?
  2. Really sorry to hear this has affected yet another rider too. At least you know that @Jason McNeil has got your back and already has the replacement boards on the way!
  3. Hey Marty, did @Peter Q's MSX have the " back 'n' forth oscillation"??? Hope he is all good!
  4. Wheel alarms (that currently have to be set with Ninebot OEM app as EUC World doesn't support changing Z10 settings) are completely independent of EUC World alarms. @Seba I maybe did not explain the problem I was having correctly yesterday as I was away from home, so did not have access to the Z10 and unable to have EUC World active with the wheel, at the time of writing. I was trying to get the three separate EUC World speed alarms working with the voice messaging and not the Ninebot OEM app alarms, as I have all three of those switched off in the Ninebot app! What was happening was that all three EUC World alarms were triggering once the given speed was reached, ie. at 25km/h, then at 35km/h and then at 43km/h regardless of battery%!!! I have got it all sorted now by also enabling the "Voltage-dependent speed alarm" checkbox, so that now each of the alarms triggers at the speed and battery% I had previously set for each priority in the 1.0.2 Beta version. (I believe the "Voltage-dependent speed alarm" option was a new addition to 1.0.4, which I had overlooked)
  5. I'm a long time Samsung phone user and also considered staying with the brand for my next smartwatch, as an upgrade from the Pebble Steel. However, as @Seba used the TicWatch Pro to develop all the latest upgrades to EUC World, I decided (also after doing some research) that, on his recommendation, it would be a great option due to the long battery life option etc. So I've pulled the trigger and just have to wait for the usual and painfully slow "Ali Express long delivery time"!!!
  6. So naive @Marty Backe
  7. @Seba I am really loving the latest version of EUC World and all the features you have packed into the app, although I am still to fully explore all that is on offer. Now, I fully understand that it is already stated on the EUC World website: "Ninebot One S2, Z6, Z8 and Z10 - Support for other Ninebot devices is under development." but just wondered if you have an estimate of the timeline to add support for the Z10? I take it that you will need to implement Z10 support before the alarms/voice messages will work correctly? (If I enable Alarms currently, I get: Please Slow Down at 25km/h regardless of any speed settings I have selected!!!) In the meantime all other telemetry is displaying perfectly for me, so I am more than content for the time being!
  8. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    Crazy power ! Dual controller !Super torque !21700 cells Battery ! 80km/h 12 New photos including the Dten Plus 1800wh/100v just posted on Facebook by GotWay Intelligent Transportation & Fei Che Biao, also showing the addition of an illuminated deck insert!!!
  9. The following is a quote from Trusted Reviews that I found online when researching my recent purchase/order for the TicWatch Pro: "the collective effect of the dual display means the TicWatch Pro is actually one of the most legible smartwatches in any lighting condition. The brighter the ambient light, the easier the FSTN display is to read, the darker the surroundings, the more visible the backlit OLED panel becomes. This was a challenge that Sony tried to face with the transflective LCD on the SmartWatch 3 and whilst it achieved the same goal, Mobvoi’s solution makes for a better viewing experience overall."
  10. @Seba Soon after I saw you post some images of how EUC World will look on the TicWatch Pro, I decided that it looked like a good option to upgrade to from my Pebble and so I have recently ordered one on that basis. Since reading some online reviews and now hearing what you have stated as compelling reasons to use the TicWatch Pro to develop the app on, makes me very happy with my choice for a new Smart Watch and I can't wait for it to arrive! Hopefully, it turns up this side of Christmas! Thanks once more for the massive input you have put into this invaluable app.
  11. I fully agree with @Marty Backe & @Planemo. I never ride either of my EUC's without wearing my Flexmeters and already have a brand new spare pair in case (hopefully not!) my current pair get trashed in a spill! A new pair is only money spent, lost skin or broken bones means I'm off work and unable to earn/pay the bills and worse still unable to ride - Flexmeters for the win, I say! By the way, I have 2 pairs of thin leather gloves that fit very comfortably underneath the Flexmeters, to respond to the O.P.
  12. @Seba thank you for all your great work on EUC World/WheelLog app it is very much appreciated. I've just donated 25 Euro to help with your amazing and useful upgrades to this invaluable app!
  13. @Jason McNeil started this topic as a warning, which may also offer other rider's views and opinions to help you decide whether to proceed with upgrading the firmware!
  14. @EmPSyN you will not really need a "How-to" guide, as you have all the information you need with @Marty Backe's video plus my O.P. including photos to work from (along with my subsequent posts in this thread). As regards where to lock each of the brackets/seat together: This is going to be down to personal preference with how far forward/back your choice of bicycle saddle needs to be? Also bear in mind that when clamping the 2 brackets together, this can also have an affect on the amount of spring available. All the photos I posted are quite high resolution, so if you click on the side view it will give a very clear idea which markings I used to clamp everything together. Having said that, I have since made my own small adjustments with the clamping positions to get the optimum seating position over the pedals/amount of spring for my personal preference, so there will be some trial and error needed. Shock Absorber: Your link to Ali seller is fine. Metal Zip Tie: "Adjustable Hose Clamp" (I used stainless steel) and yes somewhere like Home Depot or a Plumbers merchant. Padding: I also used leather and some cordura fabric (I had a surplus shoulder strap pad, that was leather one side and cordura on the other, so just cut that up). Bicycle Seat: Your personal choice that provides the comfort level that suits you best. Rear Light: I used a "Serfas Thunderbolt", as the lugs to attach it using small bungee cords, lines up perfectly on the seat rails/suspension bracket. As I posted previously, due to the solidity of the spring steel brackets and the way they are attached to the wheel with stainless steel hose clamps, there is absolutely No Issue with lifting the wheel by the brackets or the seat! Hope your seat mod goes well for you, remember to come back to this thread and let us know how it all works out?
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