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  1. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    GotWay announce their Super Scooter the Dten Plus 100V with Dual Motors! This version has to be a big performance jump up from the previously released specs for the single motor 84V model.
  2. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    Facebook post: Dten gotway 100v
  3. Out riding your wheel-What's not to like? Out riding your wheel in a group-Only ups the enjoyment! Out riding in a group at night-No other traffic to spoil the fun! Out riding at night past a Police patrol car and not getting your collar felt-Priceless!!!!!
  4. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    And also a few more, plus the spec sheet for good measure!
  5. fbhb

    Gotway DTen

    More photos of the Final look of the GotWay Dten scooter 84v 3500W 1060wh/1600wh 80km/h, just posted on Facebook by Fei Che Biao.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is the pic you meant!
  7. My Z10 is: 1832 serial number (2018 week 32) with just over 3000kms and also No issues at all so far!
  8. Congratulations @Marty Backe Very well deserved after your long service to one company and of course your invaluable service to us all here in the EUC community! Enjoy every minute of your New outlook on life.
  9. If it helps in your decision making, my Z10 is: 1832 with just over 3000kms and No issues at all so far!
  10. I cannot remember where or who posted it, but I'm sure someone tracked his problem down to faulty soldering on one of the battery BMS's. What was happening in his case was the affected component on the BMS board would work/not work erratically due to the poor connection to the board. If this is the underlying cause for others it would explain the random nature of the cell voltage fluctuations some owners are seeing!
  11. @SJ Z10 I also use NINEbattery and after pretty much every full charge recently, just to make sure both batteries are up to 100%. I have never had a problem with the app and find it invaluable for the peace of mind it gives by being able to see the status of the 14 cell groups of each individual battery. I also check the readings straight after a ride when I'm down to around the 20% mark, just before I shut the wheel down. If you are having problems connecting to the Z10, maybe make sure there is no other app connected at the same time as the Bluetooth connection will only connect one at a time. For example, WheelLog or the Segway-Ninebot App running will not allow you to connect NINEbattery as well, you need to quit out of the other app!
  12. Hey Kevin, great news on adding these to your website for us "locals"! Let me/us know what you think of the fit, comfort and quality? I would be keen to get a pair sent up to HB. I wear a size Large Flexmeters, so would expect that the Large in these would be a similar fit?
  13. I would also like a little more top speed, not so much to travel at a much higher speed but to be able to ride safely at up to 45-50km/h with plenty of power in reserve to cope with the unexpected surge of current needed for potholes etc. Next I would like more range so that I am not so limited to the short ride time that is inevitable when travelling at over 40km/h currently on the Z10. I would also like the speed throttling to be set at a lower level than 50% battery, whilst still maintaining a good safety margin. As you yourself suggested, more power and torque both for climbing hills as well as braking whilst descending hills. Who knows what they are actually working on for the New model (if it really is in the works!!!), but to offer more performance than the current Z10 would have to be a large part of the package IMO to warrant the "Pro" in the title. It would be great to get some more solid information from someone like @Turbocharged. I think from memory he may have had some connection/contact with the engineers at Segway-Ninebot judging by his Z10 postings, even as far back as when the Zed was still in the beta stages. Unfortunately, he has not visited these forums since last October sadly!
  14. The way that Segway-Ninebot operate, you are most probably correct. They play their cards close to their chests so your guess is as good as mine!
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