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  1. fbhb

    Who sells the knobby MSX tire?

    @who_the other than sellers in Europe, this is the only suggestion I can find that may work for you over in the States: https://www.amazon.com/2-50-14-Off-Road-1983-84-2004-09-1997-03/dp/B01DCMQRX6 Below is some edited discussion I was able to track down from an earlier GotWay Facebook post I remembered that may be of some help! Olivier Gérard 18 March at 00:11 Stefano Rossi can we have the link to buy that tyre, please? Hide or report this Olivier Gérard Stefano Rossi https://www.discount-pneus.com/.../2.50-14.../GI-R-268182GA Hide or report this DISCOUNT-PNEUS.COM CST C-803. seulement 37,40 €
  2. fbhb


    @Marty Backe really glad that the blowout did not cause you to fall from the wheel. I'm sure you would not want to risk re-injuring that shoulder!
  3. I can also recommend weunicycle on eBay and Wheel Tech on Ali having used both, which coincidentally are the same seller's outlets for EUC's and accessories (be aware that they can usually offer better pricing via their Ali store). I have always had great service and communication with this seller, generally responding very quickly too!
  4. fbhb

    Z10 balancing sensor is getting wonky?

    @houseofjob It's very interesting that you mention this calibration issue did not seem to be apparent on earlier/pre-prod firmwares! I got my Z10, courtesy of @The Fat Unicyclist at the end of last September and it came with mainboard firmware 1.0.2. Even now, the official app still reports that it is up to date "No new updates found". I am really starting to think that Ninebot quietly found that the more recent mainboard firmwares caused these issues, hence anyone still on 1.0.2. is purposely unable to update any further at this stage. Hearing of so many others randomly affected by this problem, I'm really happy that I've been unable to update past 1.0.2. due to never having experienced any of these calibration issues or any unwanted behaviors whatsoever with my wheel! Obviously, like all Z10 owners, the standby battery issue is the only thing in evidence for me but that does not cause me any real concern due to my fairly regular use of the Zed (have interestingly been able to do all the BMS updates). I always tend to charge from some minimal % charge up to 100% before each ride, go out until I've had pretty much the full range from the batteries then just repeat the whole process for the next ride.
  5. fbhb

    Z10 BMS FW 1.1.7 - Vampire Drain

    Ninebot will never be able to fix the battery drain completely because both batteries status are always going to be constantly monitored, as evidenced by the "Blue/Red" flashing led on each battery! The very best we can all hope for is that the real world standby consumption is actually reduced, as stated in the BMS 1.1.7 release notes. Unfortunately, by design, power is always being drawn from both batteries for the smart/safety reasons deemed necessary by Segway-Ninebot's engineers so software changes can only go so far! Best solution is to charge to 100% then go ride/enjoy the wheel as often as is humanly possible, that's what I fully intend to do with my Z10!
  6. I was not aware that this mod had that feature regarding the speed throttling under 50%. That fact on it's own does offer some food for thought, thank you for that information!
  7. fbhb

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yes @Marty Backe, it will be interesting to see what real world improvements have been made. Having said that, I have already seen a post on the Ninebot Owners Facebook page, where one owner claims to have seen No improvement at all and after only 3 days on standby he had still lost 5% charge!
  8. fbhb

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Have just done the latest Z10 BMS firmware update, which actually states that it addresses the battery drain issue:
  9. fbhb

    One Z6 brand new not charging or turning on

    @stephen thanks for posting this info on the New BMS firmware, have just done the update to my Z10 after reading this. Nice one!
  10. fbhb

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Good that it's sturdy enough that you can now pick the wheel up by the handle though!!! Has to be considered an improvement on that original convoluted latch mechanism IMHO.
  11. fbhb

    CNC Machined Z10 pedals

    @houseofjob I have to agree about the width of the current Z10 pedals & not wanting to loose any width, but gain some length. As many Zed owners have probably come to realise by now, the wheel works best when adopting a wide/wider stance and also having room to move your feet around is another plus!
  12. fbhb

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    I was able to update my Z10 without issue. While the update is in progress you can actually see it apply the firmware to each of the 2 batteries, one at a time. After the firmware installed, I checked in the Ninebot App to see that the BMS firmware version had changed from 1.1.2 to 1.1.6 on both batteries and all was good! My Z10 is now due for a full charge after a brief outing earlier today to run it down from the remaining 48% since being left for 51 days. I applied the firmware update after I came back from my short ride and will see if any difference is noted tomorrow after a full 100% charge overnight & the next "proper" 100% down to 20% ride that follows!
  13. fbhb

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Ninebot have just released a new firmware relating to the BMS. Not sure exactly what changes it will provide, as the release notes only states: Fixed some bugs. Will be applying this firmware in the hope that the battery charge loss & deep sleep issues may have been addressed.
  14. fbhb

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    Ninebot have just released a new firmware relating to the BMS. Not sure exactly what changes it will provide, as the release notes only states: Fixed some bugs. Will be applying this firmware in the hope that the battery charge loss & deep sleep issues may have been addressed.
  15. fbhb

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    I'm also in a position of not having anything really to complain about regarding my Z10, I've had Zero issues. The battery losing the amount of charge it did over the 51 day period was due to out of the ordinary, unavoidable circumstances (and we all know this charge loss happens). The Z10 would never ever be left that long without being used again, but having said that both of our cars were also left for the same period of time without being used and guess what both cars batteries were flat (nothing to do with cold temperatures either it had been around 30 degrees mostly during this 51 day period) so at least the Z10 still had enough juice to get me to the shops to buy some essentials, unlike our 2 cars!!!!