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  1. fbhb

    Gotway Monster 2019

    @themyst In this photo posted on Facebook by Kebye Gotway, there are Two New Black Monsters and one original Monster all with seats fitted. IMO, when looking at the New and Old here, they are BOTH using the same seat. Added to that, the shell has Not had a re-design externally apart from the carbon fiber finish, so there is no reason why the 'original' seat would not fit, so you should be all good!
  2. fbhb

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Monster 3 is now available to order on Ali in multiple configurations, namely: 100v 0wh (No Battery), 100v 1530wh, 100v 1845wh or 84v 0wh (No Battery), 84v 1600wh or 84v 2400wh. https://tinyurl.com/y692u35z
  3. @Rywokast The photo can trick the eyes a little, but IMO, the pedals look to be parallel to the ground with zero angle in either direction. If you use the straight edge of a ruler etc. on your screen, they actually do look perfectly flat!
  4. @stephen Looking at this side by side comparison, I would have to agree with you! Where did you find the photos?
  5. Did you read through the whole 2 pages? Marty has made further comments on his experience so far on page 2, in the lead up to the usual follow up video/videos.
  6. @Scully Plenty of good info in this thread to help with your decision making process. Hope it helps you out with deciding on your New wheel.
  7. @Sketch, @Marty Backe has just received his own GotWay Nikola and had to tell @Jason McNeil that due to that fact, he would not have enough time available to devote to his usual thorough appraisal of the 16x as well!
  8. Looks like that will be the case, King Song obviously borrowing GotWay's implementation from the original Tesla ring light options!!!
  9. @stephen certainly does look like the final build, as they are real photos and not renders. Was there anymore info on the "other" forum that you spotted these???
  10. fbhb

    Gotway Monster 2019

    GotWay finally released some official looking specs on Facebook, for both the New Black 84v & 100v Monsters (GotWay is calling the New version version "Monster 3"). Motor is stated as 2500w for both versions, nice!!!
  11. fbhb

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Just seen these photos of the New Black Monster shells on Facebook, clearly showing that at least GotWay have added metal inserts. It remains to be seen, whether there has been an upgrade to the plastic construction, hopefully making the New shells tougher than those used previously!!!
  12. Thanks to every one of the following forum members for coming back and reporting their experience with the latest Z10 firmware: @jitesar, @edwin_rm @houseofjob, @Thor, @Lefteris & @Rotciv. It sounds like after several sketchy firmware's that broke more than they fixed, Segway-Ninebot have finally sorted out some of the issues they themselves created. I am still weighing up whether to upgrade my Z10, which has been stuck on 1.0.2 since purchase date October 2018 and unable to progress any further, until this latest firmware showed up recently! In all of that time, since last October, I have not experienced any issues to speak of, so feel a little like: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Any further input from any Z10 owners to convince me that 1.0.7 is a worthwhile update going from 1.0.2, would be greatly appreciated?
  13. @Marty Backe & @Peter Q there is a 84v 2100wh Nikola available now too! Nikola from Green
  14. @Smoother hence the word "maybe", as I knew at the time of writing safety & GotWay in the same sentence was dubious!!!
  15. Only the pre-production Nikola had it on the front, apparently. All those owners that have purchased the 84v 1600wh since it's official release have noted that it had been moved to the side. Some have mentioned that it maybe a safety related decision, so that you are not tempted to take your eyes off the road by looking straight down at the front of the wheel. (In it's side position, you really need to be stopped to read it clearly now)
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