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  1. Check out the new IPS S5, not to be confused with the I5. But pretty much any EUC is going to be an upgrade for you. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/IPS-electric-unicycle-S5-intelligent-balance-vehicle-single-wheel-walking-thinking-vehicle-dual-motor-dual-battery/32888155040.html?src=google&albslr=222106797&isdl=y&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&source={ifdyn:dyn}{ifpla:pla}{ifdbm:DBM&albch=DID}&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&albcp=653153233&albag=31955808694&slnk=&trgt=226109072641&plac=&crea=en32888155040&netw=g&device=c&mtctp=&albbt=Google_7_shopping&aff_platform=google&gclid=CjwKCAjw14rbBRB3EiwAKeoG_4IQX5Vcl--CNX2_Cft56VA_JJFcXnT1858mKqcUtPxBFrNOTjWPOhoCpekQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. I've found that spicy is a good way to go with a plant based diet. And lots and lots of beans, different kinds. I cook beans from scratch, soaking overnight, and make them very spicy and add different veggies to them. Then you can store a bunch of it in the freezer in different containers, and that stuff goes well with anything, bread, rice, tacos, even on top of spaghetti instead of a meat sauce. And beans plus any kind of bread or spaghetti makes a complete protein. I also eat a lot of protein bars, and peanut butter sandwiches. And I eat a ton of bread and potatoes. So far so good, as long as I treat myself sometimes. Whenever I slip back into a meat/dairy heavy diet, my arthritis and dermatitis flare right up, because of those inflamation properties of animal products.
  3. Cut way back on cheese/dairy too. Very inflammatory and triggers arthritis. I came down with bad arthritis in my toes while in my late 20s due to meat/cheese overload. When I finally cut out most of the meat and dairy, it all disappeared as long as I exercise regularly. I eat meat and/or cheese about 3 times a week. My hunch is that your diet might still need a tweaking.
  4. https://tec-toyz.com/products/gotway-acm-big-pedals GOTWAY ACM "BIG" PEDALS Default Title - $ 80.00 USD Regular price$ 80 Perfect replacement for earlier version ACMs with smaller MCM4 pedals. This pedals offer better grip as they come completely cover in grip tape compared to the rubber inserts. These pedals come standard on the las test version ACMs. *Must re-use screws and pedal pin.
  5. Esash

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    Your five flights of stairs walk up and walk down every day is a HUGE factor. In fact, it's the ONLY factor, in my opinion. Don't try too hard to find the perfect wheel that is both easy to carry up 5 flights of stairs AND has the biggest battery AND has the biggest wheel AND has the highest top speed. Remember, everybody advising you to get a Tesla isn't going to be the one carrying that wheel up and down 5 flights of stairs before and after a long day at work every day. It's very easy for us to place a higher priority on extra-large battery/wheel/motor and the best value wheel, which it sounds like the Tesla would be. Unfortunately for you, your 5 flights of stairs makes every other issue insignificant. Your specific circumstances are so unique that you need to accept that you may want/need two separate EUCs for two different tasks. But the most important task right now is a wheel that can just get you to work and back, and something that you can relatively easily carry up 5 flights of stairs after a long day at work. When you have enough money in the future, you can start thinking about a long-range wheel that you take on long trips on your days off. But for now, you really just need a wheel that will do a very specific job for you: Be light, and be reliable. Think about this: What if you go with a heavier wheel, and you slowly grow to absolutely resent having to carry it up and down 5 flights of stairs every day? What if you find yourself wanting to leave the wheel at home because it's simply too much of a burden? What if you hurt your back or shoulder carrying the wheel up the stairs one day, when you are particularly tired after a particularly bad day at work? Now you have a very heavy wheel that caused an injury for you, and you can no longer carry the wheel up and down the stairs because of your bad back or bad shoulder. Now you might not even be able to work all day with your bad back. And some injuries are gradual, including back injuries. Even though the InMotion V8 is not as good a wheel as the others, and even though it is not a great value compared to the other wheels, the fact is it might be a GREAT value for you, because it might be the best wheel for the very specific job you need it to do. It is not only light and reliable, but it has a 16" wheel that will be safer for your commute than a 14" wheel, like on those days where you are very tired and your mind is not as focused as it normally is. A 16" wheel is also just simply less stressful to commute with, especially over weeks and months. Because on a 16" wheel you can relax more, knowing that any little bump or hole won't cause a crash. All of these wheels are basically safe. Your biggest safety risk in your circumstances is hurting your back or shoulder from lugging a heavy wheel up and down flights of stairs every day. I would look at these wheels for your specific circumstances, with the highest priority on weight: 1) Inmotion V8 - Great water-proofing for rainy days, big 16" wheel for safety and comfort, proven reliability, and most importantly LIGHT WEIGHT. 2) Small battery MCM5 - should have good water-proofing, and will save you a lot of money too. Use that saved money to eventually buy a Tesla or something for your fun on your days off. 3) MCM4 - Even lighter than the MCM5, smaller, and probably cheaper too. 4) Look at the new IPS S5. I don't think it has a trolly handle though. 5) KS14D or KS14S - The large battery KS14S might be as good or better an option for than than even the InMotion V8. Twice the battery, same light weight, even smaller size, good water-proofing and reliability, and nice trolley handle. The big difference though is that the V8 has a more comfortable, stable, and safer 16" wheel that you will grow to appreciate more and more every day of your commute. But you will also appreciate the smaller size of the KS14 D/S for it's small size. Ignore value, battery size, and performance. You need a lightweight workhorse to get you to work and back. You don't need to be lugging around a 2000 watt motor and 1000wh battery every day for your short commute to work and your long trek up 5 flights of stairs. There's nothing ideal, or even preferable about that, and you don't want to learn the hard way with an injury.
  6. Esash


    Your backpack straps are dangling dangerously close to your wheel again. I swear if those things get sucked into the wheel it could break your spine.
  7. Esash

    Second Crash

  8. I bought a $20-30 Android phone at Dollar General. Walmart will have them that cheap too, and then on trips where you want to use the app you'll have a phone to do so. And you can take photos of your EUC travels with your cheap Android phone too. No phone contract necessary.
  9. Esash


    I suppose one could build a similar wooden structure for a One Wheel and turn it into a fat boy EUC, correct?
  10. You can ride in winter, just maybe not every day. Especially the night after a thaw when the entire street and sidewalk is sheer ice. But during those day thaws, and actually at most other times too, you should be able to buzz around the block a few times and get some fresh air. By the time winter comes you'll be a much more skilled rider than you are now. Just remember to slow down to a near stop any time you're turning. But going straight, you can cruise over snow or even ice with pretty good stability on an euc. My very first time riding on streets was the night of a thaw, when the streets were covered in sheer ice. I didn't even fall, and I didn't even know how to ride then. After a full warm season of riding, I think I'm going to be out there a lot this winter, 1.5 hours south of Montreal
  11. Esash

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yeah 1500 for the Z6 is brutal https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-Original-Ninebot-One-Z10-Self-Balancing-Scooter-Electric-Unicycle-1800W-Motor-Speed-45km-h-build/32893232579.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.3.50b01732Wxz1QD&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3_10152_10151_10065_10344_10130_10068_10324_10547_10342_10325_10546_10343_10340_10548_10341_10545_10696_10084_10083_10618_5723416_10307_10059_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_45,ppcSwitch_3_ppcChannel&algo_expid=86125af4-9484-4a5f-b859-4f0c4f0abf48-0&algo_pvid=86125af4-9484-4a5f-b859-4f0c4f0abf48&priceBeautifyAB=0
  12. Esash

    Railroad Travel With EUC

    Some kind of combination of tubeless tire and tubeless might work. Like, a concave tubeless tire that would fit over the rail track, but the tire would have a small, narrow tube in the concave part of the wheel. So when the small tube was inflated, it would be a normal shaped wheel for normal EUC performance, but you could deflate the tube for railroad travel on the concave rim/tubeless tire part. Like a concave version of this, with a small thin tube wrapped around the concave part
  13. Esash

    Railroad Travel With EUC

    Being able to go where you want should include rails. It already includes sidewalks, street, trails, offroad, and sometimes beaches. Railroads are roads, but currently off limits to EUCs. There's probably what, a hundred thousand miles of (rail) roads out there currently unused by EUCs in the USA alone. (Edit: 233,000 miles of track in the US)
  14. The Ninebot Z Series, being a 4" wheel, could possibly be deflated to 5-10 psi and grip the top of a railroad rail, which I believe are 3" wide. Another option would be a special replacement concave rim/airless tire I guess something like this might be most feasible Or lock two EUCs together and to the tracks, and ride side by side with a buddy It could work for subway tracks too, to get to your secret man cave