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  1. Open a dispute at aliexpess for getting a chinese wheel, beeing bricked at your location. Seems to be your only choice.
  2. Btw @lordkaosu - to increase price-performance ratio of your wheel you could check if both battery packs are bad. Afaik chances are good that only one pack is down and the other still works perfect! Makes a big (price) difference if only one of the packs has to be replaced/repaired.
  3. Just as information for not so experienced members looking for a cheap new wheel: Using a wheel with battery not fully charging (not caused by a faulty charger) is dangerous. These have a highly elevated risk of fire hazard! As such a statement is still "true", a wheel with such a battery pack _cannot_ nearly deliver full performance. So this offer is not to be seen for a rideable vehicle but for spare parts or (diy) battery repair.
  4. Welcome! Why do you post this in the off topic section? Your content is very on topic here! If you like i can move this to the Kingsong sub forum. Regarding your concern - the app reports 100% once the voltage reaches 4.2V per cell. But li ion cell charging consists of a constant current stage which charges the cells to about 80-90% and let them reach this 4.2V. After this the constant voltage stage starts for the rest of the 20-10% real charge % during which the voltage stays (as the name of this stage describes) more or less constant at 4.2V. The app showing 100% after the constant current stage is just outright wrong!
  5. I'm not really sure what the term "main stream media" means in detail. The part of the media, in german called the "boulevard" (tabloid press according to dict.cc in english) was alltimes by definition just looking opportunisticly for their profit and the benefit of their investors. No matter what's the truth or what's ethically justifyable. Each "Quality press/media" has also some political/socially preference - but at least serious journalists doing serious research. As press/media is often bought/controlled by political parties it's in each ones responsability to read and decide what can be trusted. Getting a profound opinion is putting together a big confuscated puzzle. Social media, online news, bots spreading fake news, outreagously lying political leaders nowadays do not make the situation easier... Imho. Yes. But there is still some truth out there once one puts the puzzle together. It's not too complicated if one wants to get it...
  6. @FinRider - all this numbers are reported from the S18? Or has your charger some voltage/current display? This sounds like BMS cut off inbetween (some cell overvoltage threshold reached)? And after this charge stop the wheel seems not to shut off and drains battery. Maybe https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/20300-end-of-charge-battery-drain-workarounds/ could be about this problem?
  7. Interesting - a new symptom for a dead and blocked wheel!
  8. Balancing starts about once constant current stops and constant voltage starts until end of charge...
  9. That's a sign of burned mosfets or molten motor wires causing a short circuit.
  10. It is safe. https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries The data sheet says standard charge is downto 50 mA. So end of charge should be about 0.15A for the 3p pack. Batteryuniversity recommends ~3%C which would make about 0.45A charge current threshold. Vootage measurement is not too accurate in this range. With "normal" voltmeters +/-0.5V or more are to be expected.
  11. Magnets could weaken by high temperatures - but very unlikely for EUCs. Battery could degrade, cells go bad. This would impact "normal" acceleration and range, too. Humans are bad in estimating accelerations - one gets used quickly to the performance of such a wheel. Edit: PS.: Braking capabilities could be very dependend on battery charge and speed...
  12. Kingsongs report 100% for per cell voltages from around 4.1xV up to full 4.2V. Maybe Sherman reports 100% only for exactly 4.2V (100.8V for the 24 cells in series)? About 3.15V to 3.3V are normally 0% charge = empty. Times 24 cells gives about 75-79V. Could fit with about 100.2V shown leading to ~98% if one does the math...
  13. That'some strange numbers - 100.8V is full charge. Some 75-79V should be empty. 100.2V - 100.3V should still be in the 100% charge range ... Measurements are not as accurate and battery voltage of li ion cells settle. Could be some strange way of sherman to report charge % or some customized charge % from darknesbot not really appropriate for the sherman?
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