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  1. Chriull

    Safe MsuperX charger voltage

    @ryny24 - you can look if your charger has a trim pot to adjust the output voltage to 84V like described here If there is no voltage sensitive part in the BMS, one coul theoreticaly use this 96.7V charger for a 84V battery. While the constant current phase of charging the voltage is lower than 84V and once the charger reaches this 84V the BMS will cut off charging once the first cell reaches the overvoltage threshold (something around 4.23V) But this is absolutely not recomendable since it will soon degrate your battery pack until its not usable anymore (no balancing and stressing of the/some cells). Additionally one should have an increased risk of fire hazard by stressing the cells on a regular basis... Edit: ps: although very presumably a gotway bms has overvoltage cutoff on individual cell basis, i have no proof for this.
  2. Chriull

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    Btw: the link in my post was a very helpful content - just for your information, in case you did not get it. Assuming that information is something that has to be given is a bit ahhh .. strange... nicely said. But normally this is nothing to be discussed about here - if someobn asks a question, he gets answers from experienced members here. Just seldomly if details are missing it could happen, that no "answers happen" - but normally this details are asked for. But if you feel that you are missing qualified answers its your turn to specify your question. You are welcome!
  3. Chriull

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    As said, i'm not sure if this is related - but it could be and i hope it can help in your case!
  4. Chriull

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    @z3n don't know if this is related with your motor sensor failure message, but there seems to be frequent failures at the (motor) current (hall) sensors:
  5. Chriull

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    That was just a pointer, in case you missed this topic. That a s1/2, e+ or similar would be a bit too weak was already written. I like my ks16s - having around 90kg its strong enough, but your other stronger wheels could be a better decission once you start to make longer trips. Don't know them - just what's written around here. Just I'd assume that beeing allowed includes some limited maximum designed speed which all of your choices probably exceed?
  6. Chriull

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

  7. Chriull

    KS App - Total wheel mileage

    Yes - afair it's something about this 20%. Additionally with some firmware updates the total milage counter was reset. Don't know if this was only with "very old" updates or more or less recently, too?
  8. Me too and it worked! Just as info for the other members, so that we don't all spam @Lunchymunchys inbox...😎
  9. Chriull

    Inmotion Bluetooth Protocol Documentation

    Never heard of any official documentation. If such documentation exists it was not publicly leaked... Seems this knowlegde is all we have. That was quite some time ago and they are still maintained (except gyrometrics). Mainly support for new wheels like the z10...
  10. Could be perfect guess - bms with the batteries and charging logic in the power supply, as we are used to it from our wherels, especially as Charging of li ions works like this: https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries
  11. Chriull

    Blown mosfet?

    Yes - typical symptoms of blown mosfet(s).
  12. Ah - so the "charging" logic could be integrated in the power supply, too! ... making this perfectly working out...
  13. A liion charger needs to be a constant current source for the first charging phase which normal power supplies do not provide. They just could be used for the second charging phase (cobstant voltage)
  14. Chriull

    Out of the box ninebot z10 not working

    Once the output mosfets of the bms cutoff and one tries to measure with an high impedance voltmeter one gets a voltage divider. So the voltmeter shows the battery voltage divided in the ratio of the bms mosfet shut off resistance and the voltmeter input resistance. One would have to open the battery pack to get the real measurement of the cells and the knowledge if all of them were within a safe voltage range... Or one could measure the output voltage while "reviving" the pack - once the bms turns on again on get valid voltage readings again, turn off the charger and one can (almost) see about which voltage the pack went down to. But one will still not know if and how "balanced" the cells were in such a situation. On the other side li ion cells have very small self discharge (some percent per month) so they could survive by such a undervoltage bms cut off very long time in some save voltage range like from ?2.5V downto 2.xV? Edit: ps: the "main problem" seems to be to way to high used quiesent current while turned off. So as some/many reports show here, such bms undervoltage shut off happen also once the wheel is stored and not recharged regularly... Would be great if this is no "hardware design fault" but could be solved by ninebot with a firmware update! ... But there are no reports i got in this direction...
  15. Chriull

    From KS18 to KS16?

    If give it another go imo ice hockey accessoires offer the most sincere protection?