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  1. Seems that change from whole 2020 to July 2020 is what was discussed here and @Jack King Song could accomplish for us! So no special treatment for @Daniel Hollinghurst - hope by this limit this works out you too now, @Antec!
  2. As @Seba stated these from him mentioned temperature numbers are from the heatsink temperature sensor! About all other wheels measure just somewhere on the motherboard. Be assured that their mosfets/heatsink temperatures won't differ too much - one just does not know. Afair (was imho mentioned in V10 times) that's also the reason why inmotion app does not show this heatsink temperatures in the app but the mainboard temps, which they measure, too. Would be too "embarrasing" and unnecessarily scaring for users beeing used to the lower numbers of other wheels. And that seems to be the confusion for people trying to find the overheat temperature limit - that's not possible with the shown motherboard temperatures! Limiting wo ks based on heatsink temperature...
  3. The post is a translated copy of
  4. Me neither - i'd definitely would try this if i'd get such a wheel. But as i have no idea how ks implented this and what's maybe "especially included" in chinese mobile phones that could be checked i'm absolutely without opinion regarding this. Was just a faint memory of a post i "cited".
  5. I'm 100% sure, but imo this was already reported here as not working.. Maybe just wrongly setup? Or my memory is deceptive..
  6. Not beeing locked for transport would revives the old risk of wheels turning on in the box... But could help them pass the paypal disput deadline if they wheels have the "china only serial number" and the wheels don't get in contact with a KS app... ;(
  7. Here the post from the Kingsong representative: I also summarized this and pinned in the Kingsong subforum Unfortionatelly i don't know if they have similar announcement on their facebook site. I've just seen once a link/report that they have some specific warnings for some chinese online resellers/aliexpress? There are many people by now concerned, afraid and/or upset by this. Seems used wheel sales will have potential to get "disturbed" by this, especially as this policy seems to be not widely known. Unfortionately me neither, but i hope the explanation/links are helpful to understand this a bit. Sorry for disturbing your topic!
  8. One has three "systems" - the charger delivering some maximum voltage, the bms monitoring each individual cell voltage and the mainboard monitoring the battery back voltage. They are (should be) designed and adjusted to work together. So that battery safety and longlivety is "ensured". Like the before mentioned balancing. It's hard to give a sensefull recommendation for your usecase (downhill start), as easy solutions mostly compromise this balancing and so longlivety and maybe safety by this. Best could be to drive 1/4 to 1/3 mile uphill before going 1 mile downhill after fully charging... ... if one does not start at the top of the hill... The trim potentiometers are designed for occasional trimmimg/calibration and not for regular adjzstment. Then these are maybe for charge current and charge current threshold. And voltage is not adjustable (by these).? Ps.: Wheels reported and measured voltages have to be questioned - with measurement accuracy of normaly above +/-0.5% looking at the places after the decimal point does not make real sense. Just some relative comparison can be made...
  9. For 99.9% not. Afaik assume only if they found a way to change the serial number - which should not be easily possible. Edit: if there were an easy way people would not be upset ... That's imho the main point - who bears the return shipment costs? Do you have to send it back if it does not work? There are numerous reports of customers getting sweet talked with hollow promises and put pressure on with the return shipment costs...
  10. Afaik euc world already supports V11! If i'm wrong it does in the beta version and soon be available.
  11. This forum has no sponsors whatsoever. It's a gift of the forum owner to the EUC community. Never. As every member here is stating his opinions without our interference, same is true for manufacturer representatives here. (...as long as it's not getting out of bounds or against the forum rules). So the forum is not promoting any brand, but of course gives every manufacturer the possibility to communicate with the community. And of course promote themselves. That's not our duty as admins. We are just bureaucratically keeping this forum as neutral platform running. Of course all admins here are part of the EUC community and stating their own private opinion as _members_. But this "forum" will not censor or agitate - it's setup from the founder as neutral communication platform. So this is not to be misused by admins to restrict any manufactuter or any other member just because "one does not like an opinion". I'm not sure if i understood your post in every detail, but what i assume sent a shiver down my spine... As many members, of which also some happen to be admins, stated their opinion and whatever consequences they will personally take from this. KS sees and we'll see how they'll take this feedback.
  12. Should be the only sound consequence - they'd just loose money going on... Aliexpress should acknowledge these wheels as "dead on arrival" and refund the customers - so full loss for the sellers. ... or they find some way to circumvent this locking mechanism - so KS will improve this and we'll get many new future posts regarding this matters... But imho hacked devices should be refunded by aliexpress, too?
  13. This 64.4 km/h were very likely the 18L spinning up! You are sure it did not happen inbetween at a jump or when the wheel tumbled or fell? As seen here with ~80V no load speed is about 66.5km/h. With full batteries it'll be 66.5km/h/80V*84V~70 km/h. So with full batteries there could be a slight chance to go 64.4 km/h - but imho an about impossible acrobatic masterpiece to ride the tiltback at these speeds! I'd join this before really believing this...
  14. Edit: Official KS announcment: KS locks actively all wheels with a P in the serial number - these are the wheels intended for the chinese market and sold by aliexpress resellers. Like: KSS181D200810P006 Any such KS wheel with production date from July 2020 on will be rendered useless, wheels dated before will be unlocked again by @Jack King Song. See his contact details(1) in his post announcing this: The wheels will be locked by the KS apps. As these wheels are shipped locked and cannot be unlocked with any app they are unusable! Don't miss the dispute deadline on aliexpress! Don't trust in any reseller promises - once the dispute period is gone the money is lost! Check the serial number before buying a used KS wheel! EUC World and Darknessbot will not be able to unlock or update these wheels - just the original KS app can achieve this for wheels before 2020 if personally unlocked by @Jack King Song! Discussion regarding this topic can be followed/joined in https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/19378-warning-kingsong-products/ (1) Either a personal message to @Jack King Song here on the forum, or, as he states:" I have too many notifications so even when I do come back to the forum I miss out accidentally on replying to some. If you need immediate support: Direct Message us: https://www.facebook.com/kingsong.international/ Telegram Message me: https://t.me/jackattack326 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/kingsonginternational "
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