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  1. Version 1.0.0


    wheellog 1.0.2.dem Tested/developed with gnuplot 5.2.5 https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuplot/files/gnuplot/5.2.5/ Version 1.0.2 for wheellog data files Usage (Windows): [path-to-gnuplot-executable]\gnuplot.exe -c [path-to-script-file]\wheellog 1.0.2.dem [path-to-wheellog-data-file]\[data-file-name].csv [Options] !Attention - options are case sensitive! Options: log|i-v log: "normal" diagram (datafile values over time) " i-v": (Current over Speed Diagramm), log is default lim Show limits (time to overlean, percentage, U Battery 0, etc), requires profiles (internal battery resistance, coil resistance and kv to be known and set) p[number] Profile Number for Limits, 1 is default norm Normalize i-v diagramm. Speed and Current Values are "normalized" relative to the "internal" battery voltage (U0), so there is one fixed current over speed limit. Sets the option lim, profile values of the wheel have to be known and set. Axis values are not valid anymore! screen|out Write file or show on screen"' Output filenames will be the original filename with the ending .csv.png for "normal" logs, .csv.i-v.png for current over speed diagrams and .csv.i-v.n.png for normalized i-v diagrams. ! Attention: files will be overwritten without warning ! Customization of the script file: This version depends on the column header of the .csv files. If one has still old whellog date files wihtout header, one has to insert a corresponding header line. For the different datafile versions in regard to temperature the script tests the columns "system_temperature", "battery_temperature" and "temperature" and uses the first found with values. Date has to be in first column, time in the second. The "log" diagram can be customized with the _plot_param array Show: 1 show this value or 0 hide it Color: one of gnuplots internal colornames or #RRGGBB (explicit Red Green Blue Triple in hexadecimal Width: Line Width Axis: 1 - Values according to left hand y-axis, 2 - Values according to right hand side y-axis Name: Name for legend Profiles: n_profiles ... With this variable the number of profiles is specified (Profile 1..n_profiles are valid and have to be set) _wheeltype[profile_number] ... Name of wheel _R_i_battery[profile_number] ... internal resistance of Battery _R_coil[profile_number] ... resistance of motor coil _kv[profile_number] ... Motor constant kv in V/km/h
  2. Chriull

    didn't find an answer...glide 2 and v5f same wheel?

    A great way to search the forum is goigle with the site: keyword site:forum.electricunicycle.org glide 2 Glide 2 and 3 are inmotion wheels sold and rebranded by solowheel as they have some kind of cooperation. Here an anouncment from a solowheel representative: On the inmotion us (solowheel?) site (myinmotion.com) is written "Solowheel Glide 2 AKA InMotion V5F" Although beeing quite identical, there could be minor firmware differences, if i remember right from some discussions about the wheellog app?
  3. Chriull

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    How do you come to this conclusion?
  4. You are located in china and had no problem getting your wheel in france? Are you affiliated with the web shop? If so, covert adverdising is not welcome here.
  5. Chriull

    The Food Thread

    Just to get something nice here again: ... I know it's in german - but they don't speak (too much?) And pictures tell more than any words in any language Eeit : just watching it again - such a beautiful video πŸ˜‹ and they don't say anything! Just one expression they write i never heard of: "ofenkΓ€se" - seems to be some german german expression - if i'll try it i'd take some camembert, looks like it? 😁
  6. Chriull

    Z10 self-discharge problem?

    Just as a small addentum, which could be interesting for the Z10 self discharge situation - the charge percentage seems to be not linear!
  7. Chriull

    Z10 self-discharge problem?

    4% of 995 Wh in ten days gives a continous power dissipation of about 0,17W ( ~50 mA at 3.3V) - seems "quite normal" for a running CPU checking sensors (or whatever)... ... But who needs the mainboard running while the wheel is supposed to be turned off! For me that would be worrying - there is no reason why the mainboard should be up and running. Neither for "safety" or comfort... That would be about 2,5 W power dissipation! The situation stayed unchanged and power dissipation while powered off is still as high? If so this should be a case for warranty...
  8. Chriull

    Z10 Charging best practices

    Most fun and safety is riding the EUC fully charged. Also take care for the self "discharge" - there were reports of Z10s loosing 10 4% (one even 60%) in about a week (1)! There seems to be some circuitry up and running all the time! ... and full discharge means permanent dead for li ions ... One gets longer life if not charging to 100%. And charging the last ~10% takes the most time... ... you most probably then can still finish your 10km ride with more then 50% battery charge? No. But there are recent studies of some minimal memory effect ?by (?slow?) Charging of some (?special?) li ion chemistries? - but that's just first studies (and by now) without any practical effect/guidelines for us. The only real sustainable thing with li ions are that they remember to stay dead once the were discharged to low (~2.5V per cell) and that the decrease slowly in capacity the longer they are in fully/high charged condition. Also they should not be stored at high temperatures fully charged. Best for longer storage should be something around 50% (?afair something around 3.7V per cell?) at below 30°C. But again - i don't know if this elevated discharge with Z10s were solitary cases or it's normal behaviour, and i don't know the "users discipline and reliability" to check/recharge and prevent full discharge while storage to recommend anything below 80-100% for this wheel 😁 With 500 (full) charge cycles, ~1000Wh and ~ 17 Wh per km one has about 30 thousand km to ride. And then the capacity is just decreased to ~80-90%. This would take 8 years driving 10 km each day... So just maximize fun and safety by riding your wheel fully charged! (If its easy to organize and you really really want to optimize and it does not keep you from spontaneous rides, charge it before the ride). Don't store your wheel in a car/garage/etc in sunshine/hot conditions. And check the battery usage of your Z10 while powered off! .. or you could have the chance of finding a dead Z10 after the winter break/some longer holidays... (1)
  9. @Marty Backe, just to ask - you did not by accident log this ride with wheellog?
  10. Chriull

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Just had some time over the weekend and finished the following post this evening. This could give you maybe some idea of which warnings could be implemented in modern wheels to protect the rider:
  11. Chriull

    Anatomy of an overlean

    A new iteration of my whellog data interpretation/visualisation: Whats new: Current over Speed Diagram: - made a double check and showed the vectors which follow the actual "line segments" for "time till overlean" seconds. Fortunately they arrive at the limit line - The min/max Limit Lines in the graph are now calculated with the (theoretical, calculated) "open circuit" voltage of the batteries (as they should instead of the battery voltage under load) More on this later on. - If at any point of the diagramm the "time till overlean" gets less than 2.5 seconds a point in different sizes is drawn (2.5 seconds small to the biggest for 0 seconds) - The points and lines are now colored depending on how near the are to the limit (safety margin). This is calculated by an imaginary line through the origin. 100% is the length of the whole line from the origin until the intersection with the limit line. If the point in the graph is below 50% (more than 50% safety maring) it's colored light-green, till 60% (more than 40% safety margin) green, till 70% dark green, till 80% orange, till 90% dark orange and the last 10% (less than 10% safety margin) in red. Speed over time diagram: - Speed, Voltage and Motor current as normal - Time till overlean: Is now the dark blue line (between the values -5 and 0 on the left axis). A value of -5 means that there is more than 2.5 seconds until an overlean with the actual acceleration and change in current (torque). -2 means 1 second till overlean, and 0 itself is limit reached. - The line below (between the values -14 and -5 on the left axis) is again the colored "safety margin" line - U_battery_0: The open circuit voltage of the battery pack. This is beside kv (the motor constant) the determining value of the limit line. The outmost left value (max current (==torque) at zero speed is U_battery_0/resistances of battery and motor coils (+connections, mosfets, etc...) and on the other extreme is the no load maximum speed kv*U_battery_0). I calculated it by taking the reported battery voltage plus battery current (calculated) times the internal battery resistance. Unfortionately this is just an simplified model of an li ion battery, the reported values from the wheel are imprecise (imo mostly by not beeing sampled at the same moment in time but still showing a distinct timely value instead of the average of the period of the sampling frequency of laughable 5 hertz). So it is seen in the graph that this U_battery_0 deviates from a perfect line...;( Especially at current peaks and mostly while regenerative braking (which fortunately is of no concern for these considerations - there presumably other formulas are needed for the different operation mode...). But alltogether a nice first approximation. This U_battery_0 would also be the appropriate value to calculate the charge percentage... Edit: Ps.: Was a "nice" ride, but with just about 50% battery charge. Would have had no idea that it was at times so close to the limit...
  12. Chriull

    Change bluetooth password on V8

    One needs to choose a name from the dropbox after typing the "@" (and some first letters) to get a working notification - if it worked out, the name is shown with a blue background: @palachzzz
  13. Looking at the article i understood why its in the offtopic section: Such roads give too much headache with an EUC 😎
  14. Maybe a check up by a doctor is not the worst idea - to be sure the "soft" parts (joint capsule?, etc) are not torn. +1! Take care and get well!
  15. Chriull

    intelligent walking store / wang ye

    I assume that's now the final outcome of your previuos post? As it seems (at least reported here). Did not find or remember other such reports here.