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  1. There is no (real) reserve (overpowered battery packs, burst discharge) at current wheels. If one wants reserve one has to buy some powerful wheel and ride it conservatively, so that this spare power is always available. This "80% warning" is ?imo only? with Gotways, also i never read details on how this works - don't know where this "name" comes from and if it's really an reliable "80%" warning beep? If it was discussed here i must have missed this... I only got the references that this is one of the alarms that cannot be disabled. Kingsong (and Inmotion) have the fixed max tiltback speed. That's more conservative, but still nothing "safe" - one can accelerate strong enough, so the limits are reached still way below this max settable fixed tiltback... @taserface in and the there mentioned link one can find quite some informations about the "internals" of how a wheel works and what the limits are.
  2. Chriull

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    Seems very sound - would fit the picture of the described problems. And also could happen quite easily while tire changing?!
  3. Chriull

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    I assume @The Fat Unicyclist meant if you flipped the wheel by 180 degree? But imho that's not possible witht he motor wires coming out on one side of the axle?
  4. Chriull

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    . @Rol is there a "fault" at the yellow motor cable insulation in your first photo, just before the three motor wires go into the black insulation, or is this just some artefact/something else? Maybe @IPS Malta has some experience with such cases? Or also he (or other resellers) still could have some zero motherboards (not reserved for their customers) in stock... I'd personally would swap two of the motor wires - there should be quite some chance that it will just work, but also that this totally wrecks the board (which is maybe already more dead than alive?). If you decide to risk it and try this, do it somewhere outside without burnable stuff around ( in the state the wheel is now you should not do anything with it where fire could lead to harm...)
  5. I'd assume that the charger does not cut-off at 80V, but is adjusted to deliver at maximum 80V?! Afaik Chris does not have chargers with autoshutoff functionality but adjusts the voltage for 80-90% charge level. That's not too much of a difference but still a bit a different functionality. Especially as he mentions on his website charging inbetween with the original charger to 100% for balancing is important!
  6. Chriull

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    If i try to have my feet close at the wheel it also starts to "wobble" sometimes - just relax and let the wheel drive!
  7. Chriull

    Auto balance problem

    I did not hear (till now) from these capacitors getting "blown" - but anyhow a good idea to look for this, too. In the times of the first ks16b it was just broken legs (under an insulation - so not to be seen at first glance)
  8. Chriull

    Auto balance problem

    Reminds me of my ks16c when one leg of the capacitor broke. You could check the motherboard for this and/or look for a motherboard replacement. Anyhow - you should not go on driving after such symptoms without solving the problem. If it is like in my abovementioned case it could blow the fuse anytime! You have some local dealer to check this? Imo replacing the motherboard has good chances to "cure" this situation and should not cost a fortune - but no guarantee without really identifying the cause...
  9. Chriull

    Inmotion App for Android

    Hi @Anton - welcome to this forum! @palachzzz posts his wheellog versions also here in i did not check if his version at eletrotransport.ru is newer or the same?! I hope you understand, that we deleted your direct apk download link here, since we do not know you. But many thanks for pointing out this second (?primary?) source for @palachzzz's wheellog versions!
  10. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    under https://github.com/MacPara/WheelLogAndroid
  11. Imo an additional force should add up: once the feet touch the bottom the forward moving body gets a torque accelerating the face downwards in addition to gravity. Once the knees hit the road friction could increase and strengthen this downward force.
  12. Chriull


    Ups. Sorry. No. I did not look in detail at the app screenshots you posted. The label "battery current" there is wrong - it shows the motor current. For (much) more details on motor vs battery current one can look at the topic: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7549-current-demand-versus-battery-voltage/ Further discussions should imo also happen there (here in the video topic it's quite offtopic) - or i could split it to a seperate topic...
  13. Chriull


    No. It's true. Inmotion seems to be the first wheel to really show valid power numbers. That's 40 Amps flowing through the motor (at some specific motor voltage which normaly, especially while idling is lower rhan the battery voltage) with 67 Volts at the battery (wirh some battery current, wich is normally lower than the motor current) So these are "unrelated" numbers not to be multiplied - this just results in some number which says just bothing... Don't know which app programmer came up wirh this...
  14. Chriull


    Idling (high load at slow speeds) is a very very inefficient way of operating an electronic motor - no way to reach anywhere near the listed power. Max power can be reached at half maximal (no-load) speed.
  15. Every available hint given. Pfff.... For one not asking a question and not describing the problem it's quite hard to help...