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  1. The other "normal" chargers change between red and green light? I assume there exists no manual for the LCD screen? From time to time new screen content pops up here... Seems like continous repetitive charge interruptions. Imho to evenly for some loose contact? Maybe some "thermal induced loose contact"? You tried moving cables, connectors, slight shaking? BMS can cut chargers off once single cell group voltages exceed 4.2xV. Charging gets enabled again once the cell voltage goes down to ~4.2V by discharging over the balancing resistor. This cycle should be much
  2. Then it seems your best choice to get in contact with them again to replace the batteries. Or whatever detailed problem they find...
  3. As stated in wikipedia "In most jurisdictions the liability for red light violations is a civil offense, rather than a criminal citation, issued upon the vehicle owner—similar to a parking ticket.' But most countries will have some paragraph in their criminal code for endangering life and limb of others as traffic participant. As for example in Germany §315 StGB "Endangering of traffic/road hazard/dangerous driving" with up to 5 years jail...
  4. I'd bet this is the "Connection lost alarm" under "Sounds & speech"?
  5. Is there still warranty on the batteries? What's the batteries history, source, etc? So there are roughly 100.8V-97.6V = 3.2V missing. To much for misadjusted voltage measurement within the wheel, as you wrote charger is not the reason so it's most prosumably a bad battery. It's the regular 1800Wh Version? The 24s4p battery packs are configured as two 24s2p packs or as two 12s4p packs? If it's two 24s2p you can try to charge both individually - chances are high that only one is to be exchanged.
  6. Nothing. @Zopperjust mentioned ways to "improve" your replies. - one can select multiple posts for quoting at once with the plus signs beside the quote button As @Zopper wrote on can insert multiple quotes while writing a reply by pressing again a quote button. Same for selected text in posts - there appears a "quote selection' button. So one can quote just the interesting part and not the whole post. Alternatively one can delete the not relevant parts of quotes.
  7. So the ks16x and ks18xl ate definitely an optuon for you! If it surprises you it could - so accustomize yourelf to it by setting it to low speeda were not really anything can happen. ... Once you have learned to ride a bit faster...
  8. From what i've heard the overall wheels dimensions should not be too different? All wheels tilt back at some settable maxum speed. Only begode(gotway) allows to disable this. So at some maximum speed the pedals tilt back so thr wheel gets about unridable. It's very recommended to set this tiltback speed to lowet values to get used to it and not getting surprised at ~4x km/h once tiltback kicks in!
  9. Just a last input regarding the KS16X - it's inflating speed by about some 10 to 16 %. So real maximum tiltback speed is not 50 km/h but more like low 4x km/h. Form reports here some real 40 km/h limit seems to be a very recommendable limit overlean wise. But if one can accept this, it seems to be a realy great wheel! And the KS18XL - if you consider the 16x the 18Xl could be your choice, too?
  10. Begode BMS have no short circuit/overcurrent protection. Man years ago they stated some 120A motor current firmware limit. Afair one of their last statements here was that Gotway wheels do not have any current limitations. Or this was reposted from some other source? This is all some time ago - theoreticly this could have changed. But from the one video with the firefighter moving the wheel causing the wires to short several times it does not look as this changed... So a turned on wheel with blocked tires should have enough possibilities to lead to a battery fire. Especiall
  11. Internatinal rules are afair around max 150 Wh for Li Ion packs. But each airline is imo able to limit this themself and afaik all airline forbid any unicycles, scooters and hoverboards with li ion. No matter if the cells are in the unicCle or not... Just a full ban...
  12. Imho any perfect EUC tire has no chance to stick on wet grass, pine needles or mud. One has to drive very straight over such "obstacles" and refrain from any balancing or direction change needs. It's just one small wheel with a small contact patch keeping a rider upright!
  13. Real 50 km/h leave just begode(gotway) or veteran sherman. Begode has just now some fire probs - maybe better to wait until they solved this problem....
  14. It seemed that they "had got their primary fireproblem" under control after they changed to the lg mt 50 21700 cells. Then there were some 3rd party battery upgraded Begodes that went up in flames - and then silence until now.... Mabye they "invented" some new problem? But imho, as often from many written here, the design choices and delivered quality is just asking for problems to arise... My favorites are: - soldered high current connections, too thin wires - no real cable managment, strain/cable reliefs - wires cross, go over the big capacitors, go near the
  15. As i received my HS110 i had to make some graphs and post my thought's. As i reused an old post of mine for this to gather my battery stuff together in this post there is no notification of a new post... ;( But as i nicely shows the functionality of the EUC World charge control (i just did not use the time limit, afaik), here the link:
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