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  1. Chriull

    Advice needed for new unicycle

    Yes, but the KS16B/C and the KS16S have quite the same high pitched noise
  2. Besides the ewheels charger i just know of the satiator charger from grin technologies (more expensive but fanless) and the fast charger from 1radwerkstatt.de. Or you look on aliexpress/gearbest/etc. There one could find something cheaper, but maybe have to take care of the right connector yourself?! Imo some members here went this way, but can't really remember the posts/reports... Ps.: Edit: deleted... was wrong topic..
  3. The "download this file" button from this worked wo probs for me...
  4. Chriull

    KS-16S (new) Firmware versions

    FYI - i got the urge to split this posts from the original topic to gather here the update/new firmware version experiences as they come out. Personally i don't want to read the word "bricked" evertime i post/read here or when i update my KS16S - especially as they wheel updates did not really brick the wheels. The incomplete updates just "paused" the wheels until the firmware update was finished. PS.: If anyone disagrees or feels uncomfortable with this i can try to remerge the topics again (pfff... i don't really know if I can but i hope it'll work out...)
  5. Chriull

    Ks18-L magic smoke ;( after falling off

    The riding mode names are imo very badly choosen from KS. "Learning" mode and "experienced" mode are just soft and hard mode. There is absolutely no correlation between this mode and drivers experience, just personal preference! Once you get it back repaired try the other modes! I never liked the soft modes on my wheels nor could i understand why anyone would use them voluntarily 😎 .... Just the medium modes are often reported to make it a bit easier to go up steep inclines and also (could) reduce a bit battery usage... (But i still did not really try that...) I don't know the KS18L and have no experience with it, but i'd say it should be as good or bad as quite every other wheel for beginners! But putting some padding on it would help! Any wheel can take an unfortionate "fall" and brake, maybe it also already had some issue (cover and/or wiring not fixed properly - unfortionately quality control is not perfect with any EUC manufacturer. Some seem to get it a bit better than others, but some issues happen everyone...) But imo you are also right that a heavier and more powerful wheel is a bit less forgiving in the very beginning. And it has by its power and weight in unfortionate cases like yours maybe a bit higher chances to destroy itself than a lighter less powerful one. But there is no guarantee that the same thing won't happen with such a wheel. And with older used wheels one could get loads of other probs (bms cut outs, unbalanced cells, much easier to overlean...) and they still cost some couple of hundreds of Dollars/Euros... For this money one gets, in unfortionate cases like yours a new casing/chassis/body and motherboard, too. If your's is not a warranty case anyway. Ps.: Neoprene suits (top part/body) for swimmers/divers were reported to make very nice and cheap protective covers.
  6. Chriull

    KS-16S (new) Firmware versions

    It's only the voltage reported by the wheel (by the firmware). The charge % value is computed by the apps. So a firmware change does (should) not influence the charge % numbers - as it still just reports a battery voltage. Seems like darkness bot and the kingsong app have different ways to compute the charge %. Maybe you also had one of the apps updated between your charge % comparisons and the firmware update? It also just updated my ks16s to 1.08 wo probs. Maybe i have a chance this afternoon to compare it with an old firmware version rhis afternoon (my brothers ks16s imo still has something like 1.03) Btw.: The KS app would need some updating, too 😎. I always "force quit" it because i had the severe feeling it eats up my phones battery... Now with android P it's official, both KS apps (v1.4 and 1.5) are restricted for excessive background battery usage 😁.
  7. Chriull

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Plus some more time. By riding with an EUC the batteries never are fully discharged (even 0% shown by the app is not fully discharged). So you would not have full charge cycles every day. Not necessarily: (from https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_store_batteries) Temperature Lead acid at full charge Nickel-based at any charge Lithium-ion (Li-cobalt) 40% charge 100% charge 0°C 25°C 40°C 60°C 97% 90% 62% 38% (after 6 months) 99% 97% 95% 70% 98% 96% 85% 75% 94% 80% 65% 60% (after 3 months) Table 2: Estimated recoverable capacity when storing a battery for one year. Elevated temperature hastens permanent capacity loss. Depending on battery type, lithium-ion is also sensitive to charge levels.
  8. Chriull

    Glide 3/2 lite Bundle Deal

    @binks00 glide 2 is afaik the inmotion v8 - a very solid wheel, but just not too powerful. Ps.: It's the v5, not the v8 as corrected by the following posters
  9. @MouseWithoutBorders are you sure that you had My first assumption would be that you just overburdened the system (motor) like described in That's a system immanent limit that has to be known and respected. Or one has to choose a stronger wheel with higher limits. One can blame the manufacturers that they do not mention this limits or not implement a warning system which prevents such overburdening (like i tried to describe in this topic - but thats only theoretically - no idea if this could really work in the real world. But there are for sure solutions possible) If this above described overlean is not what happens in your case and you have real battery/motherboard induced cutoffs you have "old" or faulty EUCs which you should return/replace! PS.: Anyone knows how to delete or insert lines after an pasted topic link like the one below i can't get rid off on android?
  10. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    Seems that the manufacturers introduced this "100 charge %" threshold to not get customers complaints with their unreliable chargers and voltage measurements...
  11. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    Seems to be a very nice charger! As charge % is calculated from the voltage the wheel reports, 84V reported by the wheel should lead to 100% charge shown. From a short glimpse on the wheellog sources on github (latest version from May 12) every voltage above 82.25V should show 100%... Wow - i thought just some of the KS14?C? had the prob of voltage meters beeing off... Such inaccurate measurements are "normal" throughout all of the EUCs?
  12. Chriull

    Calf fatigue--recalibrate?

    The difference between the S1 and MSuper should be mainly the geometry (lever between the front of the pedal and wheel axle). There was one post quite some time ago here of the calculations with which drivers weight depending on this geometry which incline is possible. From this also a maximum acceleration for a given incline can be calculated (if this burden can be handled by the motor and the electronics). Additionally bigger wheel diameters need more torque for the same acceleration. And the wheels all have current limitations to prevent the electronics from frying - so this current limitation could limit the acceleration of bigger wheels at lower speeds even more than for smaller ones. This seems to be a nice measure used and reported from many members. As you wrote Imo the softer mode has some "delay in balancing" - so for the first push on the pedals less force is needed and then the wheel "starts" balancing (accelerates and keeps the pedal straight again). But once one drives at a constant speed up a steady incline the situation should be the same again as in hard mode. In the real world with uneven inclines the inbetween needed accelerations to overcome uneven parts could/should again need less force. But imo the "delay" could make it harder (balancewise) to drive up such uneven inclines and also lead earlier to "toes digging into the ground"
  13. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    Both voltage values are from the same measurement point (wheellog) and quite immedeately before and after unplugging? You could try to leave the charger plugged in longer and test if the voltage difference gets less. But some voltage drop after charging is normal - do you remember how much it was in the beginning? If this voltage drop gets bigger over time, it could be a sign of cells getting unbalanced... Normally 84V should be 100% (4,2V per cell) - or was this the voltage displayed at the charger and not by wheellog? The charger measures the voltage at his ooutput, which goes to the BMS. This has some overcharge protection circuitry before the battery. Wheellog shows the voltage reported from the wheel, which measures at the battety output. The protection circuitry causes some voltage sag. Could theoretically also be some innacurate voltage measuring from the charger and/or the wheel. But as far as i remember GW and the chargers normally have no innacurate voltage measurements? How is the voltage difference with a full charge? Imo with a 90% charge there is still more current flowing and so causing higher differences between the in- and the output?
  14. Chriull

    Calf fatigue--recalibrate?

    The control loop is not a solely proportional feedback (more lean leading to an proportional higher acceleration), it's some PID controller with proportional, integral and derivative terms. So an important "dampening" is achieved (no or just feasible overshoot to a step response) - if not, problems like the "oscillation bug" occur. With a "perfect rider" (fixed pole/cylinder) overshooting (but stable) controllers are no real problems - with a rider on top trying desperately to survive such an overshooting system can easily "be changed" to some unstable control loop freaking out... But the main part of this control loop is the underlying "physical reality" - the EUC and the rider, with all the "angles, forces, levers and motor capabilities" itself which is to be stabilized - it is and should be a self balancing vehicle! (... and this with a "chaotic and unpredictable" rider on top...) So going up an incline with some given geometry (footplate length, riders weight, ...) needs a given downforce on the forward tip of the footplate/pedals to "form" a stable system. If such an uphill ride could be achieved by a slight pressure applied by the little toe the unicycle would not be self balancing anymore (at least not easily with a human rider on it). The sensitivity could be increased but this easily leads to unridable unicycles by the driver input/behaviour... So maybe we get one day a slider in the app to change the sensitivity a bit. Maybe the control loop design by now used by most unicycles is just a rough first attempt and once a gifted control loop expert catapults unicycle "behaviour" to the next level. But with all hopes and prayers something like three times the sensity is just unfeasible. Also new control loop behaviour could maybe once be implemented for "expert riders" sacrificing a bit of the self balancing ability - by something like changing the pedal tilt a bit and by this introducing some speed control instead of solely acceleration control... (this is just an absolutley half-backed first idea coming to my mind as an abstract example...) For now some revolutionary new "control mechanism" is not really on my wishlist for new unicycles - next goal should be reliability/bullet proof design/lower weights/higher efficiency/etc... ... and longer footplates/pedals (which would be great anyways for european/american bigfoots like me ) as they would also lead to (like already posted some times around here) a bit higher sensitivity.
  15. Chriull

    New KS18L says beep beep

    I'm quite sure you already checked the following, but.... Is the battery empty? Or are the alarms set at 1 km/h? Also check the tire pressure...