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  1. I am going to check again about the charger The charger would be the easiest and cheapest to check and replace. But unfortionately chances are high it's the first signs of battery degradation ... If the bms work about the same in your scooter... There are no issues reported?
  2. Battery current is almost constant. Motor current is proportional to speed (plus a motor current voltage drop along the coils). The ESC/inverter/controller works as DC/DC converter transforming the voltages according to the needed values and the currents vice versa. So a motor cureent 2-3 times the battery current is very normal at lower/medium speeds at higher burdens. It's not a real transformation like with a transformer - while the "on" phase of the duty cycle battery current equals motor current (as there is a closed circuit), while the "off" phase battery current is zero a
  3. Condolescence! I hope/assume you took no harm?! Seems the thermal pad was applied nicely - cleanly mounted between mosfets and heatplate?! The thermal pad seems a nice forensic excess heat indicator.
  4. Afai see weight is only needed to keep up traction between the tire and the rolls. Resistance to simulate air drag, inclines, accelerations, etc comes from the rolls. By some kind of braking mechanism, an electric "braking" motor or just some "higher mass" of the roll to be accelerated.
  5. Btw - whats the charger voltage? Written on the charger and if you have a voltmeter meadured?
  6. The website writes " Long-Range Battery with Smart Power Management Several 18650 high-capacity lithium batteries deliver up to 50.9 miles of travel on a single charge. Smart battery management via the LCD displays the health of the battery pack and notifies you immediately if there are issues. Double Protection from Overdischarging Double Protection from Overcharging Undervoltage Auto-Sleep Protection Temperature Resistance Short Circuit Protection Overcurrent Protection" What does the LCD report? That is 26Ah. So with 2A the charge time is
  7. Different sounds changing pitch and volume according to different wheel parameters like speed, current, ... Quite cool if nicely setup. Afaik nice setups do be stored, exchanged and used with the next version about to come. Yep! Perfect solution if it fits! I'm not too experienced with actual wheelog versions but imho it's very up to date with newer wheels?!
  8. Imho not. This topic comes up from time to time - so future EUC riders asking themselves this question have a chance to stumble over this post and get an answer!
  9. No! Should be enough that you walk the wheel to try it out! This behaviour is like the trolley and power button secured within the firmware! So EUC World just sends comnands like all other apps - no way to "hack" the firmware for immedeate stop...
  10. Which could be a mishap again: The specified voltage of the VESC does not specify the current ceiling of the system. In contrary a 100V VESC could have a lower current ceiling as an 84V VESC system for the same mechanical power output with the appropriate motor. But i have no idea or expirience of available VESC systems - there could be side implications by chosing 100V vs 84V which are not mentioned explicitly. This exact phrase (without as written above knowing all side implications of these VESC systems) to use a "100V VESC for a 84V system to increase performance" is nonsens
  11. I hope i'm not jumping in just on a single phrase which i got wrong ;), but a higher voltage controller alone does not change anything. A higher battery voltage allows a motor with more windings per coil giving the same torque with less current. Less current means less losses (power dissipation) for the mosfets. So cooling is easier. So this whole design has to match for less cooling measures beeing sufficient. Together with the firmware to cope with all possible borderline cases.
  12. "Battery experts from websites" i assume that they are serious do think so. But as i did not really remember/found any temperature numbers or we have any batery cell temperature measurement from our wheels i do it like @ShanesPlanet and @mrelwood - some break inbetween, as Or adopt it - if you drive a veteran sherman with 10 km/h on a flat road there should be no warming of the batteries. If one beats some battery wise underpowered wheel up some hills on a hot summer day it could be a good idea to let it cool down some time before recharging... ... and from.time to te
  13. You could try DarknessBot - maybe it supports your Segway and shows BMS info?!
  14. Battery optimization has to be turned off for euc world. Also background gps usage has to be allowed. And whatever ideas the different manufacturers get. Samsung is afaik very eager to restrict apps and save battery...
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