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  1. As this is a "medium" sized capacitor near some inductances it seems to be part of the dc/dc converters - power supply. With 25V rating for the 12V rail? And maybe the first step down before the 5/3.3V rail - if they are not seperately stepped down directly from battery voltage. Direct cause of the defect is overpressure of the electrolyte. Maybe some parts of the electrolyte evaporated? Don't know how a capacitor behaves in such cases - if its just loosing capacity and this is really solely for 12V for ?leds, fans,...? this could not matter too much - as this would mean just a bit less
  2. I assume they have more in depth information and experienced consultants, but from what was shown on ecodrifts teardowns the newest begode wheels do not have the placement of motor wires, mosfets and the main capacitors directly below the li ion cells anymore? Which could distress the situation hopefully? And some ?very high rated? fuse in the battery wires. Afai got it gotway was stating very proudly to have _no_ restrictions by fuses, firmware, etc... (Which by the way could not be true - without low speed current firmware restrictions every wheel would blow up..) But as they
  3. Just guessing, i'd say long waiting times for a high stake investment could let emotions get high. Some people tend to be more sanguine than phlegmatic. The delays caused by li ion cell and other electronic components shortages could lead to nerves being blank. In combination with a not perfectly worded review and a not perfectly worded, deescalating response this could maybe lead to such reactions. But as said just guessing - as beeing a phlegmatic person trying to avoid too sanguistic people i'm lacking experience regarding such behaviour. Although one get's impressions of thi
  4. Imho content moderation/censoring/etc is no helpfull way to go. In contrary, this gives gives any content just much more weight and is a great start for wild conspirancy theories. Cleaning up direct forum rules violations is more than enough for us to do. Everyone, at little bit interested in this topic can easily make up his own opinion by reading some posts of this topic. I'd think ewheels has faced enough other rumours without problem - but however, if @WilliamG likes to have some official reply/"?counter-representation?" directly at an accusation please do not hesitate to co
  5. Seems to be an ks18xl to show sone about half volt too much... Most presumably nothing dramatic or even notable is to be expected. As the charge graph in https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/LG 21700 M50 5000mAh (Grey) UK.html shows there are very roughly just some 5% of capacity to be gained during the CC stage. Depends of course strongly an charging current, battery state, brand,overall cell balance. As written before it's mainly for balancing. (https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/22109-passive-balancing-a-simulation/)
  6. We neither, but as @Niik01ay answered to you you shall write him a message.
  7. Rpm are "physicly" locked to battery voltage by the controller for each wheel. So not reaching full lift cut off speed means either an not full battery or something substantially wrong. Really wrong! Battery Voltage is much better than charge %. Best to be noted after the charger turned green. And then some 15-30 minutes later (with the wheel turned off inbetween) - if one can await this whith a new wheel. One should also measure the no load voltage of the used charher with a voltmeter and note this. So one has a starting point if one wonders years later if the batt
  8. As most "contracts" include sending "non functional wheels" back to china for repair/replacement and shipping costs are prohibitive this is imho the "best and strongest leverage" for the aliexpress/etc resellers to reach some compromise... So a credit card can help in many "basic" cases but by far not always...
  9. With the delays and low sampling rates of the reported values 5% should be useless. Even 10% is a very low safety margin. With some courageous acceleration the build in 12% margin gives some roughly 0.5sec prewarning. An external 20% alarm could maybe already be something alike this - useless for stronger accelerations at higher speeds. Best you fit them to your driving behaviour - set it as high as possible without triggering it.
  10. This can happen with any pack having degraded cells under (heavy) burden. Less packs means more burden per battery, so yes, some increased risk. This depends mainly on the configuration. The S18 has a 20s3p config. So the rear packs are bigger and each a 20s1p config? And the front two 10s1p packs? If so (or vice versa) and the firmware allows to ride it should be "borderline" to ride as the normal 3p config is already not the strongest?! Depends now if the two front packs are 1/3 or 2/3 of the whole pack. If the front pack is 1/3 the considerations could b
  11. Does it still charge full? Not only percentage wise but also to full voltage?
  12. They are the bigger alieexpress sellers, seem to look for their reputation, but as all other aliexpress sellers they have no legally enforcable customer protection/warranty somehow comparable to a local reseller. Aliexpress somehow "just regulates dead on arrival" everything happening afterwards is just goodwill. These sellers used to offer real good prices for this "discrepency" which is not really true anymore nowadays. If one got a wheel which worked out one saved maybe some money, if there was something easy and cheap to replace like a motherboard they'll most likely send a new o
  13. Thanks for solving the riddle - never heard of this before!
  14. Hi @helmet - i merged your two topics and moved them from firum rules here to the inmotion topic. I do not see how these posts could fit the forum rules section? I also don't really get the sense of these posts? How can a wheel be a national security risk? Did the professional security officers disable the wheel or the risk they pose? Local intelligence agencies in austria seem not concerned of eucs or inmotion particularly. At least nothing published... However - somehow these post serms weird - can someone explain their sense/content?
  15. I assume you took both numbers with new EUC World versions? As you know, presumable better than me, euc world now reports as standard current (calculated/estimated) battery current. Which gives more realistic, lower values.
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