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  1. It will beep, tilt back and after some time cut off. One also has to consider charging by regenerative braking, which delivers a bit higher voltage than 67.2V...
  2. That's not possible by the BMS - such a warning mechanism could be just implemented in firmware, if the BMS coild communicate with the motherboard. I mentioned this point because most normal available BMS have such an for EUC unwanted cell undervoltage cut off! Yes. Every failure in the supply line sends one flying. As many other failures...
  3. It's a forum to exchange experiences with everything EUC related. So buying and aftersales experiences are and will be reported. As shortcomings of manufacturers, problems with some wheels, etc... We cannot and will not censor anything negative because it could be a lie or some very subjective opinion. Of course the internet is nothing better than the real world and everyone has to decide on ones own what one believes and what one questions. The seller has the same possibility to state his sight of what happened. We moderators are all just (long time) members inter
  4. One does not want overdrain protection - a bms cutting of at cell undervoltage sends one flying! This was just with the first generation wheels and then canceled by all euc manufacturers. Plus this helps to prevent overdrain.
  5. If you mean the high pitched noise, that's gone since long time. Was resolved with some early 2.x firmware. Just beeping when connection to an app is still not to be silenced.
  6. Maybe covering the wheel with something could help before dousing it with water... The venting cells flying around not only could hit one but set the house on fire in different spots?
  7. Taking the fire down with (enough) water is a valid strategy, as: But one needs enough water! Dousing it with a garden hose or something like this will not really change anything with the amount of cells in an EUC - it will just increase the probabilty that one gets hit by an venting cell!
  8. Depends on your trust in this resellers warrantY - begode seems to be in need of great customer protection. If i'd have a fortune tellers crystal ball i'd tell you.
  9. Understandable, but maybe not the best idea. Capabilities of a wheel decrease with charge status and the c+ has a small battery. Afair/k the c+ battery bms still had a single cell under voltage cutoff. So, once the cell aged a bit one has beside the normal increased overlean chance with low batteries a real cut off risk over time...
  10. No. Your battery has 6Ah! So if charging with 3A it's just taking twice as long as with 6A. If your battery is allowed to be charged with 6A at all! If your chargers are li ion chargers? The voltage values are very strange for li ion...
  11. How comes 40V? That's a strange number for a li.ion battery pack. If the 40V battery is discharged to some voltage than 30V one could theoreticly/presumable charge it with a 30V charger. But as no details are known about the pack or charger i'd say no. Edit: like if this 30V charger is for li ion at all? No. Never. That will destroy the battery - three times overvoltage. One could have good luck and the battery has some overvoltage protection so it does not go up in flames... Why a 100V charger for a 40V battery?
  12. There is no real notable difference if one decides for 67.2, 84,100.8 or 126V. Safe low voltage is the way ninebot went with the z10 ?14s? config - staying below ~60V. All others or low voltages. Maybe 126V hits another barrier, but maybe not since it is DC. That's something that's not to be solved, especially with modern high power wheels. Mosfet cooling was and is a big problem from the beginning till now... And mosfet burden raises with the square of the current - so raising voltage and hereby lowering the current is the only solution. @Jason McNeil- maybe it's a bit
  13. PS @kah00na - TG T3 wheels are particularly old, but still sold! So you could try and ask any of the sellers (i found on geekbuy and one on ?amazon?) if they sell/can specify the charger for you?! It's imho also still listed on aliexpress (but out of stock) - so a good chance to ask the seller there. Depending on the age of the wheel it's verly likely that the battery is already down - the 16s1p config is very weak and about not enough for riding. Even with such a wheel new. So these cells are degraded very fast. The BMS (battery managment system) of this wheel is still one of t
  14. You already found the right thread here There is written, that the tg3 is a 67.2V wheel - that makes 16 cells in serie. So your charger needs this 16*4.2V maximum output voltage, or sometimes they are specified by the nominal voltage which would be 16*3.7V~59V. With the 132Wh pack this 16 cells in series should be ~2000mAh - so the charging current should be ~0.5 to 1A. In the topic is a link to the charge port connector - for the charger side you need the opposite part. To be on the safe side i'd double check and measure this! Btw: One should never ever try to charge li
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