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  1. No it isn't. Obe xan count 16 "strands" of conparators/logic - one "strand" for each cell. If one carefully analysis this double (more?) layer PCB one will find the connections from each cell to one of this "strands". Each "strand" performs the logic for bleeding resistors and single cell overvoltage cut off.
  2. Sorry, but that's wrong. There is always the same voltage (between 4.2 and 4.2xV) on the resistor - so they bleed off an equal current no matter which charging current flows. Fast chargers probs could just arise waris i see by now (possible) overburdening some input protection circuitry, connectors, wires, or if it were "real fast" charging overheating the batteries.
  3. Btw - the BMS with the connector for all cell voltages was afaik used since KS18XL, but they had a synchronization wire between all the BMS in the wheel. So there is a wire missing on the photo? Edit: Did he maybe accidently connected the charge input wrongly so cell overcharge protection was disabled?
  4. Welcome! I move you topic in the mod, repair & diy section - should better fit there. Inbetween, while burdened charge % can go short to very low values - they are just computed from battery voltage. If the battery is allowed to settle for sime time this charge % computation is quite ok - while riding it's just some number. You start out with about 70-80% - after 30 km the battery is full (going downhill?) and after another 30 km it gets low? Full charge means green led coming up? What was the charge %/battery voltage before charging? Which KS16 you have - the S or the X? You use the stock charger? With some 1.5-2.5A charging current? If cells had over 4.5V they were either charged by regenerative braking (no cell overvoltage protection) or the BMS has a serious malfunction. (Edit: or the synchronisation wire between the bms was removed...) Even if they were overcharged by regenerative braking, they should be (slowly) discharged to 4.2V by the balancing resistors. And the whole pack already had to be seriously imbalanced before. If you like reading, some more details on bms and batteries
  5. I have no experience with this ?rebranded? IPS wheel and this "error code". As this seems quite old (?about 1st generation EUC?) this could be true for most other members here? Only thing to say is that on connector is not connected in https://ibb.co/YR733bG - but this is trivial and you should have seen, too? Ps.: You are sure about the 12 cell battery - would be a very uncommon configuration.
  6. There was some similar case shortly. Afair there was a loose cable in a connector. Normally letting a wheel spin up is no special burden and should not lead to any destruction. Just vibrating something loose coupd be a result, as in the case above. As you're out of waranty open it up and make thorough visual and "physical" inspection!
  7. Could be some low voltage protection kicked in and by this output voltage measured is false? (Voltage divider between the turned off mosfet and your multimeter) Did you measure directly the single cell voltages? Any cell staying for more than a week below 2V should be considered dead and not beeing reused again.
  8. The charger has written something like 27/29V?! Thats never going to work! Try to get the right charger - just putting anything in a plug that's fitting can be quite dangerous!
  9. Welcome! Somehow i have a whole lot of questions after watching this video What EUC is this? It has a 29.5/27.5V charger? What kind and configuration of batteries it uses? There is an app showing some more data? You've measured charger/battery voltages? Before this beeping the wheel drove without problems? It still drives without problems?
  10. If so, it could maybe work out again, if you try some "saturation charges" (just short rides and then charge again fully). Could be just a slight imbalance till now. Or maybe not
  11. You let it charge the full two stages? (Cc and cv) How long after the green light did you let it charge? The shorter the constant voltage stage, the higher the voltage drop once the cells settled. Could also be some slight imbalance - some bleeding resistors active discharging some cells which got above 4.2V.
  12. But this could eventually come - as the KS 88% alarm. Unfortionately until EUC World gets the values reported, raises the alarm and it is played in the earbud "some time goes by". Without latency is only the build in buzzer!
  13. Additionally, as it looks like at the photos of ecodrifts 21700 Nikola tweardown the 21700 cells are "held" in some kind of frame so there is a bit more spacing between them. So the conventional 18650 have additional packing density?!
  14. There seems to be still no short circuit protection - or charge and discharge wires are to be connected at B+ and C-? The 2 pairs of mosfets should be n and p channel so they could perform as reverse polarity protection. And with the R005 as current shunt a short circuit protection?
  15. They fit better to the wheels dimensons? The have a better/reliable supplier?
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