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  1. That's imho mainly a firmware/"calves grip" problem? The 18Xl is reported to have a insensitive firmware and needs much leaning to perform?
  2. Welcome @Johnw! Get in contact with inmotion directly via service@imscv.com. they are very helpful, and active here in the forum, too. For the V10(F) they have for example replacement motherboard/special firmwares for known bugs/faults. Presumably for the V8, too. While you are waiting for reply: 1) measure the charger voltage. Should be around 84V. Multimeters are cheap and nothing fancy is needed. 2) look at the reported voltage from the wheel once it is fully charged - that's more "accurate" than the charge %. 3) open the wheel and measure the battery output voltage. _Do_ _not_ _short_ the battery output! Not even for a split second - the multimeter probe tip will melt and molten glowing metal drops could fly around! Also be sure to have the multimeter set the voltage measurement and not current measurement == short circuit. Maybe start step 3 after you were in contact with inmotion - depending on your electronics expertise? 4) if everything looks bad the last step would be to open the battery pack and measure the individual cell voltages to identify/verify bad cells. A smart charger cannot rejuvenate bad cells. Nothing can make bad liion cells better... Bad/aged cells get the most stress in the pack and degrade by this faster than the good cells - so no hope for future use... Afaik the highest risk with liion cells is while charging and using the cells? So do not charge the wheel unattended and at placed were fire would be a real hazard. Cell replacement is no huge problem, but also not a simple task. Cells should be spot welded and not soldered. Cells with prewelded nickel strips are available and depending on the internal battery pack design the different nickel strips could be soldered together. But still one end of the 18650 liion cells is "very heat sensitive". One wants all the contacts "perfect" and secure to get the best performance and the wheel does not stop while riding... After replacing the cells the pack has to be "repacked" for mechanical "tightness" and water/humidity protection. And as written above the do not shorten anything applies again for the whole process! Afaik Inmotion has an own aliexpress shop, were the dustribute their wheels? Inmotion wheels are sold via gearbest. Maybe spare parts, too? Ask service@imscv.com for the best place to get batteries once you are sure you need new ones. I would not buy battery packs from unknown sources... For a new wheel the top recommendations here seem to be the GW MSX and the KS18XL. Also the Tesla and the V10? If a smaller older not as performant wheel is ok the KS16S is very nice. The GW Nikolai and the KS16X are to come on the market shortly. Both seem to be very promising. PS.: Storing 4-5 month at 2/3-3/4 charge sounds good and should not lead to any problem - if it was not at a very "hot place". Perfect are 40% charge below 25┬░C and above freezing.
  3. The manufacturers develop their mainboards/battery packs/used motors iteratively. And make one wheel after another - like KS had as last wheel the 18XL and now announces the 16X. So presumably more or less same mainboard/batteries and motor - just no spokes between the motor and the rim to reach the 16 inch. A little bit adopted firmware ... Inbetween, like GW the new motherboard revisions are also reused for their old, still active wheels. If they have some new stronger motor and/or motherboard developed the next wheel generation is started. And/or some new features/lights/design etc... So there is in most cases just the leverage of the same torque of the 16 inch motor to the 18 inch wheel as difference. And sometimes more batteries in the 18 inch model which offers more space... Imo.
  4. Chriull

    Do not order a ChargeDoctor for now!

    One can afaik make the CD stop at any ?voltage/current? so one could charge up to for example ~40% charge for storage... Wh are displayed, logging is available. For details there is everthing described on his homepage... Depends on your use case ­čśü but most likely not.
  5. Chriull

    Charge Doctor gone away?

    Good Point! This figures are missing... Could also be something asymptotical... Ups - did not think of old wheels with 4p packs....
  6. @seage: Just in case you did not see it - there is now a dedicated contact at Kingsong for app problems:
  7. Chriull

    V10F: enchanted speed-limit at 34 km/h (21 mph)

    Did you lift your wheel (without using the "button")? Then the wheel spins up way over the tiltback limit speed. Same is true if one "looses" the wheel - it can spin up above tiltback ... And this - with normal driving - never reachable speed is then recorded as max speed in the app!
  8. @seage: FYI - the picture in your first link is not accessible. At least not for me... PS: from https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/3969-forum-rules-and-guidelines-must-read-before-your-first-post/?tab=comments#comment-41648 "POSTING MEDIA This forum is hosted on a server where the total disk space cap is relatively low. Therefore every forum member's account also has a cap on total disk usage (you will eventually run out of space). For this reason it is encouraged that you put your large images on reliable external sites such as imgur.com (or equivalent) and embed it back into your posts. For imgur (you don't have to create an account), if you want to embed the photo into your post, make sure to use the "Direct Link" instead of the "Image Link" given by imgur. Needless to say, videos go to YouTube (or equivalent) and can be embedded back into your posts here. To "embed" all you have to do is copy and paste the link to the body of your post (wherever you want it) and hit enter."
  9. Chriull

    Charge Doctor gone away?

    Unfortionately absolutely no. According to https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_store_batteries storing the batteries for one year at 100% charge at room temperature (25┬░C) degrades them to 80% total capacity. Storing them at 40% charge just degrades them down to 94% total capacity - so a big difference. So having as much wheels as @Marty Backe would be the perfect use case for "battery control"! But in real life having wheels with just 40% charge will never be ridden again - one would have to charge them xx hours before and by this plan to use them... ... So better some battery degradation and a wheel that is used (at least from time to time) Imo the only way to make "battery control manageable" with over a dozen wheels managable is a "fast"charger with a ~40% stop. So one keeps the wheel after a ride at ~40% charge (or a bit more if the ride was to short) and just charges the next to come wheel 1-2 hours before the ride. Unfortionately such normal 0.5-1C chargers are not available for the big (like 20s6p) battery packs - and putting 10-20A in some parallel packs with the currently used BMS is not really recommandable, too... Edit: Just looking again at the table, it offers an easy solution - for people living in the right enviroment spare wheels are just to be stored in the cellar ( or some other cool room)... Temperature Nickel-based at any charge Lithium-ion (Li-cobalt) 40% charge 100% charge 0┬░C 25┬░C 40┬░C 60┬░C 90% 62% 38% (after 6 months) 99% 97% 95% 70% 98% 96% 85% 75% 94% 80% 65% 60% (after 3 months) Table 2: Estimated recoverable capacity when storing a battery for one year. Elevated temperature hastens permanent capacity loss. Depending on battery type, lithium-ion is also sensitive to charge levels. 1p configurations are imho too much for 18650 cells. The specified ~500 charge cycles are specified in the datasheed normaly for a standart discharge current around 0.2C. With such a "small" current not even an Airwheel could drive...
  10. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    76V is far away from a full charge - it should tell (something near to) 84V. There were hardware issues reported - so the mainboard does not get the right battery voltage reported. This issue could be solved by contacting service@imscv.com. Maybe they have also some firmware to help you? Different problem, but all the contact details again:
  11. On @hobby16's main site (http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/) it is not possible to order a CD anyhow, but there exists a second site (chargedoctor.fr) were the paypal links are not disabled! Doing some "research" on espritrue.fr (hobby16s "home" forum) this site could be legit but got somehow "forgotten" by him?! From these posts it seems that @hobby16 is well, but for whatever reason he has no time/interest/possibility to make CDs right now. ... and it's about impossible to reach him ... What to do if you already payed and did not receive a CD: If you provided an address ("Warning´╗┐!!! Please give me your address when or after ordering since Paypal does not always display the payerÔÇÖs address. No address, no shippin´╗┐´╗┐g") it could just arrive sometimes... If your paypal payment went to "Sylvain Bouju" one can reach him on https://www.espritroue.fr/profile/10-sbouju/ If the´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐payment went to some "Christophe´╗┐Gardo´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐n" there could be a problem?: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/356´╗┐-charge-´╗┐docto´╗┐r-´╗┐v2/?´╗┐do=findC´╗┐omment&comment=161801 Or maybe not?: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/356-charge-doctor-v2/?do=findComment&comment=161858 More topics regarding this:
  12. Chriull

    Charge Doctor gone away?

    The same question was raised in https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/356-charge-doctor-v2/?do=findComment&comment=171993, @hobby16s "home" forum. Nowhere found something about if this is a legit site, or any "official" announcement of this site. Just https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/356-charge-doctor-v2/?do=findComment&comment=162035 lets one assume, that this site is from @hobby16, but he forgot to disable the paypal links, like on his main page http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/ ? You have given your address as written on his site: "Warning!!! Please give me your address when or after ordering since Paypal does not always display the payerÔÇÖs address. No address, no shipping." If so, there should be chances to get a chargedoctor "sometimes". Also payments seem to have been going to different people over time (?most active at the espritrue forum?). Maybe you can contact one of them directly. Just if the payment went to some "Christophe´╗┐Gardo´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐n" there could be a problem?: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/356-charge-doctor-v2/?do=findComment&comment=161801 EDIT: Ps.: Take a look at Pinned there a new topic regarding CD - hopefully "the" information gathers there
  13. Chriull

    Charge Doctor gone away?

    No idea price/spec wise - but imho longer time ago there was some report of something comparable here, but no idea how to find it again... There are advandages and disadvantages. And comfort vs. perfectionism... Toasting the unit happens imho mostly/just in because of bad cells or seldomly in because of hardware faults. This toasting by bad cells can only happen because the BMS does not report them (just the newer ninebot do?). My personal opinion is that most people change the battery pack or the wheel once bad cells decreased the performance way before the risk of toasting is too high. The charge doctor does not really change anything regarding this. It increases cell cycle count, but could reduce battery pack lifetime if one does not charge fully often enough for balancing. So, afaik the CD can increase the battery pack life by a factor of 2-3 if one uses it "right". By doing this chances of toasting the wheel can only be delayed.
  14. Chriull

    WheelLog Android App

    Sorry - the following is not (only) directed to you, but french post gather around here lately... Did you ever read the forum rules? "English´╗┐´╗┐ (and as "lingua franca") is the language used in this forum. If you cannot express what you want to say in English then use Google Translate first and paste the translated message´╗┐ into your ´╗┐topic or replies. This is better than having the majority of our members´╗┐ having to do it individually to read your message.´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐" If one prefers to write in his language there is the local group meetup section with no language preference