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  1. That's a good sign! At least at no load he's performing. Can the nikola be charged while turned on and the app connected? If so watch the voltage reading while connecting the charger. Could be that there is no connection from the charge plug to the battery? Ups - just saw that you wrote before: The difference between wheel display and charger display could be just measuring inaccuracy. Maybe it just has a green led to show operation?! What should the switch be doing? Beside the led your description is a normal working charger. Does it charge? Does the voltage reading in the app increase (slowly) while charging?
  2. Seems you are (at least) number two: You are sure only the controlboard got damaged? Are this holes/spots at the battery pack from the plastic wrap melting? I'd take the whole refund...
  3. I'd assume @Micheal Shen meant mph instead of km/h...
  4. Seems like he doesnt care for his reputation at all - once he seemed to be a great recommandation... Maybe one should write an aliexpress guideline - never ever even think on closing a dispute! We already had cases here of people who got (to good to believe) offers, closed the dispute and walked away with nothing but grief Second, new point for the guideline would be to counter paypal rejects after they got ?wrong reports from the seller?! Great that you managed this! Congratulations! Incredible what they try after one received a dead, still smoking piece of garbage...
  5. plus from what i looked up from the ?i5? time (the first wheel with 21700 cells) they can provide a much higher nomibal current as 18650 cells. So hopefully less degradation and bad cells in our packs - maybe even in less capacity packs.
  6. Chriull

    KS16B cut off

    Yes or no depending how one's seeing it. The KS16B just has not enough power for such maneuvers. Maybe with full batteries ir's sometimes possible...
  7. Could have been somethe very first updates with my 16S. Or i mixed it up and it was just with the 16B. There most of the firmware updates reseted the counter...
  8. KS wheels reset their kilometer counter with many/some firmware updates - so reported total km can be way off... And you should look if it still can be charged up to around 67.2V.
  9. @nickysneids has a different issue - his is just not working at all at the 80/90% setting. The way to reach 85% "quickly" is just to use the constant current phase for charging up to the full voltage (84V). Depending on the charging current the voltage settles afterwards - the more current used for charging, the more the voltage will settle (less charge accomplished, but shorter charging time). The correlation between voltage and charge % is only true if one lets the battery rest/settle for ~15, better 30 minutes! The charge % shown in the app are just calculated from the reported voltage values. This charge % shown are just the percentage between some maximum voltage and the minimal used cell voltage - they do _not_ really show the state of charge of the liion. Especiall the 100% range is far to wide - imo the manufacturers try to "hide" battery degradation and measurement accuracy. So they don't get too much "my wheel does not charge to 100%" complaints... From https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries: Charge V/cell Capacity at cut-off voltage* Charge time Capacity with full saturation 3.80 3.90 4.00 4.10 4.20 ~40% ~60% ~70% ~80% ~85% 120 min 135 min 150 min 165 min 180 min ~65% ~75% ~80% ~90% 100% Table 2: Typical charge characteristics of lithium-ion. Adding full saturation at the set voltage boosts the capacity by about 10 percent but adds stress due to high voltage. * Readings may vary V (charger cut-off) is the voltage shown at the charger just before cutting of? And V(app) the same from the app? V after cut off is taken after which settlement time? Ps.: Measurements of these voltages tend to be easily off:
  10. That's one of the definitions of power - torque times angular speed. That applies to everything that's rotating...
  11. You don't need to measure - the app tells you. 100% charge shown is a very wide range and does not really mean too much. The shown voltage is the "real" value! Yes. Seems to be a prob with the charger.
  12. Set for 100% charging charges to ~84V? 80 and 90% charging is not working at all? With the normal stockcharger everthing charges fine to ~84V? Best to get in contact with ewheels!
  13. All the wheels measure the motor phase currents - normally 2 of the three phase currents, as their sum is always zero. They need it for the self-balancing algorithm. It is assumed that Gotway reports somehow these phase currents. The meaningfull value to calculate power would be the effective value (true rms) of these three phase currents. Noone knows by now (at least i did not read about any tests/investigations/etc) regarding which value (with which error factor) is reported exactly by GW wheels. @US69 got from Kingsong technicians that KS wheels measure directly the battery current. As described in more detail in my above link U_battery * I_battery = U_motor * I_motor (not regarding the losses in the electronics). If one is interested in the output power of the motor this would be U back emf * I_motor = (U_motor - R coil*I_motor) * I_motor (mechanical power, not regarding internal motor losses like ferromagnetic losses, etc or the motor inductance - just ohmic losses at the coils regarded, with U back emf as the generated Voltage by the motor = kv * rpm).
  14. Yes. But its not really easy and one has to know various wheel parameters. Here and the following posts are the details:
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