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  1. Seems we should open some more subforums like: Riding for lunatics Suicide riding made easy ...
  2. Yes. 2.0 and the new 2.0.1 were revoked and 1.09 is the newest fw again...
  3. Don't know who updated with KS App. One has to have good luck to reach the Chinese Servers. I updated with Darknessbot and EUC World. Both worked immedeately wo probs. Could also be that KS revoked 2.0(1) again? 2.0 was already revoked and then replaced by 2.01. maybe this is gone too by now and they are working on a new FW?
  4. Hi. Afaik in none really. Some like france allow it with some maximum design speed, but such EUCs are not available at the market. Beside some not recommendable airwheel clones... But fortunately, as it seems this regulations are not enforced - so it seems safe to ride in france. In austria they are imho illegal, but accepted/ignored - did not hear of/experience any problems with the executive forces. Germany and UK seem to enforce their laws and fine and confiscate EUCs. No idea of practices in other countries.
  5. You need to read the manuals/specifications of your used components, search for adfitional info in the internet, and do some voltage measuring to understand once some things do notwork out... Without the basic understanding i would recommend you to not mess around with liion cells.
  6. That's something to be asked from Invision - they provide the forum software and their features. But the best ignore function sits between the ears and can be activated by the right state of mind . Like in real life - if one can or want not to escape or go nuts one can switch to ignore mode...
  7. You tried DarknessBot/EUC World or the Original KS App?
  8. The high pitched whine is gone! By now FW 2.0 was taken back and FW 2.01 is available for KS16S. Release notes still states 2.0 ....
  9. There are no "fast" charging possibilities available for our EUCs. Regular chargers are for the usee LiIon cells (as good as) always "very very slow" chargers. Some of the sold fast chargers could come up to regular charging (~0.5C) for EUCs with smaller battery packs... Assuming a 4p (4 cells in parallel) configuration and 3.5 Ah per cell 4*3.5/2=7A would be normal/regular charging with 0.5C! 1.5A for this configuration would be just 1.5/(4*3.5)=0.1C charging... However, most/many used connectors, the EUC wiring and/or the battery packs BMS input protection are not really designed for higher currents. So just about everything below 5A could be considered as "safe" (if one has at least 3 3.5Ah or 5 2Ah cells in parallel and one wants to stay below 0.5C) Some wheels like Z10 and KS16X have charge current limitations! The Z10 just does not charge with currents over some ?6-9?A, the KS16X starts continously beeping above 5A (or did it afair with some firmware revision) As long as one stays below this 0.5C for charging (for some cells 1C are specified from the manufacturers) other conditions like storing the cells fully charged (especially) at higher temperatures has much higher impact on lifetime. I have never read something about increased lifetime of liion cells by (very) slow charging compared to 0.5C charging. Would be interesting if there are some reliable sources for these rumours. PS.: A good source for LiIon cell knowledge is www.batteryuniversity.com
  10. Maybe? I don't have any real idea of this pages thing. Never seen or used it. Yes - no mod has admin rights. Afaik.
  11. Just took a quick look at this - to add a page admin privileges are needed, mod privilege is not enough I did not look further - some history/archive/backup functionality should also be available, so that one user cannot destroy/delete everything...?
  12. Yes. But the high pitched whine is gone!
  13. Even better! Just GW should fail with this approach - still the ?last? wheel that does not report negative/regenerative currents. And motor currents... But maybe this mapping still provides better numbers?
  14. You're welcome But it's not the question that's dangerous, but the answer and were it could lead to... The limit depends on the actual U_0. The actual motor current flowing (torque used) and actual speed determines how far (or near) one is from(to) this limit. (How much torque margin is left) The measured and shown battery voltage is some value depending on U_0 and the battery current and is of no importance for this topic. But of course it's connected to all this relevant values and the best we have. And the Firmware does the speed throttling based on this value! That's perfect - you have an alarm that warns you before the tiltback kicks in. That the tiltback comes in some cases maybe some 10-20% too early is nothing we can change... Yes - for sure. Speed throttling happens based on the charge % which is taken purely linear from battery voltage. The tilt back warning should be based on standard charge %, the optimized battery level is to get a better and more accurate number for the real state of charge of the battery. Yes! Won't really work out, imho. But you could try. Should either not be very reliable as tiltback warning or give you "too much" safety margin... Or you just have to guess the right % values - depends upon how exactly the optimized algorithm works. From what i've got/followed from the "battery level" calculations: Standard (OEM) just takes max and min cell voltages (some 4.1x as max and 3.3/3.15/3.0V for min, depending on the wheel) and calculate linearly the percentage from the actual voltage. Since the first charge % by this calculation contain more energy than the last % afair ? @palachzzz ? changed this accordingly to some non linear calculation making the charge % more accurate (but unused for all the riders which already were used to interpret the original numbers) Imho @Seba also could have added some flattening over time to this for his "optimized battery level"? Maybe he also accounts, that at lower charge % (lower battery voltage) more current is taken for the same burden, as he mentioned. So for the same motor current = torque a battery is drained faster if almost empty as it would be if full... The difference should be like the voltage ratio 84V:66 V which are 27% difference! For the KS18XL going from 84V:60V the factor is 1.4! Hmm... Maybe we skip this course, just discuss the topic from time to time and forget the test ... slowly we reach slippery territory...
  15. 40 mph is not really possible. Maybe the wheel spun up at an incident at ground and this speed eas recorded as maximum? Or as stated before it just shows mph but the values are kph? If you log with EUC world you also have GPS speed shown... You can also try to set alarms and tiltback to same lower speed - so you can accustomed with the behaviour at safer speeds!
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