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  1. Chriull

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    For now i would just see @Jason McNeil able to offer such a service to his (US) customers? Maybe he could give his statement with his experience? If it makes any sense at all, he'd recommend services and if so in which intervalls. As you are in the UK - don't know if there is any reseller with an infrastructure to provide preventive service... Just don't overdo high speed and high accelerations, be aware of baheviour changes of the wheel. Safety measure is just the safety gear and maybe a second wheel, so one can continue riding once one is in repair 😎 I'd not worry too much with an actual wheel, driving somewhat "responsible"
  2. Chriull

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    I'd agree wirh @esaj that most incidents come from "not knowing the limits of the wheel" ("operator faults"). These limits are not in any way intuitive - there is no real "feedback loop", so one can "safely" approach the limits... The physics of wheels operation take quite some study to understand - and understanding wont reliably help to avoid all incidents... Also the longer a wheel worked fine, the higher the chance it won't get a "sudden fault" (knocking in wood - like with my wheels till now). Just with age some connection probs/wire breaks could occur, electric gyroscopes could not be the most reliable over time. The aging of the liion cells (as ? @US69 ? stated) could be the first "real" aging prob showing up. Especially with the low cell voltage cut-off from the BMS ? @novazeus? wrote (not sure if this is eliminated with all new wheels? Just GW have absolutely no charge side cutoff?)
  3. Chriull

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    No No. If the wheel does not accelerate (gets faster) one falls off. Tiltback goes further and accelerates even a bit more the reach the backward tilt. It does - if not (max torque speed limit reached) one overleans (falls over)
  4. Chriull

    KIngsong ios app defect--Response from KS

    Upgrading is something special 😁 took me many days with many tries. Seems it is only for the diligent and fortiunate ones 😎
  5. Looks very nice! Seems to show the real power and not battery voltage times motor current? Just out of curiosity - does the wheel measure battery current or motor voltage or are the values calculated? Can the historical data be downloaded/exported?
  6. Chriull

    My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

    Yes, indeed. Just out of curiosity - you remember the differences of the trips when you got this absolute range increase?
  7. Chriull

    My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

    Not in this case? On flat roads you get more as this 36 miles from 80% charge, or not? Maybe save a log file 😎
  8. Chriull

    My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

    That would be about my assumption, too. Especially on trails with not too much speed, bumps (balancing) and some needed inbetween accelerations... On your great video, btw i hope i can arrange a limited (just 820Wh 😎) mountain weekend once for myself, there are some nice higher speed trails which maybe could change the situation to some real surplus? There where some reports of members who say that they get longer ranges on hilly tracks. Which i cannot really believe - for me range goes down if i only look at a hill 😎 With the ks16s i get about max 10-15A charge current while braking. With the 6p pack that's stil a bit less then a 1C charge but much more as with the standard charger. Maybe with some "real" braking it could still get higher? This 10-15A on the Ks should be just about 600-1kW of braking power, but Ks and also GW are known for showing amps with quite some "off" factor... But i never did longer downhill rides to see how the real outcome is/could be... Do GW wheels in whellog show negative currents for recharging like the KS?
  9. Chriull

    Solowheel WIRING - Anyone ?

    If you post them, maybe someone can help you. That's your decision - don't have any idea how confident and experienced you are with "simple" electrics.
  10. Chriull

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    You tried the instructions @mrelwood?
  11. Chriull

    Solowheel WIRING - Anyone ?

    Some photos (you'll need some image hoster like imgur to link them) might help - wirings of EUCs are not really complicated. I'd assume noone has drawn schematics but the manufacturer. (Who's representatives or active here as well, btw
  12. Chriull

    My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

    Great! Charge % should be perfectly fine to just have some numbers, but voltages would be a bit more accurate (though i have no idea if this helps anyhow 😎). Main point is imo that the values are noted after some resting period!
  13. Chriull

    My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

    @Marty Backe do you have the end charge % of your ride (after the downhill section)? Just to get an idea of regenerative capabilities. I'd assume you started fully charged, imo reported 40% on top and 45% after some rest? ps.: Even better would be the voltages
  14. Chriull

    I cant ride my 1200$ Electric Unicycle.

    Use knee pads, elbow and wrist guards - that doesn't help your problem, but it makes the falls less hurting! I started out in my cellars aisle - just wide enough that i could touch the left and the right side But as seen in your video, you are already way beyond this step. Stay with your training (and/or with other suggestions from here) in many short repetitions and suddenly it will click and you drive like it was never any problem... Also grats to your start - that looks great. It took me longer to start like this (in the beginning i always used poles and walls for starting ). Imo your problem is that you drive quite slowly. As with bicycle riding the slower one rides the harder it is to balance! Unfortionately the faster one rides, the harder one can fall - so we are again at point one: the safety (pain avoidance) gear What also could help you is not trying to drive in a straight line - make a slalom. Driving very slowly (walking speed) always leads (at least for me) to driving a little slalom! (almost like on a stepper alternately "push down" your feets.) ... and always look in the direction you want to drive too... ps.: maybe you find someone who is willing to run aside you and give you just the little bit needed stability. Better would be another EUC rider - he rides "smoother" and is not going up and down like a jogger...
  15. Chriull

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    (Disclaimer - i just watched the video from the starting point of the link ~minute 5 to minute 15) There he's speaking of powers of 1000W. That with 12V system leads to ~100A and with 36V around 30A. So for this "setup" 36V is common, because normal("household") wiring is sufficient. (Also this ~100A would be about the upper "medium peak" limit for actual used single mosfets...) A bit later he talks about motor "capabilities" - that this direct driven hub motor goes with 1000W at 500 rpm forever without overheating, but with 200W at walking speed it will smoke after 10 minutes. And this bike had a ~54V system. (25A of max continous battery current, 1000 to 1200W) (Thats from the motor driver working as step down converter - the lower the speed the lower the transformed battery voltage gets and the higher the motor current gets.) Also with high speeds one has "active" cooling by the air drag. Imo the cooling situation on an e-bike should be much better than with an EUC. Everything is in open air instead of a more or less closed compartment! So adding this together - with the ~54V and battery current of 25A the 1000W sytem will work fine with normal/"household" wiring and fries the motor/(electronics) at low speeds... From what i remember from the opened EUC motor pictures each motor wire is split up to ?3-5? copper wires inside the motor. The wires inside the motor have better cooling, so the weak point first to fail in EUCs is not the motor going up in smoke but the wires going to the motor (or the mosfets) That's about what one has seen with the EUC's - they normally fry(overheat) when going "slowly" uphill. After the cabling/connectors/mosfet probs of the GWs they went from 64V to 84V _and_ increased the wire diameter and it seems they quite solved the problem... For their newest wheel they go up to 100V. The 84V MSuper V3s was tested from @EcoDrift on the rig for ~4,6kW of peak power... Technically one could increase wire diameters and mosfet capabilities to go with powerful "low" voltage EUCs, but still the power dissipation happens in an almost closed compartment and is resistance times the squared motor current. So lowering the "square root of" the current is much more "sane" than lowering the resistance. Especially as the first goes quite without any additional measures and the second increases ?weight? and some complexity (handling paralleled mosfets design) I'm looking forward to the first comparisons of a Z and an actual 84V wheel going up longer inclines. As you said, it's not rocket sience and they could have implemented better cooling design and "high current handling", but imo they have taken the hard way with their "low" voltage decission. So i'd bet on the Z to overheat first, but i'm open to be positively surprised!