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Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!  

I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...    

My son Matt honored me with a birthday gift a few months before he died. Low on money he somehow found a copy of an old Rare Earth song 'City Life' that I really like and then recorded it on a CD for

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@dpong - Thank you for your kinds words- I'm no producer let me assure you and i dont have one either. I'm a hobbyist or as they say a wannabe. I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to video editing.

I see your in North Carolina - I'm sure you can if not is already capturing beautiful scenery!  I so wish i could!

Are you happy with the Go-Pro Hero 4, or are there any regrets or lessons learned?  Would you recommend it?  So far I use only hand-held eyePhone technique.  I'm surprised it works as well as it does. Not great, but viewable anyway.

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BTW if your recording with an IPhone / hand help equipment thats pretty impressive, you wouldn't even know seeing how stabilize your footage is.   What EU are you riding?

NB1 E+.  

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@dpong - Good question, I have to you tell you there is alot of hype around go-pros. What makes the go-pros unique is the amount of accessories for it. You can literally mount this thing onto anything. To me it's a good camera, I have the go pro hero 4 black edition. I went with this one for the 4k recording. The other reason is for the drone that I have which also supports the go-pro cameras. If your not into the whole 4K thing then the silver edition is fine too.  This thing can take a beating! 


I've tried many camera's , the kodak 360 action camera and the V.60 360 cameras, those fail in comparison. When I get home i'll upload some sample photos.

The only cons I would say is the battery life and the max supported SD card.

The max supported SD card is 64 GB. 

If your recording in 4k thats about 2 hours of footage.

Thats about the length of battery life you'll get as well.


Now if your recording in 1080 p and lower then you can get about 4 hours out of it.


BTW if your recording with an IPhone / hand help equipment thats pretty impressive, you wouldn't even know seeing how stabilize your footage is.   What EU are you riding?


@Jag_Rip - It's funny you mention that - people in NY are something else.... Sounds like you been here already so you already know!!!

I have a 128GB card iin my hero 4 BLACK so I dunno what this limited SD card is ? I'm going down to the dock today to throw it off the dock and see what I can record underwater

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@popcorn - Thats very weird and that card actually works? I myself purchased a 128GB and it didnt work at all kept saying format SD.

Here is the recommendations from GoPro themselves.



@dpong - Nice did you get the camera attachment for it?

@Jag_Rip - Haha that is awesome! Yes the scrapers, and it's weird because all these attractions like the buildings, statue of liberty etc.. I've actually never seen them and I live there haha...

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A lot of devices (including one of my notebook PCs) have a 32GB limit on SD cards, I guess it is something with the controller electronics.

I have a SJ4000 which is a GoPro clone that takes all the GoPro accessories. You can find a ton of third-party mounts and accessories on Amazon or AliExpress that work with either. I shot all my videos with the SJ4000 and am pretty happy with it considering it was $58 for the camera and all the stuff it came with, including a selfie stick. The battery is a little wimpy (about 50 minutes on a charge) but I found out I can run it off a USB power stick and that gives it more than 2 hours as long as you don't need to use the waterproof case.

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@dmethvin . Would you consider posting one of your awesome videos (maybe the crash?) on this thread.  I was hoping this thread would be about actual videos, and not so much about SD cards, but I guess I started it asking about the camera.  

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Thanks!  The location is Gas Works Park in Seattle

I have the 500W motor version with 340Wh battery, and I'm absolutely thrilled.  I will be writing up a thorough review in the coming weeks, but the major positives are power and speed.. it's just so rock solid.  Coming from an Airwheel X8 before this, I also am blown away by the comfort of the ride because of the pedal design. They aren't that much bigger, but you have significantly more usable footspace on them because they aren't as recessed as on Airwheel, Gotway, etc.. also, they are angled upward which encourages a more stable stance with your feet comfortably pushing outwards a little instead of feeling like you're trying to grip the wheel with your feet and legs.  It's a big difference, IMO.

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@Jeffrey Scott Will - I love the video! Beautifully put together! Beautiful scenery and music to match! I love how it started with you going up on that ramp and the end when your screaming Jesus Christ f**k as the dog is chasing you!


i hope that ended well!!!


well done!!

@dmethvin - wow that was a nasty fall! I almost feel like that warming sound is a bit to low to hear especially riding that fast!


i heard the beeps a couple of time anticipating  the fall!!

thanks for sharing!!

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