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  1. stephen


    And riding it backwards 😁
  2. stephen


    Just a little ride on my day off with a message about coronavirus
  3. I'd have this I love long rides . Can't you post it for me we can't even travel ATM with Corona I'm sure you could post πŸ‘ cheers
  4. stephen


    Love the video Shane Is that hat velcro to your head how did it not come off in the wind 😁, plus I smoke when riding sometimes and my cig burns down in no time with the wind😊 Love the scenery ,,the GoPro definitely picks up voice good , it was a good test nice vid mate πŸ‘ Love the natural realism video of yourself
  5. I still thought the ks16x was the 1600wh
  6. Not heard of the 16x lite ,, interesting to know what's the update is anyway 😊
  7. What firmware are you on now and what the new version have you seen?
  8. stephen


    Great results πŸ‘ another great video will you be selling your original 84v msx now? I think this wheel would be better for me over my 84v as i live in hilly area plus I'm heavier so i could push it more 😁 Lol at the buzzing ,,self destruct πŸ˜‚ I'm still loving the 16x for riding I've neglected the msx☹️ was going to buy the mten 3 but i might ask msx for msp now😁
  9. Stop this now 😁 do i really need a mten 3 but it looks so much fun ,i get paid soon 😊 will it be ok for my 90+ kg?
  10. stephen


    Have you bought yourself a drone 😊 , they make good footage from a different perspective πŸ‘
  11. stephen


    Going to blackpool today get your ass there 😁
  12. Just a Uk selling site called shpock , there was also a fair few on eBay πŸ‘
  13. Nice video Marty, I might think about doing something like this with mine , I was looking to buy a backup pebble so looked online and managed to buy 3 for Β£15 lol i can now have a spare charged or 3 lol πŸ‘ oily face mask homemade
  14. Glad you liked the video 😊 The 16x is my most used wheel atm, if you don't need speed (30mph) the 16x is the wheel to beat for all-round usage ,plus the battery is amazing and it goes wherever you want it to with little energy😊 so comfortable to ride
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