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  1. Mine fits snug, the chin is pretty close but it isn't to bad it's not been a problem lifting the visor up either it's a good helmet for £50 with just a couple of minor niggles , the padding beds in after abit i now use it for my motorbike as I prefer it to my fullface heavy helmet ,I like the wide view
  2. Please post in English from now on. Use Google Translate if you need help with this I also have a ninebot s4 that has the problem error 18 but I still haven't solved it yet I analyzed all the cables and used some pipes that were gnawed but I still have the same problem until I connected the controller to another wheel that had the same error because was a motor wheel problem someone can explain pff to me in a delicate way of how to solve the problem so that i don't lose my scooter
  3. Thanks very much for taking the time to do that👍looks like they're is a slight angle I prefer it like that ,, looks like I'll after order some,, thx
  4. I'd appreciate it if you can do pictures of the pedals so we can try see the pedal angle or measure it with a sprit level app please Mr👍😊 @Inmotion Global do you have any info
  5. Do the pedals have any incline on them or are they the same as the original
  6. That's not a bad deal but why don't you keep your 5amp charger for your V11 and lower the price 👍
  7. I'm sure the chickway hex pedals add a bit of an angle so you might have more lean clearance in that regard
  8. I use commuter and have pedals softness at 98% and 1 degree backwards tilt
  9. Lean pads are great for acceleration but it's so easy to get more power from your euc without noticing, maybe you didn't realise you was leaning on them during your high speed you've only got to lean on them a little bit to add extra spikes
  10. I was going to do that at first ,, either way its better than nothing when you have a bg on nice colour choice👍
  11. You can only attach it to the stem below the saddle it's about 4/5 inches across by the length of the pads so there's plenty of contact ,, you can't attach to the shell
  12. I did 35 miles on 2.03 I didn't really notice any difference i just know I like the feel of the pedals on 1.07 , every firmware i have tried seems to be different feeling on the pedals , maybe its just my riding style that I prefer 1.07 ,, I've not changed it back yet but overall it was a nice ride like any other firmware apart from 1.08 lol Here's the vid
  13. I'd of thought so, the velcro is hard to get off when you peel it off so upward force will be even stronger, I try to jump with my fly pads and it holds ,, I've also put the jumping on hold as I only leave the ground an inch ,I can't even jump my mten3 lol
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