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  1. Hi @mrelwood is this the correct tyre https://www.mytyres.co.uk/product/R-268183?Country=UK&ID=sea_rd_uk_Froogle_Shopping&ef_id=CjwKCAjwv_iEBhASEiwARoemvClhhWF_iZPS4XFtqxfcBwgyExFsj938MG43LIWR_KbucOyos2pE9hoC7qoQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!432!3!433123687600!!!u!295468871519!&gclid=CjwKCAjwv_iEBhASEiwARoemvClhhWF_iZPS4XFtqxfcBwgyExFsj938MG43LIWR_KbucOyos2pE9hoC7qoQAvD_BwE
  2. Ooo thx I didn't know the sherman tyre would fit,, thanks for the info Lol yeah I always say Stone and pounds but thought I'd make it easier for everyone to understand,,,I thought your initial remark was I didn't look 14 stone OR I looked more than that
  3. Been for a 41 mile ride today and 9%battery remains, I'm 200lbs and was doing about 20mph mostly terrain was tow path and wet mud/gravel this is where I wasn't happy so question is what off road tyre will fit the v11 and keeping a good width tyre ,, link if possible please peeps,, I don't like when tyre slips in wet
  4. Glad your wrote that @GoGeorgeGo saves me saying the same ,, I have the v11 there's no beating it for smoothness it's the only wheel I've rode that I actually aim for bumps and holes 😄, I'd like more range so I've bought the exn sport torque probably an overkill but it's there when you need the power plus it's 2700wh/or 3150wh haven't decided yet , I've put my trusty old 16x for sale is been an excellent wheel and loved it for everything but I do think the v12 will be the go to wheel for everything as the 16inch was missing somethings for some people ,,safer speed 100v lights etc ,I think inm
  5. Surley it's covered warranty from your seller
  6. Let some air out it makes a huge difference from it been twitchy
  7. Kingsong 16x good condition with custom pads and euc bodyguard for protection plus stunt pegs , , I've priced it to sell first come will buy thanks ,collection from bradford please £950 I get 50 miles from this wheel and I'm 200lbs Now sold
  8. That's weird I've never had a problem maybe your got something stuck in your tyre
  9. Decided to sell my 16x is a brilliant wheel with excellent range 45 miles and I'm 200lbs, the wheel is really good condition underneath the euc bodyguard and costum padding tape I'm leaving it on for now or maybe take it off for better pics later , I've also added some foot pegs with velcro so can be adjusted to your feet and the pads and legs are cut out of the euc bodyguard so you don't see the tape underneath Few scratches on handle ,, but hey its an euc they do get a few knocks😁 Collection preferably from Bradford ,message me interested , this wheel is really good ,,,milage is
  10. Definitely better for hill climbing, I'm very impressed by the new firmware
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