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  1. I'm fairly new to eucs i bought a ks 16s as my first training wheel a couple of months ago i was up and of within the first hour and ride almost everyday for pleasure only as I'm in the UK so keeping away from the law , i already want a second wheel for long distance and trail riding it does put me off a little listening to people say gotways are unreliable but then again I've watched Marty's videos and a few others trailing and long journeys i really fancy the msuper x I'm a sensible rider do i have anything to worry about
  2. stephen


    he was way too fast i bet he was going over the recommend speed and ignore the beeps could of been any wheel if that was the case .i feel hurt just watching it lol
  3. stephen

    The Germans seem to be different

    looks like the UK has same laws they need updating I'd love to go to work or shops on my wheel but just use it for pleasure at the moment so no road or pavement usage.. maybe a sneaky one here and there lol 😊
  4. got my girlfriend on mine today ks16 on a big piece of flat ground , she was off on her own in 1 hour big open spaces and grass is best to learn on you just go where the wheel takes you i held her hand for the first hour then something clicked and she was off on her own arms waving about but that how we all started . unclosed spaces are harder
  5. stephen

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware available

    updated 🙂
  6. stephen

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware available

    i shall be updating tonight when i get home thx for the info👍
  7. stephen

    Smart watch support?

    does this work on pebble first generation? thx in advance
  8. stephen

    Ok this gottabe wrong, wtf 🤯

    did you lift the wheel up and it spun out.. ps how do you get wheel log im mph mines in km/h i can't find any settings?
  9. stephen

    KS16 downgrading firmware

    oh didn't know there was a 1.07 firmware is that the newest now? if so what's different
  10. stephen

    High speed fall! my first severe fall

    eeey my grannies mobility scooters pretty nippy tbh , I've had a few twitches not looking forward to falling 😮
  11. stephen

    High speed fall! my first severe fall

    bloody hell how many times you fallen
  12. stephen

    18l presale specs

    I've got a kingsong ks16s but the apps the same and it's still a kingsong.. just try it
  13. stephen

    18l presale specs

    this new app you do NOT Need to type in a code!!! version 1.47 You just have to register yourself under Settings ->ME-> More....and type in your gender, Age etc.... As soon as you did this Completly...the Speed is unlocked! 
  14. stephen

    18l presale specs

    i only had to do 5km it was unlocked 🤔 that's on a kingsong ks16s