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  1. stephen

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Each to there own 😊i don't like all them lights or the round shape , i also think it depends where your from if i ride in the UK with a disco wheel I'd get some abuse, that's just how it is here in Bradford
  2. stephen

    Airless tires

    No chance my knees would be shattered , the tyre is the only suspension we have apart from my knees..deffo not for me
  3. stephen

    Music & Z10

    Lol ok when I'm not at work . Like now ,,πŸ˜‚ .i play it through my bose to😁
  4. stephen

    Music & Z10

    I have tried it I've had it on my phone ages it kind of works if set up properly 😁
  5. stephen

    Music & Z10

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smarty.voomvoom Turn your car into an exotic car as you drive. Voom Voom, is an application which allows you to enjoy the powerful experience of driving a sports car, by simulating the engine sound of the vehicle you choose. VoomVoom also brings a new experience with the kids mode! Have fun with your kids while driving an airplane, tractor and even a jetmobile! Share with them the VoomVoom excitement with smile on their faces. You can choose between supercars, muscle cars, kids vehicles and more. Plug your device to your car's audio system, using aux cable or bluetooth , and you are ready to go... VoomVoom, uses your device sensors (Accelerometer and GPS), in order to provide you a realistic sound, while matching your real time driving. Effects like Backfire, Gear Shift, Kick Down and various surprising sounds for kids vehicles will be activated automatically according to your driving. List of sports cars you can simulate with VoomVoom: Alfa Romeo 4C Porsche 911 Agera Koenigsegg Dodge Challenger Aston Martin DB9 Lamborghini Huracan Lamborghini Spyder List of vehicle for the kids mode: Airplane Tractor Farm Tractor Jetmobile
  6. stephen

    14.5 miles round trip :)

    Free bus pass comes in handy eeeh 😊 When you was buying the wheel we did say you'd grow out of it quick πŸ˜‘you'll miss the range now your riding,
  7. stephen

    The Photo Thread

    You've been to bingley park week done you , how's the progress
  8. stephen


    Nice editing love the transition , thumbs up 😊
  9. stephen


    We stayed at the bottom end due to rachaels first time on concrete , she did well . She didn't want to brave the public straight away 😊
  10. stephen

    KS 16s or 16x

    If you only want one EUC I'd wait for the 16x definitely it sounds like it will do anything you want for the conditions your riding . The 3 inch tyre will provide grip and suspension and the 16inch tyre will be good for hill climbing , it will be the one you want,, oooh and 60 miles range depending on weight, speed and terrain 😊
  11. stephen

    London meet Friday 19th April

    Thx very much for that 😊 just checked and I'm just outside of it just north of hydepark,,i thinkπŸ™
  12. stephen

    London meet Friday 19th April

    Still going to be a lovely day hope people can make it , hyde park 12 midday😊
  13. stephen


    Only ridden seated twice really , the seat could do with been bigger I can mod it but it will spoil the look , enjoyed it anyway
  14. stephen


    YayπŸ˜€ was a good day ,I've just finished editing mine