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  1. Was the battery full when going downhill because that would of been the overcharge , it tilts you back when the battery's are full and can't take anymore charge , it's a saftey feature
  2. When i was looking into bigger pedals i was led to believe that the 16x pedals didn't fit the older models and the 16x was different and they was standard ,, sorry i didn't know πŸ‘
  3. Aah so they no longer bigger than what comes with the 16x i thought the bigger pedals was the standard pedals on the 16x (( the bigger ones)
  4. What are these pedals 2" longer than the standard 16x pedals?
  5. Yeah that's how i pout when I'm riding πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜—
  6. Going backwards same as going forwards once it clicks and your brain understandsπŸ‘ it's quite easy from then on these videos are all in one month Now don't give up just keep trying,, it will click i have been riding forwards for nearly 2 years though 😬
  7. So i was riding in Blackpool today when a homeless guy shouted me over and said , I've just done a sketch for you,, i was quite impressed tbh simple but affective,, ofc i game him some money , he didn't actually ask for money which is nice, glad he's putting his little drawings to some use rather than just begging. Hope he's ok πŸ‘ Here's the pic
  8. We've all been there in the learning stages there's no rush just keep riding and you'll learn as you go along , no need to jump in at the deep end , sore shins will quickly go once your legs get conditioned and your legs will adjust , don't wait for the unexpected actually aim to go over bumps/ imperfections/slopes so you get the feel of how the wheel acts so it's not a big surprise when you don't see one πŸ‘ try some fast braking here and there , just take your time and just ride alot as I'm sure you will cause i still smile everytime I'm on my wheel 😊😁
  9. 30mph and still learning,,,,be careful please πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. Lol the new issue thread ,,,,, just for a calibration 😁😁
  11. Once you've mastered forwards comfortably then try learning backwards . Just keep trying now and again and one day it will click πŸ‘ Here's my first days of learning on an euc if this is what you wanted,, over a year ago this was
  12. You commented on my first ever ,,,trying to ride an Euc,, thanks to you and this forum and the pure pleasure of riding these machines I've come along way ,it's nice seeing others now doing the same thanks for the encouragement and help this forum givesπŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Riding backwards through my housing area
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