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  1. Thought I'd order one as I've got nearly 3000 miles on my MSX and winter coming up, i also messaged the seller and he sent me picture of the correct one πŸ‘ now i just have to wait 😊
  2. Ok I'll ask dealer πŸ‘
  3. So when i receive my 16x and update it to 1.05 do i still have to do the Bluetooth fix with usb ..?
  4. That's why speedyfeet is good you can just pay interest free till you get the money then just pay it off when you canπŸ‘
  5. I don't receive it till 2 weeks ago been well😊😊 ,, yes I'm available anytime
  6. I'm sure when you've done more hours on wheels you'll soon get used to how they handle just give it time πŸ‘πŸ‘
  7. I remember when the z10 first came out people said the compound was to hard, but it did soften and when i ride any of my wheels they soften once they heat up from riding, they just feel different after a few miles πŸ‘
  8. Cant wait for an updated review once you've had chance to ride it πŸ‘πŸ‘ congratulations 😊
  9. So i bought the 16x 😁😁 Well I've loved it from day one i have MSX for speed i loved my ks16s but small battery , z10 is just incredible i love it , i needed something inbetween with range and i think the nikola is just ugly, I've thought to long now and the little bugs is nothing to be bothered about , i think I've got a good selection of wheels to cover every riding situation , ks16x does it for me hence the purchase πŸ‘πŸ‘ I think it will be a good wheel somewhere inbetween the z10 and msx looking forward to receiving it 😊
  10. So is this Bluetooth problem a hardware fix or software fix ,the ks16x has 5 speakers it's a shame you can't risk playing music I thought this would be an easy fix it it was software related
  11. I live on a fairly new estate But trust me alot of my roads are also poo , you'll love the Z10 when you get to understand its slow capabilitiesπŸ‘ It's such a sturdy wheel, If you live in Manchester your not to far from Blackpool why don't you join us is a lovely ride out 27th August,, here's some details Thanks for the commentπŸ‘
  12. Lol thx Marty , looking forward to doing some videos it does sound better, i literally got it out the box and went for a ride and posted it after i matched the voice up with the video, I'll try the mic without the little hamster popping out of my coat 😁 Cheers πŸ‘
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