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  1. How do you connect these up? Make sure you let us see the final install
  2. selling my MSS high torque from eucservice.com I'm happy with the sherman for now and want to buy the s20 ,, its good for the hills and fast response but call me a wimp it's got to much torque I only use soft mode as medium is to much acceleration responsive and hard is just for crazy people ,, sherman pedals ,fag, bearings blackboard etc , and extra waterproofing from Daniel. I'll be swapping the nylonnove to the sherman pedals though ( unless you want to pay a bit extra) This exn goes up hills with ease and smooth as butter with no grunt or wanting to stop you can push this hard with
  3. What do you mean sherman has 3200wh s20 has 2200
  4. I get about 50 miles but I'm always accelerating braking and carving side to side I can't stop setting off fast with the torque been there, but I do have the MSS version is a bit of a beast for hills or setting off fast ,I never intend to I just can't help it
  5. It's nice to get a feel of the wheel plus it can come in handle when you want to avoid something ,,Oooh plus it's fun My UK roads Arnt as big as NYC but yes I like to carve when I can it helps the feet getting tired also
  6. You'll get used to it in time, try carving rather than just stood straight so your feet go in different positions, I rode 50 mile non stop sometimes it gets easier my feet are all over when carving etc
  7. Sounds like it's in transport mode , go to the app and unlock it or create another account if it doesn't wish on old one
  8. Where are you from then we could recommend a good retailer, I'd you buy from aliexpress you take a risk of delays and warranty etc
  9. For the riding you are doing on the video the sherman would be perfect,, get the sherman and the s20
  10. I did make a folder called p22 watch in documents but I had to scroll past a few jpegs to get to it but when scrolling it accidentally chose a jpeg and flashed it ,,oooh well I bought the right watch did all my homework and was ready It should only let you install a bin file or let you make sure it's the correct one first ,,,I was excited but suppose I'll just bin it , I'll forget about it now it's not worth the risk when everything was right but if you accidentally press on a file when scrolling it installs it
  11. No nothing with dfu ,,, be careful guys when selecting because if you press to long when scrolling it selects the file and installs it they should be a confirm button before you install
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