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    This is THE VIDEO THREAD. Have a video? Please post it here.
  2. Don't drive in traffic. Just don't. Right or wrong. Makes no difference.
  3. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I was riding one last year. It is a little too much exercise, but thrilling.
  4. That wheel looks like a heck of a lot of fun!
  5. My wife is too smart to try my wheel. And she is not wrong, either. She knows what she is doing.
  6. Mine worked for me, but you have to wait until the dog gets quite close to you. It is basically to startle the dog at the last minute. If he hears it from far away it will not have its intended effect. Up close, it is loud and unexpected.
  7. To dissuade aggressive dogs, I have on 2 occasions successfully deployed the following solution, that can be found on Amazon.com: "Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent"
  8. I was wheeling in my driveway on the way to the road, looked down and there was a baby snake (just a little one) running away from me. I was chasing the snake and didn't know it. I was certainly hoping not to catch it. Luckily it went one way when I went the other and made it to the street. Funny to look down and go "what's that?" and then to realize what it was! Most animals stay away from me, but children are a different matter!
  9. dpong


    Thanks, Marty! Very inspirational. Free mounting has never been my forte, but you inspired me to put in some practice today. I became accustomed to riding with my big toes at 10 and 2 o'clock -- really more like 11 and 1 o'clock, and I find that to be comfortable and gives me better control. From your video it appears you mount with big toes at Noon and Midnight. So I bit the bullet today and practiced mounting and riding that way today. Had some success. My best mounts are the rolling mount where I pretend I'm going to ride with one foot. This gives me more time to accurately place the second foot -- which is the biggest obstacle for me. After 20 minutes to 30 minutes of riding at straight up 12 o'clock I was able to adjust. Maybe it will become more natural over time. Thanks again!
  10. dpong


    These are great tricks, and I love the music, too. Can you confirm, that for you to be able to grind successfully, that you need to trap the wheel/tire against the obstacle to prevent the wheel from free-spinning? That strikes me as a tough/complicated part of the trick. Thanks for posting!
  11. I agree with what is being said here. In the beginning, focusing on where my pelvis was in relation to the wheel was very helpful. Pelvis as 'center of balance' was most useful. Experiment with moving that around. My balance was terrible when I first started, so being actively conscious of 'center of balance' was necessary.
  12. @Catlord17 I can confirm that a significant change in tire pressure makes the wheel seem like a different wheel. Every single time. Takes me a short while to readjust to the wheel's change in responsiveness. Muscle memory becomes confused. If you persist at the new pressure, you will adjust and everything should be fine.
  13. @steve454 That was the first time I ever tried to ride outdoors in an open space. Practice made me a better rider. I only ever used the strap to catch the wheel. In this video the wheel caught me in the chin.
  14. That time a strap saved me. [Oh wait...]
  15. I like old blues, my friend, because I'm an old dude. Didn't mean to hijack your thread. I hope you get some fruitful suggestions. Cheers!
  16. I believe it is generally accepted that the power button goes in the front. But I don't think it really matters. The tire has an arrow on it indicating the direction of rotation (just like bike tires.) This means that the tire was 'designed' to rotate in the direction of the arrow. Most tires, for most purposes, it probably doesn't really matter. But it was designed to go a particular way. On my KS16S, if I look at the arrow when it is at the bottom of the wheel, it points to the rear. This indicates that the tire rotates towards the front when the arrow is on top, and away from the front when the arrow is at the bottom. So on my wheel, the tire is installed to ride with the power button in front. If this makes any sense at all.
  17. Ask @CaptainKBLS, or at least read what he wrote above. Not having kids and not remodeling 2 bathrooms has to do with *it* not being 'my' criteria. This was from @CaptainKBLS. His criteria. *His*. By *his* criteria, I believe that KS is "closer" to consumer vs having to be a techie *at this moment*. Disagree? "Gotway is like a sports car from the 60's/70's? ... powerful, but finicky to maintain?" See you on the trails.
  18. I would have, but I don't have kids, not remodeling 2 bathrooms, not a currency trader, etc. I too, do not want to be a EUC techie. So, *for right now*, yes.
  19. I agree. For right now, by your criteria, go with KingSong.
  20. I say sorry, no. To give further reason is to invite an argument over the reasons. No, sorry.
  21. KS16S is supposed to support up to 35kph, but I promise you I can not confirm that personally. At least, not yet.
  22. A++ for showmanship (and production quality)!
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