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  1. My final number is $800 not including shipping. I’m New York so you can pick up. This thing has biggest pack of batteries I ever scene. The motor is so fast I still never got to second beep and do must have been doing 35mph. When you here second beep you are at 80% of machines power so you still have a little left to push but that would be slow it down time. And there was times I was flying on a brand new paved road for like 3 miles trying to get the second alarm but could not. Your just going so fast you don’t want to push it. And at this price you can prob flip and make $200 or so.
  2. Thanks. The wheel is freaking amazing amd I can’t ride at least for forceable future
  3. Email me for actual pics but this thing is basically in great shape with signs of very light use. Got original box. Best thing is to email. fastjobs@protonmail.com
  4. Hey my name is joe. Been with this forum for 7 years. Lately have not had a chance to do much of anything with work and 4 months ago I got into a motor cycle accident (not with wheel lol) that left my right leg from knee down paralyzed. 5 surgeries later and still doing therapy and I can walk a little with a cane. So my favorite thing to do I can never do again which is ride the unicycle. It has very light use. No serious falls. And mileage I would say 300-500 but could be a little less or little more. But for last year it’s been sitting a lot and last 4 months nothing. Only issue is
  5. The pedal squeak is common. You have to take rods out and clean and lubricants them and inside pedal area where rod goes.
  6. Hey everyone. Sorry but I been away out of the country. I’m willing to sell for $900. This is a steal especially for the amount of batteries in it. If interested let me know!
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