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  1. The pedal squeak is common. You have to take rods out and clean and lubricants them and inside pedal area where rod goes.
  2. Hey everyone. Sorry but I been away out of the country. I’m willing to sell for $900. This is a steal especially for the amount of batteries in it. If interested let me know!
  3. I would happily send over any pics to anyone. The other side looks the same though and there is no cracks anywhere. It never really took a bad spill. But thanks for the heads up. Will deff do this
  4. I think it’s a fair price but will work a little with someone! 1640wh is a lot of batteries lol
  5. I'm not very good with facebook but I think I might have sent him a message. Do you have a email?
  6. lol. Yeah I've been buying it since $1,000 so still doing pretty well. But sold alot at about 15K a few months ago. Paypal now? can you pm a connect over there I can deal with? I'm ready to purchase very soon
  7. I would love to hear what everyone here thinks will be the major difference between the 2 units. I'm assuming better torque would be a big differnce
  8. Thanks. I tried buying from them in the past and truthfully the process was unbearable so I went with ali express and had a great experience! But if I can get one now I would prob try again. Wonder if tey would accept bitcoin. It's huge in those markets. lol
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