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  1. What would you think of those? Another "Hoverboard" or could they make it as a personal transportation device? I think the wheels are too small to be more than a Toy.
  2. IP Scans and some NSA Leaks from last year, that got public by accident. Nothing major, move along, nothing to see here..
  3. I guess we have something of a unique problem on our forum in terms of "unwanted accounts". The usual forum-software customized spambots are one thing, and there are tools to stop or control those, like @rotozuk pointed out, IP Checks, Spamlist crosschecks etc. But thats not the end of it, and what makes it hard. We have actual humans trying to promote their shady business on our forum with a bunch of likeminded people craving any form of selfbalancing magic. So they basically circumvent all the automated systems in place against bots. So far these restrictions we have were internall
  4. I got -4.5 and -4.25 on my eyes since 6th grade, and I therefore wear glasses everyday. I havent ever thought of having surgery for this minor issue or to switch to contact lenses. So I cant comment on that. But I was once working in a hospital for a few months and got the opportunity to watch eyesurgery live from within the Operation room, with all the desinfections and throw-away clothes. It was VERY impressive since the doctor was performing surgery watching a screen with magnification instead of the patient. He cut a slit into the eye and to make sure the eyeball did not collapse, the
  5. I am sad as well. His mindset and humour will be missed.
  6. The ISS also circles the earth several times per day. Havent seen the live footage though, just guessing from the photos in this thread. Different angle than in the shot below
  7. Addendum: Google Photos does not support embedding on external sites anymore, that stopped when they changed Picasa to GPhotos for "unknown" reasons https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/photos/CX3DpdfaSME/jtrhT5b9BQAJ
  8. The issue with Google Photos is, that by default these images are not public (actually thats not an issue but a good feature), so even with a Link you need to login to Google to prove that you are one with access. You can make Photos or Albums public, then you can use the link but it still wont embed the picture into your post. (At least I havent found a good enough way) What I do now for single pics, I upload them to imgur.com since they allow pretty quick and anonymous uploads that can be embedded into a post. If necessary I edit the pic first in my preferred editing tool to blur or rem
  9. @LEO_LEO that is true, but an Air-cushion is working whether you stand or run. It dampens the light vibrations from the road that still get through the dampening effect of the tire. @UKJ If you want to be supercorrect you have to pronounce it like the old greeks. Since its used as a name for an american Company, I pronounce it with a long E at the end. @steve454 I am always happy to spread some knowledge where I can
  10. My shoes all come with a built-in air cushion Hint: They are named after the greek goddess of victory.
  11. Dont get me wrong, I am speaking only for myself here: I drive my car daily and see a lot of these more powerful ebikes that go 50kph + and I also have seen several near crashes because the cars dont have a feeling how fast these bikes really are compared to the cars own current speed. I wouldnt want to have to emergency break from 50 down to avoid a crash on a single wheel - ever... Thats probably just because I am old... now get off my lawn you kids!
  12. Wait, no Li-Ion Devices? That would be the first Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop-Free University Campus! These Devices all use li-ion batteries and can catch fire as easily btw.. or are they only allowing iPhones (no Samsung since they lit their Note on fire) ? Just ridiculous, when people that have no idea how stuff works make rules...
  13. Call me when you get tickets for the Pilatus Railway, I'll wait for you at the top to have a beer or similar
  14. Compaq was bought by HP and was downgraded from a brand on its own to a productline of HP PC Division. So nothing really survived there but the trademark. Acer still is their own boss afaik.
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