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  1. Last week in downtown Washington DC, I saw the perfect collision between a bike and a scooter. There wasn't a lot of car traffic and the scooter just jumped the red light a bit before it turned green while the bike tried to get through the yellow as it was turning red. The scooter t-boned the bike at about 5mph. Neither one was hurt and they both kind of got up sheepishly realizing that they were both at fault for being assholes for pushing their luck. The lesson of this story is to pay attention to what is going on and don't assume the other car/bike/scooter/person will do something rational.
  2. It sounds like this was an "interstate spur" so the federal government most likely picked up 70 percent of the cost and the state only paid 30 percent. This project was probably part of some horse trading to get the state's senators to vote for some other boondoggle project in other states. Every senator wants to bring home the bacon for their state.
  3. The dog was probably thinking, "THAT WHEELY THING IS TRYING TO CARRY YOU AWAY, I WILL SAVE YOU"
  4. The founder of Focus Designs is Daniel Wood, he seems to be now at Future Motion which builds the OneWheel. If you don't have any contacts at all you might try contacting him on LinkedIn to see if he can put you in touch with someone or provide access to spare parts and repair services if you need them. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wooddaniel/
  5. Yeah a circular track woud be boring! I would go with a bunch of real world obstacles too: Low hanging branches Road sign sticking out onto sidewalk People walking together, taking up the entire sidewalk Jogger with headphones, oblivious Little kid jumping random directions Giant sidewalk crack pushed up by tree roots Car turning right on red without stopping
  6. I've stayed at that Marriott several times and walked that trail along the bay, it's beautiful. This picture of the Benihana there doesn't look like it could possibly be a mile from an airport.
  7. Seems like it has to be the transformer then. You could try putting some coil dope on the windings to stop the vibration. Sometimes just pressing on the windings changes their position enough to prevent the vibration. When we used CRTs and they started to squeal the typical solution was to whack it, and that usually shut them up.
  8. Engineers are strange, sometimes it becomes a contest to see how cheaply you can make something. I worked a General Electric in the factory automation group years ago, we made stuff that sold in the low thousands of total units but high thousands of cost. The hardware guys there had been working in the appliance division before this gig and had that "If we sell 10 million can openers and can save 50 cents on each one, that's 5 million dollars" attitude. The thing is, none of our products sold at a volume where pinching pennies matters. It wouldn't surprise me if the hardware EUC guys are the same, they're cutting costs where it doesn't matter much because of low volumes, and if anything comes back to bite you because of reliability issues.
  9. This is what I felt like selling my Firewheel: *Slaps hood* This bad boy has done 2000 miles in 3 years and is still going! Only faceplanted three times by a little old man in Maryland!
  10. On the downside, my body won't last 50 more years. On the upside, maybe they can preserve my head in a jar like Futurama Richard Nixon and I can safely ride by nodding my head without my jar breaking. I guess I can still faceplant tho.
  11. The danger comes down to the difference in size and speed. It's unsafe for any vehicle to mix with pedestrians when it's going 25mph, whether it's a car, bike, or EUC. Even with no pedestrians in sight, sidewalks are not even smooth enough in many cases to be safe for 25mph travel because they were never designed for it! IMO, bikes and EUCs are small and light enough that they can mix with pedestrians but only at slower speeds, say 10mph. And if you're passing within arm's distance of someone you should be going more like 5mph. Pedestrians do dumb stuff sometimes and don't let you know in advance.
  12. "Credible Assurance" https://www.ada.gov/opdmd.htm
  13. Actually, I was thinking about getting the Solowheel S3 version of the V8 that ewheels.com sells because it seems like the perfect compromise. At the moment I'm trying to decide whether to get knee surgery next month from the unplanned dismount I had back in March, and in that case I wouldn't be able to ride it for a few months.
  14. I understand the desire to have wheels that can go 50+ miles on a charge, but most of the time I am a commuter who only needs 10 miles at most every day. It is very handy to not lug around more lithium and ion than I need. I regularly need to carry the wheel up stairs and store it under a subway seat, so a big heavy 60 pound wheel is not something I want to deal with every day. I'm still making do with my KS14C but ideally would like a new 16-inch wheel. Count me in for a new model!
  15. In the meantime you can get practice holding your beer with your left hand. I hope you are better soon!
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