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  1. Insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis, but general policy types are pretty standard. Your insurance agent should be able to sell you an "umbrella policy" that would cover liability from the EUC, for example if you were to hit a pedestrian with it.
  2. As I understand it, the cutoff angle is a tradeoff between an accidental cutout and an out-of-control wheel that has excessive death-roll when you fall off. I seem to remember that @EUC Extreme , one of the forum old-timers, had a special Gotway wheel that had a 75 degree cutoff. I think this is one of the videos of that.
  3. After using the app for a year and donating to Seba a couple of times, I'm just getting around to making a list of all my questions and issues. No doubt many of these are user error, and they may have even been answered in the previous 68 pages of posts on this thread. That won't stop me from making a post to call my very own. I'm using it with a KS16S on the original Pixel phone. It's an older phone but is working fine for everything I need it for. What is the most recent version? The app shows 1.4.2 but https://euc.world/getapplication says 1.0.6; Play Store has no version but says it's installed. Tour tracking isn't reliable for me at all. The voice prompts often say tour tracking is on, but when I get home I find it's only logged a small segment. GPS is not reliable. It seems like I have to open the app while it's recording before it gets an accurate fix. Bluetooth connection drops out sometimes even though I'm riding so the phone is 2 feet from the EUC. How do you close the app? There's a "sign out" but I don't see a way to just stop the app but be sure it saved logs and tours. How do you make it stop the current tour and start a new one? I've had tours go on for two days because I didn't/couldn't close the app.
  4. Good idea. With all the crap that's happened in 2020, the last thing we need is a family of bears riding EUCs and terrorizing campers.
  5. Maybe? I've had several battery packs and EUCs that have sat idle for a year at partial charge without any appreciable issues. OTOH I have had many devices "sit on the charger" for two years and go bad. If Li-Ion battery packs generally last 5 years no matter what you do, then yes the EUC wrapped around it is likely to be obsolete before the battery pack goes bad. That hasn't been my experience though. The battery has gone bad first. But 300 topped-up charges are about the point where the battery starts to degrade, so that experience doesn't contradict anything. The question is if you can get to 600 charges after about two years without degradation. If 5 years is the life of the battery due to age and 300 charges to 100% is when it starts to degrade, then partial charges would be beneficial? Balancing charges *are* really important. They're just not needed on every charge. As I understand Li-Ion batteries, a charge to 100% is a "full charge cycle". The reason to charge to 80% or so is that it doesn't count as a full cycle and stresses the battery less. Most people don't go from full-charge to low-charge on every trip. If you tend to go for example from 100% to 65% in a day then recharge to 100% you're "wasting" a bunch of charge cycles and getting a lot fewer miles but still aging your battery. So instead of 12000 miles you might only get 4000.
  6. Not sure why people get hung up on a few tens of watt-hours in the battery spec. The EUC makers are just repeating the best-case conditions the cell makers use so there's no deception past the over-optimistic claims of any other manufacturer. There are so many variables here that it hardly matters. Actual range depends more on rider weight and ambient battery temperature than the fuzzy specs the cell manufacturers use, which of course are based on perfect conditions. If you charge to 100% every day in order to hit those lofty voltage numbers it hurts the battery lifetime. If you want to get better range and have the battery last longer I have three pieces of advice. 1) Lose weight 2) Go slower 3) Don't charge to 100% every time.
  7. I tore the ACL and meniscus in my right knee in an EUC accident in March 2018. It took longer than I would have liked to recover, mainly because my first doctor didn't think surgery was required. It wasn't healing right though, so I went to another doctor and did get surgery in August of that year. After 8 months of physical therapy I started riding carefully again. You should definitely work hard at PT, it will make a difference in your endurance on the wheel. I just went for a 27 mile ride yesterday and the knee felt fine.
  8. The Bodyguard is made out of neoprene. You can get sheet neoprene relatively cheaply but then you have to use a pattern of some type to cut it properly. I thought about using a pair of neoprene diving shorts and sewing the legs shut but that was going to be $30 plus my crappy effort so I realized that the Bodyguard was a pretty good deal after all.
  9. Ride with a backpack. If they stop you, say you're going to the market. It doesn't have to be the closest one to your home.
  10. The GPS is not always right!
  11. That will last maybe two weeks and you'll be back at the limit again with a slower wheel. Take it from someone who's done it a few times.
  12. A new battery pack is going to be expensive, usually a dealer like ewheels can give you a price for it. If the battery pack was banging around the first thing to check is whether any of the wires or welds inside the pack were broken. You might be able to repair it if that is the problem. There is shrink wrap around the pack that you can carefully cut and peel off to reveal the wires and connections. Once everything is repaired just get some new battery pack shrink wrap and put it around the pack, then shrink it with a heat gun or hair dryer. Charge each pack separately and check the voltages are equal before pairing them again, otherwise the voltage difference may cause a big surge and damage one or both packs.
  13. I found a great new hoverwheel! Edit: I have been told this is a hover-EEL. More specifically, that's a moray.
  14. I know it's all anecdotal but the numbers are going up here in Washington DC. Yesterday riding home I saw two people I've never seen before. One was decked out in protective gear and a full-face helmet. It was a bit dark by then, didn't recognize his ride. I saw the second on the Metro platform at NoMa, he had a InMotion V10. Tall guy in a suit and overcoat, no protective gear. Tonight I looked out my window and saw someone riding an EUC down the street. Prior to this I have seen another EUC in downtown DC maybe five times in a year, except in meetups.
  15. I think of it this way. Hold a baseball bat in your hands at the very end of the bat and try to move it around while controlling where it points. It feels very hard to control because the weight is so far from your hands. Now grab the bat further up, what they call "choke up" on it. It's easier to control where the bat points now. Also, one hand is in front of the other, so that hand is doing more of the guiding than the other. It's not symmetrical. When I get the wobbles I am usually too far back on the pedals and not using one foot as the guide foot. (For me it's always the right foot!) When I change my stance the wobbles go away.
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