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  1. That will last maybe two weeks and you'll be back at the limit again with a slower wheel. Take it from someone who's done it a few times.
  2. A new battery pack is going to be expensive, usually a dealer like ewheels can give you a price for it. If the battery pack was banging around the first thing to check is whether any of the wires or welds inside the pack were broken. You might be able to repair it if that is the problem. There is shrink wrap around the pack that you can carefully cut and peel off to reveal the wires and connections. Once everything is repaired just get some new battery pack shrink wrap and put it around the pack, then shrink it with a heat gun or hair dryer. Charge each pack separately and check the voltages are equal before pairing them again, otherwise the voltage difference may cause a big surge and damage one or both packs.
  3. I found a great new hoverwheel! Edit: I have been told this is a hover-EEL. More specifically, that's a moray.
  4. I know it's all anecdotal but the numbers are going up here in Washington DC. Yesterday riding home I saw two people I've never seen before. One was decked out in protective gear and a full-face helmet. It was a bit dark by then, didn't recognize his ride. I saw the second on the Metro platform at NoMa, he had a InMotion V10. Tall guy in a suit and overcoat, no protective gear. Tonight I looked out my window and saw someone riding an EUC down the street. Prior to this I have seen another EUC in downtown DC maybe five times in a year, except in meetups.
  5. I think of it this way. Hold a baseball bat in your hands at the very end of the bat and try to move it around while controlling where it points. It feels very hard to control because the weight is so far from your hands. Now grab the bat further up, what they call "choke up" on it. It's easier to control where the bat points now. Also, one hand is in front of the other, so that hand is doing more of the guiding than the other. It's not symmetrical. When I get the wobbles I am usually too far back on the pedals and not using one foot as the guide foot. (For me it's always the right foot!) When I change my stance the wobbles go away.
  6. In the US, all of the shared-wheels startups are trying to find a path to profitability. It's likely many of them won't, but that's typical of all startups. They are competing against a transportation infrastructure that isn't friendly to them and has given priority to cars for more than 50 years. This idea that public transportation should be profitable is wrong. That is what killed the railroads in the US during the 1950s. They were private companies and were expected to be profitable while we built competing free interstates that cars and trucks could drive on. Yes, you pay for gas taxes and big trucks pay road taxes, but they don't come close to covering the cost of that road. In the 1970s when I-395 was built near the Pentagon in Virginia, it cost more than $100,000 per foot. A recent project to add one more tolled lane to the road cost $475 million. The government is still picking cars and roads as the winner of the transit lottery and ignoring the expansion of public transit because "People don't want it." Well of course, as long as you keep spending their money on roads and don't bill them the actual cost, they'll prefer to buy cars rather than be stuck on those same roads inside a bus. If you give them rail transit or dedicated bus lanes, the equation changes. The $2,000 you pay for insurance is just that, insurance. It makes sense to protect yourself from loss of a $30,000+ vehicle that is easy to steal or damage. If you didn't own it you wouldn't need to pay for insurance. And the reason parking is so expensive is because in a city, all property is expensive. You're not paying a "tax" for parking, you're paying for the privilege of taking up expensive space. In my area, a one-bedroom apartment of 700 square feet is about $1,800 a month. That is the equivalent of about five parking spaces so you can start to see the cost of providing massive parking lots and garages as far as lost revenue. Local governments usually require large buildings to provide parking to tenants, which inevitably means the cost of the apartments is increased to subsidize the cost of the parking in the building that could have been turned into apartments.
  7. This page says it's about 2,460 KwH/ton. So 0.300KWh*365dy = 110KwH. Then 110KwH/2460KwH/ton = 044512 pounds or about 89 pounds. That seems more reasonable, although you'd need to burn those 89 pounds at the scale and efficiency of a commercial power plant to get the energy out. Since that page was using pounds I assume they meant US tons but even if they meant metric tons it would be 98 pounds.
  8. Took an EUC and stuck a megaphone on top of it? That would make an excellent droid!
  9. @John Middleton I use a hand pump and don't have a gauge to measure the pressure. For me it's all by feel. In general I probably like the wheel a bit softer than many people.
  10. I've used the WheelLog app for a while. Recently upgraded to the EUC.World app and am amazed on how good it is. If you haven't donated to @Seba to support him I would strongly recommend that you do! @Seba I was in the GdaƄsk area for a conference in June 2015 and saw someone on an EUC on my way to the airport. Was that you?
  11. So much of wobble has to do with foot position. I experienced a bit of it with my KS14C early on, but when I upgraded to a KS16s recently I haven't had any issues at all. The issue can be damped down a bit by reducing tire pressure, to increase the contact patch and "twitchiness" of the wheel. @John Middleton I'm in Silver Spring so very close by, if you want to try a few other KS models for comparison let me know.
  12. This wheel has been my daily driver for the past 2.5 years. Various scratches but overall it's in good shape. This wheel has been super reliable and I've never done anything other than put air in the tires. At this point, some of the cells on the battery pack are getting weak so it won't charge to 100%. I've been riding it this way without problems for several months, I just tend to keep it fully charged rather than running it down past 50% for safety's sake. It's possible to replace the pack but given the price I decided to buy a newer model. Anyway, I'm looking to sell this wheel outright for $300 along with a stand, the standard 2-amp charger, a 4-amp quick charger, and a Charge Doctor to let you see the actual voltage and current charging level. The 4A charger and CD alone are $100 so it's a pretty good deal for a working wheel. If you prefer, rent the wheel for $20 a week. Pay $300 up front, either cash or Venmo. Keep the wheel and chargers for as long as you want to try it out and/or use it for learning. Bring it back without it being cracked in half or smashed up and you get $300 minus $20 for each week you kept it. I don't care about scratches and obviously the battery is going bad so you don't take the blame if that goes out. https://imgur.com/KbBhHKa
  13. I use this one. It does have a vented panel but can still fog up your glasses. Tucking the bottom under your glasses helps seal it and minimize the fogging. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0728KC5L5/
  14. It seems like there are cases where *accidents* may go up, but *fatalities* seem to go down. There was a 2014 study and a recent 2019 study. https://peopleforbikes.org/blog/the-first-major-academic-study-of-protected-bike-lanes-in-the-u-s-is-out/ https://usa.streetsblog.org/2019/05/29/protect-yourself-separated-bike-lanes-means-safer-streets-study-says/ https://www.iihs.org/news/detail/some-protected-bike-lanes-leave-cyclists-vulnerable-to-injury
  15. I always keep my hands out of pockets because it's safer ... *looks at tomorrow's weather forecast, 28F/-2C temperature in the morning* ... unless I need to keep my hands from turning into blocks of ice. I think I'll be wearing my balaclava for the first time this season.
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