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  1. Itse akseli piti tehdä. Ei niitä myydä erikseen. Vaihto periaatteessa helppo jos on prässi.
  2. Yes I do. Now I have not had much time. He's been busy working hard. There are also health problems. But they both start to relax. Then I'll start again more actively. However, enthusiasm is slowing down the slow EUCs. Either they are too slow, or they break down immediately. It will discourage.
  3. I think all sizes are good on the terrain. The smaller one is more challenging. But that's fun. After driving a little while, driving big seems ridiculous easy. The biggest problem is the durability of the devices. The GR16 solder melts me after 5 minutes.
  4. Hi again My Ninebot9 blinks number 31. And the image of the tool and the stroller. What does that mean?
  5. Users, forgive them. Because they do not know what they are doing. ?
  6. In such terrain, the driving speeds are so small that I did not consider it necessary to put on the shelters. Sure, all the falls will come with incredibly fast surprise. Even if the terrain looks smooth, there can be something insurmountable under the plants, or a large pit that can not be crossed. Of all the worst are a few inch thick stems of wood. They do not see them at all and they stop effectively. On top of small tree stumps it really does not want to crash. They may go through the skin. When something hits the pedal, today I can already avoid falling too frequently. This kind of terrain requires a lot of power, both from the device and from the man. This is incredibly hard to drive. Had to put extra good cooling on my EUC. Although the battery is 84V. With a smaller voltage than this kind of driving you can not even dream. Without efficient ventilation it would have overheated in a matter of minutes. Now the heat of the circuit board does not rise at all. But the engine has to cool down with water.
  7. I'm waiting for something concrete. I have no alternative to getting a fast and durable PCB.
  8. Do not you know that yellow snow is less common when white. I try to avoid the yellow fall of snow, it adds to the challenge So far, I have not hit a yellow national art.
  9. This video has one light. In the other helmet I have 4 identical. See really well In addition, the device has three lights. So its 7 lights.
  10. The same thing that is used in American football.
  11. My EUC has been modified so that it can tilt to almost 90 °. So driving a circle around the horizontal wall is possible. But none of the ball owner has let me drive.
  12. If you slip on your feet yet, I am Stig
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