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  1. EUC Extreme


    Do not you know that yellow snow is less common when white. I try to avoid the yellow fall of snow, it adds to the challenge So far, I have not hit a yellow national art.
  2. EUC Extreme


  3. EUC Extreme

    One S2 headlight accessory

    This video has one light. In the other helmet I have 4 identical. See really well In addition, the device has three lights. So its 7 lights.
  4. EUC Extreme

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    The same thing that is used in American football.
  5. EUC Extreme

    EUC racing?

    My EUC has been modified so that it can tilt to almost 90 °. So driving a circle around the horizontal wall is possible. But none of the ball owner has let me drive.
  6. EUC Extreme

    ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    If you slip on your feet yet, I am Stig
  7. EUC Extreme

    Rubber thickness?

    I do not know any sensible alternative. Maybe @Stefan Eekenulvknows.
  8. EUC Extreme

    Rubber thickness?

    Those little pins have been very good. I've been using the same pins from year to year. The first pins I bought are just as good as new ones. Changed it to different types of rubber. It is true that I increased the thickness of the rubber myself. But it did not work. Pins always broke the inner rubber. The rubber must be initially thick enough. There is no problem then.
  9. EUC Extreme

    Got my Mten3

    Of course, it would be best if all the features were self-modifiable. Admittedly, I have not noticed a 70 ° change any problem. I understand that a regular user does not need such a function. But, I myself refuse to drive an EUC that can not tilt over 45 °. That would be very dangerous to me.
  10. EUC Extreme

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    After 10 years everyone laughs at it, with the EUC peak speed just 50km / h.
  11. EUC Extreme

    Tesla problem

    @Flow I can try to advise you in Finnish if you contact me.
  12. EUC Extreme

    Tested - Gotway Monster with Upgraded Knobby Tire

    If you keep it cold, problems may occur. But when the circuit board warms up, the "problem" is removed.
  13. EUC Extreme

    Dream Electric Unicycle

    I'm not. Pedals too low, and it's too slow. I expect the sale to become a fast EUC. Anyone. At the moment everyone is too slow and I do not want to get that.
  14. EUC Extreme

    Dream Electric Unicycle

  15. EUC Extreme

    MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    I do not think that mosfet is a problem. And I do not think the overheating is. Because I certainly have enough cooling. The problem I think is a software, or some other component. Because breakdown is usually the smallest event of a crash or event. In use, they do not break easily. They break down at low speed.