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  1. ahh man thank you so much for your kind words!!
  2. Hello all first I want to start off by saying I've never ridden a Kingsong branded wheel before. I've probably owned every single brand except a Kingsong. With that being said I was sent the KS18XL mess around with. Overall impressions all I can say is wow! Here's my video on it. Any questions leave a comment and I'll try to answer them. I want to give a special thanks to @houseofjob for helping me film this! Chris you rock!!
  3. Greetings all - I was also able to play around with the Ninebot One Z 10 - thanks to @houseofjobs! I dont believe in reviewing a wheel I dont own especially when you only have it for a couple of hours but here's my first impression video. Thanks!
  4. I do not agree with limiting anything.. Most Gotways if not all come with the protection enabled - tiltback / 1 & 2 beeps with set speed etc. It's up to the rider to ride within their limits. Most noobs go into the app and turn off all protections. Majority don't even do the research on why the wheel beeps when riding. Do we limit the speed on cars to stop hit and runs and limit crashes.. How about remove alcohol all together to stop people from drinking and driving. My ninebot use to cut out on me if I leaned forward too much....... I welcome the speed increase! I ju
  5. Can you send us that eBay link... I’m curious to know who sold you a broken wheel from NY?
  6. hey man I'm also I NY and have a tesla.. I can help diagnose.. Let me know. Good luck!!
  7. You now have me on the hunt now- lol...I dont remember which video but I did say the MTen/Tesla lights are much brighter than the previous models. Here in NY some of the trails or roads are poorly lit or dont have light at all. While the the headlight on the 2 models are better it's not enough.I guess I'm comparing it to the lights you can purchase with brighter lumens haha!!
  8. oh no not at all. Not your fault! I love sharing information - and I should have stuck around to answer! That wont happen again! As for the drone shots - haha thanks! I LOVE EUC'S! I have to give them the drone treatments haha! Yeah none of these companies advertise or create decent videos. I felt like I have to at least try!
  9. thank you very much. I have a much more detailed review i'll put it in the video section shortly!
  10. yeah it's so weird.... it really stand out - it may just be the type of tire - I have no idea but i've never felt it in any other wheel. I will try to get my hands on the King Song 16S. My wife loves the V8! She rides but not as much. I think there a bit over 12 miles on it now lol. Regardless it's still the most advance wheel out there - in my opinion as far as features go. That button under the handle to stop the wheel from spinning is awesome! the app also allows a bunch loads of customizations!
  11. yeah I used the wrong wording - meant to say a bit safer - I really suck at talking into the camera - i get very shy... safer do to the fans put into place to exahust the heat. I think in my video I did say the Tesla & Mten has the same bulb. I honestly feel like while their improved their still not usable.. there were many times where cracks and bumps went un-noticed at night while riding.. then again it could just be me - this is just my opinion of course. I hope this helps!!
  12. Believe me when I tell you it's one of those things where you have to try it to feel it. - While it's bigger, it weighs less, (tad bit faster), it's not top heavy so you dont feel the weight when riding. and even though there isnt any shock absorption - anyone who rode the wheel all left with the same feeling - it does very well with bumps and such. I'm not sure how to describe it. As far as redundant - I may have used the wrong word - there were early reports of overheating - on pervious models, i'm assuming its why they put the fans in place to exhaust the heat. I guess it's the same thou
  13. thank you so much for your kind words - Trust me - before I got the Msuper V3 I favored the ACM! I never had the ACM S+ so i'm going off the 860 model. The tesla is very good for sharp turns - something the ACM pales in -(do to how close to the ground they are) - range and speed, also excels on the Tesla. Built in trolley and brighter lights to name a few. I hope this helps. The motor is also abit more power full and you can feel it.
  14. @steve454 Please forgive me... I'm usually very active on the forums... You wont believe how much things I'm juggling and still find time to shoot video.. I will go through all the questions and answer them.
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