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  1. @The Fat Unicyclist Good questions! EUCO is the name of our company, and the name of the community we are building. Like any other business, we do have a marketing plan, but those efforts are focused on sales activity on our manufacture branded websites (myinmotion, mykingsong) where EUCO is a community open to all brands (regardless if we sell their products), and all riders. We have them listed on EUCO because we want to be transparent about who we are and what sales channels we are affiliated with. Wouldn't it be more disingenuous if we weren't open about that? This way, anyone who wants to support us can do so if they wish. Our business is dependent on sales just like any other distributor. That being said, we feel it's very important that the EUCO content be focused on the concept of riding electric unicycles and amplifying the voices of the people behind them. That's why we use the word "stories" - it's not about spec debates or brand vs brand; it's about how we use them. It's in no one's best interest for us to stifle anyone's voice or point of view. All brands welcome. Seriously. @Flyboy10 Oh man, tell me about it. I really wish I had more time! We had a few really awesome rides awhile back. Joey is a good friend, and we've certainly had some amazing rides together. When it comes to organizing (or even attending), honestly, work consumes 90% of my energy these days and life has had a way of making free time a very rare treat. I agree our SD crew should be HUGE, and I wish I could be a better instrument in making it happen. I live by Balboa Park, so if you are ever in the area on the weekend, it wouldn't hurt to hit me up to see if I'm free! We are almost never in the office on the weekend, but you are very welcome to send us a message on the website to book and appointment during the week. Just let Mitch know that you're a local from the forum. OH, and as for events, I'll definitely be at the LA EUC games. So excited.
  2. Hey all! I wanted to share a project I've been working on for awhile now. For the last several years I've been working with a team in San Diego to represent InMotion here in the US to provide a base for sales, customer support & repair, and marketing etc. It's been a wild and amazing ride, and it's not ending anytime soon. Now our team is ready to start working with additional brands starting with King Song. (Hey Tina!) But we also wanted to build a new hub to promote the growing culture of the EUC community. We're calling it EUCO (Electric Unicycle Collective). Obviously, this very forum has been a really popular platform for discussion, and we certainly don't expect to replace that, but we want to showcase all the interesting people that have made electric unicycles a staple in their life in some way or another. Everyone has a story to tell, and I think most of us have particularly interesting ones... and we want to do everything we can to showcase it. www.euco.us We are just getting started, but you can expect to find everything from rider profiles, EUC industry news, mod showcases, events, and even art. So if you'd like to stay in the loop, be sure to bookmark us or sign up for our email newsletter. And if you want to show off your ride, your latest trick, or simply tell us your story, we definitely want to hear from you! Input is highly encouraged as we want EUCO to reflect the true heart of the EUC community. BTW! For those looking to grab the KS-16X: since we just recently launched MyKingSong.com, we are kicking it off with the KS-16X air-shipped directly to you for free. You can order right now, and It will take about 7 biz days to arrive. You can use the following introductory discount code MyKS100 at checkout to save $100. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly from the website so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.
  3. Hi all! Our team in San Diego is ready for another team member, and we'd love nothing more than to hire someone who is obsessed with electric unicycles as we are. So naturally, I had to make sure to post our job listing here. Service Technician, San Diego CA Please apply through the following link: https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?t=service+technician&jk=d351f6868f0a8cc4&_ga=2.33762601.945728323.1560795459-363968730.1534790748 Unfortunately, I won't have time to answer many questions about this here, but feel free to send me a direct message to let me know you've applied and include your real name.
  4. Hi all! I thought you might be interested to hear about some of the things we are working on behind the scenes to help advocate for unicycles. As you all are very aware, I'm sure, dockless rental scooters have really changed the landscape within a short period of time in terms of the way the public (and local governments) might view our activities. There are some positives and some negatives. This year we saw the very first international Micromobility Conference formed in San Francisco at the end of January, so Rose and I wanted to participate in order to be a voice for the EUC world. They even allotted us time to make an on-stage presentation as a guest speaker! Much attention was focused on service providers for the rental business models, but we made a big impression on the product side of things and had nothing but very positive feedback. You can find my write-up about the event here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/micromobility-california-making-a-case-for-the-electric-unicycle
  5. @meepmeepmayer That's super nice of you to say. And you're right that this is the very reason I'm with InMotion - because I was working with Solowheel in Seattle before. I was SO PUMPED when I first found out there would be collaboration with InMotion because of their reputation and because I knew how awesome V8 was compared to what Solowheel was doing at the time. InMotion may have taken a lump with V10 launch, but they hear you guys. And they're definitely hearing from our team. As it stands, V10 is now in a great place since all new units are sealed up. So the weight is somewhat lifted and I'm excited to get more people on them. I've got one of my own and I've bonded for sure.
  6. Hey all. I've got to say this topic has just hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm going to do my best to address all the issues so bear with me. As InMotion USA is seen as a direct arm of InMotion (China) we've been taking a lot of heat in regards to the V10 rollout. That's of course understandable. We are actually independent, but still directly related, and so we do represent InMotion in every way. Even when they screw up. That's why we are here - to provide support and to help grow the market to get more and more people on these amazing devices. Yes, InMotion China made some mistakes with the initial rollout of V10, absolutely. Our team's initial and ongoing response has been to immediately shift gears to make sure all of our customers are safe and that their investment is properly safeguarded against water damage. Fixing factory and design problems is not our responsibility, but we knew we needed to step up to make things right. And @Jason McNeil of course, was on the same page with us. So InMotion USA hired a hand full of extremely qualified repair techs and engineers to take on the daunting task of full dissasembly and reassembly, and applying a redundant seal. We prioritized customer wheels first, and then we had to go through the entire batch that had been shipped from China for InMotion USA and eWheels. It was a lot of V10s! I won't even get into the logistical nightmare of reorganizing your entire office space into a small factory. The reason I bring all of this up is so you understand that we haven't decided we don't care about engaging all of you on the forums. There is no evil cost cutting conspiracy to screw customers. It's quite the opposite. We've exhausted countless resources and made personal sacrifices to make sure we got every one of our customers taken care of. If people have fallen through the cracks in communication, it's because we are dealing with a monumental task and stretched to the absolute limit for months. Mistakes are going to be made in this kind of situation. If we aren't responsive on the forum, it's not because we don't care. We have to prioritize our customers that reach out to us through our customer support channels. @Glitched, you are right - we have been overwhelmed with tickets. But we are catching up because... v The Good News? We have weathered the storm. The V10 weather seal project is over. We have our regular office back! We've said goodbye to our temporary and very skilled weather sealers. All of our first batch customers and all current and future V10 stock are now properly sealed... with redundancy... and V10 / V10F are back in stock! As an enthusiast myself who has been riding since 2014, I've seen how the industry began and how it's changed. From the outside and as an insider. I wanted to represent InMotion because I respected that they would honor intellectual property and patents, and wanted to make an effective presence in the US market by actually having a proper support team, repair staff, and marketing. I wanted to be a part of growing the market because I truly believe our devices have a big place in the future of transportation. And it also helps that I love InMotion's design philosophy and ergonomics. That's for another thread, but V10F is definitely my favorite wheel out there. So far... To address some specific issues: I hope I explained well enough above, but I've got to clarify because I think this is a bit unfair. @Marty Backe I thought you knew me and our situation better than that. Of course we are going to put a lot of effort into a product launch. Once it was discovered we had a problem with V10, we had to switch gears. From the forum perspective, I'm sure it looked like we disappeared, but the reality was we had to focus on going overdrive on logistics and communicating directly with customers, not marketing fluff and forum conversations. So that's what we did. Wouldn't that be the ethical thing to do? I'm not saying we didn't make any mistakes along the way, but to insinuate that we took people's money and ran is very very far from the truth. @eddiemoy We have responded to you multiple times over the course of October. Each time we didn't get a response back from you. Maybe you didn't get them or got lost in spam, but our ticket system shows that you read them. In our responses we offered to help you out completely. That offer still stands, though, it's a little awkward considering you issued a chargeback through your bank. Considering you've managed to get your money back and keep the $500 pair of Hovershoes, I'm not sure why you have beef with us. I guess you had issues with communication, but please reach out to us directly by email or through our website if you want help getting them working.
  7. They filmed me trying to teach him, but he wouldn't step foot on it. I knew we wouldn't get anything camera ready out of him without previous practice, which is why I tried so hard to give him some lessons in the weeks leading up to this. His schedule ended up throwing a wrench in those plans, but I'm still happy with how it all turned out.
  8. OK this is a good one. We filmed an episode of T-Pain's new show "T-Pain's School Of Business" on FUSE TV a few months ago, and we just got to see how it turned out. He originally wanted to try / learn Glide 3 (I even drove to him to give him a personal lesson) but he ran out of time. Maybe next time.. Regardless, we are excited how it turned out. You never know how they will edit when it comes to reality style TV! https://www.fuse.tv/shows/t-pain-s-school-of-business/s1e2
  9. Hey guys - I just posted a topic about this, but I wanted to make sure you saw it. I've made an official bug report, and we need you to fill it out so we can provide the app developers with proper data to address the problems. Please fill this out even if you've already posted or reached out to us direclty - we need a central hub of data to present to the app team. Thanks for your help! InMotion App Bug Report: https://goo.gl/forms/dXICo5SteggSlxfn2 @Lex @Zeno74
  10. Hi all, We've heard from numerous customers about some bugs in past and especially recent releases of the App on both iOS and Android. My team doesn't run development for the app here in the states, but we do have a direct line to the devs, so to best help out everyone involved, I've put together a Bug Report with all of the necessary info the team needs to address all the issues you are having. Even if you have already reached out to us or any other seller about any App issues, please do fill out this report because the devs need all the detailed info they can get in regards to your device and software versions etc. InMotion App Bug Report: https://goo.gl/forms/dXICo5SteggSlxfn2 Thanks for helping us improve the app!
  11. The "waiting on China" part was in reference to the odd behavior you noticed in the app. We know there have been some new bugs introduced in the latest update, so at the time you were messaging us we were under the impression these new bugs were causing the inconsistencies you noticed. Now we know that app bugs weren't the cause - we were responding with the information we had at the time, and as the situation became more clear (partly from the information you gave us, yes) we realized exactly what happened. There is no deception or rewriting history going on here. You made the issue public, so we need to make sure to let everyone know we are dealing with it and to explain our side of the story. It's entirely possible we can get you new parts for any part of the wheel that you feel has been compromised, but you need to be patient and allow us time to deal with with your issue as well as take care of our other customers needs. I know it sucks to have to wait for these repairs and then to have another issue on top of it, but we are doing our very best with the situation when we have so much going on. As I stated before, we already figured out exactly what happened and where the wheels ended up, and it's being dealt with. @Harold Farrenkopf These began shipping yesterday, and we continue to box and ship them today and tomorrow as well. Keep your eye out on your email for a tracking number if you didn't get one already. Also working on a video with more detailed walk-through. Should be up tomorrow at some point. Thanks @JerryR Honestly, I completely understand @novazeus frustration, but I'm glad you feel taken care of. Yes, we are small. Sometimes people forget that we are only the US team, not the factory. The weather-sealing should have been done in the factory, but we have had to deal with it ourselves. Our new team members that we added just for this project are extremely competent (and frankly, over-qualified) but mistakes can happen. We will deal with them and make it right for the customer if/when they happen. That's what we can promise.
  12. Hey all As you can see with what @novazeus has shared, we had a mix up with his wheel. As soon as we figured out what happened, we were able to research to determine how it happened. It was an isolated incident, and we are working with novazeus to sort this out. It's entirely understandable to be concerned, but we hope everyone can understand we are taking this project very seriously and have had to completely revamp our work space and team to make this happen. We are doing everything we can to minimize human error as much as possible, and we are learning from this mistake to make sure it won't happen again. Novazeus, we will continue to work this out with you - stay tuned. P.S. The response from us you posted from yesterday was before we knew about the mix up. No deception intended, promise.
  13. The InMotion USA team will be exhibiting at Interbike this year, and we have a few extra tickets for anyone interested in joining us to help promote our EUCs among the biking industry! I'll be there myself along with a few other team members. This is an industry event with a lot of networking, and there are a lot of interesting and impressive showcases of the latest and greatest. We will have a small booth and fleet of our rides (including the new P2) to showcase, and we will be a part of an ever-growing electric-powered presence at Interbike. Attend the Largest Annual Gathering of the Bicycle Industry in North America Attendees can meet with hundreds of exhibitors offering everything the bicycle industry has to offer, including: road, mountain, triathlon, electric bikes, nutrition, apparel, safety, accessories, power and more. Find the latest products and trends, attending valuable retailer education sessions and networking with the top retailers and suppliers in the industry. Interbike Expo September 18-20 at Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, NV Tues., Sept. 18 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Wed., Sept. 19 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 20 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM If you're interested, shoot me an email: jeffrey.will@myinmotion.com We don't have anything left in the budget for airfare or hotels for non-locals, but we can definitely hook you up with free tickets to the expo and a free InMotion T-Shirt!
  14. Those instructions are only for the silicone sealant for the inner case. Our latest instructions are the ones I already posted that include the additional plastic battery case, and the DIY kits we are sending to our customers include it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Meq5YVzhvslDQN_gCdZrMDad8O3SmcQLuhHWuxf89q4/edit?usp=sharing
  15. We got those photos from the factory, but I'm going to make an additional video showing the fix in greater detail so we can share it with all the DIYers.
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