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  1. @JLS can you possibly take a photo depicting the position of your legs while standing on the V8? Hold onto a wall or chair while someone captures a close up view. A measurement between your inner shin and the OEM pads would also be helpful.
  2. My God I was depressed when I started this post a few days ago. Sorry everyone.
  3. I saw your video Pico so you know me.... I added my 2 cents.
  4. Thanks buddy! Well after speaking with many associates I decided to set the record straight. FYI....Paragraphs were used during this diatribe.. I feel much better now.
  5. I agree but currently my blood is boiling just thinking about this guy. I’ve never met him- only his wife and son. He stayed out in his car while I spent 1 1/2 hours treating his son.
  6. I did apply the report button but from what I hear it remains a long difficult process to purge a comment. I did reply but unfortunately in a pacifist manner. I’ve been taught to take this route to avoid lawsuits.
  7. Thanks. I’m trying. Unfortunately there is no method I’m aware of to purge his disparaging comments from Google reviews. A group of people could literally destroy a company’s reputation by posting numerous false claims. Considering the worldly scheme of things my situation is a microcosm....but it still stings. Thank you kindly!
  8. Thanks for everyone’s support. Sorry for my bummer story after my few drinks. Well my practice did get dinged on Google but after reading the dad’s other nasty reviews I felt better. The guy hates Menards because they made him wear a mask? He hates his local florist because the computers were down when he attempted to order flowers for his wife. He hates Ohio because everyone is unorganized. I spoke to his son’s pediatrician this morning only to find out that he had fired their previous doctor. Why are some people so mean?
  9. I know know how my my son felt before he died... helpless. So many uncertainties in life and uncontrollable endings . I am totally bummed today after attempting to help an infant only to be accused by the dad that I refused to see the child for a followup a few days later. I have never been this low.
  10. My right shoulder makes noise as well. Sort of a crunching sound when rotating it. The medical term in my case is crepitus where some of the cartilage has worn away and no longer protects the humeral head from friction. There is a plethora of exercises on youtube for shoulder issues. Best to keep staying active and use anti inflammatory meds if your stomach tolerates them. Always eat first.
  11. Hey Rawnel, try clicking on the hyperlink above the photo.
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