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  1. Would using a 3D scanner to capture the intricate measurements of each wheel be an option? I use a 3D laser scanner on my peds patients to create their cranial remolding bands. I know handheld 3D surface scanners are available. I’m just not sure how such a device could be integrated into your pattern making,
  2. Wow…I shattered my humerus after hitting a pothole on a wheel purchased from Jason. It twitched and became unstable before tossing me. Shame on Ewheels.
  3. Lol….Could be she rode her horse to the event.
  4. Congratulations!! Looks like fun! With you and Chrissi’s charm were you able to convince this woman to upgrade? How much did my artwork go for?
  5. @luscomberoncan I ask what kind of vintage plane you fly? Could an EUC be placed in the passenger seat? I’m familiar with CG being an ex helicopter pilot so this is interesting .
  6. So sorry to hear! She should be fine given her young age but what an insult to injury. I’m sure she worked hard to earn her degree and now has to miss simultaneous celebrations. Big bummer!
  7. I had to look this up. After reading the definition my answer is No!
  8. Ok time to circle back and read @Paul A ‘s excellent, succinct summation on this topic
  9. Are you OK buddy? Memory lapse? Way past the 100 mark.
  10. By nature knee braces have a tendency to migrate distally. I always instruct my patients to wear some type of interface next to the skin before donning the brace. The key to resist distal migration is the initial application. Flex the knee to approximately 30 degrees and make sure the top ‘calf strap’ is snug around the smaller circumference of the leg ( just above the calf muscle). On some of my voluminous patients( trying to be politically correct) I have attached an elastic suspender to the brace via velcro that then fastens to a waist belt. That sounds like a plan.
  11. Rehab1


    Donate? If interested I just listed my Skydio R1 on Ebay. Not as fast as the R2 but pedestrians feel safer with the blade enclosures. Flies great.
  12. OMG…. I need to find you another hobby other than reviewing old video clips.
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