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  1. I looked this up in the dictionary and had to laugh. I highlighted the second paragraph. Yep... that’s me! whala a bastardized english version of the French word "voila" meaning "there it is" Often used by morons in an attempt to sound more intelligent than they actually are.
  2. My last fall was this past weekend. No excuse. I just missed the pedal while mounting in darkness. What is suppose to be second nature ended with me hitting the ground.
  3. I sent you a PM. Here are a few photos of the fabrication process: First cut some slots in the socket using a metal cut off wheel or die grinder (I believe the final cut was 5/8 x 1 1/2” ). Clean up the slots with a die grinder. Whala! The finished product.
  4. OMG Bob....I’m so sorry! Your a safe rider so I did not expect this. Best wishes on your recovery!
  5. Or at a minimum drill tap a hole in the hanger and add a set screw to impale the nut.
  6. Hey Mono. Questions: Was there a second person filming you or was the camera statically mounted to your chest, helmet, wheel...etc? Any footage depicting your series of falls? We all fall but it appears your concerned about the undetermined circumstances which is understandable.
  7. Sending prayers that your beat this!🙏
  8. I bet 50 bucks he ended up in the water.
  9. I don’t want to be impeached.
  10. Might as well be fashionable riding in the rain.
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