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  1. I was under the impression you personally delivered all of your products.
  2. Awesome article! Congratulations! Sorry but I needed to showcase your outstanding EUC ambassadorship!
  3. We’re all going to be there someday.
  4. I suppose the FAA or any other country’s aviation agencies could approve such a device if warranted. Movie studios use large camera gimbals and law enforcement have an array of equipment mounted outside an aircraft. As for releasing a flaming wheel from a plane or helicopter onto the public below would never be approved. I use to drop football and soccer balls from my helicopter into stadium fields below to raise money for high school events. It required a special FAA waver along significant liability insurance. Dropping a light weight bouncing ball from 300 feet into a controlled environment is much different that unleashing a 40-50 pound anvil on the public.
  5. Now there’s a vivid image I’m sure to have nightmares about tonight. What’s your phone # so I can pay you a 3 AM call?
  6. I should have added ‘spikes’ to my post as they actually caused my injury. The low profile shoe studs you have depicted would probably be ok but I still prefer my course pedal grip tape. Personally I like to shift my feet while riding so any form of pedal stud/strap/quick release method would impede that opportunity as well.
  7. I totally agree!! Hold down straps and/or a quick release mechanism would be extremely dangerous! Picture your feet locked into a 40 -50 pound anchor. Then the unfortunate happens. You fall. Trust me it will happen! As your body catapults through the air the quick release/strap system remains secure as designed. With only a few milliseconds to implement a successful run off your feet still remain locked in. No matter how much time you’ve practiced a successful run off and/or landing basic physics has now become your nemesis as the 50 pound anchor slams you to the ground with all of it’s combined velocity and mass. Yes the quick release mechanism will probably activate upon impact but the damage is already done to your body. I hate showing these photos again but for the safety and welfare of any new forum member considering anchoring their feet to the pedals here was my outcome.
  8. Excellent video! Now I’m really jealous! I would definitely hit him up if his helicopter has the room for both you and 2 wheels. My previous helicopters did not have back seats so flying a passenger around along with multiple wheels would have proved difficult in the cockpit plus a bit unsafe.
  9. A picture of Mini Marty who arrived in my office today. Check out his cape.
  10. Your most welcome! Thanks for the compliment but no graphic skills required for this picture. I just paired my new watch and phone along with my Tesla and thought it would make a cool photo.
  11. Your Z looks sad. You won’t have any issues selling it. Great bargain!!
  12. @seba I thought it was appropriate to showcase your outstanding app along with an elite book. You certainly have provided the EUC community with pure Luxury!
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