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  1. Mike: There are many sources for titanium rods. First acquire the measurements by removing one of the pedal rods and check the length with a tape measure. As for the diameter if you don’t have micrometer head to your nearest Home Depot or Lowes and use their’s for free. Once you have the measurements you can contact the guy on Ebay or purchase from a company like McMaster. https://www.mcmaster.com/Rods/titanium/shape~rod-and-disc/
  2. You’ve always provided me with so much material to work with. We’ve known each other on the forum for such a long time that I consider you a brother from a different mother.
  3. The Rock uses that technique during his training.
  4. Awesome! Going solo the first time can be a bit unsettling. Curious. Even though it’s a small airport there are planes and helicopters landing. Do paragliders need a radio to report their location or landing intentions so other pilots in the vicinity are aware?
  5. I’m not sure of the location or what year the photo was taken. I love the idea of police officers patrolling on EUCs. Police take such a bad rap these days. Imagine all of the kids faces lighting up as they encounter these heros on wheels. Horses are great but the officers are sitting 6 feet above the citizens making them not very approachable. The lights perched on their helmets seems a bit ‘over the top’.
  6. The 38RC appears to have a softer response to bumps and rebounds with less force but it may just be my imagination. I like the fact that there is only one air valve to inflate. So much easier.
  7. Here you go. No photoshop. Rather nauseating.
  8. I wasn’t sure if that was you hiding under suit.
  9. I had a question about the appendage on your full body prototype but I figured it out.
  10. EUCs have been used for local patrols. Now they just need @The Fat Unicyclist‘s Kevlar BodyGuard.
  11. No don’t do that. Your scanners use radiation. Mine shown below is compromised of lasers and cameras. The digital data we acquire for each child is then sent to a central fab company that uses a Cad/Cam to create an exact mold. There are also handheld 3D scanners to acquire the digital data. I know you and Chrissi have developed a proprietary process to create Bodyguards. I would just love to see a few photos of the work flow.
  12. Would using a 3D scanner to capture the intricate measurements of each wheel be an option? I use a 3D laser scanner on my peds patients to create their cranial remolding bands. I know handheld 3D surface scanners are available. I’m just not sure how such a device could be integrated into your pattern making,
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