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  1. We are but my referral sources are drying up. Parents with prescriptions are understandably scared to take their kids out of the house and my referrals from pediatric therapy groups and orthopedists have stopped their patient clinics.
  2. I appears the suspension system works! You can clearly see the downward translation of the pedals upon landing.
  3. Same here in the US. It makes no sense having clothing to try on and toys to touch that only provides the virus with a safe haven as it patiently waits for the next customer. Just taking a moment to lighten up the mood on this thread.
  4. Well my business is beginning to crawl to a standstill with possible layoffs so I just submitted the necessary documentation to apply for the Employee Paycheck Protection Program. I want to protect the people that have worked for me for decades. I’m sure it will be a slow process but hopefully it will provide some level of comfort to my faithful employees.
  5. @Liamfind Do you have an approximate time frame when your company expects the V11 to become available to customers? Thanks So I should ask for a refund?
  6. I sent a message to an Aliexpress company that is currently taking V11 preorders. The site states the V11 will be available the end of April. I questioned how his company could have access to the new V11 that early when it is common knowledge that the soonest the wheel will be available to customers is the end of June... possibly July/August. Waiting for a reply.
  7. I hope you feel better buddy! Must be tough working in that outfit.
  8. Congrats! Add TV repair guy to your long resume.
  9. It won’t be long before Ewheels and Inmotion USA follow suit. I’m sure @Jason McNeil is feverishly working on his pre-order announcement.
  10. My Chinese is a bit fuzzy but I think the moderator was yelling at the guy to come back.
  11. I’m not sure how other countries are protecting their small business employee's but hopefully your country will be providing a safety net similar to the one being implemented in the US this weekend. My bank in Ohio tested their SBA Employee Payroll Protection software late last night. They’re beta testing a few select companies before they begin ramping up the full application/ fund distribution process. My poor neighbor just invested over $250k on a new glass installation business a few months back. His facility is now shut down and unfortunately he will not qualify for our government’s employee paycheck protection plan. Currently the US government is only issuing employee paycheck protection disbursements to businesses that have been in operation for over 1 year. Unfortunately a majority of his family quit their previous jobs to support and work with him. So sad.
  12. Hopefully the suspension system is not a static design with zero adjustability and not based on the average 66kg Chinese rider. If so the compression of the shocks could begin to max out with a heavier rider off roading. I’m confident that IM’s adroit engineers have addressed that issue.
  13. Yah I purposely messed up. If I had posted June 30th as the release date Jason would have been inundated with calls. I need to remain on his good side for when he actually does begin taking orders.
  14. Wow you get around!?Wasn’t that you at the presentation? I missed out on the live presentation this morning but after watching the replay I must say “ how can anyone not be intrigued about this fantastic machine! “ The R&D funds that Inmotion invested in this state of the art design must have been massive. If the V11 suspension turns out to be a solid, flawless design in terms of functionality and longevity it could be a huge game changer in the industry. I’m sold on this wheel even without seeing a demo ride. I placed my order through Ewheels a few minutes ago.
  15. That explains your excellent communication skills! I have used such services for patients. I have a feeling your down time will be rapidly diminishing. Patients are down by about 25% but they have all rescheduled for May. The non- elective procedures such as fracture bracing, post op clubfoot, cranial banding and scoliosis bracing remains high at my practice Yes all of the pediatric therapy facilities in my area are closed as well. One parent told me today that her child would be receiving virtual therapy via skype. I suppose speech therapy could be conducted in that fashion but physical/ occupational therapy... no way. Stay healthy my friend!
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