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  1. Sorry for the short answer and appreciate your concern. The units use auto starting fluid so there is no residue. I’ll have to post a photo of the assembly.
  2. Rehab1


    Great video! So nice to have friends that ride.
  3. Both you and therapist girl friend were wise to evaluate the biomechanics of the brace. I was not sold on the idea when I first saw the brace. Trying to find some type of prophylactic device to prevent shoulder injuries while still allowing adequate ROM proves difficult. Trust me I’ve tried all types of brace to protect myself from stem to stern. Best to go the biological route and strengthen the entire rotator cuff complex. I’m sure your girlfriend has a plethora of exercises you can perform. Circular motions washing the floor and scrubbing the sink may be top on her list.
  4. Great idea! After a long ride you can connect up your George Foreman grill and have a burger.
  5. Thanks! 7am this Wednesday.
  6. Great review and advice! Thanks! Wonderful that you’ve acquired that precious time necessary to experiment with Skydio and learn about it’s idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately I have only flown mine once following my wheel. I’m currently a homebody until my wife has her surgery. Hopefully we can complement each other’s experiences in the near future.
  7. Rehab1


    Fantastic! I love the various views and fade-away shots! You definitely put Skydio through it’s paces of creating some awesome cinematic shots. Heck I’m just going to sit back and watch your future videos as this high caliber drone production will be hard to top.
  8. Photos of my new fire and light act I’m working on. Give me a few weeks. Yes those are real flames hooked up to a hand held remote I built.
  9. Imagine a future where EUC riders are fighting for parking spots.
  10. Just tell her you’ll produce 63 grams of CO2 when her parents visit if she doesn’t let you buy the V10F.
  11. Congratulations! You should sign the infamous sling and sell it on Ebay.
  12. There is one guy we know that high fives regularly.....Alex Segmuller
  13. I tried. No way. You will always be top gun.
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