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  1. I had to look this up. 14 stone means 196 pounds.
  2. A lot of ugly scars. Badges of honor. We should all post them once the @ThaBlackCobragets better. Might put a smile on his face.
  3. Prayers to Black Cobra. That type of injury can be a game changer.
  4. Why not just go with EWheel. Even though Jason’s website uses the plural term I’m sure he would love it.
  5. I piggy backed the shoulders and elbows of my jacket with additional D3O pads. I don't see any disadvantages except for the added bulk. I’ve never tested the mods in real time but IMHO (aside from a helmet and wrist guards) you can’t protect those 2 anatomical regions enough.
  6. That is amazing workmanship!
  7. Not sure how I missed your topic. Absolutely amazing photos! I really hate sodium vapor lights. There would be no way to capture photos of that magnitude in my area due to the light pollution.
  8. Rehab1


    Love the muted background music! Remember when we use to get upset scratching up our pristine new wheels?
  9. Funny!! Actually my truck went swimming. The wheel just sat in the back seat.
  10. So Funny! Thankfully my wife hasn‘t given me any grief lately but my orthopedist friend stopped by last week.....totally unaware I was still riding. He commented “ The ER is patiently waiting for my return”. UGH
  11. Thanks buddy! Not sure about the master category but when I witness adroit skills from another member I’m compelled to salute their talents.
  12. Excellent job on your Photoshop skills!
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