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  1. Everyone is very excited and appreciative for all your efforts! Just don’t over extend yourself. We can wait a few more minutes.
  2. Can you please elaborate a bit ( ie: too responsive, sluggish, stiff....) Any idea what the tire pressure was set at?
  3. Can you demonstrate the bass reflex in a puddle of water 💦 today?
  4. Someone better touch this up before shipping it to @Marty Backe.
  5. It is interesting. @Marty Backe could you please take a close up photo of the heat sink with the thermal pad attached (I’m assuming it is still fastened)? I’m interested in seeing just how much of an indentation was created by each MOSFET tab. Thanks!
  6. Agreed but somehow I don’t envision GW techs torquing each MOSFET tab screw to the optimal tightness. The pads are certainly a cleaner installation than the paste method.
  7. Yes it appears that GW is using thermal pads instead of paste. Most experts state that paste is more effective than the pads as it fills in all of the microscopic pores between MOSFET and the heat sink. I hate thermal paste as it is messy to work with. The additional downside for the thermal pads is they need to be replaced each time the MOSFETs are unscrewed from the heatsink or the heat transfer properties will be diminished.
  8. @Marty Backe Any idea why the block of 3 MOSFETs that sustained the most heat damage has a membrane incorporated beneath the bodies? The semi transparent material does not appear to have any heat transference qualities.
  9. For those who might not understand how the heck a MOSFET works.
  10. Bummer! The things you put yourself through to educate the community. Being a cynic I think your other wheels got together last night and sabotaged the new kid on the block.
  11. For some reason I thought you had already boarded the X16 train. Well congratulations!
  12. Teaser? Did you attend the Kingsong School of Torment?
  13. I have no problem with those ‘masculine‘ smiles you selected for @Marty Backe.
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