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  1. Hopefully your physician is recommending that you report for follow up visits. Any form of head impact, no matter what velocity, can be serious! Best wishes!
  2. We’re brothers from a different mother!
  3. I’m not exactly sure how to interpret that statement. Would you at least agree that an audible proximity warning should have been issued and the wheel’s pace slowed until the unaware family comprehended the situation?
  4. Hey Mike, I was referring to your sensible riding approach and the visual/ communicative interaction conveyed to pedestrians you encounter during your rides. If every rider would apply those attributes we would not be having this discussion.
  5. Good refresher so we don’t loose sight of the original subject.
  6. Your a great communicator with a civil tone. Thanks! The highlight area above stood out the most for me.Totally the opposite on what this discussion is about. There was zero eye contact as the riders approached the pedestrians and children that I could see. Certainly no smile.
  7. I can’t believe Mike would throw this heartfelt, serious discussion under the bus. Hey...how about a big posted sidewalk sign: Parents Beware- Silent Vehicles Approaching From Behind At 40MPH.
  8. Please...please ...please tell me your being facetious.
  9. Hsiang, first I’d like to state that I totally respect you! Yes there may be a cultural split when it comes to high speed performance versus a midrange pace but that’s ok. Your NYC group, including yourself, demonstrate superb riding skills. No one can argue that. But I recoiled as riders volitionally flew past pedestrians, family and kids that jeopardized their well-being. Sadly I’ve seen too many catastrophic child related injuries and death in my career from seemingly innocuous accidents. Kids falling off trampolines, bicycles and diving into pools. Children being catapulted off swings or merry-go-rounds, blasted in the head with baseballs, TV’s and dressers falling on their little heads....etc. Given my background I have a fairly good assumption what could happen if a 160 pound+ rider traveling at high speed encountered a small child in their path. There is not one member on your team that would purposely injure another person or innocent child while riding as I’m certain you would not be associated with them I pray no one ever experiences a heartbreaking outcome resulting from a split second lapse in judgement. Be well!
  10. When I see these idiots bearing down on an innocent family with little kids in hand I almost threw my phone! WTF!! How can anyone respect these guys!
  11. I can’t sit idly by without posting my opinion on this subject!
  12. Well I sold my Z10 and immediately sent the funds to Jason as a secondary installment on the S18. I didn't want my wife to get her hands on the cash. I now only owe Ewheels a small remainder which is a good feeling.
  13. Congratulations! August is not too far away and any annoying bugs should be worked out by then. Gotta love Hirsute and his amazing skill level. It really bothered me that he received such unfair criticism after winning first place in my 2016 EUC contest (featured in the video). He remained a gentleman throughout the entire ordeal.
  14. Congratulations Lars! The Mten3 has put more smiles on owner’s faces than any other wheel. Bummer on all of the scratches but now you can fully enjoy it. @stephen is correct that @The Fat Unicyclist needs to create a bodyguard for this popular wheel.
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