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  1. 30 seconds will work. Just sit on your wheel and guzzle a beer for the remainder!
  2. Sounds embarrassing. Did they assist or just grin and move on?
  3. That would’ve made a great video! Your new logo.
  4. New rule! Everyone’s tire pressure must be at 35psi. Start over!
  5. Excellent! Fun to watch! I just threw up for you! You do have a confined area to work with. Does your wife keep you trapped like me?
  6. 15 1/2 ? Who are you kidding? With your competitive spirit you’ll be back Backe.
  7. Your right but I did just count 16. Suppose it all depends on the stating point. I can’t beat Pico but you have a second chance. Of course he has another chance as well.
  8. Even if it doesn't count I tried it again a few minutes ago. I dropped my wheel at the end. I'm done. Not sure if I had 18 or 19.
  9. I like the 2 submission limit. Tight turns and more speed is the answer. @pico had both.
  10. Congrats! I counted 19. You walked away a bit wobbly but still standing. This is getting fun!
  11. That sounds fair. We could call it an EUC mulligan. @Marty Backe what are your thoughts? We probably should have a submission deadline as others want to join in the fun.
  12. Congratulations! Anything in the rules against submitting a second video?
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