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  1. My grandson ran into my Insta360 One X invisible selfie stick on Saturday. I guess he couldn't see it.
  2. Steel axles are empirically hardened at a heat treatment facility so applying a significant amount of heat through the welding process would alter the physical and chemical properties of the material thus attenuating the structure.
  3. A personalized EUC stand! Excellent idea! I see that my fake photos have some value after all. Interestingly when I use to fly I had a small company that sold personalized pilot license key chains. We would engrave all of pilot’s information including their ratings and the FAA Administrator’s signature onto a brass plate that was then attached to a key ring.. It was a big hit.
  4. An upper extremity carbon graphite exoskeleton could be accomplished at the present. Even 3D printing could be utilized. The dilemma is” how much money do you wish to spend” and is it worth it to ride around with over- componentized protective gear that becomes so labor intensive to donn that it never gets worn?
  5. I wish their were a foolproof method to protect the complex anatomy of the shoulder during a accident. There are simply to many range of motion allowances that the joint can perform. I hate beating a dead horse to death but I assume their are many new members that are not familiar with my accident so here’s a compendium: My humeral head was pulverized into countless fragments last year after impacting my elbow on asphalt at a high velocity when I fell. The forces then translated up the humeral shaft to the head. Unfortunately I have not found or invented any device that would have redirected those forces except for removing my spiked pedals. Being my occupation involves creating specialized devices (orthoses) for patients suffering from musculoskeletal and neurological deficits I have experimented with various designs both before and initially after my accident. Below is a humeral fracture brace that I applied after the accident which I thought might offer some adequate compression through the surrounding tissue to help absorb and diminish any future impact. This was before I met with the ortho surgeon and found out the true biomechanical insult that caused the injury. Leading up to the accident I had experimented with full gear but none of this protective apparatus would have saved my shoulder. I even modified my titan elbow pads to included customized shock absorbers designed with specialized shock absorption foam sandwiched between the existing exoskeletal framework of the elbow pads and a silicone shielded outer layer. This was my final attempt to create a protective device that would help diminish the forces that originally caused my fracture. If anyone wants to their share ideas on how to fully protect the shoulder after an elbow impacts the ground at a high rate of speed please feel free reply. Aside from properly rolling out of a bad situation (best idea) or wearing a full body cast with groin straps to avoid upward displacement I have not found the answer.
  6. Awesome addition to your product line Kevin! It happened to me too!
  7. I thought this topic was about burning calories. Here’s my 2 cents about spikes:
  8. Awesome group photo! I need to ride with you guys before the weather turns crappy.
  9. Your a great guy @trya! I couldn’t resist. Sorry!
  10. Glad you survived -mostly unscathed! You are extremely fortunate! I’m not sure if I would have attempted your shoulder reduction technique but it sounds like you had success re-establishing the humeral head.
  11. It heard it took @Marty Backe a few tries before he made it down safely.
  12. I rarely track my speed. If my wife ever saw this clip.... now that would be scary stuff!
  13. I hate to admit it but your’s is bigger than mine.
  14. I was at 85% thank God! I learned from my last pot hole attack and instinctively crouched while leaning backward to slow everything down.
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