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Well done @Villac . The good that I am doing to provide inspiration. It is precisely my intention. And at the same time to get the manufacturers to wake up to the fact that, these devices need to start manufacturing in particular, also Exreme use.
By the way ..
Slightly lower air pressure helps to jump over a stone street.

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GPS is too slow to measure the instantaneous and actual speed.

Whats too slow for you? For me it updates once per second which I think is fine. It's at least better than no speed at all with very little reference on actually how fast you're going based on very shaky video and unknown FPS.

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Okay, I did not know that it can be so fast.
All GPS measurements I have used have been inaccurate and slow. I do not know why. Seem downright unreal figures.
Yes, I have been thinking about to put the camera directly on the phone's display. It would be quick, and at the same time see more data.

The latest video, I have used Gotway own beep. It will beep the first 38kmh.
It has a factory modify the availability me a printed circuit board. In the first speed alarm is turned way up.
It can not get any information about the speed.

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One uneventful commute of mine, door to door. I recommend watching it only if you're already bored from watching paint dry... I added some music though. ^_^ And in case you cant see it well enough, yes they're AIRMAX :lol::lol:


nice vid! how did u get that angle on the gopro? what mount did u use??

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