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  1. Not sure what's going on. Let me know if this persists.
  2. John Eucist

    World map of EUC riders

    Not sure if this should be pinned. Especially since anyone can edit anyone's entries on that map. I'll leave it to the other mods to decide.
  3. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    FYI this is what the emoji settings screen looks like. Apparently the first set is black and white on THIS PC but not my other one.
  4. This poll is created due to this thread:
  5. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    There's a "Recently Used" that stays on top. Okay I'll make a poll.
  6. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    No option to do that. It's either remove all or the way it is now. Try jumping using the "Categories" pulldown. Unless it's a HUGE problem I suggest leaving it the way it is now for a while. PS. Get a faster phone.
  7. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    I changed the "black and white" (although it was in color on mine) ones to "Twitter Style". Let me know if this is better. I have no option to put the custom ones on top. I can, however, delete ALL of the "Twitter Style" emojis completely but I think they might be useful as they are "standardized" and commonly used across the internet. Let me know. Example of Twitter Style emojis: ??????????‍♀️??❤️?☕⭐
  8. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    I still don't know what you're referring to. Can you take a screenshot of those bad smilies?
  9. John Eucist

    We need some new smilies!

    What black and white smilies are you talking about?
  10. John Eucist

    Too Many Connections

    They kind of automatically bumped my tier up over time automatically because the forum was exceeding thresholds. Yeah there are cheaper alternatives including self-hosting with the same forum software but I'm lazy and don't want to interrupt something that "works". No need donations. I'll ask for donations if and when one day I feel the pinch.
  11. John Eucist

    Too Many Connections

    No idea what happened. If it keeps doing this please let me know. Already been on the 200 ($130/month) plan for some time.