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  1. Yep, a very nice and positive article. I spend a lot of time on electrek.co becaue I am a huge fan of Tesla and all kinds of electric transportation and I have posted a few requests in the comment sections under other news for an article about electric unicycles. I think that article is finally his response to my suggestions. A while ago there was an article (also by Toll IIRC) about the new electric bicycles shown at some trade fair and when I inquired about EUCs he actually added some pics and a few paragraphs to the article about some of the EUCs at the show.
  2. I had a fall almost a year ago because I tried to ride my unicycle down a lowered curbstone and through the shallow gutter right after it. It got stuck and I rolled my ankle so badly that I can still feel a twinge now and then if I move a certain way. It hs made me very hesitant about getting back on my EUC, in fact I haven't ridden it since. You really DO need the full safety gear wheen out riding - heavy (motorcycle) boots most of all!
  3. next week I'll be spending three days in a school-sponsored holiday camp with some other teachers and around seventy 5th-graders. I might just take my wheel with me on the bus and let them a have a go on it in their spare time ...
  4. Nope, but that is a great idea for the manufacturers in China. Design a unicycle that will accept two of those battery packs. It would be vastly cheaper and much less hassle to ship without batteries and the customer would get a lot more use out of his packs. A couple of years ago German R/C vehicle specialist Graupner offered an R/C monstertruck to special customers that was designed to run with the battery of a cordless electric drill. https://www.graupner.de/mediaroot/files/90165.RTR_Monstertruck_WEB_DE_EN_FR.pdf
  5. Hahahah, can you imagine the mess you will have to clean up if you run over a dog turd on the sidewalk with that thing? It will also cause the friction based drive principle to fail, because the turd will get smeared all over the surface of the ball and turn it slippery.
  6. Damn, that is shame. I wish governments would see that the use of those vehicles is in the national interest (urbanization issues, expensive and spotty public ransport, traffic jams, pollution etc.) and promote them actively, like providing a few for Physical Education classes at every school. Most kids learn how to ride well ridiculously easily, like, in a few minutes, vs. quite a few hours for the average adult.
  7. Arrrrgh, I forgot something, too. Could the next person to fill out the survey perhaps include how LPVs may be the only chance for people with severe physical impairments to remain independently mobile, especially those who would not normally be able to ride a bicycle, like those suffering from COPD etc.?
  8. I have filled out the survey. I left a few comments, too: "E-unicycles are literally the smallest and most efficient means of motorized individual transport imaginable. Their footprint is no bigger than that of the person riding it and it can take you three miles on the amount of energy you use to dry your hair after a shower. Unlike a bicycle you can also bring it in the office or your flat with after your commute. They are the ultimate answer to ever increasing urbanization and the traffic jams and pollution that accompany it everywhere. Proliferation of e-unicycles should therefore be endorsed by all forward thinking governments by any means possible." "I ticked the transportation boxes because that's what I would be using it for if its use wasn't a felony in Germany! No lights or two independent mechanical brakes --> not certifiable for road use ---> not insurable ---> riding a motor vehicle on public roads without insurance is a felony ---> EUC riders = felons!You have the chance here to not be as mindlessly bureaucratic and backwards as Germany. Just make sure the e-unicycles have the tiltback and/or motor pulsation overspeed warning function, beeping only is insufficient." "Again, I would be using it more often if it wasn't a felony here. Also, consider the health benefits. Balancing on an EUC is a great workout for you leg and core musculature without any impact on joints and discs. There are people on EUC enthusiast forums with back or knee pains who have reported much diminished pain or even no pain at all anymore after having ridden their unicycles for some time. As a person who is also afflicted with back pains (41, slipped disc) I can definitely confirm this. As you probably know back pain is a mass scourge in developed countries with lots of sedentary jobs, and it costs every national economy several billions of dollars every year."
  9. Just get a good used one, that's what i would do. I have noticed that there is very little choice to be found in the gap between the generic ones for a similar price like yours and the really nice ones for $800 or $1000.
  10. Maybe the first paragraph applies to middle aged or older people (like your friends) but younger people in the congested city who have never felt any desire to get a car or even a driver's licence will love it. Ever increasing urbanization is one of the most certain future trends. And to be quite honest, I'd love to have an autonomous car. Being able to read or have a leisurely breakfast during my 1h one way commute or maybe even have another nap would be awesome. I take my motorcycle whenever i want to have fun with a serious motor vehicle. P.S. I have just googled the trends for electric skateboards - it looks exactly the same. And the trend curve for "electric bicycle is a mostly flat line, without even any distinctive peaks, and I can tell you that you can see these things frigging EVERYWHERE in Germany, and Germany isn't even coloured on the map showing the most "inquisitive" countries. So, I think that maybe one shouldn't read too much into those google trend graphs.
  11. LOL, so wrong and yet so true, at least in Germany. I also think that EUCs are here to stay. That peak and that depression in interest are just tiny shiverings of the needle, without statistical relevance. I predict that once our vehicles have gained some sort of exposure they will really take off. So far it's only Paris and Singapur and maybe some Chinese cities where these things can be seen by the general public AT ALL. They have the potential to become as popular and as widespread as bicycles.
  12. Nix für ungut, aber da werden der Chef und die Streifenpolizisten das mal zusammen lesen, die Augen verdrehen und dann landet das im Papierkorb. Sowas haben die vermutlich zweimal die Woche an der Backe.
  13. I clicked on that video, now I have ADHS. Thanks. Jesus Christ how I hate that kind of forced "must-spice-up-a-lame-video" editing.
  14. Even the best parents can't watch their children 24/7 ... nor should they. This is like a one-in-a-million case. Speaking of safety I shouldn't have bragged about safely jumping off the wheel dozens of times and being able to keep it upright. I have just had my first real crash, reason unknown - either the wheel cut out (350W, 132Wh vs. approx. 280lbs.) or I just leaned to far forward and fell off the pedals, lol. I surprised my fat-assed couch-potato self though, did a nice tuck-and-roll, no bruise, no rash, no torn clothing.
  15. I always have a learner's strap attached to the wheel, no way it can get away from me. Also, I'm almost always able to keep it upright. I have had to jump off my wheel many dozens of times and it still looks like the day I bought it.
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