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  1. Heat conduction from the FETs directly into the aluminium chassis would be really nifty though!
  2. Plus it would be expensive as hell. Maybe they use copper tubing to conduct heat from the FETs in the ESC to some cooling sink of fan? My old Toshiba laptop works like that, with a 15cm copper tube from the CPU to the fan and radiator at the side.
  3. AFAIK 18650 cells are still the champs regarding mAh per cm³.
  4. Gibts vielleicht einen unter euch, der sein Gotway MSuper loswerden möchte? Wohne in der Nähe von München.
  5. Do I get this right, it was the defective tire that made the wheel so unpleasant to ride at first?
  6. The question is, would a bump at that speed really cost as much speed (and power) to overcome it? After all all the air resistance at that speed is pretty massive. It is possible that the wheel would need no extra power at all, just use a little less power to push forward and let the wind resistance do the rest of the balancing out.
  7. I recently rolled out my old wheel and unfortunately I soon discovered that the battery had given up the ghost - four of the sixteen cells were completely dead. I removed the complete internal pack and I am currently riding with a pretty rough looking DIY solution - four 4s 4.500mAh lipo RC packs, plugged in line with 5,5mm gold connectors, wrapped in an old towel for protection and just dangling off the front of the wheel in a duct tape sling. Needless to say this is less than ideal. I used that solution because the ESCs for brushles motors like the ones that are used in our ESCs take very poorly to very long battery cables, as induced voltage spikes can fry the electronics of the ESC (which is why those ESCs usually have pretty massive capacitors right were the cables from teh battery go into the ESC). This is pretty well known in the world of high powered brushless RC vehicles, and I am therefore very leery of attaching my external battery pack with long cables, like they would be leading from a kind of fanny pack on my belt to the wheel. So my question is: how long do you think can those battery extension cables be without risk of frying the ESC? Do I need to solder extra capacitors into the wheel? Or wont it work at all? Btw my wheel is a generic Aiwheel clone with 350W, it was sold many years ago under the name "CAT 9Droid" in my country.
  8. Yes, that was the post. I was just surprised I found that info on reddit and not on here. Edit: never mind, I just saw that you posted it in the other thread in this subforum.
  9. A post on the r/unicycle subreddit say the new wheel has 50mph topspeed and 116 miles of range as its official stats, apparently quoted directly from an answer of the company to a question a redditor sent them.
  10. I doubt it, physics and material science is just what it is and will only take you so far. It is like trying to come up with a way to make a modern Wankel engine that can match today's gas mileage and exhaust requirements - the combustion chamber just has the literally worst shape possible and nothing can overcome that. With an electric motor you really only need two gears because of its torque curve. Continuously variable is way overkill. But a gearbox for a unicycle is not as outlandish as it seems IMHO. I have always thought that instead of that huge and heavy in-wheel motor a separate, smaller conventional electric motor with a smooth belt drive could save a lot of weight. A gearbox for such a motorshouldnt be so difficult to design. Tiny 1/10th scale RC cars have a two speed gearbox. Hell, even if I had to stop the wheel and change gears manually from high speed cruising mode to offroad mode by hand when I leave the pavement it would mean a massive improvement in performance, speed and range.
  11. efficiency is poor and it cant transmit a lot of torque unless seriously overbuilt. Plus I drove a Lancia Y10 with a CVT transmission for years. That transmission had pretty much given up the ghost at only 50.000km (even though the engine had only 45hp) , conveniently just when the German cash for clunkers program started in 2008. Bought a manual Fiat Panda and never looked back (except when in traffic jams)
  12. Man, you look smooth as melted butter riding that wheel at speed, and on such an awesome course. And here I am still just barely wobbling through the curves on my local schoolyard. I am so envious right now ...
  13. Yes, and while electric motors have awesome acceleration and torque at low speeds their torque begins to drop off dramatically pretty early in their rpm range. You would need a super fast shifting gear box to address the issue ... or a massively oversized motor that is then overkill for normal speeds. The only upside would be that electric motors love running at fractions of their rated outputs and deliver their best efficiency at those loads so you would probably get better range.
  14. Because I would already be shitting my pants at half the speed.
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