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  1. I dont think the V10F has overheating issues anymore. I weigh 130kg without gear and I have taken my V10F up several kilometer long, really steep roads in the Alps where it quit on me several times due to overload issues (too high current draw) but it never overheated.
  2. mhpr262

    InMotion V11

    So around three weeks ago I bought a brand new V11. The instruction manual (which was only in french) showed a production date of "2021 -05- 20" whatever that means. I assume 20th of May 2021. The trouble is that the rear left threaded hole for the screw that attaches the left padded saddle to the frame is broken. I have heard that those attachment points are very weak and that they were supposed to be fixed after the first batch, first with a makeshift metal bracket reinforcement, then with a more solid solution. Does anybody have any idea why there is no such improvement on my wheel? For w
  3. I predict they will stay withe the V11 suspension style. The KS suspension may be superior in theory because it has less unsprung mass, but in practice the difference is just a couple kilograms, even with a big 1800Wh battery. It will be barely noticeable on the road, especially for heavier riders, and in practice the greater simplicity and compactness of the Inmotion suspension are great advantages. That sticking out linkage system and damper of the KS wheels always seem very vulnerable in caase of a crash and tumble.
  4. If it was delivered three weeks ago it ought to be the very latest batch. Allegedly the bearing issues have been fixed with those.
  5. I have been wanting something like that for years - imagine if Inmotion for instance offered an external backpack 1.000Wh battery that you could plug into all wheels from their line-up! Double the range of your V10F in a second!
  6. Those things are back on the market and available again, this time battery powered: High Speed Cyber Footscooter CIty Ride - Dualtron Man EX+ - YouTube
  7. From what I have read the motor of the Sherman is wound for speed and high rpms. Forcing such a motor to put out high torque at low rpms (like when laboring through mud or slowly climbing a hill) means making it operate far outside its optimal efficiency range. That will make it pull huge amounts of current and generate lots of heat, in the control electronics as well as the motor itself. I have been doing high powered R/C sports for decades, and matching the correct motor (with the correct windings) to a certain car and purpose is super important. Get it wrong and you will end up with a smoki
  8. So I took my new V11 for the first long trip today and emptied out the battery to see what range I could get and what would happen when it was depleted... and I got a pretty nasty surprise. I was expecting the final battery bar to to turn red or yellow or to start blinking like it does with my V10F, but there was nothing - just a voice warning and the wheel started to tilt back immediately afterwards, and dangerously rapidly so. If I hadnt been warned by Marty's range test of the V11 where he mentioned the extremely brisk tilt back, and if I had been going faster than 14rmph - or if I had
  9. No trolley handle on that wheel? I couldnt live without the trolley handle on my V10F.
  10. You have been riding an EUC for one single day and you are alread hitting 30mph/48km/h? Dude... I sure hope you have good health insurance.
  11. Yeah, I kinda want to try them out at least one time but I suspect they would suck to ride.
  12. Seems like those Proton / Trax things are just tiny, twin wheeled EUCs from what i can see...? AFAIK there are even some twin wheel EUCs available new, from Airwheel and Inmotion.
  13. Btw I have some pretty hilarious photos from when I was wobbling about on that awful muddy trail, with my arms flailing and my thumb inadvertently pressing the tablet - some mud and sticks in the rut: I wobbled left... I wobbled right... ... and I wobbled all around...
  14. So at the beginning of August I did another leg of the Danube bike trail, this time the leg between Ingolstadt and Kelheim (meaning I would finish right where I started the previous leg). I started out in Feldkirchen, south east of the asymmetric three leaf "clover" style Autobahn intersection on the far left of the map. This was the road leading me to the Danube: The first glimpse of the great river: I followed a bike trail like this on top of the levee for much of the way: The Irsching power plant. One of those hangar
  15. Change tire, check all screws for tightness, check pedals for cracks. Dont fuck around with the bearings if they are still OK, there is a 99% chance you will only make them worse by performing "maintenance" on them, by damaging the seals for instance, or forcing dust and grit into the insides when wiping them down on the outside.
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