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  1. Have you ever tried riding two up that way, with someone else standing on the pedal on the right hand side?
  2. An Inmotion V10F is a high quality wheel in the middle- to upper middle price range at around $1.500 and it will do 25mph topspeed and will easily go 30-35miles at lower speeds with a normal weight rider (75-80kg). It is powerful enough to haul my 130+kg fat ass well over 25 miles in hilly terrain at around 15mph.
  3. One of those things will probably cost more than the rest of the EUC.
  4. I cant wait for someone to build one of the new axial flux electric motors in an outrunner configuration and use it in an EUC. Those things ought to be massively superior performancewise to the current motors, and much lighter to boot.
  5. A 16'' wheel without suspension and a battery smaller than 2.000Wh will never sell for more than $3.000 US, no matter how fast and no matter how many volts its battery has. It will be sold for under $2.500 for sure.
  6. Ouch I almost never go faster than maybe 16mph so the top speed of the V12 would be wasted on me. For 1.000€ extra I can build one hell of an external backup battery for my V10F.
  7. Electric kick scooters with solid rubber tires are what he is looking for.
  8. I started riding on a cheap, used, generic 16 cell, 14'' wheel, for just $170 or so. It was hard to learn on that for a big guy like me, but I did learn how to balance so I knew I could do it before getting my V10F.
  9. On the bright side you probably wont have any problems with sciatica.
  10. Yeah, my V10F can do 45kmh when unlocked with the EUC World app but I hardly ever go faster than 22-23 kmh. I only wear a bicycle helmet so I wont attract unnecessary attention from the police (EUCs are highly illegal where I live) and that lets you really feel the speed. So many people wear full face motorcycle helmets that totally decouple you from the sense of speed you're going and are then totally surprised when they faceplant and get banged up badly.
  11. Last week I scouted a new EUC route with my car, in the pouring rain. Today I got to try it out on my wheel, in perfect weather and it was all I had hoped for and more. This is around 10 kilometers north east of Altötting, one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in all of Germany: The length of the route is about 25 kilometers and I was passed by about three or four cars over the whole distance. It was such a nice, relaxed ride. Fun fact: in the lower right hand corner of the map you can see the small to
  12. Ride an uninsured e-scooter and you go to jail for eight weeks (and very likely lose your job too), but groom and serially rape underage girls and the police will be afraid to touch you. Some seem to be more equal than others. Literal insanity.
  13. I am on my third Imotion V10F due to various issues with the first two* but every time I open my Inmotion app it tries to connect to one of my other wheels that I do not even own anymore. How do I remove those from the app memory so that my current wheel is the one and only the app connects to on start-up? *first one tipped over at walking speed and just died, second one started making horrible scrunching scratching noises after several rides on wet and salty roads - what I suspected to be bearing issues turned out to be insufficiently tightened screws in one pedal hanger so they l
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