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  1. Get better soon. I had a minor crash when I was still so new that I was just barely able to free mount and keep myself upright on the wheel. My own fault entirely but I still rolled and sprained my ankle so badly that it took nine months to heal fully. Kept me off the wheel for more than three years until I had gained back enough courage to get back on. Just rolled over the 1,000km mark on my V10F two days ago!
  2. Riding an EUC on public roads is already a full blown felony where I live, with possible prison time. As they are not road legal they cannot be insured, and riding/driving a motor vehicle without insurance is a big no no here. Soooo .... But seriously as long as there arent reckless idiots (looking at you NYC riders) who cause some really high profile accident like breaking some kid's legs or killing some granny I doubt politicians will stir themselves anytime soon. Those vehicles are just too niche and too rare and they are bound to remain that way for the foreseeable future.
  3. Makes you wonder what the advantage of the hollow core motors even is if they still have to use spokes to connect the "hub" to the stator... and the motor cables leading to the motherboard are just as thin as before.
  4. regarding the Bluetooth conncectivity issues, I have found they almost always occur when the wheel is already on when the app is launched. Switch off the wheel when the app searches for too long and then switch it back on again and it will connect within seconds. Ideally you dont switch on the wheel before you have opened the app and the issue wont even arise in the first place.
  5. It is pretty easy once you have figured out the proper method. All you need are two really big screwdrivers with wide, flat heads. Ideally you wrap their shafts with some tape and cloth to pad them. You first remove the screws that hide underneath the side pads, then insert one screw driver near the top and lever the sidecover away from the shell half an inch or so. Then you insert the second screwdriver into the gap that you have just opened, as far away from the first screwdriver as possible. Then you use THAT screwdriver as a lever to prise open the sideshell. Then repeat this
  6. Lot 3A you say, is that already the version with the bigger bearings? I cant remember the number salad of the bearing models.
  7. LOL reading this thread reminded me of how I warned a newbie on the electric unicycles subreddit about getting a V11 because of the bearing issues and promptly got shat on and downvoted en masse - "You are out of date!1!!1 They have fixed it!1!!1 The new bearings have rubber seals!!1!!1" Fixed it, my ass! I do wonder what the real problem is here though. Are the seals too hard? Do they wear out too quickly and lose their sealing ability? Are they seated incorrectly in the side of the bearing? Are the rubber seals warped and leave gaps? Very odd.
  8. getting killed because somebody saw you were wearing a helmet and was therefore not keeping a sufficient following distance is a very small and very cherry picked percentage of cases ... the vast majority of crashes are single vehicle crashes because of excessive speed, or locking up the brakes, or rain, or gravel or oil on the road, followed by riders getting taken out by left-turners in the oncoming lane and people who run red lights on intersections. In neither case will not wearing a helmet benefit you in any way.
  9. I wonder why they went so overboard with those hollow bore motors that need those giant specialized bearings. If they had just used ordinary style but slightly oversized axles, lets say between 3cm and 4cm diameter, they would have been robust enough for the heaviest riders and the toughest use, they could have used motor wires as thick as they liked and at the same time they could still have used standard size bearings for just a couple of dollars apiece.
  10. I dont have two chargers, but I have recently bought a 5A charger for my Inmotion V10F, to use for topping up the charge on a longer tour (I am planning to do do some next spring or summer). I had to build an adapter for it because it came with the wrong plug ( a GX16-3 instead of the Inmotion GX12-3) but it seems to work flawlessly. The factory charger has only 1.5A and wouldnt even have been worth taking along on a tour.
  11. I love how so many people in this thread say that they just had to get one the moment they saw one, either on youtube or in the wild. It was exactly the same for me, I just HAD to find out what riding such thing was like and if I could learn it.
  12. They dont kill the fun for me. As soon as I got my first "real" wheel after my 350W leaner wheel I also bought a good bicycle helmet. Now I wouldnt feel safe anymore without the helmet, just like I would be feeling anxious if I had to drive my car on the freeway without a seatbelt.
  13. www.electro-sport.de www.scooterhelden.de Obviously both in Germany
  14. Ich hatte mir vor ein paar Wochen dieses Ladegerät hier bei amazon bestellt. 5 Ampere bei 84V für nur 43€ klangen nicht schlecht, besonders da der passende Stecker für mein Inmotion V10F lieferbar zu sein schien. Vor drei Tagen kam der Lader an - vom absolut toxisch-ätzenden Plastikgestank, der aus dem Karton kam mal abgesehen, machte sich Enttäuschung breit: der Stecker am Lader war nicht der benötigte GX12-3 Stecker, sondern der haargenauso aussehende, aber deutlich größere GX16-3 Stecker. Ich habe mir also auf ebay passende GX16 und GX12 Pärchen bestellt und habe daraus heute eine
  15. Thanks, that seems to be it. I have ordered a couple of them. The plug on the new charger appears to be a GX16. A pity the wheel isnt equipped with one of those, it seems to be a much better fit for the power that is actually sent through those connectors.
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