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  1. Funky

    Shop for tires

    Hello, tis will sound stupid.. But i can't seem to find any shop that offers 18x2.5 tires.. Atleast where i found them, they are sold out or unavailable. Especially in Europe. Maybe some good samaritan could link some shops? Want to get one spare tire, for safekeeps.
  2. If i get 20.000km ill be super happy. 20-30% capacity lose 1-2more charging times Better charge 100%+30min-1hr balancing after charger goes green each time then. (My case when battery drops around 40%) Than charging to 80% and some times to 100% risking some cell dying.
  3. Not speed demon, not going over 22mph(35kph) Most time around 16mph(26kph). So simply speaking: keep batteries above 40% for safety. Charge whenever you need to 100% for balancing (My case 1-2 times a week) Nothing happens if i charge to 100% and don't ride for 2-3 days? Or better charge to 100% before ride?
  4. Hello, so i just got myself new 18XL. But i got question about charging: I use about 5-15% of battery everyday. I know it's better to charge 100% +(balancing cells). But should i charge everyday, or when the battery reaches 40-50%?(Once a week)? Nothing happens to battery, if i charge it one time per week to 100%?
  5. Emm, no skills what so ever.. You just could tell theres rubbing by sound (learned from pc builds etc..) Ofc i could live with sound, but why sould i, if it isn't meant to be there.
  6. It shouldn't happen from the start.. They press those 3 capacitors so tight, that it bends fan metal casing.. Making it rub.. Even if i din't fix it, in time the fan blades would rub plastic down and make less noise..
  7. Found recording on youtube already first 1-8 sec same sound.. I opened the wheel and it seems the 3 Green big capacitors are to close to fan.. (It's pressing against fan casing and that makes fan rub..) I moved the capacitors lil bit away from fan casing and resiliconed them.. For now it seems working.. Need to wait so silicone can get cured. Then we will see.. Not so great start :S
  8. I'm little bit worried, when i start the wheel, or start charging.. It make very loud "Brrrr" sould as there where wire in the fan noise, for about 4secs and stops. (Loudness wise it's the same as the power up/down, lift up beeps). Is it really normal? At the store "window model" it din't make that sound. :S At youtube no wheel at startup made that sound.
  9. I got Hextech pedals also, for now i will try orginal "big black" pedals. Later someday i will open up the wheel and change to HexTech ones =) Will give feedback later. Got hextech because i don't like sandpaper and i love honeycomb pedals. You can make spiked pedals feel the same as sandpaper, just screw the spikes deeper (ofc if you can screw the spikes) When i tried 16s, it din't have spikes also, only sandpapper, later the owner added screws (simple 4m screws) and the grip was SO better..
  10. Is it normal that when i turn it on, the fan speeds up for 3-4 secs and stops?
  11. Got 18XL baby!!!! Tomorrow first ride!!! Gota build stand now =) At the moment it's charging. At the end din't wan't to risk it.. 18XL was safer bet.
  12. I hate sand papper, only thing i need to say: holes = no dirt
  13. Yeah it got white shell and large pedals already, i know v1 v2 v3 versions on 18xl (black brittle shell, white, and white stronger) But 16x looks so good, but then again 18xl are tested and good. Also with 18xl i can change all hextech pedals (pedals+pillars) But with 16x i can change only pedals (pillars stay original) It seems 16X pillars are much weaker than 18xl, because it got holes in them no? Or are 16x and 18xl pillars same strength? Holes makes it weaker i think. I will use original charger that comes in box..
  14. They both are in shop, i can take a look at the wheels etc.. (can't ride doh). 16X looks so sexy and fun.. 18XL are reliable, and stronger Will see which one i will get xD
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