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    Kingsong KS16X: A long overdue preview and initial impressions video. Ps: My first vlog, gotta work on some idiosyncrasies that I have 😂😂😂 Filmed entirely on my iPhone and video was pumped out in a few hours. Hope the Singaporean accent isn’t too terrible for you guys. It’s my first time doing a video “vlog style”, a little nervous and unnatural 🤣
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    Today I met up with @Azze80 for some skill practice. We practiced slow carving, twisting, backwards riding, some high speed riding and braking. His 16X was at 180km. We changed the tilt back to 50kmh and the alarm to 48kmh. My riding weight was 66kg. I took it up to 43kmh quickly and it tilted me back two degrees for less than a second. I took it up slowly to 45 and it did fine. I took it up to 47 quickly and it oscillated 3 times quickly. As soon as I felt the oscillation I backed off the speed. I took it up to 50 slowly and it did fine and I could hold 50 for a few seconds before I ran out of track. I also did some riding on asphalt and as my calves/legs/ankles don't touch the side pads when riding I felt that all potholes, bumps, cracks, etc were amplified. Sometimes I try to get my legs off the MSX pads and move my feet out but that is no easy task. On the 16X it's the opposite and becomes the default stance. Gripping the wheel slightly made it much easier to handle imperfections. I see this is a skill issue though and it can also be worked around by using 2cm pads per side.
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    About myself: I'm just under 2 months new to electric unicycles. First wheel: Gotway mten3 ~250 miles mten3 wheel log Second wheel: Gotway MCM5 ~450 miles MCM5 wheelog Third wheel: Kingsong 16X ~650 miles 16X wheelog Body weight: 137 lbs, 5'4. My unique perspective: A lightweight coming from a 10" wheel as the norm. I also don't hold back in sharing what I'm feeling in the moment, knowing full well that my opinion will change a week later. The cool kids club <3: @Mike Sacristan@Diana@houseofjob
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    Met and greeted by the Kingsong Boss. Kingsong philosophy is to make the best EUC for first and last mile vehicle not too speed, FYI, the 31 mph we have now is plenty facts enough. Their attention to safety and Quality Assurance is impressive, given the relatively new EUC industry. Shame I can’t upload more videos and pics as I am using my phone and I have a 3.1mb limit. Addition: we have from Left, Vicky, Tina(in the black top) The Boss/owner of Kingsong, Me and Millie
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    Plz tell them to do a 14 x 2.5 wide or better(!) 14 x 3 wide MCM with 2P 21700 Samsung 50E pack
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    I think @Jason McNeil will bulk order and distribute these if we agree on which tire is the best.
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    Hey fellow riders... I planned my 60 cell V8 battery build for a long time and only recently got around to finish it. I had worries of building an unbalanced pack as I planned building with used cells. The used cells also came partially from an old v8 pack which had damaged cells in it (corrosion damage) and partially from used cells ordered online (same model cell). The two cell kinds had different remaining capacity and slightly different internal resistance. To make things more unsettling to proceed, I had 30 good cells and 30 slightly more used cells. Avg 3200mAh capacity on the newer cells and avg 3020mAh capacity on the older. A 60 cell pack with 20 groups requires 3 cells in each group and with 30+30 it's impossible to balance the group capacity out. I did my best to keep the groups within 150mAh of eachother. Lower wasn't possible without throwing away "good" cells. My experience of building the pack is that it's very time consuming. It took me a lot of hours. Points I learned: 1. It's very useful to leave the cells fully charged for a long period of time. I didn't do so intentionally but because the project was delayed. My plan was to measure internal resistance (i can see it on my 18650 charger) and weed out bad cells that way. That never happened. The resistance readings were very hard to stabilize, even when measuring several times and calculating averages. In the end I ignored the internal resistance. Mistake? Seems no. The pack appears very nicely balanced after several rides. It appears that leaving cells fully charged is a good test in itself to see which cells have accelerated internal discharge. I rejected a few cells that didn't measure high internal resistance on the charger, by this measure alone. They had all a different voltage drop, some severely different and some were of the new cells with large measured capacity which surprised me. I'm happy they didn't end up in the pack because they would have been a pain to take out. I would maybe never have gotten to it and just discarded all the cells. 2. It's good to get it right the first time. When operating a spotweld machine it's not always easy to find the right settings. Too low and you got a crappy connection. Too high and you'll melt the cell casing. I couldn't risk having to take the pack apart again and tear casing off the cells, rendering them useless. 3. You can get shock from a battery. I put protective tape over the terminals after each one was finished welding. I still got a few jumps. Protect the terminals well. Conclusion: As long as the cells are the same model (lg mh1) in my case, it seems it is ok to mix old and new cells given they passed the long term discharge test. You can expect the cells to remain in very good balance arranging them by capacity alone. Even with group capacity differences of 1.5% it seems they don't deviate when discharging/charging (on a v8 bms). The v8 bms is not doing much, if anything. When I took the old original pack apart I had cell voltages all over the place (corrosion damage). If I had to build the battery pack again I would probably have spent a bit more money on getting cells that come from the same batch. It would simplify things. It saves a lot of time because the capacity arrangement takes just a few moments instead of days. Lg MH1 cells are really good. They are cheap and last a long time. I've heard sanyo/panasonic cells last even longer. Maybe next time I'll use those. In either case I'm very happy with the pack I built.
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    It’s just silly to see people riding around on MIPS full face helmets or $500 motorcycle helmets but have a t shirt and shorts on with no other gear. And then they fall and they never hit their head but have to take off work because their hands are so badly abraded they can’t grip anything or type. My priority for gear is based on the most likely part to be damaged in a crash. So gloves is highest priority, followed by knee pads (from my falling history). Gloves are mandatory even on 2min trips to the store. Helmet is not.
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    Yes. I know of at least one person who added a solid-state relay delay, that disengages the speakers for a few seconds after power is applied.
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    All three wheels you mentioned have TO-247s (MSX too). The 16X is limited to 50kph and with the inflated KS speed readings, maybe more like ~45kph in reality. So it might be too slow for you (not faster than the Tesla). Everyone says the Nikola rides great and better than the MSX, but the MSX is better for offroad and locking your feet in with the high and angled pedals.
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    Since I have only been driving since April 2019 and have only little knowledge, I would like to understand this correctly. Does this mean that the 16X at 50km/h can't get any faster to regain balance when it comes to an overlean through a pothole or a bump? So if I understand it correctly, where is the safety buffer of what Kingsong is talking about? The 16X should be able to easily reach 60 km/h or more to restore balance, right? Just switching off at 50km/h is the stupidest and most dangerous thing you can do, right? A speed limit of 50 KM/h followed by a tilt back is understandable, but not by a cut-off at approx. 52 km/h. Recently I only had one experience with my Inmotion V8, when I came out of a sharp curve and have full accelerated to the 30 km/h warning tone and tilt back (WheelLog setting is 35km/h Limit) as I was driving over a bump at that very moment. This brought my body a little too far forward and the V8 tried to compensate this by further acceleration, while in slow motion the V8 tilted forward until I fell forward. My topspeed is 32km/h with little tilt back, but the moment I crashed was definitely several km/h faster. Would almost say 36-38 km/h. I'm also pretty sure that if the V8 had had enough power, it would have gone differently without testing my protectors and helmet.
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    I couldn't grasp it when I rode on asphalt later. I was all over the damn place! The 16X followed almost every irregularity on the rode and really took me for a ride haha. Then I realised that this was the dark side of being free and not touching the sides. I am totally fine with that and it is exactly what I want... so I ordered a 16X today. I did sell my Onewheel after all. And failed to replace it. One wobbly wheel for another! The Nikola 100V was great but it's too similar to my MSX. I want something that is the opposite of it. I have to take a better look at my braking technique with the 16X. I had no big trouble breaking but also as a MSX rider I tend to grab the pads and crank the wheel back to slow it down. Big wheel, small guy. So I am pretty sure I squeezed the pads while breaking without thinking about it. Thanks! I do a lot of practice and playing and I still have so much more to learn. I am trying to learn backward figure eights but I really suck on one side haha. It drains me emotionally. More reason for me to practice. The 16X is going to be an awesome challenge to ride and master and I look forward to it! PSI on the 16X was 2 PSI higher than my MSX according to my shitty pump/gauge so I am guessing it was at 22~23 and my riding weight was 66kg. I will definitely try different PSI when I get the wheel. The feel was harder than my MSX but that is no surprise. I would not ride the 16X below 20 PSI. I thought I was riding my MSX at 20 PSI for 5000km and in the end I was riding at a bit over 30. It's all good. Potato/Tomato.
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    In my earlier life I was into astronomy big time. Still have my equipment, including the Celestron Cassegrain 8-inch.
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    What aboug the other option? That's the one... At the risk of being rebuked by the moderators... Using a (designer) cover has a number of advantages, including being able to replace it if it does get significantly damaged, or having dirrent ones available allowing you to choose to suit your mood. From the rumours I hear, as well as expanding to include more models (in the near future) whoever makes these awesome covers has also already included a number of improvements to the existing models as well as personalised customisations! Thiings like these; KS-18XL with personalised EUC Bodyguard (feauring a custom "yni-yang" emblem) KS-16S with personalised EUC Bodyguard (feauring a custom "turtle-yang" emblem)
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    You mean the people discussed here or here? Or how Ninebot was prematurely pronounced dead in several posts like the one here in 2017, after the P Pro recall and the lackluster S2 retread of the 16" OG One tech? It still surprises me how people will just automatically believe whatever they're fed online, don't question things..... like why would $80 million be invested to acquire Segway only to give up exploiting a key segment of their IP?
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    Haha, the same reason why I too choose the 16x over the nikola, I find it absolute ugly.
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    Dunno, still can't bring myself to go 40, but typical signs of no more available power is a floaty feeling, like the magnets cannot hold any more, but this is very near the max. And you will still hear otherwise from me. Hundreds of miles put on both, and I stand by what I've said: the Nik+ is waaaaay easier to push than the 16X (which has more resistance in this comparison, albeit not nearly on the level of say my least fav rock-hard-across-all-modes Gotway in the MSX), especially on soft mode, this has been confirmed many times over by our local experienced multi-wheel NYC Nikola owners, as well as on these forums. If you want confirmation from someone in your same rider weight class, perhaps try @eddiemoy. LOL, if you're not a top speed guy on these super conservative EUC forums, I have no clue who is
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    I’m getting out of bed at 3:17am just to do this
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    You need a few things, and patience. 1. Multimeter - 10usd? 2. 18650 charger with capacity measurement - 10usd? Liitokala 500 3. Spotwelder - cheapo ~ 40usd 4. Nickel strips, I used 6x0.15mm and ran it side by side (better welding with gap between spotweld electrodes). I reckon limit 6 amps per strip so I ran at least 4 strips ~ 24 amps for short connections and 5 strips for longer ~30 amps. Heat = bad. A big roll was like 10usd. Enough for several packs. 5. Balance wires. 5x4S for external balancing. Didn't really need this but I like my pack balanced. I got a cheap 4s high voltage precision hobby charger (balance lead charging only). Wires ~ 2usd? Charger ~15usd 6. Soldering iron ~ 5 usd? 7. 20-25 extra LG MH1 cells. I got 30 of them used but in near new condition for ~40usd. The rest of the 35-40 cells you can harvest from the old pack. Ideally to save time just order like 63-65 cells to ensure you have 60 matched ones. Then you save time. 8. Some blue shrinkwrap, tape, protective isolation paper wrap, adhesive paper washers to put on top of the cells. ~10usd? 9. Glue gun. 5 usd? 10. Patience Check cells for damage/capacity/self discharge. Repair/arrange them. Use the glue gun to fix the cells together in a configuration that fits the cavity. Arrange them in groups of 3s. After spotwelding together the terminals protect them from accidental contact by covering them with tape. Solder balance leads to bms. Shrinkwrap. Enjoy. This took me several days. I had a spare V8 battery pack to play with so I didn't have to rush.
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    Following steps 1-3 you can do one side first then do the other side later. 1. remove pedals 2. to remove side covers, remove 10 screws on each side.(Each side: 2 under top pad, 4 each under side pads) 3. disconnect hall sensor cable and motor cable (one cable on each side) 4. remove 5 big motor screws on each side 5. lift up the LED strap and over the L shape motor pillar so they don't get in the way when you slide down the motor 6. slide down the motor with tire. That's it !!
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    Thanks to the KS16X we're catching up at a staggering rate
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    I agree with a lot of what you say but for example. I have some experience of the MSX, I believe that one of the reasons (main reason) that it does not vobble as much as the 16x(cause it does vobble), is that you have more control over it due to the locked position with the side pads hitting your legs. Put thicker side pads on the 16x and see what happens Don’t hate me now, lol. I won’t take away you guys superior experience here. Just thoughts. anyways, thanks @Mike Sacristan for a great time and testing your wheel!
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    8:57 For me e-skateboards are not as practical because their small wheels limit where they can go. EUCs have a huge wheel in comparison, allowing them to easily roll over rocks, cracks, broken concrete, grass, etc.
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    That would’ve made a great video! Your new logo.
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    This is what happens when you trolley your KS16X over a small wooden bridge, the bridge is apparently too slippery for your wheel, starts spinning like crazy, and slides off the bridge in the mud next to that bridge, continuing to spin ....
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    Hurry up before we put a time limit for your entries !!!
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    I know there's some sharp and knowledgeable people on here but you're right I didn't realize there were such talented artists too
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    @mrelwood @Ben Kim FYI judging by the new 16X 0% being 3.15V, seems this will be the case for all KS going forward
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    Fueled by this topic I made a soft mode range test with my 84V MSX, riding a familiar route that I have so far ridden only in medium mode. Route is 55km in length, and consists of roughly 35% tarmac with a few not steep but longish inclines and declines, and 65% of delicious dirt/fine gravel in the woods with several quite short, but up to very steep hills. While the steepest inclines were (and emergency brakings would be) difficult on the soft mode, otherwise it’s a nice mode to ride with. It helps with medium acceleration and braking, although the ”aid” window is a bit narrow. Meaning that it’s not helpful on slow or fast accelerations and brakings. On the medium mode my battery generally settles around 14% after the ride. Today on soft mode it settled at 18%. That would translate to roughly 2km difference, which is 4% of the trip length. Although, it was already getting dark, so I did ride slower than usual. I will repeat the test at daytime. And then with the hard mode (unless it starts to beep noticeably earlier than usual). For reference, I got more than 10% difference between the medium and hard modes on the 16S (on a different, 90% tarmac route).
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    When mounting the wheel just imagine you're ice skating. Push off and focus on the angle of the wheel. One foot = appropriately angled inward, two feet = straight. What helps is to have a wall or a handrail. The objective is to put as little pressure on the handrail as possible. When you get to almost no pressure you don't need it anymore. If you feel you can't get the wheel to move, place the foot a little bit further forward on the pedal like a centimeter. By moving your center of gravity forward the wheel will be easier to accelerate.
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    So i bought the 16x 😁😁 Well I've loved it from day one i have MSX for speed i loved my ks16s but small battery , z10 is just incredible i love it , i needed something inbetween with range and i think the nikola is just ugly, I've thought to long now and the little bugs is nothing to be bothered about , i think I've got a good selection of wheels to cover every riding situation , ks16x does it for me hence the purchase 👍👍 I think it will be a good wheel somewhere inbetween the z10 and msx looking forward to receiving it 😊
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    During our CicLAvia ride. From the left: me, @Dzlchef (standing), @YoshiSkySun, @Dave U and his son Brian, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @Freewheeler, @Yellowman (standing), @Jermel West and his son Elijah
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    It's already fixed in my development version and will be available with next update. I plan to publish it very soon.
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    You did an excellent job! Very well spoken and it seemed natural to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing more.
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    Yesterday I saw another Monster (not V3) that was shipped and turned on in transit. Result: battery killed.
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    On the 16S I rode mostly on medium, but the hard mode was clearly better and more effortless when riding over roots and other obstacles. Which does make sense, softer modes tilt more before accelerating, which disturbs the rider’s balance. The MSX is phenomenal off-road because it doesn’t wait for the pedals to tilt at all, it will plow over obstacles with all the power that is required to keep the pedals absolutely flat. It is very stable for the rider. After riding the MSX on any mode, the 18XL hard mode felt like I remember the medium mode on the 16S. Exactly like @UniVehje said, pretty much any change will feel wrong at first. On my 16S the difference was about 10% when I emptied the battery on the exact same trip several times with both modes. I had to extend the trip a bit for the medium mode. The 18XL riding modes could be closer to eachother, or some other reason might make the range difference smaller than it was on the 16S. This has absolutely been my experience, in tire pressures as well. The instant feel of power in a hard mode on a hard tire pressure is intoxicating.
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    Just got a notice from FedEx mine will be here Thursday, I am so excited. I took off Friday to go on a nice long ride. EDIT: FedEx updated to Friday, hopefully early.
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    This has been my experience as well. I've always been a sports guy though, so used to falling in ways that don't cause too much damage.
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    @Yellowman, That is pretty much the case.I texted @Linnea Lin Gotway and got the adress and told her my approximate arrival time.
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    Nice techniques Pico! It is a fun wheel.
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    Info about the 126V Nikola timeline. Originally posted here but I moved the rest of the stuff (a lot of new info not about the 126V Nikola) into its own thread.
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    The problem is not going fast. The problem is going fast and hitting a small bump.
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    Wow. Envious. We in the know, understand the benefits you had from the concrete pillar mount. When I'm retired I may reactive this hobby.
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    I got into Astrology, does that count?
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    my guess would be inmotion, followed ninebot, then kingsong, then gotway.. the brand specific forums are honestly a lot of people with issues and thats why they post there.. a lot of questions and such as well but it would be my assumption that the vast majority of euc riders are just casual riders or people who tried it a few times and didnt especially take to it and these forums are more popular with people with a real passion for electric unicycles, as most forums are.. inmotion and ninebot are backed by huge corporations with a lot of money to spend on QC, advertising, and design.. they are specced more towards casual riding and looks, they are meant to look great and be exceedingly safe and convenient.. the fact that KS and GW are more specced towards power and capability (gotway much more so, kingsong is kind of in the middle but catching up quickly) means there will be more enthusiasts who would be on these forums, and more issues, speculation, hype etc which imo is why you see that they are by far the most talked about on here.. this is all pure speculation i dont believe anybody has actual numbers
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    Red Rock Canyon Ride from PEVRA's Westwheel 2 event in Las Vegas last weekend...
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