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    The NYC crowd is very different from every other EUC group that I see. Basically, a bunch of 20-year guys or guys acting like 20-year old's, who are totally hyped up about speed, speed, and more speed. They think they are the center of the EUC universe and routinely smear all other EUC riders, as zombie riders, slow, boring, etc. They couldn't care less about what anyone in this forum thinks or anyone outside of NYC. Of course I'm generalizing and there are NYC riders in this forum who are not like that. I'm just so happy that I get to ride with a bunch of guys in peace-loving California where the testosterone is a couple notches lower We're not perfect and I'm sure we have our reckless moments, but it's at a totally different level compared to NYC. I've seen people complain about them here, in Facebook, and other places. It's wasted energy in my opinion. See first paragraph above That all being said, I don't think anything they do there will result in EUC's becoming illegal anywhere else. It's all too local and niche.
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    When I see these idiots bearing down on an innocent family with little kids in hand I almost threw my phone! WTF!! How can anyone respect these guys!
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    I unsubscribed from U-stride. I went through his replies and didn't realize he was such an utter douchebag. His replies are pissing me off. I'm glad wrongway and @Duf are calling out his bad behavior in the comments.
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    I can’t sit idly by without posting my opinion on this subject!
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    You forget one thing, and this is the same with motorcycle accidents. It's not falling that will hurt you (well, it will, but not the most), it's suddenly stopping. When you fall at 20mph, how far do you go before stopping? Not that far honestly. Now fall and slide at 40+mph. You will need a lot more space before coming to a full stop. If you have the right technique and some luck (although I know there are riders here that dismiss luck and claim they will always be able to fall "safely" because of "technique" ...) you'll slide it or roll it out fine, until you realise there is an obstacle in the way when still going 15mph. Now, what's 15mph? That's not so fast now is it? Until you slide into a curb, a wall, or a car at 15mph and find some part of your body (or your entire body) needing to absorb the slowdown from 15 to nearly zero. That's when the (permanent) damage is done. That's also why for motorcycles there are race tracks with big run offs. As long as you can fall and slide, and you wear your equipment, you should be ok'ish (with some broken bones if you are out of luck), as long as you can slide to a complete stop. The faster we make EUC's, the bigger the chance that we run out of room before coming to a complete stop.
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    Yep Iam the same.. I DISMOUNT AS SOON AS I SEE A TODDLER IN MY PATH... PERIOD... The toddler doesnt see me, but the PARENTS absolutely do... dont terrorise esp in a park... DISMOUT GUYS.. save that shit for the road please. Other takeaways: SMILE SMILE SMILE , pull down your visor and smile and throw the thumbs up... to youngesters in awe! else youll be percieved as a big bad threat and they may dream badly of you... and thus us. (this is real guys.. we look like cartoon comic bad folk if not smiling.. its menacing... although badass!) . Acknowledge people that enquire about the wheel kindly and with enthusiam... dont fob them off like a jerk too busy... IN A PARK PEOPLE NOT US SHOULD HAVE WAY... BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY. IT BRINGS TREMENDOUS RESPECT BACK AND IT COSTS NOTHNG BUT A FEW SECONDS OR MAX TWO MINUTES SAVING YR BATTERY... c'mon!..
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    As these and other electric vehicles become faster and faster don't believe for one second that we are immune to this countries laws and regulations. I have been flying RC Planes, Helicopters and Quadcopters for many years. Everything was lovely until the irresponsible drone owners arrived and look what that got us. Never say never when your putting others at risk. That's my $0.02
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    I don’t mind reckless driving in empty areas as you only risk yourself. Amongst traffic I guess it depends, do in Rome as romans do. We have the smaller véhicule. Along pedestrians however it is a different question, any of them could have stepped aside, waved out an arm, changed direction. Here in France cyclists pull that shit all the time, and it is only the historical status of bicycle that apparently give them a pass. It is very disagreeable to get zipped by like that by someone who chose to risk your safety. Anyhow, to shorten: people racing through groups of pedestrians thing they have control; they don’t. They have no idea when the kid will jump to the side. Pedestrians aren’t static.
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    As I'm now finishing my big countrywide EUC trip, I was absent on forum last days. Today I found a while to log in to forum and saw this thread. For me this looks very strange and I will investigate this as soon as I'll be back. I hope this is just a bug in factory KS app and not intentional decision to lock certain wheels that was sold outside of their intended sales region. Anyway, I would like to make a clear statement that EUC World users doesn't have to worry. While some features are not supported in KS wheels that was manufactured for domestic (Chinese) market, EUC World is fully safe to use with these wheels. To make it clear - I won't implement any locking features. Also all firmware updates that are available now are safe.
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    Hsiang, first I’d like to state that I totally respect you! Yes there may be a cultural split when it comes to high speed performance versus a midrange pace but that’s ok. Your NYC group, including yourself, demonstrate superb riding skills. No one can argue that. But I recoiled as riders volitionally flew past pedestrians, family and kids that jeopardized their well-being. Sadly I’ve seen too many catastrophic child related injuries and death in my career from seemingly innocuous accidents. Kids falling off trampolines, bicycles and diving into pools. Children being catapulted off swings or merry-go-rounds, blasted in the head with baseballs, TV’s and dressers falling on their little heads....etc. Given my background I have a fairly good assumption what could happen if a 160 pound+ rider traveling at high speed encountered a small child in their path. There is not one member on your team that would purposely injure another person or innocent child while riding as I’m certain you would not be associated with them I pray no one ever experiences a heartbreaking outcome resulting from a split second lapse in judgement. Be well!
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    "One person's freedom ends where the next person's rights begin". “Do not Do unto others what you don't want others Do unto you.” Pedestrians < EUCs/bicycles/escooters < motorcycles < cars < trucks/buses. Put yourself in the place of the most vulnerable person in every scenario and ride/drive around them like you would like to have them ride around you. Simple as.
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    As the guy who picked the demo location; looking back I agree that it was a mistake, the level of excitement and the performance of this wheel both exceeded expectation. We have conducted demo at this same location with prior Gotway wheels and there had never been issues before but the Sherman was just something else. Lesson learned, we’ll do this somewhere else and I can think of a few spots where there won’t be anyone we’ll endanger (other than our selves). I do want to say that the riding culture in NYC is completely different than anywhere else and the expectation from pedestrian is also different, I have a clip somewhere of an old lady with an walker crossing a 5 lane avenue against a red lights with taxis wizzing by. No one waits for a red and for the most part ppl watch where they are going and expects that no one else will follow the rules either. NYC had always been this way and if you watch any of the fixies bike messenger videos in NYC you’ll see the exact same behavior as many of the same people are riding EUC now. I also noticed a different attitude in South East Asia like Taiwan and Vietnam where people have no issues mixing pedestrians and significantly faster scooters, parents keep their kids close and wouldn’t be bothered by a scooter shooting past doing 30mph mere 2-3 feet away. Now a higher traffic fatality rate is recorded in Vietnam and I am not defending the behavior presented in those clips, as I also feel that things went a little bit out of hand. But it does hurt a bit when I see someone posting a photo of a college kid with a nasty label on it, we all do stupid things when we’re young and as an adult if I was caught doing the same thing then that treatment is fair, but in this case I think its harsh. I also think that the NYC myth is a good bit magnified as the web tend to leans towards sensationalism, few people watch the hundreds of clips where we are just riding safely but boy do they pay attention when there’s a crash, something dicey or what not. For the most part we do pay attention, any risky behaviors are pointed out and people whom go gearless pestered so we’re not quite the Mad Max biker gang people think we are either. Finally I totally agree with Marty that I am very skeptical of any suggestion that laws will be made because of these clips, we pay attention because we love EUCs but statistically they are so small compared to the thousands of other traffic death that it wouldn’t register at all.
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    V11 Upgrade Since the Launch Event 1.Pedal Ground Clearance: 195mm to 250mm Angle: 5° to 9° 2.Suspension Travel 70mm to 85mm 3.Pedal Rubber and Sandpaper Combo to Aluminum and Sandpaper Combo 4.Charger Charging Current: 1.5A to 2.5A Charging Duration: 13h to 8h 5.Battery Capacity: 1420wh to 1500wh Cell Brand: Lishen to LG 6.Motor Power: 2000w to 2200W 7.Speed 50km/h to 55km/h 8.Go-home Mode When battery goes below 10%, activate the GO-home mode, the leftover battery can still be used to ride. Come and Join our Telegram Group for more insight. Invitation: https://bit.ly/InMotionTelegram
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    The problem is that you guys making these videos are seen as the ambassadors for our sport. Yourself and you stride are definitely up there. You should at least be trying to set a good example. I understand that "risky" riding scores more youtube hits but there really isn't any excuse for riding at speed in a park, especially near kids. Surely you can pick safer spots to try out top speeds etc. The problem though for many impressionable young folk is they watch these videos and assume that's how they should ride in order to be cool.
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    Testing the 1480wh Tesla V2. Climbed 6035-feet, traveled 42-miles, and still had 33% battery remaining.
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    Tour de West Coast Finland - 1000+ km road trip on EUCs. What: We are riding from Turku to Hailuoto (a large island near Oulu) on our unicycles during our three week summer holiday. The tour will follow the west coast of Finland and we will choose the smallest roads closest to the shore. We will be sleeping at AirBnB or camping sites. Daily activities will include a lot of riding (40-100 km per day) and checking out small towns, museums and other interesting places. The total distance on the wheels is expected to be 1000-1500 kilometers. This is not an endurance or extreme distance trip. We will have pretty relaxed plan and daily rides are relatively short. The main goal is to have a nice vacation, not to break distance records. Who: I will be riding with @HelRider and hopefully we meet new riders on our journey. Why: I got bitten by a long distance riding bug last summer when I did a couple of longer tours (200 and 260 km, two nights). I enjoyed the freedom of just riding and not having to turn back home. The inspirations to these trips have been @Sebaand Monsieur Flex with the world tour. For this summer I planned much longer road trips all winter. The virus forced me to plan my trip to be in Finland. The west coast is very beautiful and I’ve never been there before. During the spring @HelRider decided to join the trip and we started to make more detailed plans. We also did a couple of practice rides together. How: Wheels: 18XL for me and V10F for her. Charging: I can do 100 km and she can do 60+ km on one charge. We have a 5A rapid charger with us with adapters for both wheels (thanks @1radwerkstat). We will charge at least the V10F during lunch breaks and we have two days when the 18XL might need some fast charging also. Sleeping: We have booked camping cottages and AirBnB’s for the trip. No tents this time. Equipment: I have a 36l Osprey backpack plus a 6l lumbar pack. Weight about 9 kg. @HelRider has a 40l Osprey backpack, weight 7,5 kg. Minimal clothing and equipment. Preparing: The tour is roughly planned and most of the nights are booked beforehand. Daily plans are done on Komoot app and we like to have some freedom to just go where there are something interesting. The wheels are checked to be in good shape. Most important preparations were done on our practice tours where we finalized our choice of shoes, settings, clothes etc. Terrain: Mostly small country roads with asphalt, pretty often gravel and small paths. Navigation: Komoot and google maps The plan: Here’s the initial rough plan for the trip. You can expect to have daily updates on this thread and videos 2-3 times a week. If you have questions, you can post them here and we’ll make a Q&A post or video later.
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    The price difference between brands vary wildly around the world. In EU the V11 costs the same or less than the 18XL. Not that there’d be much wrong with the 18XL, but it’s an old wheel, and specs wise the V11 beats it in everything but the near identical battery size (1554 vs 1500 Wh). Comparing specs/price tends to always refer to GW. Of course they are cheaper, they are of lower quality in materials, manufacturing and design. Comparing speed, same thing. GW (and now it’s disciple Veteran) are the only brand that has made a wheel faster than the V11. Most riders don’t need a faster wheel. Comparing battery again points to GW. For the range of 1554Wh 18XL, you need a GW with 2100Wh of battery. Both V11 and S18 allow lower riding voltage than GW, so it’s range should be somewhere in the middle. Should be no problem far outriding a 1600Wh GW. If you look at any deeper than skin deep into the specs, you could say that GW’s are the overpriced ones, since so much of the expensive and heavy battery is left unused. Different needs and requirements.
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    @Mike Sacristan, @Darrell Wesh and @Blicky Te⚡️la : you guys all seem to have mislaid your moral compasses. I don't think you're doing yourselves any favours by continuing with your "reasoning". There is no excuse for riding like that near to pedestrians, especially other peoples children. Absolutely no excuse.
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    I may order a custom shirt with wording like this. That way, I don't have to stop and answer so many questions.
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    That's one smart looking wheel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 with the new tyre install to👍👍 them lights ❤️ ❤️
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    ? I have a feeling you haven't actually looked at specs recently. The V11 is the same exact price or cheaper than any other MSX SKU (now that the 84v MSX has been discontinued), and it's cheaper than all Nikola SKU's except one, within $100/basically nothing. The V11 is like a Nikola that weighs only 2kg more, has only 100-300 less Wh, while having superior ride quality, torque, headlight, weight distribution, IP rating, BMS, quality control/production values, etc. If a 'mediocre' suspension gives it better ride quality than any other pre-suspension wheel (as Kuji says), that's still a huge attribute in its favor. Forget the word "suspension" if it distracts you from the reality so much--for all intents and purposes, the reality is that the V11 has "magic floaty pedals" that make it ride smoother than any previous EUC ever made. By itself that's still a huge asset over any 84v Nikola or MSX, even before you consider the V11 also has the same or better torque and all the other advantages (weight distribution, IP rating, lights, BMS, quality control, etc).
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    Why's it gotta be, "V11 suspension sucks?" Why can't it be, "suspension is freaking awesome, some just a bit more awesome than others?" The different designs do have their trade-offs, and I'm sure that certain types are better than others in different ways. But no doubt, all of these suspension wheels are gonna be so much smoother than anything without suspension before! It's an exciting time for ride comfort and safety =]
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    I think people were initially skeptical about it, then suddenly KingSong jumped in and cash in on the hype and beat inmotion to the market. I think this made inmotion pause and step back a little. Which i'll admit, i think a lot people thought was a mistake as Kingsong went all in with both feet. The first to ship out review units and also bagging kujiroll to promote them. But as we can see in hindsight, inmotion wasn't doing nothing. It was quietly watching, reorganise itself and then launched into another path: interactive and communication with the consumer base. Sadly, Kingsong slowly unraveled itself as we can see from the way the disorganisation came back to bite them and then the negative news rolled in, Inmotion is steadily marching forward. I'm not saying inmotion will bring out an amazing wheel, im just saying by taking time to do things right, change tactics and watch how the competition stab themselves in the foot, Inmotion doesn't have to do much to make some positive things for the V11 to be a good seller. I think there is a lesson here, Something something turtle and the hare or what......? I forget.
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    I live in NYC, ride an EUC, and lean Libertarian, but find the behavior in this video disgusting and unacceptable. It's the same as the thugs who ride in packs of dirt bikes terrorizing the neighborhood. I don't care how skilled you are, do that shit on the road and not flying past families with toddlers so that if you f*ck up, you only kill or injure yourself. If this shit keeps up, EUCs "should" be banned. You are not special if you are skillful with the EUCs, and EUCs are not special.
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    V11 upgrades and changes so far 👍👍 i didn't know they have changed the pedal angle as well as raised it slightly 😊 That's great
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    When I do the high speed Veteran tests (not with me in the drivers seat), it's going to be in the bottom of one of the Los Angeles rivers, Terminator style No bad press and no possible bystander injuries.
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    I agree. However, it magnifies the nuisance and really increases the odds for accident, when these people travel in packs. Not only does the mentality change when in groups, so does the feeling of being invincible. I have been a part of a similar phenomena . Get a bunch of rowdy people together and they feed off of each other's lawlessness. It just keeps escalating. Its not just a problem with euc riders, its in a lot of things, even in peaceful things. One person decides to take a risk and everyone else follow suit. I enjoy most things more, when the group is limited to just a few people. Another problem with groups, if that you become guilty by association. The cities and crowded areas are the WORST! I used to get offered an insane amount of money to drive into Nyc and i always happily declined. Hell, even the city itself, is one large gang that thinks the laws on the books do not pertain to them. You hear it over and over: justification of behavior because the 'rules don't apply' when everyone else is also breaking them. Its not just NYC, it a lot of larger areas. People endanger other people's lives all the time. Watch how tailgaters don't mind doing 70mph with 5' in front of them to the car ahead. People jaywalk, dont use signals in cars, pull out in front of people, cut you off at high speed. The list goes on and on. Its not just an euc thing, its a bigger mentality that is even common in the 16yr girl who's behind the wheel of the expensive car mommy and daddy paid for.
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    I also agree this is stupidity that will eventually see EUC's banned I enjoy riding my wheel as much as the next person and I'm no way a kill joy but riding at 30+ mph in pedestrianised area is dangerous and if it continues will ultimately kill off the EUC hobby. A few years ago when EUC's were a new thing they offered a sensible means of short commutes at modest speeds, they offered a partial solution to city centre traffic congestion and pollution. In as little as 5 years we have gone from a practical transport solution to becoming an enthusiast sport where adrenalin rush is now the primary motive for some riders. We all want a bit of a buzz from riding at high speed / carving etc but there is a time and a place for it and that isn't on a pedestrian walkway in the height of summer. Like everyone else here I want to see EUC's legalised but riding like an idiot in public isn't going to help our cause. I can't speak for any other country but in the UK we will have an uphill struggle to get EUC's legalised, even Escooters with their modest performance are subject to regulation. When an Inmotion V5f was seen as an urban transport solution and a V8 was regarded as high performance there was a case for lobbying government into allowing their use in public but now with 2000w machines capable of 40mph no government in their right mind is going to legalise them. Let's not kid ourselves here, the high powered wheels of today have performance similar to a small motorcycle. My guess is the only way governments will look at legalisation is if suddenly a significant number of new riders come along who aren't adrenalin junkies but want a practical low powered urban vehicle - the 'sensible' riders will be the key to getting governments to consider our case. To a large extent I think the EUC manufacturers are unwittingly contributing to their own demise. Most new wheels on the market now are high powered enthusiast machines, I can understand that the makers have seen the enthusiast market is profitable but slowly the emphasis is moving away from low powered urban transport that a government may be interested in towards a high powered niche market of high speed enthusiasts than governments won't entertain on public roads.
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    I can understand your decision. I'm going to remain hopeful and put my faith in my retailer. I'm assuming the first version may be a tinkerers special. If i didnt already have a dependable wheel and was ready to invest in one of those road kings, I'd be the same way. But alas, the lure of a monoshock and a b-day present wheel is too great. On the bright side, itll either be a fun ride or itll be fun bitching about how it isnt... Im versatile like that! I got tools, glue, ideas and time.... dangerous combination.
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    My spidey senses tell me this wheel will be dope. Think inmotion has made a real play with this one. I suspect V11 will come out on top of this first suspension debut. Probably not for the suspension, but for the wheel itself. Kudos to inmotion for coming out of the gates met by skepticism, and turning it around to deliver a wheel that no one (myself included) thought they could deliver. Super pumped to see the improvements implemented (peddle angle is awesome). Love kingsong as well, but I've had a few quality issues with the 16x that people should not have to deal with on wheels that expensive. I feel V11 will be pretty solid out of the box without required modification on later iterations. For that reason, investment in this wheel seems a much safer bet. Think it will remain relatively unchanged between batches, but S18 I can see going through multiple revisions.
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    Irrelevant of whether the federal government makes a law or not, the widely known fact is that many state and city governments just look to a few high-profile states/cities (like NYC and SF) and follow their example, particularly when it involves technology trends perceived as disruptive. We saw this exact thing with Uber/Lyft and then again with the rideshare scooters; a few high-profile states/cities passed laws and then many others followed suit, often copying the legislation pretty much verbatim. (So getting something banned or heavily regulated in NYC is a good way to see this happen at cities across the country within a year, and not just as a coincidence/happenstance, but as a matter of standard operating procedure.) It's basically de facto federalization without the need for the actual federal government to do anything. And people are delusional if they think "oh we're too small for government to notice". In today's political climate, everyone knows all it takes is just one of these kinds of videos to go viral and it can happen almost overnight. (Probably not merely specific to EUCs, but rather lumped together with esk8/OneWheel/etc.) Politicians actually love these kinds of niche cases because it lets them look good to the masses ("we're doing something to protect children/old people") while only pissing off a very small and statistically insignificant voter group (the riders of niche devices). This isn't a random doom-and-gloom prediction, it's pragmatic realism with lots of clear examples in recent years.
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    In France this video was enough to change everything for the PEVs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srfiAOxbYHc It made a lot of noise in the media and drew the attention of the authorities to the PEVs. Later, a fatal accident on the motorway led to the introduction of a new and very strict regulation for electric scooters and EUCs. - 25km/h max (15mph) - insurance is mandatory (one for each wheel) but impossible to obtain for all wheels that can exceed this speed. In case of a police check, we risk €1500 and confiscation of the wheel - out-of-town driving ban Many neighbouring countries have simply banned PEVs. We've been lucky so far. Don't risk a ban in the U.S. !
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    so its a topic of contention with me and Kingsong: there are manual negative chamber shocks and auto-neg. And then there are shocks with no neg chamber. Most MTB use a n auto-neg shock. Kingsong decided to go with a shock without a neg chamber. To me, this was a mistake and their leg up on inmotion is now gone. Because the negative chamber makes the ride supple and makes it act like a spring. its more detailed than that, but I have a video touching on this. So KS should have gone with a auto-neg shock. But I think it would have cost them money so they decided against that. anyway, just wanna clear that up before people start to believe the propaganda from KS.
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    1) the V8 had red print on its pedals too. The rubber part should clean easily by a damp rag or cloth. You will see it add Inmotion nicely irl I am sure. 2) I agree with this. It one of those simple minor things that add the dot to the I(nmotion). 3) I got a product that is a rubber tape it has no glue on it. To apply it you pull it to 2x it length. This activates the rubber. You the twist it around a pipe or cable or here the stand. The rubber will then fuse together making a waterproof and electrically safe rubber tube. You can buy this in your DIY home fix store.. I will make a video about it. My wheel is ready to ship out shortly do you see it before most have their wheel. 4) Now that you mentioned it. I didn't notice it before. I will make videos ones I get my wheel. Shipping expected in the next few days I am told. Travel time to me was said about 1 week (airlifted door to door, expensive but this way I have it for my vacation). Since it goes directly to me and not by a dealer first I might be in the frontline to be able to share content from a real deal wheel. This is also why I am looking to get a 360 camera. It turned out to be one super expensive EUC year so far for me. Eh but what can you do. It is a lifestyle right @Marty Backe?
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    King Song has announced the changes to be made for the final production run of the KS S18 and can be found on Rev Rides web site. So King Song has been listening to all the feedback from the pre-production demo S18's sent out to YouTubers/Influencers etc. and addressed the issues I have also been told by King Song that the final choice of tire for the S18 will be the Chao Yang H5102. This was a change from the expected H-666 which I am told is no longer made by Chao Yang, so unable to be supplied to King Song in large enough numbers for production. I would also imagine that the profile of the H5102 will help with clearance along with the changes mention in point number 3. below! https://revrides.com/blogs/news/major-changes?fbclid=IwAR3-ohb3Sk3CmJCgyt7UA3UJ86_oCIAO9MnZAgBcs-SVC19yvzB4UEH2V2E 11 MAJOR CHANGES ON THE KING SONG S18 PRODUCTION MODEL June 30, 2020 As prototype King Song S18s were passed out to content creators to be tested and reviewed, electric unicycle enthusiasts started to question some design and functionality features. Fortunately, these concerns were about a prototype, so King Song listened and addressed them. Here is a list of changes and improvements on the production model King Song S18: Adjustable Pedal -Structural: The pedals are adjustable allowing riders to lower the platform by 2cm. This allows riders of different heights to have better control and increased comfort levels on the S18. Mudguard- Back fender: Previous mudguard was secured by glue and one screw. The final production is secured by a total of 3, one on each shell and one in between with the addition of glue. Tiring rubbing noise: Some prototypes experienced a rubbing noise issue. The tire we used on prototype is a little bit wider than massive production, and the mainboard holder tubes had some errors, so the tire might be pushed to one side and scratched the body shell. We’ve adjusted the moldings/dimensions to eliminate these issues. Wobbliness: Users experienced issues where the wheel would wobble when braking. After testing we eliminated the issue being suspension related but was rather padding related. Users could not grip the wheel when braking hard, we have since increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm. Top of wheel hurting inner knee: The padding was not thick enough causing the knee to interact with the harder elements of the wheel. Final production will have increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm. Body shell: Some users experienced the case not being durable enough when crashing. We started using a material with more flexibility causing it to be less brittle. ABS+PC. Outer shells popping off: Users experienced the white body panels coming off when crashing, we have increased the thickness of the clips so they don’t come off as easily. Handle: Sometimes the trigger button gets stuck, we’ve added a crystal silicon logo above the button to create a uniform force downwards. Steel Slide: To increase the durability of our suspension we have changed the sliders from aluminum to steel. The steel is treated to protect it against elements. Suspension support frame: Suspension support frame is changed from space grey to gold. Padding durability: We have changed the material for the padding so it doesn’t rub off as easily.
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    Bro, just give it time. The mten is the most fun damn thing on the planet (almost), but bigger wheels also have their smooth joy. What you now own, is totally different ends of the spectrum. I got a bigger wheel first and when i got a smaller wheel, I was REALLY frustrated I couldnt even mount the damn mten. I was confident that I CAN ride these damn things, as I was getting smoother on a bigger one already. Just put your mind to it and try to remember how odd it was when you first got the mten. It won't take you two months to learn the z10 (epic choice btw!) You have a great pair of wheels and youll be able to use them for so many different AND overlapping moods/terrain. I ride both my mten and 18L all the time. Hell, sometimes I cant choose and I just grab one by coin flip. The great thing about having vastly different wheels is, n ot only the choice of type of ride, but the skillsets overlap somewhat. After practicing on my mten for a while, I find i have MUCH better slow speed ability on my larger wheel. You DID NOT make a mistake. Remember, we are riding around on ONE FREAKING TIRE and some batteries. I still find joy in the thought. I doubt youll enjoy one wheel much more than the other, as you will learn to enjoy them both for different reasons(I guess thats how the mormons do it too) . If you find yourself in doubt, take a journey thru some newbie videos of me being a wobbly idiot on the mten when i first got it. How odd that everyone seems so good at these aint it? Its so funny, but you are facing the exact thing I did, only in reverse. Fwiw, I now find it easier to ride backwards and crawl and curb jump on the mten, tho I have WAY more miles on the 18L. Just recently after lots of mten practice, I managed to migrate that skill to the 18 a little. I dunno if it was skill or just 'big nuts' that the mten gave me, but don't fret as you will also come across the same advantage. Keep your head up, dont be such a pussy!
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    What you're missing is that new products and technologies get banned or controlled in a way that existing ones do not. If cars were invented today, they would be banned. If alcohol were invented today it probably would be too. Products that were able to establish themselves when society had a different appetite for risk, or a different set of values, get a pass.
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    Had to cancel my S18 order. Rush design changes before production NEVER work out for the early adopters and roundabout canned responses from the KingSong PR guy (Jack King Song?) are beyond alarming. I MIGHT consider buying this wheel after they iron out all the bugs and possibly come out with an XL version of this wheel, but nope, Kingsong is not going to get early adopter money out of me with a half-baked product.
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    I feel inmotion had to make a substantial pivot (far more than kingsong) to produce this wheel. They did many things out of their standard comfort zone to give consumers what they asked for. Steeper pedal angle, higher speeds, higher torque, bigger tire, complete design retcon. It's an impressive leap that most EUC companies don't typically make. Also getting the sense that the motor control on this will be an underdog feature. I have a feeling this new motor will be as worthy an upgrade as the suspension. Suspect it will be a beast.
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    My Review if they KS S18.. stay to the end. You get two reviews for the price of one. 😁
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    Aha, from Jason's email this morning, it was confirmed - the AOY-36RC was discontinued, and that is the reason for the switch. King Song did purchase 700 units tho, so the first 100 orders from eWheels will have the 36RC (thru late May), and later orders (June on) will have the 38RC. It's the new replacement model and is expected to perform similarly, and Kuji and King Song are evaluating it currently. Also cool, they increased the slide tube length, so the pedals can be adjusted up and down by 2cm! The rear fender was previously glued on, now it has proper screw mounting. The production tire is a bit narrower and shouldn't rub, and apparently the "board holder tubes" had some errors, which have been corrected. They have increased the padding thickness at the top from 4mm to 12mm (!) for better contact, should help with stability and comfort.
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    The struggle is real! The Nik+ and the MSP use LG M50T 21700 cells in a 24s4p configuration. They both come with 3A chargers. The Nikola is what the 16X is not and very little of what the 16X is. I have done plenty of soft tilt-back riding at 50kmh on the 16X. I hate hard tilt-back and once I almost crashed at 51 kmh. I set the 3rd alarm on the 16X to 45 kmh so that I know when to cool it. I used to wish for a faster 16X and then I found out that it wasn't that simple. Sure it would work on a smooth road... but man that wheel jumps and skips. The MSP/MSP does not jump and skip because of the tyre size. The Nik+ jumps and skips but not as much as the 16X. So let's look at the 16X. Best case you can ride soft tilt-back at 50 kmh. Soft tilt-back is 80% power and if you press you will get a 88% 4 beep alarm and maybe hard tilt-back. But it feels like walking a tightrope and there is no room for error. It is wonderfully zippy. It is wonderfully agile. No other wheel feels like it. The CYT has a rather narrow feel to it. It is a beast off-road and riding the MSX off-road just makes me sad because it is a big clumsy wheel and when it shifts to the side it takes my legs with it because of the dihedral + pads. In these situations the 16X would just flop between my legs. The Nikola. Is the 16X fat cousin. A cross between MSX and 16X. A much more planted feel. Tuned like a motorcycle. You unpack your Nikola... get on and go. The stance is the same as on the 16X. The width is the same. The pedals are the same size with the 16X pedals being a bit wider. More dihedral on the Nik. The outer edge of the Nik pedal is higher than the 16X but lower at the base. The Nik+ pads are twice as thick as they should be. If placed at the very top of the wheel they are handy to have and better than nothing. It is nice to have them there when we are riding above 50 kmh. Not a good speed for the wheel to flop between our legs or skip and bounce. The MSP. The dihedral will kill you. Or needs to be adjusted. Or maybe you will love it. It has plenty of power and grunt. It is faster than the MSX. The pre-production model was slower than the final version. One of our young fearless riders was beeping at 59.7 kmh though and that is his personal best. No included mudguard. Optional seat. 100% battery 5 beeps Nikola 64 kmh - MSP ~58 kmh Low battery 5 beeps Nikola ~51 kmh - MSP ~48 kmh (I just started beeping the other day at 62 kmh and it was easy to hear, I didn't push farther than 62.5 kmh) Safe ride at high speed Nikola has the bigger buffer but MSP is more forgiving because of tyre size Pedal Height - MSP wins Comfort - Nikola wins Zippy feel - Nikola wins Steamrolling stuff off-road or not - MSP wins Technical off-road - both have pros and cons Skate parks - either one Durable shell - Nikola Mudguard - overspray from both Nik and MSP Decorative lights and looks - Nikola Headlights - MSP are brighter but too bright Noisy wheel - Shut up MSP shut up! The fan just won't let up. But keeps the MSP cooler than the Nik. Speakers - the same new ones Water resistance - I have read one report from a MSP rider getting water stuck in his wheel. The Nik and the 16X can coexist. They feel completely different. I have done maybe 3km total on Monika's MSP though. But too many on the MSX. Also regarding power pads and covers. You can put pads under the rollnz covers. Some people have also secured their covers to the shell with velcro and have pads outside the covers. Let me know if you have any questions, need measurements, comparisons, etc. Also.. is delivery time an issue? Price?
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    I don't know about everyone, as i cant speak for everyone, but over here in the GTA, even before I knew what EUC's were, we understood that things flowed differently in different states. We probably understood Americas flow more than Canada's, as we get fed more media from you. I have no idea whats happening in Prince Edward Island..at ALL. But i know just how different New York is from Los Angeles and so on. And with that, we also understood how a cyclist in LA would probably DIE if they rode like the crazy people in NY. We just got that there were different flows. Now fast forward to EUC's and suddenly, everyone is being held to the same standards of riding in their own cities. And if a person rides how the local culture enforces, in a sense, that person is "an asshole" in the other persons eyes. But then we see video of India, Thailand, Vietnam and so on and traffic is crazy, but because its so far its more fascinating than insane and dangerous and in need of yelling. But from what ive seen with american culture, each state is kinda like its own mini country in a way in the way that people behave, speak, navigate. I heard Lutalo say "bama" the other day and had to google that shit and found its a local word. Wat? Now this whole thing is just to say, lets lay off ripping on the NY guys for riding like NY guys. On the flip though, irresponsible dumb shit DOES need to be called out. U-stride tearing inches from a child on a bike path needs to be called out. Posting videos riding on the highway when we KNOW that shit allllways makes the news for everyone who does it regardless of the sport, needs to not happen and the people need to be called out for that dumb shit. Its just that i see two sides colliding in here, and usually when this stuff comes up. First its the general anger at people doing reckless things, like speeding down a populated bike path, which is stupid as shit, imo. You don't go that fast around pedestrians. Stick to the road. And second, its hating on the New Yorkers AGAIN because of their aggressive style. Lets cut out the second one. Lets stop with the name calling and guilt tripping and focus on the main point, which is our general image and holding people accountable for silliness. You're not gonna stop a New Yorker from being a New Yorker. They could agree to everything you say on here, then the moment they go outside and almost get pincered between a taxi and a parked car, or t boned by a random "ATV going through a red (lol), they're gonna go back into NY survival mode and keep flowing to survive in their city. But what we CAN do is ask people to try to think a bit harder before posting a video on a highway, or bunny hopping over a toddler. But also understand that if people from outside the country can look and see that a NY cyclist does not match up with a Texan cyclist, im sure others can too. Or at least i hope. We do have other stereotypes for american's, lol. I just always see this. People ripping on the NYers, some of which are amazing people and give us so much information and passion in this hobby. And the NYers have to come and defend themselves, even if they're not even apart of the nonsense thats gone on, because people are intent on misunderstanding or brushing aside lived experiences and realities that people in that city have to live with. Its not "oh so they're from NY so they get a pass" its, they're from a place that flows different so they do what they do to go with that flow. That's really it. You don't need to like it, but its a reality. Being a cyclist for half my life and travelling around I got to learn sometimes the hard way, just how different a city can be and how you have to adapt to it or get off the road. And again, this isn't say ALL behaviour is protected under the NY immunity act. They act like morons sometimes just like the rest of us, but just lets focus on the acts more than slandering where they're from. Oh, also, i don't think there will ever be a blanket ban, but some places that already want to take out PEV's will quickly jump on or create their own negative media to ban it, so they can continue destroying you with insurance and making that oil and petrol money. Yum yum. Corruption. Alright, peace.
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    legality/local rules, culture and everything else aside... i feel like we as a community should never ever condone this type of activity... what do you think would help eucs and the euc community out more in the long run, being polite and courteous to those around you or driving like a complete jackass around people of all ages including children.. dont give a shit if "thats how you do it in new york" you look like an ass hole and im sure the people that had multiple heart attacks as an adult riding a 70 lb device going past them inches away from their kid at road speeds felt the same.... eucs gaining popularity will make them cheaper and more accessible for all, as well as bring healthy competition and force manufacturers to improve.. if people look around and see riders behaving like this theyre going to have a sour opinion before they even know wtf it is
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    First words that came into my mind when I saw these Videos: „EVERY live matters“. These riders accept someone is hurt or killed. It is just a statistical question, the day of a tragic accident will dawn. If something happens and someone is injured/killed in such a reckless situation, in germany this is willfully injuring/killing - enough to get into prison for some years. We often have had street races with bad endings. Young drivers completely destroyed their own and the live of others. It is not too late to change their minds - if someone is injured or killed, it is! Edit: skills cannot compete against physical laws. Speed vs. Braking distance...with skills you can’t travel back in time to start breaking early enough
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    Thats if @Marty Backe can Lift it over that first metal gate
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    I got my Sherman two days ago. I will try to do a proper video review of this wheel during the weekend when I have some time on my hands. If there is any question that you would like to ask please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. In the meantime this is a small video of me having fun riding around Milano, italy.
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