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    Epic riding with Marty and the eWheels Z10. And after looking at some other threads I found the handles of these riders: @Marty Backe, @Arbolest, @who_the, @electricpen, and @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com
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    Another Stupid Video.
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    Here's my range test video for the IPS i5, I am pretty new at this video business so I hope it's fun to watch.
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    INMOTION V10F v2.2.8 and WHEELLOG 2.0.15 Went for a ride today in my test hill (80F air temp 200lb rider, Classic Mode). Specifically wanted to test OVERLOADING while monitoring Wheellog temperatures. At one point, Bob from InMotion mentioned heatsink temps is what causes overloads and that number can be "scary." I wanted to see what scary is. I rode today with the mission to overload the wheel. I was riding fast uphills often standing on my toes to push it faster. I took a readings from BOTH the InMotion App and Wheellog. There has been some discussion on the Wheellog Android thread about how Wheellog probably has a more accurate Battery reading. This test assumes the Wheellog "System Temp" is the heatsink temp. - I took the first reading about a half mile into the ride as I forgot to take it when I started. - I took a reading at the top of the hill. I took the gradual incline on the way up about a mile to the top, all uphill, no overheat. - I did an extremely steep short hill that this wheel never makes it up, I knew it would overload. The System Temp hit 100F before it overloaded. - On the ride home, did a moderately steep mile long hill. When I was getting to the top, i was on my toes getting it to go faster when it overloaded at very low temps. I checked wheel log and it was clocking over 2200W for about 10s. Possibly this is the reason for overload?? Bottom line is 100C on the heatsinks IS scary. That's boiling temp. If in fact 100C is what the OVERLOAD trigger is, there is NO firmware that can fix this, the mosfets simply get too hot. I did notice that as I monitored the temperatures after the overloads, the temps drop FAST, very fast. I'm talking 15C in about a minute. This explains why I can just cycle the power and i'm good to go again. AND THIS CONCLUDES the testing of my V10F on hills. Now time to enjoy my MCM5.  (Wheellog logs and app screenshots available upon request)
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    Just killing some time...
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    T E S L A baby!!! I got caught in the rain and hail. Totally soaked, but Tessie got me home safe and sound! Waiting for the rain to let up...
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    This is how I did my practice: Day 1: Turned it on in the living room. Held myself up with the help of walls in a small hallway. Asked myself... oh no why did I buy this. Day 2: Went down to the long hallway in the basement. Practised for 15 minutes. Died. Rested and did other stuff. Thought about my life, who I am, etc. Continued practising. Rested. Questioned my existence. And also recorded some clips. Day 3: More practice in the basement. Day 4: Mounting and unmounting in the basement. This was hell. Day 5: Mounting, unmounting, high speed slow speed and turn attempts. In the basement of course. Day 6: Was today. First time outdoors. Definitely there was a lot of mounting going on today haha. Here is the clip from day 2. The walls were very comforting for me so today was scary:
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    Here’s some interesting reading about heat resistant MOSFETs: https://www.digikey.ca/en/articles/techzone/2013/oct/mosfets-that-can-take-the-heat Some MOSFETs have pretty high operating ratings. I think @esaj mentioned that the datasheets on these tend to exaggerate the operating specifications, but I wonder if the higher quality ones meant for aerospace/aviation/military could be better engineered. Would people mind paying $400 for a control board instead of $200 as long as it can operate up to 150°C and tackle the steepest hill climbs with a 200 lb rider? I think most people riding these aren’t likely climbing really steep inclines routinely so they make the boards “good enough” just like how cars don’t all need AWD and don’t need Hummer/Landrover/Jeep climbing abilities. That is not to say that EUC manufacturers shouldn’t produce an EUC Hummer version since there is a part of the marketplace that needs it. It’s just that likely 90% are fine with the basic MOSFET specs. 10% need that military/aviation class extreme usage spec so they should make a heavy duty EUC dedicated to that. It is interesting though that even with the apparent extra engineering that goes into InMotion and King Song wheels that Gotway has the MCM5 among other models that can tackle the same hills with fewer issues. What’s the secret sauce? More lax firmware limitations?
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    I usually will pass pedestrians at about walking speed mainly for everyone’s safety. Some are still alarmed when they see me approaching, but they calm down when they see that I have complete control of my wheel. It’s good practice of crawl speed skills plus you can see and hear people’s reactions better and even stop to chat if they have questions. It’s not that crowded where I ride so interruptions are minimal. That’s probably how I can still do an average 31 kph speed with peaks up to 49 kph. I think I’ve heard five complete beeps only a handful of times over 1000 km. I remind myself that I’m riding illegally on a vehicle that can reach 50+ kph so I’d better be the epitome of safe riding or risk having it all end if someone gets tiggerered enough to file a police report. Now most people will say hi or smile or talk a bit since they’ve seen me a few times. It’s all about your internal attitude and perspective. I’m always happy when I ride so I don’t mind varying my speed. Share the road/pathway and be respectful of others. Don’t give into the road rage dark side.
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    Picture taken by @who_the of me and my Tesla in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, as we were riding around San Francisco. And unbeknownst to me, @Alien Rides was taking a picture of Jesse taking the picture of me
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    New member and first post. Have been lurking around here for over a month though. Here is my contribution to the video thread. My first time riding outdoors. Until now I have been practicing in the basement corridor. In my mind when I was planning today I figured the plastic grass would be great for not destroying my euc. But squishy is squishy and it was very hard to balance. Almost like starting all over again from the beginning. What I did learn today is that having my feet further on the pedals (heels in line with the pedal) made balancing easier; but also braking harder. Here's the short version of the clip. There is also a longer version on my channel. Greetings to you all.
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    So far i have modeled the shell and sidepanel and dryfitted it and a test without riding. Shell too close to the body so i modeled some spacers "Yellow parts" 1cm wider. Also will allow for the old msuper v3 18" tire to fit the 16" ninebot motor. how?, well, i will ofc model and print a bigger rim for the motor! The rendere photo is what im aiming for with the design. Video of how far ive come. When im done, there will also be made a full designvideo that goes into details. not as long or with boring parts as last. Modeled the 9bot motor 1:1 very accurate as the model wasnt good enough to go forward. Motor took 30 min to model with my digital caliper. Then i made a copy of the motor, cut out the middle and only kept the rim. made that into a 2nd model and scaled it up into 18" . I measured my msuper v3 for corrrect scale. The adapter can be seen here in RED. This will be printed in 3 parts and glued in the motor as shown in the render. Motor, naked and alone. Everything got moved outwards as the new motor model was wider. This would explain why the current printed shell is too close to the tire as is. According to old model it was right, but i see now that it was way off. Anyway, the shell is made wider as well in the render to make room for the 18" msuper tire. This could result in problems for the pedals as they sit close to the sidepanel. i'll work on that when everything else is done. At the top in YELLOW, we see the spacer i made. As of right now it does not follow the curve of the shell, i will fix that before i print it out. First i make the new rim adaptor, get the tire on and try the old shell as is, then i can double-check that this 3d model is correct. once is, i'll proseed A new render. clear to see that the wheel is much wider now. I also think the design is outstanding and probably something i should patent. hehe
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    Awesome video! ! Great theme, editing and music. We need more videos with behind the scenes footage showing that we all stumble and fall while still having fun!
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    Engineers are strange, sometimes it becomes a contest to see how cheaply you can make something. I worked a General Electric in the factory automation group years ago, we made stuff that sold in the low thousands of total units but high thousands of cost. The hardware guys there had been working in the appliance division before this gig and had that "If we sell 10 million can openers and can save 50 cents on each one, that's 5 million dollars" attitude. The thing is, none of our products sold at a volume where pinching pennies matters. It wouldn't surprise me if the hardware EUC guys are the same, they're cutting costs where it doesn't matter much because of low volumes, and if anything comes back to bite you because of reliability issues.
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    But I would not pay the extra money if I thought the engineers were lazy and just misplaced a decimal point in their calculations. That type of snafu is on them. InMotion had 2 years of studying the V8 to get a circuitboard designed for this much more powerful motor. I should not be paying for their learning curve. Thats supposed to be Company R&D, not Consumer based. If it is Consumer based R&D, then there is no need to pay extra because we are part of the cost. We are the research part in that equation. You cant get paid for intellectual property until you have an intelligent workable design. That takes money and research. These parts costs are all part of that equation. You want to cut costs on circuitry? Then you risk a cut in revenue if those cuts prevent the riders from enjoyment, and they pass it on to other prospective riders. The fact that some manufacturers have the right sauce and other do not, and they are in the same price range leads me to believe that price was not a deciding factor in available components in order to create a working Wheel.
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    Welcome back! Let me fill you in on what you missed... @Hunka Hunka Burning Love swapped to team Gotway. @Marty Backe swapped to team Ninebot. @Rehab1 had a mishap and quit EUC forever. We all learned that "forever" is only about 6 weeks long. @US69 is sleeping with King Song (but in a good way) And that is about it, I think. @Everyone - please add in anything that I have forgotten.
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    Listening yes, hearing not as much. Human hearing is naturally sensitive to certain frequencies, and the ~6KHz whine of the 16S sits in that area. I haven’t heard of anyone discussing how to dampen the noise on any other than KS wheels. A friend of mine laquered the motor coils of a 16S (didn’t help one bit), and I filled the 16S wheel well with acoustic dampening mass (helped some). Here are frequency plots on the sounds of 16S and MSX while lifted. 16S near the max speed, and MSX at the loudest part of the recording. The phone was located in the same position in relation to the wheels. Even after acoustic dampening, the high pitch whine on the 16S is 11dB louder (almost 4 times the sound pressure) than on the MSX. The lower frequency noise at 1KHz is 4dB louder on the MSX, but while clearly audible, it is not a frequency that people are generally very sensitive to. It just makes it sound bigger. Personal preferences aside, the noise of the 16S is such that human beings in general will find it a lot louder, more piercing and more annoying than on the MSX. I hope the 18L is better in this regard. Although, judging by the videos atleast the prominent frequency is still the same.
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    Trying to build courage to idle the MCM5. .
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    Me, the MSuper X, and the Queen Mary. Long Beach California.
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    Hard to photoshop @Hunka Hunka Burning Love as no real depiction of his face exists.
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    Thank you US69.. and I m happy to be part of this community .. hope I can help and be helped :-) i just finish a varnishing project for a motor coil on ks16 and putting up a video with the resoult and how to.. will post it here when ready