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    Just got back from a run to the grocery store. Took my Tesla. I was cruising on the sidewalk, probably 12 to 15-mph, along the town center area with lots of parking lot entrances off the main town road. As I approach one of the entrances I see a car come from behind and proceed to turn into the entrance just as I'm about to cross the entrance. Hmmmm. I immediately take evasive action, but I'm limited because of how fast I'm traveling. I'm trying to turn enough to miss the corner of the car, but not so fast that I'd lose control of the wheel. It's all happening in slow-motion now. Somehow I miss the bumper by literally 6 or so inches, and the car has now stopped (so at least I won't be run over) as I continue past the hood. My next nemesis awaits me. Since the car essentially pushed me off my sidewalk trajectory I now find myself heading straight towards a 4+ inch tall divider. Images of @Shad0z's broken collar bone flash through my mind I'm still traveling fast and my instinct tells me that it's going to be impossible to stop. As I'm coming to this conclusion I've already initiated a braking motion and somehow simultaneously I manage to jump off my moving wheel and continue running, hurtling over the divider and coming to a stop on shaky legs. I hear the Tesla crash behind me. I turn around and walk back to the Tesla, managing a John Wayne swagger the best that I can. You know, like no big deal, I do this all the time. Meanwhile the people in the car are staring out their windows, mouths literally agape , thankful that they didn't hit me and simultaneously wondering what exactly they missed hitting. I could see their mouths forming the words "I'm sorry". I chalk this near miss up to a combination of them not paying attention to the sidewalk and me not riding defensively enough. It was literally the fault of both of us, I believe. Definitely provided my adrenaline rush for the day And the Tesla was great, turning off nice and fast. If I was on my old ACM it would probably still be dancing away
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    so i was riding today. a little fast evening ride. going high speed i dont remember how much when i fall. but i was driving a place where i normally ride. and then unexpectetly. a new huge edge flung me off my tesla. i went flying and rolling on the ground. and this time i was in shock. i didnt feel much pain. but my shoulder was injured. i still dont know what injury it is. its probably just a shock. i can move my shoulder without issue. but it hurts. but i did get some nasty scrapings a big one on the back. and i rode home and looked at it. and i dont have any deep scrapings. just surface scrapings. so im mostly ok. but this is just another reminder to wear safety gear. my cross helmet most definetly saved my face from asphalt. and if i didnt have my knee pads and elbow pads then it would be a lot worse than just surface scrapings. so get that safety gear on! better 2 minutes before every ride than 2 days in a hospital if i didnt wear safety gear i then would be typing from the hospital.
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    Hey, I've been trolling this site (can you say voyeur) for about 3 months, decided to put my 2 cents in. First of all thank you for all of your input/info, this is the best site for quality info on EUC's. I ordered a V10F and got it in the first "slow boat" batch from ewheels (who I discovered, due to your excellent reviews) about two weeks ago. Originally, I tried to call Jason (line was busy) so I went ahead and put in an order for a Kingsong 16S. Jason actually returned my call 15 minutes later and talked me into the new V10F (the V8 was a close 2nd to the Kingsong, but I wanted better range). My impressions/experience : It appears to be well put together. The handle does have some slight side to side play but seems to work fine (I actually pushed it for 3 miles after overestimating my remaining battery power). The tire is on "backwards" (doesn't bother me), I did add 4 oz of slime and pumped it to 40psi. The app (ios) seems to work fine for my needs - recognizes the wheel, hooks up Bluetooth fine (I do find it a little annoying that it connects to my phone when it's charging so I hear all my phone sounds), music plays fine - speaker quality marginal but sufficient, lights are interesting but I tend to leave them off. I have noticed that I lose all the wheel statistics on a given ride when I turn the wheel off - I don't know if there's a feature that allows me to save it and I'm not the most tech savvy guy. I haven't heard any noise coming from the wheel so I may gotten lucky and missed the defective motor batch. The wheel is really quiet (although my wife thinks I'm deaf sometimes - selective hearing) - on video reviews I can hear a kind of whine like a small jet engine but I don't hear it when riding mine. I currently have about 150 miles on it, longest ride to date 24.5 miles. Not having prior experience with EUC's, I can't compare it to anything else but the ride is very smooth. I don't consider myself a speed "freak" but found myself hitting the 25mph limit if I wasn't paying attention, so I attribute it to the smooth ride. I was able to ride a regular unicycle before I ever discovered EUC's so I wasn't concerned about learning and was able to ride it around a parking lot within a half hour of attempting. I also have two sons who picked it up just as quickly, one who also new how to ride a regular unicycle and on who doesn't, so I don't know if we have really good balance or just to dumb to know any better. My best guesstimate of actual range for me is 30 miles. I suppose if it was straight and flat with no stops/starts I could get closer to ewheels estimate of 38 miles. I weigh 200 lbs with safety gear and a small backpack on, tend to ride at about 18mph (by ear listening to the pitch of the wheel tread). I have had the wheel tell me "overload, step off of wheel" (with the accompanying 45 tilt back) twice - once when aggressively accelerating (amb. temp. low 80's, battery 70%) and once when going uphill - paved road, about 0.5 miles, change of elevation 262ft, maintaining about 15mph, (amb. temp. low 80's, battery 90%). I am a little concerned about the possibility of excessive heat at the control board - I know there's a cooling fan but the effectiveness of it is questionable and where I live the summer tends to stay in the 90 degree range with a week or two above 100. I was debating between a regular helmet and full face helmet. Ended up getting a full face helmet because I work as a surgical nurse in the operating room and see people getting their jaws wired shut for facial fractures. It's great for weight loss but I'm not desperate enough. My main selling point for full face helmet though, is that my longest ride to date was along the "Legacy Highway trail" in northern Utah and it borders wetlands - I must have ridden through 20-30 swarms of bugs on that ride. I will say that the decreased peripheral vision is a concern. Sorry, that was probably more like 4 cents worth. I appreciate all your input on all the different makes/models of EUCs and will continue to visit the forum but I'm kind of a tech hermit and just enjoy watching from the perimeter so you won't hear much from me unless I believe it's useful input. Thanks again - lueksparky
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    In the movie version, you will have been riding it. It will keep dancing, humming to a fever pitch. And on the other side of that barrier you will slow to a walk, without turning back, as your ACM explodes in a fireball, consuming the car and setting off nearby alarms. BACKE: Damn. That was my favorite wheel. FLICKS MTEN3 OUT OF HIS POCKET AND RIDES OFF TO SMOOTH SWING MUSIC
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    These are screenshots of our chat group, we were talking about temperature countrol problem when climbing hills. Mr. Ye Wang, the president of Ninebot guarantees us that production Zs will tackle continuous slopes with ease. Main board has been redesigned and the control unit is fundamentally different from those in public beta units. So, even if @Marty Backe destroys the only Z10 now in the US on the overheat hill, you can still keep your hopes up. Some of my friends will bring GT16, V10F and a few production Zs to Mt. Miaofeng tomorrow, too bad I can’t join them myself but I’ll try to report their experiences later.
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    My wife just said something that is seriously making me reconsider my involvement in the EUC leisure and sport activities. I might have to sell my wheels and find another activity. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions and quit something that you really enjoy because of what you have become. Some things are just not worth the consequences. OK .... So this is what happened. I was returning from a short trip to the local Ace Hardware store. I unlocked my front door and walked in with my safety gear on while pushing my Gotway beside me when my wife said, ...... “ You are looking more like Marty every day.” She said it so casually and with such resignation. .............I just don’t know what to do right now..............
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    I voted yes, but tbh I'd prefer a general "Non self-balancing electric ridables" subforum. Then every interest group has a place to post, and you can see how it goes from there.
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    It's reassuring to see those thicker motor wires which were a major concern from the February prototype—I must have sent my Beijing contact ten messages with those photos with the GW ACM melted wires that @meepmeepmayer posted way back, driving home the message of the need for thicker gauge, who knows, maybe it had an effect @houseofjob forwarded over some other pictures of the Wheel denuded of the motor & battery, says it's going to be a nightmare challenge to gain access to that motor for changing the tire. It's interesting to see from that picture the 1kWh battery is installed on the almost entirely on the right side, where you then might expect the uneven weight distribution to affect the center of gravity/balance. That's very likely why there's that massively great 1kg heat-sink on the opposite side, to even it out with a bit of ballast.
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    Last October I created a Moderator only thread questioning whether we should have a section for “things wot don’t self balance”. At that time we were getting an increasing number of eSkateboard posts and attempts at advertising them as well. The funny thing is that @John Eucist replied: “trouble is, where do we draw the line, next it will be a eScooters and then ebikes......” As you can see our “guru” was as prophetic as ever 😜. Thereby hangs the problem. We started as a self balancing devices forum and the feeling is that is probably where we need to draw the line. To be honest more often than not we really regret including Hoverboards, as the majority of the sellers and manufacturers have no interest in helping anyone, just making money and the vast majority of users with problems cannot tell us even what make they have got or diagnose the problem further than “It don’t go no more!” The counter argument is that I’m fairly sure almost all of us are early adopters and will be keenly interested in any and every new PEV on the market. It is also a good argument that if our most active sellers like @Jason McNeil, Speedyfeet, etc are keenly supporting a type of PEV (and that certainly does include eScooters) then it probably is worthy of a place here. Our, not unreasonable, conclusion at the time is that there is always the Off-topic section to discuss any new types of PEV and such discussions will be very welcome. If in future a type gets to a critical mass of discussion and those discussions are actually useful and helpful (I.e. nothing like the average Hoverboard post) then that is when we would think about giving it a section - but think about how bombarded we would likely be if we took that as far as an eBike section for example.
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    Just slap a sticker on the wheel that says "Not for human transportation". Its a KS18L extra long life bluetooth speaker. The batteries make it heavy so you need the trolly handle and wheel to move it around. 😁
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    Well this is not @Marty Backe film quality or landscaped nor is it @eddiemoy fast or stress test...But... From not being able to balance on either foot while putting on my socks back in Marts 18..to this bit.. ..I am extremely pleased how my Inmotion V8 has helped to train my balance and how I can ride to work. To me this have been life altering to quote another video here what his first ride felt like. As for my you can see some of my first learning vids in Inmotion thread where I asked for tips to fix rookie foam/airback on my wheel.
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    Looking forward to the tear down video. I’m impressed at the superb engineering that went into the Z10 ...right down to the shell’s molded bridges that form a built in harness that perfectly routes the wires. You’ve got to love all of these little Intricate engineering techniques that went into this machine!
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    Short (<50km) spontaneous ride today. Wonderful mossy green forest colors in the evening sun. Looks better in reality than in those bad phone photos.
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    Took this while camping at Diablo Lake in Washington. I have many more if anyone is interested in seeing these pictures.
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    Eeesh, glad you're okay. Myfriend from the tunnel has a free high visibility vest if you want it for next time 😄
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    Wow, looks professionally designed and put together, not like the inside of a gotway which looks like some kids put it together. Lol
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    While Electric Cars are subsidized to the tune of $8k each, Electric Scooters/Unicycles get a punitive 25% tax. Yeah this is perfectly logical, to support an indigenous Wheel/Scooter industry that doesn't exist. Awaiting news from the Broker, but if it's true, we're going to divert shipments to Canada...
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    Thanks for your advice, and I guess it's doable. I'll let you know once I got a confirmed answer from our team.
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    So few pictures here, so I share one.. This was yesterday when I rode to my soccer game (we lost 0..5 )....
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    My time to fly, as I like, very close to the ground
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    And here it is. It was quite a ride.
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    This kind of looks like a Gotway wheel, circa 2025
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    Just came in from riding on V10F for over a hour much thanks to @Lueksparky. It was just around a parking lot. How fun... These new generation wheels are amazing. I can understand why people are drawn to them. Would I trade in my ACM2 for it? Nope
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