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    There's some great innovation here. Some thoughts on seeing the presentation: 'Inspiration' from the Z10: there's quite a bit of superficial resemblance with the Z10, especially the top cover & faux carbon fiber sides. Battery Pack: it's great they were able to fit a 1420Wh pack within the motor housing; Ninebot, in a wider 4" motor just managed to pack in 960Wh. This is going to keep the center of gravity lowered, improving the stability over other Inmotion Wheels. 18W/7800 Lux Headlight: this is an insane amount of light. To be effective, I feel they really ought to add a headlight pitch control knob, allowing the Rider to set their preferred angle of attack. Maybe add a light sensor on the front panel, dipping the beam when encountering an oncoming light source. Suspension: it's a pity the presentation didn't include any video clips showing this key feature in action, this is after all the main selling point of the V11. Price: in this current economic climate, a $2,300 price with these base specs is ambitious, it would be a lot more compelling with a <$2k introductory price. Handle: from the standpoint of efficiency, it's great! No internal precious space occupied by telescopic rails, unlike the V5F/V10, seems like a properly engineered solution, hopefully with minimal play in the upright position. Charging: it's disappointing that IM have never heard of a charger capable of more than 1.5A output before. Manufacturers out to recognize the charging capabilities of the actual cells, paring appropriate chargers, 8A @ 84v would be ideal here. Release date: target of late June, which means if everything goes to plan...., first units in Customers hands by early August. The modest upgrade to the V8, the V8F, is currently running six months behind schedule. I'm sure IM will make extra efforts to ensure this new flagship release will run better, but in the minds of most Customers/Distributors, like myself, having this previous project run so far behind, is something that cannot be dismissed from mind.
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    Thanks to the power of all the older folks on the forums (dads 59, lol) , but especially @winterwheel my dad finally took his first ride yesterday and started free mounting in 15 minutes.... The man was like "I want to learn to mount without the wall" then he did it and rode across the school lot we were practicing in. This was the end of the session. He was tired and we were heading home, so he decided he'd ride back. Hes like my brother, nooothing like me, haha. But you can probably tell i was proud and overly excited just to see it. He had one low speed fall trying to hold onto the wheel instead of bailing, but you know I forced him to have wristguards on, so he slid, no damage, no injury. Hopped back up and got back on! This is awesome, haha.
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    A few pictures from my solo exploratory trip into some new mountains
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    I say cut Inmotion some slack and give them credit for pushing the EUC forward with some innovation. I want to see this bad boy in action. I definitely wish all the manufacturers were trying new things, the EUC is getting a bit stale design wise and needs more QoL improvements. Another row of bloody rainbow lights ain't gonna cut it..
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    I thought I would add a short clip featuring my wife learning to ride the Mten3 today. She's been riding for a couple hours in total. Today she improved dramatically on her starts ,control and turns. The dismount technique needs a little more work......lol
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    Lesson for Inmotion: Next time you announce a new wheel, make an awesome video like for the V10/V10F. This wheel definitely needs a few slow-mo shots of the suspension working, and a nice trailer along with that wouldn't hurt. Because if no video, as you see, people are looking for doom wherever they can with the lack of information Looking forward to seeing real life experiences with the suspension. I think this innovation might be bigger than it looks now where we have to guess from a few pictures.
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    Kudos to InMotion for all of: the technical innovation, the wheel's aesthetics, and the launch event. I think it looks stunning and am super curious and absolutely stoked to see it in action and eventually be able to try it. Not seeing any mention here of arguably the single-most-significant advancement introduced--a BMS system which lets you diagnose individual pack health from the app, and which allows a whole pack to fail while still operating using the remaining pack(s)! These are safety features the likes of which have never been seen (and which should likely trickle down to other, cheaper wheels). With all the discussion over the past couple years about motor power/torque/software-algorithm-tuning/pedal-responsiveness/etc, it is obvious that simple motor wattage numbers are not sufficient to capture the 'power' of a wheel. With them claiming "50% more [motor] power" with more/bigger magnets and double the mosfets (even though the motor is still rated at 2000W) I am extremely curious to hear impressions from riders about the overall power/torque/feel. It's also important to remember this was billed as an off-roading wheel, where suspension and torque are more important than top speed (the kinds of environments where you would want/need suspension most and those where you would want to go over 30 mph are diametrically opposite use cases). Given that InMotion has achieved IP55+ ratings on all their wheels, presumably this will be the world's first 31 mph wheel with an IP55+ rating/the current fastest IP55+ rated wheel on the market. Happy to see improved lights and particularly love the tail-light which coupled with the wheel's shape (higher and squarer at the top) is almost-certainly the best tail-light we've seen so far. Carrying handle, trolley handle, stand, and dual charging-ports all look great. Based on the diagram this looks like it could potentially have the best active-cooling of any wheel so far (which everyone knows has been pretty rubbish on pretty much all EUCs up to this point.) Curious what the 18"x3" tire actually measures in diameter. (Is it closer to a Nikola/16X/Z10 or 18XL?--I would guess the former.) People here criticizing the launch event--seriously? When was the last time Gotway or King Song did a publicly accessible launch event in English with any detail? (We normally have to learn about their launches via obscure forum posts and what shows up on vendor websites with conflicting spec listings.) We should be applauding the effort and holding the other manufacturers to at least the same standard first.
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    Hmm, I just watched their show, I am relatively enthusiastic and although I have still some questions I am interested in how this V11F will perform... For starters I don't understand the negative comments here, we are on an EUC forum so why not cheer for any brand that is pushing forward our beloved EUC community, I see quite some new development over other brands and I am very happy that Inmotion is investing in the development of new features like the suspension, lights, engine power, a stand... And this was a marketing pitch for an audience, all the technical details are never in such a pitch, you would bore 3/4 of the audience, so be patient I am sure we will know much more shortly ! The V10F was for me an outstanding EUC, one that I still ride even when I have other EUC's , the riding comfort is awesome, having said this I hope the V11f will have the same riding experience .. I hear not enough speed? is 50 not enough? for some daredevils nothing is enough, but this is a product that we want to see on our streets that is reliable and that can take the EUC experience serious and to another level, speed shouldn't be your first concern unless you want to see EUC's banned everywhere ! In regards to design I can see that I really like what they have done with it... I am looking forward to the first reviews and experiences.. The range is is ok for most of us.. One thing I didn't hear is the weight of this new V11F ? If every manufacture of any EUC brand would be able to bring ONE new working feature to the market every two years, then the face of the EUC market would radically change in the near futur, so a big shout for trying and investing !!
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    I know this might be a touchy issue to disagree on due to anything from cultural differences to differing political views, so I'll try to explain myself the best I can to avoid misunderstandings. First, I share your concern about the loss of liberties, just like I did back in 2001 with the Patriot Act in the U.S., or here in Spain, with the so-called gag-law put in place in Spain during the last credit crunch, seriously limiting demonstrations (people were on the streets protesting the austerity measures), prohibiting demonstrations in front of public buildings or recording the police (this law was passed amidst a public outcry due to the police brutality being used to disperse peaceful demonstrators...). So when the "state of alarm" was put in place, with its effective 24/7 curfew, all regional powers transferred to the central (equivalent to federal) government, and the army deployed in many cities around the country...my internal "authoritarianism alarm" went off. For 22 days now, I've hardly been able to leave my apartment. Every time I go outside, I have to carry a sworn statement on me, as well as proof of my place of residence and justification of the purpose of my outing. When I take my dog for a walk, I'm theoretically not allowed to go more than 150m from my house (I live in a quiet part of the city where this isn't enforced, luckily). When I go to the center, to the pharmacy, etc., I get stopped almost every time and asked to produce a receipt, which the officer inspects (especially the date and time) to make sure I'm not loitering or going out for an "unnecessary walk". Do I like it? Of course not. Do I agree with all of the measures put in place? No, I don't. Does it feel like martial law? Absolutely. Am I concerned about what this country, and the world at large, are going to look like after this passes? Unfortunately, yes. But, I abide by them and think they're necessary. On the first day of lockdown, a lot of people ignored it. People were simply warned and asked to go home. The second day, the police started issuing €100 fines. It still wasn't enough to deter people. After a few days, the fines had got up to €300. Now they're €600 minimum. It took a full week until people started to respect it entirely (at the one-week mark, there were more fines than confirmed COVID-19 cases), you can see the data for Spain published in Google's COVID-19 mobility changes report (talk about Orwellian...). And that's with police patrolling the streets enforcing it with fines. Why is it being enforced so strictly? Because people disobey it. Why do I have to prove my place of residence? Because people were walking or cycling to the other end of the city to buy groceries just as an excuse to spend more time outdoors. Why do I have to produce a receipt proving the time of my purchase? Because people were going to the bakery to buy a baguette as an excuse and walking around the entire city with it for hours. Why can't I walk the dog with my girlfriend when we come into contact with no one else, and spend the entire day in the same house, most of the time the same room, anyway? Because in Spain, people would go for walks with friends and neighbours and claim they're family or flat mates? And how to prove it? It would be a bureaucratic nightmare that would allow many to disregard the restrictions, and involve a ridiculous amount of time and resources to enforce it, which could be put to much better use else-wise. Why is joy-driving punishable? Because it's an unnecessary risk: you might have contracted SARS-CoV-2, still be incubating it and showing no symptoms, your car breaks down and you have to call a tow truck, and both the driver and yourself can potentially infect each other, and start a chain of contagion that makes things worse. Or you have an accident 1h from your house, and then come into contact with the medical personnel of a community that was still COVID-19-free, and the doctors and nurses risk contracting the virus, spreading it to the population, and so on. Same goes for going out to buy a few cans of beer. This is a global emergency, we're expected to minimize our exposure and that of others, and that means planning our shopping so we have to go out as little as possible. No one is saying "don't buy beer", but rather "plan ahead and buy enough for a week, for instance, instead of buying two at a time and going to the store once a day (or twice a day, as many people are doing, just to have an excuse to go outdoors). Every time one goes out, he risks unknowingly being infected, and thus infecting everyone he comes into contact with. The key is to behave as if you have the virus, so every time you decide to do something, you ask yourself whether it's a necessity worth the risk of infecting others. It's about solidarity, consideration towards others, minimizing unnecessary risks and exposure, and ultimately, social responsibility (or the lack thereof or it wouldn't have to be enforced). It's sad it has to be this way, but it's the way it is. It's a complex issue and we're not always aware of the risks involved. Joy-riding on my EUC, I could dislocate my shoulder again and have to go to the hospital, where a) I could potentially pick up the virus and spread it to my girlfriend (who has asthma) and my entire apartment block (just by breathing in the elevator, since face-masks are impossible to come by), and b) I'd be using up medical resources (staff and time) that are much needed, as hospitals are beyond their capacity. These are unnecessary, and I dare say (hoping no one takes this the wrong way) selfish risks. If you put my boredom on one side of a scale, and the potential negative consequences (even if they're only potential) on the other side, one clearly outweighs the other. These are humbling times. I'm aware of the risk of joy-riding, while others are not, just as others have brought to my attention risks that I wasn't aware of. I would have preferred an informative approach rather than an authoritarian one, but 3 weeks into the lockdown, a lot of people still haven't understood the basic means of transmission of the virus, including the moron in front of me at the supermarket yesterday, who seemed to think it was quite OK to touch his mouth because he had gloves on... Enter the nanny state. I don't like it, but I accept it. I don't agree with all the measures implemented, but I accept a temporary restriction of my personal freedom for the common good, particularly the high-risk sectors of society. And I stress temporary because at least in Spain (I can't speak for other countries), I have a basic understanding of the legal framework, and all the restrictions put in place stem from what is legally deemed "state of alarm" (one notch above "state of emergency", but below "state of war"). It can only be implemented 2 weeks at a time, has to be justified, and requires parliamentary consensus. We have a coalition government, so no one party has the absolute majority to decide unilaterally. In other countries, it may be different, of course. And I'm of the opinion that public response to governmental measures is greatly impacted by trust in government (which can be quite culturally driven). The irony is that trust seems to be higher (people are more willing to trust and respect government restrictions) in places where it isn't needed, and lower in places lacking the "social maturity" required to slow down the curve without government intervention. Once this blows over, there's no doubt in my mind that the government will exploit COVID-19 to crack down on demonstrators protesting the negligent management of this crisis and despicable financial measures (denying financial aid to small businesses but granting a large rescue package to two large private TV conglomerates, for example), but we'll deal with that then. From my point of view, those with authoritarian agendas will always find an excuse to implement them, and one reason is as good as any other. This one is exceptionally well-suited, no doubt, but perhaps its exceptionalism will be the wrench in the gears of the Orwellian sectors of government. But this is just speculation, I don't have a clue how this is going to play out, and while I fear the long-term consequences of accepting patriarchal measures (understood as accepting the moral superiority of and authoritarian demeanour of a father figure-like government), I fear to loss of human lives and suffering more (including loved ones). There will come a time to stand up for our rights, if they are threatened, and one to demand accountability. But first, we need to weather the storm (IMHO)
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    I'm happy to announce that EUC World companion app for Samsung Gear watches is in final development stage! If there will be no unforeseen circumstances (which can always happen in coronavirus times), this app will be released later this month along with new EUC World update. This is how it looks on Samsung Gear 46 mm: As you can see, just like with Wear OS app, user interface is consistent with EUC World application. First experiences lead me to conclusion that while power drain will be similar to Wear OS, Samsung Gear will be more responsive and overall user experience should be better. It's however too early to make comparision, as I have to perform more tests. Samsung Gear companion app will be available to both regular & premium users. However, please consider supporting EUC World and becoming a Premium User - you'll not only unlock full EUC World features and disable all nag screens and reminders, but you'll greatly help me to develop and run entire project: EUC World phone app, smartwatch companion apps and euc.world website.
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    Recorded this on my way back from the pharmacy yesterday: our daily 8 PM applause ritual, which started out as a symbol of gratitude to healthcare professionals and has now turned into more of a social event---5' minutes a day where we remember & recover our sense of belonging to a collective that goes beyond the confines of our house. Three weeks into the lockdown, it helps to keep us sane, if you ask me, and more so now that we can actually see each other thanks to daylight saving time. I've seen it every day for the last 22 days, but it never ceases to impress, especially when I happen to be outdoors when it takes place.
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    Wow you get around!?Wasn’t that you at the presentation? I missed out on the live presentation this morning but after watching the replay I must say “ how can anyone not be intrigued about this fantastic machine! “ The R&D funds that Inmotion invested in this state of the art design must have been massive. If the V11 suspension turns out to be a solid, flawless design in terms of functionality and longevity it could be a huge game changer in the industry. I’m sold on this wheel even without seeing a demo ride. I placed my order through Ewheels a few minutes ago.
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    We change the mechanism about on and off the light, which seems more reasonable for most of the riders. V11 on and off Turn on: Long press to power on Turn off: Long press to power off Front Light on and off One short press to turn on the headlight (At the same time, the fan will be activated for cooling) One short press to turn off the headlight (The fan will also be disable )
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    Let agree to disagree, 50kmh is not slow for most of us. And trust me... when I was young (high school and student time), I used to ride 110kmh, 120kmh on those underbone bike in Vietnam's streets with those open face helmet (not even the 3/4 type, just 1/2 helmet, like skateboard helmet). Remember about those time still scare me, lol, I will never have the courage to do that again... I respect people who want more speed tho, just like bike, car, etc... people need is always different, some want top speed, some want something else.
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    The amazing thing for all the folks bitching about a wheel with an "unnecessary/overcomplicated suspension" is that there's literally the entire EUC market outside this one soon to be product to choose from. I applaud InMotion for pushing a radical new feature in a largely featureless market. I have some doubts it'll be as great as they hope, but also hope I am wrong about that. Not all of us want to ride on pavement for 50+ miles at a time. I can't wait to see it go through the reviewers like Chooch and company.
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    I’m also planning on marketing a device that can be used to prevent touching one’s face, but in addition it’s also effective in enforcing social distancing by plain restricting as well as rewarding aspects: Although it is obviously for adults only...
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    I developed an Anti Face Touching Device. A video describing the device was just sent to the CDC Technology Center’s website for review.
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    I much enjoyed reading all your posts and I didn't see you come across as angry. I just saw you come across as someone who said what he was hoping for. Then other people started saying that what you are hoping for is "wrong" or unrealistic or unsuitable. You defended your views and I admire you for that. 50kmh is slow. If people don't understand it's because they don't want to understand. It's not that they can't relate it's that they refuse to which I see as a very reoccurring behaviour. Reading things like "I don't understand why anyone would ever want to ride faster than X kmh" rubs me the wrong way to the point of utter disgust and almost hating the person (as well as calling them a pig in my mind and thinking about never talking to /write to them again and maybe find a way to ruin their life without them knowing but then I realise I don't have to because they are already doing it to themselves). Phew can I breathe now? Just about every rider in our Stockholm Cruisers group was disappointed at the speed. The fun starts at 50 kmh. I rarely feel unsafe on my EUCs unless I have too much air in my tyre. If I feel unsafe then I do less of what I am doing until I feel safe again. And practice. Until it feels safe. I ride a 16X with a CX tyre... that's almost as bad as it gets haha. Almost 7000km on it and it still freaks me out sometimes. Something about a boiling frog... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog Something about a heap of sand... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorites_paradox ------------------------------------- Back to the V11... the suspension is going to be a laugh. As the body moves down (or the wheel moves up) two things will change: 1. The distance from the pedals to the ground will lessen. This will cause some nice accidents when off-roading over obstacles. I don't think there was ever a time when off-roading where I thought to myself; "Wow it sure would be great if my pedals suddenly got a few cm closer to the ground right now". 2. The leverage applied to the wheel will change causing some nice changes in acceleration/slowing down. As the pedals move further away from the center of the hub we will be applying X% more leverage. My Mountain Bike has air in it's front forks, I can adjust the amount of air as well as adjust the rebound speed. I can remotely engage or disengage the suspension. There are times I want it and there are times I am trying to do a certain manoeuvre where the suspension will absorb my energy and stop me (like bouncing up a curb). Going down a hill with the front suspension on would be suicide. Maybe this will give us the excitement we are looking for after all. Variable acceleration and disorientation while riding. ---------------------- Monster, MSX (any flavour), Tesla, Nikola (any flavour), MSP can all go over 50kmh. An MCM5 could do it in a pinch as well. An unlocked Z10 can do it as well. Then we have the other top of the line wheels. 18XL and 16X. So of the top wheels there are less that do 50 and more that do more.
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    I suspect this wheel has actual ergonomics (from the looks of their ambition), and it might very well be that once you try the suspension, every suspensionless wheel will feel outdated and uncomfortable afterwards. This is the most "real life decides how good it is" wheel ever, the specs mean little. Can't wait to hear and see some impressions. When can we expect those?
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    Now you want an electric air compressor on an EUC with remote control from the app? You can’t be serious. Does no one like elegance and simplicity? IMO, the suspension is probably overcomplicating one of the best things about the EUC. Basic elegance. So few moving parts. Edit: spelling.
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    I really appreciated InMotion's work in putting together this launch presentation, especially during these difficult times. It was no Apple launch, but hey even Apple cancelled their event, so kudos to InMotion for making it happen. Charles, the CEO, made a great effort with his first presentation in English, and it was good to see Liam the marketing manager. It's great to see an EUC company put in the effort to plan a marketing campaign, rather than quietly launch variations on a wheel. It shows that InMotion is willing to put in the resources to grow interest in EUCs. Quiet launches are fine for enthusiasts who scour every post on every social media platform (you know who you are), but these marketing efforts are more likely to attract new riders.
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    My thoughts after some pondering: design: looks pretty and aggressive. I like it. lights: excellent! I’m not missing side leds at all. Speed: Enough for me, I’ve never needed more on my 18XL. Suspension: Great! I like the idea that the whole cover moves. Probably a killer feature. Tire: great choice and looks totally different. Looks like good mixed terrain tire. 18x3 is a good size. Trolley handle: I always liked the V10F trolley and this is much better version. This is very good. And the cut off button is still best in the industry. Voltage: I really don’t care. 100v is only needed for more speed and it can already reach the limit. Weight: 27 kg? A bit heavy but it’s a beefy motor plus it has suspension. I don’t mind. Motor: V10F was already max 4000W so this must be nominal 3000W. Looks wider and the diameter is more than the others. It’s also built in-house. Probably best in industry. Charger: Two ports is good, but what about standard charger amps? Pedals: They are fine. Large and comfy but I would have liked to see something new here. What about pedal height? Battery: Disappointing! I doubt they let the cells go down to 3 volts like Kingsong. So the range would be significantly less than on my 18XL. This might be a dealbreaker for me as I do a lot of long distance riding. 90% of my needs are covered by this battery but what about early throttling? Why not just make the side covers wider and make a V11F model? I like that the batteries on the sides so it doesn’t require a wide stance. Availability is really end of summer so I might postpone purchase until next season and wait for bigger battery. If I had too much money this would be tempting as additional wheel for off-roading. Let’s see how the reviews go. Long wait ahead. I have to applaud Inmotion for daring to invest and come up with new great features. Just lacking a bit in the battery department.
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    Funny they call a big 18 incher "V11". Doesn't sound much different from "V10", but it is! Can't praise that headlight enough! Finally someone understands having lights is not just a bullet point on a spec sheet, but they need to be actually fully meaningful and fully useful if you want to rely on them in real life! Looks like Inmotion has a real game changer coming! Didn't expect that! I sure hope this lights a fire under KS and GW's asses.
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    I tend to stay clear of the subject of religion, but the news below was just too much. While the rest of us get fined by the police if we leave our house without proper justification, here's an example of the dated privileges of the Catholic church in Spain, where the police escorted a priest as he walked around the town "driving away" the virus... "A priest 'drives away' the coronavirus through the streets of Sax with the escort of the Civil Guard" Last Sunday, after the 12 noon mass that could not be celebrated due to the state of alarm, the priest of Sax, Alfredo Beltrá, took to the streets of the Alicante municipality to bless the residents of the municipality. Carrying the Blessed Sacrament, he went to the Plaza de San Blas escorted by a Civil Guard patrol, and did so with the knowledge of the City Council, governed by the Popular Party. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eldiario.es%2Fcv%2Falicante%2Fahuyenta-coronavirus-Sax-Guardia-Civil_0_1011399914.html
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    Christianity (and religions in general) teach people not to think for themselves. On UK TV a few days ago there was a disturbing clip of a Russian doctor holding a mass meeting in a church - her response was that no-one will get infected as a church is a holy place. When a trained doctor believes nonsense like that it shows the dangers of religion.
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    Since @Victor Solovjov suggested clarification of the items on the main screen in the EUC World FAQ thread, here goes. Think of it as a teaser of the EUCW documention, which should be available soon enough. @Seba, you might want to check this out to make sure I got everything right 1. Distance of current trip. Can be set to kilometers or miles. 2. Current speed (as reported by the EUC). Can be set to km/h or mph 3. Current battery level % 4. Battery level indicator dial: Visually indicates battery percentage. The dial indicates the current battery level, while the dots indicate the maximum and minimum battery levels of the current trip. 5. EUC temperature: Can be set to ºC or ºF. 6. Temperature indicator dial. Visually indicates the EUC temperature. The dots indicate the maximum and minimum temperatures attained during the current trip. 7. Speed indicator dial: Visually indicates the current speed (relative to the maximum speed set for the dial, which can be configured in the settings menu). The dots on the dial indicate, in ascending order, average speed, average speed in motion and maximum speed attained during the current ride. The red and black stripes on the speed dial indicate the speed limit (tiltback speed) being enforced (via firmware) by the wheel (Kingsong only). The area of the dial covered by the red/black stripes is the speed that cannot be exceeded (real-time data). This bar may appear in the following scenarios: - The wheel has just been switched on but the motor has not yet been engaged. The speed limit is therefor set to 20 km/h until the wheel is moved and the motor engages. The bars will then disappear. - The “regulatory compliance” function has been enabled, setting the wheel’s tiltback speed and 3rd alarm to 20 km/h. - The wheel’s battery has reached a level where the firmware is beginning to enforce speed throttling. In the example above, the dial is indicating that at 42% battery, the wheel will tilt back at 43 km/h. Note that this figure is actually voltage dependent and will vary depending on load. 8. Load dial: Only displayed when current alarms are enabled. It indicates the wheel current in real-time, relative to the value set for the current alarm. When the bar is yellow it indicates discharge (positive current). When it’s blue it indicates regeneration (negative current). The yellow and blue dots indicate the maximum discharge and regen load levels (positive and negative current) attained during the current ride, respectively. If you get no blue bar or dots, but only yellow, it means your wheel doesn’t support this function, as it only reports current, without distinguishing between negative/positive current. 9. Charging status: Green when the wheel is being charged. Gray when not charging. 10. Malfunction warning: Red when the wheel reports a failure of some type. Gray when everything is OK. 11. Phone connected and battery level indicator. 12. Smartwatch connected and battery level indicator. 13. EUC data indicator: Indicates that the information displayed on the gauge and the status section below is for the connected EUC. The EUC icon is grey when no EUC is connected, and green when a wheel is connected. Swiping up on the gauge switches to GPS data, and the EUC icon is replaced by a icon. When grey, it indicates that no tours are being tracked or that GPS connection has been lost. When blue, it indicates that a tour is being tracked and that the information displayed on the gauge and the stats section below are from the GPS. Swipe back down to switch to EUC data.
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    While I tend to refrain from discussing politics and religion in this forum, this is exactly the aspect that is (literally) poisonous about religion in general. Facts, reality, physics and other sciences can be just ignored and replaced by some random extremely harmful imaginary. And if fallen sick it’s the hand of god and the basic sin, and nothing could’ve been done about it anyway. I’d like to hope that an event like this would open a few more peoples’ eyes. But again, when it comes to religion, anything can be excused and reasoned. We ought to be better than that.
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    Found this mask, do you guys think covid-19 droplets can get through those nose holes? (asking for a friend) Seems like a great option.
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    Is that limited battery going to bite Inmotion sooner than we thought? What if the suspension isn’t unique for them very long?
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    Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I'm King Song's newest employee. I'll be helping manage all social media connections between the company and our followers. Listed below are our official accounts: All updates will be provided through these outlets, so please follow us to ensure you don't miss out on anything. Ride on! Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/134599833910471/ Page: https://www.facebook.com/kingsong.international/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingsong.international/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8GDRcVJqg8EIRpNHPu8MA/
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    Well my business is beginning to crawl to a standstill with possible layoffs so I just submitted the necessary documentation to apply for the Employee Paycheck Protection Program. I want to protect the people that have worked for me for decades. I’m sure it will be a slow process but hopefully it will provide some level of comfort to my faithful employees.
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    The design is clearly inspired by the Z10 for the top of the wheel and i love that 3 things worry me: 1- Is it really possible to do 50km/h with a tilt back that starts at 55 or do we have tilback at 50km/h which would be really annoying 2- Will it really be possible to cover a distance of 50km ( the 120km announced is a joke as usual and have to be divided by 2 in my opinion) with an average speed of 45-50km/h? Because if you have to drive at 25-30km/h to reach this autonomy, there's no point because you fall back into the big problem of the Z10. 3 - I applaud the innovation of the suspensions, but I have big doubts about the longevity of the thing for daily use + intensive offroad at the weekend. Can't wait to the first tests of this new beast
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    sorry, not angry, just a little disappointed. Its my own fault as I always have expectations that are not so reasonable. I was REALLY hoping THIS was going to force me to buy another wheel. Being told that I shouldn't want something to be 'better' and should buy something else entirely (things i already own), rubs me a little tho. Being told that something is too dangerous is also not something I enjoy. But you are right, I come off angry and because of this, I keep few friends and imagine people groan as I approach. Your view is noted and I will try to restrain myself from being the devil's advocate, more often. I DO make everyone else seem more tolerable, so there's always that!
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    Well in an EUC ride and faceplant situation even with a off helmet I think 45mph is scary speed. I really doubt how much you can recover from such an accident. I doubt it to being back to normal in a reasonable time, if ever. The second part as a loose wheel travels onwards at those speeds and at its weight, I hope not for it to hit an innocent pedestrian or cyclist, adult or kid matters less as both would be harmed pretty badly.
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    Preorder made I’ll be a test monkey for the v11. I’ve got some serious off-road trails to test it on, can’t wait!
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    On a more simple note i hope they've somehow simplified the tire swap/repair procedure, its a pet peeve of mine that a tire repair on EUC's is a time consuming pain in the ass... wouldn't it be awesome if they somehow made access to tire easier and quicker!
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    $2,300 might sound expensive, but if that suspension works, my knees said they'll chip in a grand they've saved up from their weekly allowance (which they've not been spending due to being stuck at home).
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    Kudos for Inmotion providing meaningful spec's. Although the range might at first be laughable, given the anemic battery capacity, I think it's realistic given their 150-pound rider weight and 12-mph speed I actually like the wheel and think it looks cool - a very masculine design. Unfortunately the big downers to me is the small battery capacity at a very steep price. I can live with a smallish battery on a smaller wheel. But on a 18-inch wheel in 2020? $2300???
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    Disclaimer: I am not an InMotion fan. I hope this wheel turns out to be the best wheel made to date. I give credit to InMotion for giving us what many have asked for. Suspension, bigger lights. Bigger tires. ..... waiting for reviews
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    I admit, I myself fell into the trap of the early hints and promises. Not much of a surprise that being optimistic about the hints eventually disappoints. We were hinted with at least 50km/h top speed, probably 56km/h. We were promised a wheel for (off road or) long distance riders. While I practically never pass 50km/h myself, past Inmotions allow the maximum speed for only a short while. And since the real life range would be around 50-55km for me, being throttled below 45km/h after the first 10km is not something I’d tolerate. Or even call long distance. 18x3” tire was news in 2018, MSP already has criminally bright lights that blind everybody else, and 2000W motor is even older news than 2018. There were far fewer breakthroughs or firsts than what I was expecting. The suspension really is a huge achievement from IM, even if it would be far from perfect. Also I do raise my hat to the brave and unique design. It does look cool in a little funky way. This is an important and long awaited addition to the IM line, and a big step for EUCs, since as we know, KS and GW are designing their own suspensions as we speak. 1600Wh has been the standard on 18” or 16x3” EUCs for a good while now. KS has 1554Wh, and by throttling only at 25% and running batteries to 3.0V per cell they get great range. A 1420Wh battery that throttles at 75% and is capped at 3.3V would be nowhere near comparable. We just don’t know the specifics yet. 3000W was the max Mosfet output power.
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    There are different approaches to this, depending on what you want. Here's my experience, for in case it's of use to anyone: (If you can't be bothered with my lengthy History of my Smartwatch Conundrum rambling, scroll straight down to Enter the Pebble) I originally wanted a WearOS watch that could do everything, from daily use (notification sync with my phone, fitness tracking, Android Pay and whatnot) to EUC World, Google Maps and Komoot. And I wanted good battery life too. (The same way I wanted a powerhouse of a laptop that wasn't too big, wasn't too thick, and didn't overheat) After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion there was no ultimate solution. At that time, @Seba had started to actively develop WheelLog into what has now become EUC World, and had just implemented voice messages, so I instead of betting on the all-in-one smartwatch solution, I bought an in-helmet headset to get periodic riding stats without having to take my phone out of my pocket, and an entry-level smartwatch (Amazfit Bip, with GPS) to track my tours without draining my phone's battery. Voice messages worked well, as I'd get get my riding stats (speed, avg speed, distance, etc.) every few minutes (On-demand voice messages via Flic button or watch hadn't yet been implemented), and as I tracked my tours with the watch, I'd get real-time GPS-based speed, and tour-tracking was pretty accurate. But exporting to gpx files turned out to be a royal pain requiring a paid alternative to the Amazfit's Mi Fit app. But it worked well enough, and I was able to export my tours and import them to relive, Google Earth, Strava, etc. But then Seba went and improved on euc.world, and the ability to see wheel data graphs for my tours, as well as being able to upload pictures, share my tours, add my last public tour to my signature, etc., made tracking tours with my watch feel terribly lacking, so I eventually ended up using the smartwatch just for step counting and sleep tracking (useful for insomniacs), and resorted to the EUC World app for tour-tracking and live data. Since then, Seba has implemented and expanded on what I like to call Quick Actions---the ability to trigger certain actions (request a voice message, trigger the wheel's horn, turn the headlight on/off, etc), which has made live EUC data much more user-friendly, as I can set the interval to 15' so it doesn't annoy me too often, but request a voice message (I have it set to current speed, avg. speed in motion and distance) at any time via my Flic button. This makes having a smartwatch much less of a necessity. But tour-tracking---constant GPS and data usage---was just still an issue with the ever-dwindling battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S7. When I finally decided to upgrade my phone (Huawei P30 Pro), with its whopping 2-day`battery life (a 4h tour, with live map view on and Spotify using data in the background, doesn't even chip 1/3 off my battery life), this ceased to be an issue, so now it's EUC World all the way for me. Especially with all the improvements it's seen in the past months, with the ability to export gpx files, connect to Relive, upload pictures after a tour, etc. AND, even more importantly, use of mobile data and battery drain have been considerably reduced over the past few releases thanks to the option of logging CSV files with GPS data and having them automatically uploaded to euc.world and converted into tours. All of these features make EUC World extremely appealing (for tour tracking, safety, etc.), and smartwatches less essential for getting live stats. But I can still see the use of a smartwatch: I don't always want an audio to get an instantaneous speed reading. And since I like to monitor speed, avg. speed in motion, distance, battery life & temperature, it can be kind of tedious to get the whole run-down when I request an audio message just for one stat, be it speed or temperature. Which is where a smartwatch really comes in handy... From here on, it comes down to personal preference. Some might want a fully-fledged WearOS or Tizen watch. I've been weighing my options for at least 3 months, and finally decided against it. The battery life just doesn't cut it for me, I have enough devices to worry about charging (Phone, Bluetooth earbuds, in-helmet headset, action camera, etc.), I don't need another gadget that I have to worry about charging every day or two. And with the screen always on for using with EUC World, while touring, most of the watches out there would struggle to keep up with several-hour tours on the max. brightness required for visibility in Spain's mostly sunny climate (supposing the screen were even legible at all, especially when wearing sunglasses). You can always ride with the display off and switch it on to get your stats, but that press of a button somehow defeats the point for me. And then there's a convenience issue that you don't really think of until you encounter it: using the same watch for EUC touring and daily use is more of a hassle than one might initially imagine. Your watch is comfortably strapped around your wrist with the stock strap or nice leather after-market band you bought for it. You decide to go for a ride, and since you're safety-conscious (unless you're @ShanesPlanet ), you reach for your wrist guards, to realize you're going to have to take your watch off before putting them on. You do so, only to discover that a) the straps aren't long enough to fit over your wrist guards, b) they just barely reach, but the watch sits very awkwardly on your wrist, c) it doesn't get along well with your jacket cuff, and therefore d) You're going to have to come up with a better system. In my case, after trying several different approaches, I decided it was still too tedious and came to the conclusion that it's better to have a dedicated watch for EUC World. And because of the reasons mentioned above, a top-of-the-line, all-singing, all-dancing Fossil, Samsung or Ticwatch felt like overkill (and too expensive) for an EUC-only wrist-gauge. Not to mention the risk of watch-planting and destroying a watch that costs more than many smartphones. Enter the Pebble. The Pebble Time (color e-ink display) would have been my watch of choice, but they're hard to come by, at least a decently priced one. So a week ago I received my Pebble Classic, which I ordered on ebay and paid 22.50€ for. The user I bought it from has quite a few on sale (Classic & Steel), which he refurbishes: new battery, new zebra screen-connector, regeneration of the rubber seal so it remains waterproof (if anyone's interested, look for the user a.n.d.r.u if you're in Europe; shipping to the US might be a bit costly). I've removed the straps, velcroed it to my wrist guard, et voilà, a cheap wrist gauge, perfect for EUC World. It may be a bit spartan with its B&W e-ink screen, but the battery life is good, sunlight visibility is excellent so far, it gives me the basic information I need at a glance (speed, temperature and battery), it conveniently lives on my wrist-guard full-time, so it's a hassle-free operation, vibrates when I get a speed, current or temp. alarm, the right-middle button can be configured to perform the Quick Action of my choice, and if I break it, it's not a big deal. I haven't tested it extensively yet, with the lockdown and all, but so far, it seems like it's going to suit my needs perfectly. I also think it's a great first choice for anyone who wants to try out the smartwatch connectivity with EUC World but doesn't want to spend a lot. Below is my setup. I've kept the top watch-band pin in and attached a little strap to it; the other end is tied to the wrist guard for in case the velcro comes unfastened, so I don't accidentally lose the watch, and has a quick-release for whenever I want to take it off of the wrist guard (for charging, etc): Very pleased so far. And Seba's great tutorial made setting it up with EUC World a breeze
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    Today I have bought a new helmet and mounted a huge bike mirror on it. The whole design works perfectly and I have a good view of what's going on behind me. The assembly weighs 1100 grams in total. Airoh helmet: https://www.airoh.com/helmets/terminator-open-vision-en/ Zefal mirror: http://www.zefal.com/en/mirrors/368-espion-z56.html
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    Did someone say snow? Normally we're at +8c at this time of year but Mother Nature decided to drop a curveball on us. I used to be a decent skier, today was pretty much like having a groomed run down on a decent mountain slope.
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    Difference between Lumen and Lux When purchasing a lamp, it is nice to know how much light the lamp is giving out exactly. Sometimes this is indicated in Lumen and sometimes in Lux. What do these values mean and what's the difference? Lumen Lumen is the unit of the light current. This indicates the total amount of light emitted by the light source, no matter what direction it is. In Lumen, efficiency is especially important because it indicates how efficient the light source converts power into light. This is called the Lumen / Watts ratio (Lm / W). With LED lights this value is much higher because they need less power to generate a particular Lumen current. Lux Lux is used to measure the amount of light output in a given area - one lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. It enables us to measure the total "amount" of visible light present and the intensity of the illumination on a surface. Thus, it is important in what direction the light source shines. This value is irrespective of the number of light sources it uses, the colour or the structure where the light shines. If the amount of Lux is indicated by a lamp, it is usually in the centre of the beam where the light intensity is highest. The difference The difference between lumen and lux is that the lux takes into account the area over which the luminous flux (lumens) is spread. A flux of 1000 lumens, concentrated into an area of one square metre, lights up that square metre with an illuminance of 1000 Lux. For example: A 500 Lumen light source illuminates 1 square meter with 500 Lux. The same light source that needs to illuminate 10 square meters, which illuminates this area with only 50 Lux. https://www.any-lamp.com/blog/lumen-and-lux/
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    Lately i've been riding more and more with some serious board riders. Their boards are no joke. If I want to keep up with them I need the MSX and risk overleaning but then I don't have the range and if I want the range the 16X gets me a bit more but not the speed. They have crazy acceleration and top speed. Some of the guys have gone DIY, one has Nazaré and another has a Kaly XL50 which isn't made anymore. If I could get a Kaly at your prices I would definitely do it. We get murdered here with shipping, taxes and customs. The Kaly can go offroad without worrying about gravel getting stuck in a belt. To compete I would need an MSX 100V or Nikola+ and then it would still be a struggle. Some of the DIY riders have foot bindings on their boards and do all kinds of crazy stuff with them. The board riders love their boards. The EUC riders love their wheels. They are the same but different. The EUC requires very little maintenance though and very little investment after the initial purchase. I like the EUC because my body is the remote. I can play with it at skate parks, do crazy offroad, climb stupid things, jump it, ride backwards or on one leg, ride seated. I like boards because I like the surfing sideways stance and with AT tyres it feels more safe than an EUC. Range * speed / money. That's a neat formula I use to determine fun factor. If you have never tried an EUC you should. Only then will you know.
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