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    Some nut is riding his electric unicycle in the middle of winter. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    A lot has happened as far as the legality goes. Many countries have banned these and I've seen a lot of people leave from fear of having traceable history of breaking the law that government agents could dig up to throw you in jail. I miss some of those guys, they had great input and knowledge. The culture of this forum sure has changed since then. I've often asked myself, "When will I stop checking this forum 5 times a day?" For some, it's easy to stay off "social media." For me, this forum is the closest thing I have to friends with similar interest. I have noticed a lot of older members are commenting less. Maybe they are tired of saying the same thing over and over (there is a search function... but I understand that it isn't very good). Or they figure that there are enough people now that someone else will comment. They can just enjoy riding without any stress or drama from this forum.
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    This needs way more views havent seen this kind of extreme euc riding before
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    I've posted this in the news, but just because I've talked about it here so much, here is a link to the version of the story that appeared on the local news: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    I think this must also be the same guy. Awesome skills shown in his 5.30 minute YouTube video!!!
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    Day three in the books, this is definitely peak cold, -36 at run time. Once again no issues. TV folk have taken interest and want to interview me today, so that's something.
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    My thoughts exactly. But since they announce such enormously high speeds, it is reasonable to expect that the control board has been beefed up accordingly. And of course, riding at 45mph vs 35-40mph will of course feel different. I have zero doubt that this wouldn’t be a more powerful wheel than the current 100V MSX. Just that it’s not the wattage rating of the motor that makes the difference, or even gets you to those speeds. Can you explain exactly what it is that you feel being different on a motor that is stamped 2500W instead of 2000W? Larger current peaks? Higher voltage? Higher PWM duty cycle? More instantaneous transient power delivery? The problem is, until the 2200W 18XL, we have had zero chance to compare only motors of different power rating. If you compare a MSV3 to a MSX, it’s a different wheel in so many other regards that you can’t isolate what the more powerful motor feels like. Think about a more familiar source of wattage, a stereo system. Or even laptop speakers. How would you know if I secretly upgraded the amp section to one that’s twice as powerful? Would you hear it? How would you test the difference? If you compare a 100W stereo system to a 10W boombox, you will mostly hear different speakers, not the wattage. (Edit: Actually, my analogue is wrong. Motor is just the speaker in a stereo system, not the amp. The controller is the amp that provides the power. If there is no further power available from the controller/amp, the wattage rating of the motor/speakers doesn’t matter one bit, be it 100W or a trillion watts. It still doesn’t get any louder.) I tried to answer this to the best of my skills in my previous post and above the quote. I hope it will seed some root and keep you guys out of the stupid marketing BS of ”wattage”. What do you think about how the 2200W motor upgrade on the 18XL was ”felt”? I hear it felt really strong. And I mean the impact when the riders hit the ground because the wheel no longer had the same power near top speed than the 2000W motor had. Yeah, there we go. They had to make it seem upgraded somehow. And wattage is the easiest, since no-one will hold you accountable, as only a handful of customers even understand what the number represents.
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    Terry O'Neill of Edmonton on Candian TV tonight. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    Buggy firmware, buggy app, buggy servers...? KS is really nailing it lately! Good thing we have you! (I know you're in this for riders' sake, but KS really owes you a debt of gratitude...)
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    As for now 2.00 is the latest for both motor variants of KS-18L/XL.
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    As someone who is still relatively new to the forum, I have to say that some of these gigantic threads can be a bit intimidating. I've made it through a few of them, but that's partly because work has been slow and I had plenty of down time to do so. Reading through 30+ pages in hopes of finding the answer to a question that may not even be there can be quite the task.
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    I thought about it to swap the motor, but now with the update i don’t need to, the wheel is just how i like it now.
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    Personally, although I admit it's a fairly chaotic affair, I enjoy the current, unified format. It would be too easy to miss lots of great content if all videos were posted in threads of their own, unless you specifically subscribe to users whose videos you enjoy. But you'd still be likely to miss out on tons of stuff... Although the thread is gargantuan, I personally feel like it's become somewhat of an institution within this forum and wouldn't want it any other way. I enjoy the melting pot that it is, and the intrinsic chaos it brings about. But that's after over a year in the forum...at first I also found it daunting. Now I approach it more like I would a restaurant menu, where I skim over and see what's new, what's in season, and what I fancy ordering. I like the diversity and ample selection. But I can see how others might feel else-wise. I also notice that I've adapted to the way things are, and like it that way, but have nothing against fresh new perspectives (which is why I created this thread) What do you guys think? And the veterans in the forum? Edit: I'm not asking any mods for your opinion because I imagine you're probably already cursing under your breath at the fact I started this thread in the first place
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    I think they help... And, literally tomorrow I am starting to test our prototype EUC Bodyguard for the Msuper X! Since Christmas I have been testing the Monster Bodyguard, which included a semi-decent crash with the wheel tumbling a couple of times. I have video footage of the autopsy (that still needs editing), but I honestly believe that the Bodyguard helped protect the wheel from damage... And before anyone asks... After the MSX, the Nikola is the next wheel in line for a Bodyguard fitting.
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    I think there might be confusion about terms here? topic = thread = a single topic like "The Video Thread" forum = subforum = a new forum like "General Discussion" section = area = a bunch of forums like "BRAND-SPECIFIC FORUMS (EUC ONLY)"
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    "This desire to move around on a single wheel is a desire for simplicity and impossibility at the same time. Perhaps that comes from defiance—a rejection of human limitations that drives us to transcend our bipedal existence." (Quoted from this article; thanks for sharing, @ZenRyder!)
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    Thank you! Firmware downgrade is technically possible, but I would rather think about it as a last resort, "112" emergency call than a regular feature. So in general no, there will be no "Downgrade" button, but I don't say that such option won't be available at all.
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    Yea I agree. The video thread is now so long and disorganised I no longer read it - to be honest I visit the forum less now because it is poorly laid out. I did suggest a while back that a new video section was needed and each video thread could have it's own title but the idea had little support.
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    There's loads of info out there but it's difficult finding it. If we had a wiki section that was maintained by users then we could build a useful knowledge base that anyone could dip into. Forum users should be allowed to edit pages to keep them up to date. It might be worth having some form of restriction on users to ensure people don't just register and then delete everything. There are loads of topics which could be included but here's a few: Guides to the various apps available (Inmotion, KS, Gotway, EUC World, Wheellog etc) User written manuals for wheels Guide to battery management Maintenance topics How do EUCs work .... Topics could be added and maintained by users over time.
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    If you can afford it, start with a bigger wheel. Just invest in a lot of bubble wrap for the first 1000km. There are two wheels for us fat folks: KS18L/KS18XL and MSX. Both of them will give you around 50-60km of range on one charge. Bigger wheel means bigger stability - my MSX is way more stable than my previous KS16S. I regret buying KS16S - I pretty much destroyed it, it wasn't sturdy enough. Since you plan to ride slowly, a normal 84V version would be better for you - the only advantage of 100V is more speed. Both of those wheels should keep their value quite well if you ever decide you don't like unicycling. And if you are able to buy second hand, even better. :-) Actually, since you plan to just do minimal offroad, KS18XL would probably be better - KingSongs have really good, 10/10 trolley handles. Meanwhile, MSX's handle is only 5/10. InMotion doesn't have an 18' wheel and Ninebot One Z10 is not a good wheel from what I've read.
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    I have successfully upgraded my 18XL from 1.13 to 2.0 and everything went well .... (for this I used KS android application version 3.1.8 on S6 phone) - I have 4 different situation of lights settings....I'm happy with the first one (AUTO) - there is NO red light when charging and wheel it self it's OFF (there is no point to keep it ON while charging) - calibration was needed after upgrade because pedals where 2 degrees tilted forward - that high pitch whine sound it's gone, wheel it's silent now, CPU usage dropped considerable when wheel it's just sitting idle against the wall - I'm very pleased with power delivery when I hit acceleration from slow speeds.....some improvement compared to 1.13 - I sense no speed limitation regarding available power when battery it's near empty (please see video) my 3-rd alarm it's on 40kmh and tilt-back at 42kmh
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    It's unlikely that would have happened if you'd been on the wheel I'm guessing it had to do with calibration: maybe due to lack of calibration, the angle you were holding it at was registered by the wheel as forward = acceleration, so it tried to accelerate, and when you held onto the handle to prevent it from moving forward, that and the smooth wooden floor caused wheel slippage, so it went into full-on free-wheel-spin, the same as if you deactivate the lift sensor and lift the wheel in the air. Must have been scary...gives you a degree of respect for how powerful this beast actually is, doesn't it? And to think that a few posts back you were asking about upgrading the motor power... Before calibrating, make sure the wheel isn't going to go nuts on you again. Find a safe place to do this. Lean the wheel against the wall and hold the handle tightly (without lifting) while you switch on the wheel (don't extend the handle). If it tries to run away, either switch it off quickly, or pick it up: if the lift sensor does its job, it'll beep and quit spinning; if not, hold it off the ground while it has its tantrum, until it switches itself off. Do not let it touch the ground while the wheel is spinning like crazy. Once you've established it's not going to try to kill you, you can proceed with calibration. When you click on "calibrate" from the app, the wheel should switch off, or beep, and then you switch it off (I can't remember which). At this point, make sure your wheel is perfectly level, both front to back and side to side (putting it on a stand, a brick under each pedal, etc., is an option). You can use a bubble level app on your phone if you don't have an actual two-way bubble level. When it's perfectly level, switch the wheel back on, trying not to move it. It'll beep a few times and switch back off. Your wheel is now calibrated. And hopefully, no longer possessed by the devil... Keep us posted, and be careful!
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    The mini wheel at 10:25 is amazing!
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    I haven't tried the 16X yet, but here is the difference (with the "whine") for the 16S...
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    Just search smart plug on amazon. I am EU based so have different brands than you. Most will be around 20$ or around 60 for a pack of 4. I have one TPlink hs110 as @Seba mentioned above and I also have 4 tecklin smart plugs. They all work perfect allthough the TP-link has a better app. Can use them to track power consumption of something or to time something, or even to turn something on or off while not home.
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    I agree except I will have to change “vegan pizza “ to beer and Pizza.
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    Veeeery nice! Took a look at your Flickr pics... do you really have a pig-shaped EUC stand?
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    Great video, as usual! I was very curious your opinion about 2.0 firmware. A one note - with new 2.0 firmware there is new wheel behaviour: after turning on it won't start balancing if the wheel is not vertically level. I see Marty experienced this during subsequent restart after low-battery tiltback And one tip - KS-18L/XL goes into this 45° tiltback when battery voltage drops to 60 V or below. So to avoid this it's good to watch voltage and ride gently enough to keep battery voltage above 60 V.
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    I have to agree with meepmeepmayer's comment about good storytelling, and earlier in this thread someone mentioned production value - that too. I am new to the EUC world, so I cannot point use any EUC channels as an example, but I will talk about a couple of non-related channels both of which are extremely popular. That popularity is due to the story telling and the care taken in production. My first example is Andrew Camarata.who makes videos about his property management business in the deep woods of upstate NY. Thousands of people, myself included wait eagerly for each new posting. It is not that we are intensely interested in watching someone build a long driveway through the woods or build a foundation for a house - it is all due to the fact that Andrew has honed his story telling skills, and has also figured out that he needs multiple cameras (most are used older model GoPros that he repairs himself) to make the visuals interested. He knows how to keep the viewer interested rather than bored. Check out a few of his videos to see what I mean. He can make mowing a grassy field more interesting than anything on broadcast TV. He does most all of his jobs solo, unless it something that really requires more than one person, and he makes his videos by himself, but does a better job than a whole crew of camera operators and video editors. Another channel that is addictive because of the story telling and production is Goonzquad a channel put together by two Tennessee collage age brothers who buy totaled cars and put them back together. The subject is not anything I am particularly interested in, but these kids make it both interesting and entertaining. I would suggest watching a few episodes of each of these channels and see if you can spot the magic that makes it all work. My theory is that it isn't the subject so much as the presentation. Figure out how they present stuff so well and use it to tell the story of our wonderful little machines and you will have a winner.
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    Then you can imagine how I feel about the 4p configurations on the 100v wheels. Well let's see how long it takes for you to hit 60kmh on the MSX. My fastest is 56. My friend Thomas fastest is 58. But these are not cruising speeds.. these are speeds we touch for a second.
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    I made lots of progress today everyone I went about 2 1/2 hours.I started on the roof of a grocery store and it was empty and there was a wall about 4 and a half feet tall. I was going back and forth along that wall for a while but I felt like I was putting too much of my balance onto the little wall.there was also some shopping carts. This allowed me to go my furthest distance on the wheel. while the shopping cart was kind of fun. It just had me leaning on the cart and it was turning awkwardly at time. I went to the park and found a fence that had a nearby obstacle of about 6-8 feet from it. Having the fence was much better because it was more like a guide and I wasn’t able to really put any weight on it. I managed to glide to that obstacle and back to the fence a couple times. That felt so gratifying. I wasn’t able to recreate that but I felt much more of a bonding with my wheel. Thank you all again for all the support and tips. With more practice I’ll be like you all in no time.
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    Yeah, I've been there...she initially used to tell me I spent too much time on the forum. Now she sees it as a blessing...
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    Sweeeeeet! Guess I'm the crazy one for not riding when it's -31°C out afterall! How do you not slip off the pedals with that much snow on them???
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    Yea, I think you make good points @Rehab1 I think when the forum first started and it had far fewer members the present format / categories was probably fine but now with a wider audience of differing skills and more wheels on the market the forum is now disorganised and difficult to navigate. The video thread now is out of hand, effectively all the forum videos (and probably 25% of the entire forum posts) are grouped in one thread. Surely it makes sense to have a seperate video section with each new topic having it's own thread and title. A beginner section discussing riding techniques and cheaper less powerful wheels could also be a possibilty that may encourage new members to contribute.
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    Drone on, drone on, ..... drone on till your drones come true .... ;-) sorry, couldn't resist.
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    You can easily find disassembly instructions for everything. Second hand sales are usually done on external sites, such as ebay.com or olx.pl. Thus, it's normal that 99% of forum's users are lurkers or completely unregistered.
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    I am about 80kg or 90kg geared up. I ride my V10f at 2.6-2.7bar. I pumped it to 2.75 and let out a tiny bit of air. Now as a new rider you don't want it too hard as you have less footprint of the tire to balance on. On the other hand you do not want to damage the rim or risk a snake bite puncture. The Tire God @mrelwoodmade an excel guide. I have to find this again, as I don't have the file on my new phone. As a tip of you can get someone to take a picture of you film when just standing on the wheel you can get an idea of how much the tire give with you on it. Note since I have a very poon right knee, I prefer a softer ride, so I don't hit curbs or potholes or obstacles at high speed. Going over curbs is a skill that can be very useful. Also on this regard @mrelwoodknow a video that show how to do this perfectly. I just seem to forget the links to these. Ohh and I almost forgot, welcome.
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    Yeah, that's a great system! I actually did that for some off-road tours some time back, after a few routes I'd planned with Komoot turned out to be impossibly steep for the 18XL. For some reason, I only associated the "need" to 3D-check my routes with off-roading, mountain tours; it didn't occur to me that OpenCycle Maps might include tracks that are straight across the beach Also...I've done a couple of tours lately that I planned months ago, and didn't check before leaving home. Turns out they were "drafts" That's really a brilliant idea, especially when riding far from home and unfamiliar with the geography! +10!!! I remember you posting something about that a while ago, in the Komoot thread, I think. It looks much better than Relive and gives you much more control! I'd completely forgotten about that! Possibly because I was running a 6-year-old laptop with no discrete graphics card, so after trying once, I had to outsource my rendering to Relive... But I've finally retired it, and now my MSI P65 (8Gb Nvidia 2070 MaxQ) should have no trouble at all! Thanks for reminding me of the possibility, I'd completely forgotten! New camera, new laptop...am going to have plenty of fun stuff to do indoors when it's too dark and cold to ride!
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    If you have set tour tracking to start automatically after app connects to the wheel, they won't be published on the main page even if you have set your tour to be "Visible to anyone". This is to protect your privacy and avoid situation in which your location would be inadvertently published just because you started app and it connected with your EUC. To track tours in public mode (tour visibility set to "Visible to anyone") you have to start it manually. "Visible to me" and "Visible to people having link" are private modes and the only difference is that the latter will allow you to share your tour with other people by sending them link to the tour. So for example when you start tour tracking in "Visible to people having link" (this mode is used for automatically started tours) you can then share it with your wife, so in case of any accident she will be aware of your latest location etc.
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    I just checked the French forum, 'Esprit roue' and it has 6744 users. So I guess 2/3d's of them must have retired and everyone must be on the forum ! Also I'm reasonably sure we are at least 2000 in Belgium, so that leaves absolutely nobody for the rest of Western Europe...
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    I maybe use the app for "longer" rides. On most (daily commute) rides I don't bother to use any app. However I use occasionally a mix of KS or Inmotion (used to) wheelog and EUC.WORLD. But I never use Darknessbot for obvious reasons. Others do the opposite of me. So how does this put me into your calculations? The past year I have ridden about 3000km I doubt I tracked more that 1/4 of that distance or 1/5 of my rides. As for an answer to the threads title, it is simple, not enough IMHO. But the we come to are we better of to be massive present as escooters or so few we are on in the public rader/eye. To that I cannot answer.
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    This is the v3, has a different tire than v2. Main change is internal, stronger pedal column, more durable long term (with v2 some people had issue with pedal column bending overtime, mainly if they were heavy people doing jumps). Edit: the side led part is still the same, has black paint, but not completely as the V2.
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    Watch saves the day! But why all the battery drain? Was this stand-alone watch-navigation, or set from your phone? I don't own a WearOS watch, so I have no idea how this works. Can't it be set up so you set navigation on your phone, and G-maps "mirrors" it, thus GPS-related battery drain is on the phone's side, not the watch's? Yeah, I use Komoot too! Mostly for trip-plannig BEFORE leaving home. But sometimes it has a tendency to take me along what it thinks are bike paths, but are actually just imaginary paths along the sand. In those cases, I use G-maps, as satellite view comes in handy. So how good is Komoot navigation on a smartwatch? I recall seeing a short demo on Youtube and it was merely arrows and distance 'til next turn, no map, which can be tricky to interpret on bike tracks with odd-angled forks and whatnot. My ideal setup is 1 phone, 1 watch, 1 in-helmet headset. Phone transmits all audio to my headset (music, navigation, EUC World voice messages and alarms), and the watch mirrors EUC World/or Komoot. Can that be done, or is navigation audio transmitted to the watch when it's connected? I'm looking for a SmartWatch with the longest-lasting battery possible...so I was thinking of a Tickwatch Pro as opposed to a Samsung. Any alternative suggestions? Thanks for your feedback!
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    The Rise Of The Electric Unicycle Tribe.. Enjoy 😁
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    Maybe the magnets will turn into a superconducter and give u unlimited speed ????
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