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    The AlienRides & William Jordan collaboration is here! Check out this insane footage of William Jordan getting insane air on the monster. Let me know what you think, more to come if you all like it.
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    Lovin' my new GoPro Fusion
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    Here is my attempt at trying to get my wife to learn to ride a EUC. She has an electric longboard which she prefers most of all and she also has a OneWheel+ XR. Still... EUC's are in a league of there own when it come to range and speed. Range being most important for me. Short of getting a Lacroix board which while fun is not able to go offroad, stiff at turning etc.
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    Another Fusion 360 video.. This thing is freaking great.. The location is the newly opened southern Thames path from Cutty Sark to the Thames barrier. It's EUC heaven. No one there, miles and miles of intersting shore side riding.
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    @Hirsute was awarded 1st place in the forum’s EUC Talent Contest in 2016. He is not only the best international EUC rider that I have ever watched perform but is also a true gentleman. He represents our sport by generously donating his time to teach others his revered skills.
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    I honestly would not try t teach anyone a lesson in these situations. It is best to move on and avoid the confrontation all together. I have seen first hand ( due to my work) what road rage can do and to be honest you never know who is packing and / or who will just snap at any moment. Just move on and be the bigger person. You will likely live a much longer life.
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    Riding around Spokane
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    I live and ride in New Zealand's equivalent of Chicago, and it is almost always windy - in fact my best case scenario is that I ride fast enough with the wind behind me that it becomes still. I'm not sure what technics there are (other than just practice), but I find that being a heavier rider minimises the effect. So perhaps you need to eat more at lunch?
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    I feel like someone who cuts through a gas station to avoid an adjacent right turn at the intersection is too far gone to be affected by a passive aggressive civics lesson... of course, that being said, it can be very hard to feel like someone is getting away with something or getting over on you. I got this feeling a lot as a bicycle rider. As far as influencing the drivers future behavior, I feel like it’s just as likely that you will cause him to carry his aggravation from this situation and apply it more so to the next situation. In all fairness, I do not live in a Los Angeles or other ridiculously large metropolitan area so my point of you is probably affecting someone by that. If I was surrounded by aggressive, thoughtless people every second of every day, I myself would probably be more aggressive and want to teach people a lesson. As with most of life, though, I think it’s probably best to just exemplify the morals and behavior that you wish that others would display and let them be responsible for their own actions.
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    KS16mm, a finger wheel I always wanted a small finger wheel to fiddle with. -- From today. Route ahead. Cows and mountains. For some reason, there were a lot of baby cows (like the small ones in the middle). Shouldn't that happen in spring? It's mid-October Leafy path meets a river (blue at the end).
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    The problem with road rage (or any other sort of confrontation) is in the end, what do you really win--even if you are in the right? When you compare the potential upside (moral righteousness) to the potential downside (disabilitating physical injury or death) the math doesn't add up.
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    Step off at the last second, and let your wheel take the full impact... I know from experience that thin tin dents more than an EUC...
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    Here's a thread to share stories of close calls with pissed off drivers. How it happened, what did you do? Do you need to vent? Do it here! ? Today, just now, I observed a pissed off dude in a hurry rip right through the gas station (around a guy who was stopped to turn right on red) and almost into me. I like to let these guys get close so I can let them know that they are driving like an asshole (of course, only if deemed safe and not verbally, but just by making them aware that they almost hit someone in their carelessness). I saw him coming and wasn't going to let him hit me, so I slowed down enough to let him see me, then slam on the brakes. Dude was pissed off throwing his arms up as if I was doing something wrong by being on a sidewalk. So I stalled, right in front of him after he slammed on his brakes, watched his tantrum, he was shouting in his car. I then got out of his way as he slammed on the gas pedal, tires screeching and all and sped into traffic not even looking. We ALWAYS have to be extra aware out there. He would have hit me, had I not been keen on his plan to illegally blow through the gas station. Makes me want to start carrying a baseball bat, that I can whip out and smack the mirror off when road rage drivers do shit like this. ? Just kidding...or am I?! ? Another occasion, while cruising through a bike lane (without stop sign), a hurried Uber driver didn't want to wait for me to continue my right of way. He had a stop sign, I didn't. After I passed safely by, he started pursuing me yelling how he had almost hit me. I yelled back, that I had the right of way, and that he had the stop sign and I did not. He then drove (too close) alongside me, still yelling. So, in my split second decision making, I decided to stand up to this jerk, so I gave his mirror a good whack with my wrist guard, and he backed off. I'm normally a very calm, loving dude, and I felt kind of bad for knocking the mirror, but in hindsight, perhaps he'll think twice now about driving so angrily. This is a serious problem in Los Angeles and I am posting here to have some dialog about it, in hopes that none of us get hit. Be safe out there everyone!
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    24 years of being a motorcyclist makes me numb to these moron drivers. When my hot head friend bought his first motorcycle we decided to take a ride to the mountains. While taking a tight left turn a suburban going the other way came over halfway into out lane. Lucky for us there was a paced turnout on the outside of the corner. We went into the turn out and to my surprise my friend was ready to turn left out of the turn out. I asked him where he was going and he said "to F him up". After I got him to wait a second I just told him if that is gosh reaction then motorcycling isnt going to work out since that kinda stuff happens almost every ride. The other night I left work at 1am. No one was around on my ride home especially since I try to take side streets. I came around a blind turn that I normally slow to walking speed for just in case someone is there and to my surprise a bicycle ride was there coming at me. We clipped each other and I grinded to a stop on a block wall while the bicycle rider dropped his bike but stayed on his feet. It was my turn to be the dumbass and I apologised. EUCs and motorcycles have a lot in common and I think it's important to keep emotions in check on both. Someone can near miss ya and make your blood boil only to cause you to have a lapse in judgement a half mile down the road. Stay safe-ish my friends!
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    I regularly ride my 18L at 40-50 km/h... But with all the right gear on! I tried it once wearing "normal" shoes instead of boots, and even that gave me the shits! Fast is fine, but only if both you and your wheel are prepared for it!!!
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    That all sounds great and fun... on a serious note, I am hoping that the energy and effort spent tweaking the WheelLog app will be focused on getting the information on the app more accurate for each wheel... battery, mileage, speed etc...
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    I'm only half Chinese but I had a driver yell at me (after I emerged from a side street bike lane onto a main road) to "go back to China." The guy was driving a lifted - get this - Toyota Tundra.
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    So it looks like you're riding your KS-1½S then?
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    Thanks for the kind words! The below, shot by @Citi Wheel, is the best I can find of the micro-pendulum-ing I employ for regular, non-backwards, riding (doesn't help I have a penchant for wearing black trousers! *smh). While it may look like I'm just pumping the brakes here, it's this general idea that I utilize for quick changes in direction / speed; feet+wheel keeps moving in the original direction, while my body shifts back, then quickly to the new directional plane, all in the same instant. Doing this, my body vs wheel can do a see-saw / tug-of-war type deal, but the motion does not usually look very dramatic on camera, or else this would just be hard brake pumping. In general, stealing from my skiing background, your body should always lead the action, with your legs+wheel following in delay. (I swear I'll get to making the technique videos I promised awhile back! to better explain) Thanks 2x! To each his own! I don't like carving for the sake of carving; it's always to dodge obstacles or, of late, to pump the wheel side-to-side in achieving faster and aggressive acceleration. @Tishawn Fahie still amazes me how well he rides with so little non-EUC, sport background... his arm swings made me re-discover the same for my riding, as this is also tried-and-true ski technique, seeing as your arms are attached to your hips and accentuate hip movement, which is a cornerstone of full & complete turns.
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    I always ride super defensively (assuming the worse). I've never experience road rage yet, but I don't ride within Los Angeles proper. Maybe I shouldn't start
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    ... and because this Z thread isn't long enough
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    Some pictures from today. Up to 24°C hot October weather! At a lakeshore. View from a hill above the lake. Newly built viewing tower on the lake's reed zone. Autumn colors + low afternoon sun = pretty Lots of details in this panorama. Farm on a hilltop with cows doing the Hunka and a mountain view. Village square somewhere along the way back home.