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    You're right. It also seems that there is no temperature probe near the radiator or MOSFETs. This is a major design flaw, as PCB temperature where temp probe is apparently located in Nikola, being additionally cooled by the fan located on wrong side, doesn't reflect MOSFET tab or package temperature. This is why @Marty Backe got misleading, very low temperature readings. For example, in KS-18L/XL there is a temperature probe located close to the heatsink and MOSFET that is farthest from the cooling fan. This is why L/XL may be perceived as a "hot running wheel". Nikola wasn't "cold running wheel", it was just a "very hot running wheel with low temp readings". From what I see, PCB design may cause MOSFET source (S) leg to overheat, as there is highest thermal resistance due to small copper pad directly under the MOSFET leg. I don't see the other side, but i assume it's similar so drain (D) legs are also connected using small pad located on an edge of larger copper plane. Another design flaw is to use two TO-220 MOSFET instead of one TO-247. Doubled small package design is prone to many failures. MOSFET leg fracture during bending or PCB assembly will increase leg resistance. Improper soldering or improper PCB design may cause current imbalance, so it wont be divided 50/50 between both transistors. And if one MOSFET will fail, but won't short, second MOSFET failure is a matter of short time, as it takes over full current instead of part of it. As we can see in the photo, it was the case. Failed both MOSFETs on one side of a motor phase half-bridge circuit. Double MOSFET design may work well only if is properly oversided, so each single MOSFET is able to carry maximum current expected to flow in the motor phase circuit. But as failing MOSFET will likely create a short circuit, secondary MOSFET won't be beneficial.
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    Overheat Hill Smokes My Nikola I just returned from my mountain stress testing of the Nikola and it utterly failed (nothing like the smell of burnt MOSFETs in the morning). So I owe all you guys an apology for defending Gotway's decision to revert back to the smaller MOSFETs. What can I say? It's still a beautiful wheel, and as you'll see, it does have amazing low-end torque and was running cooler than any other wheel other than the MCM5. But it looks like the electronics aren't up to the task. So if you have a Nikola or are thinking of getting one, don't ride it in tough high-ampere conditions. Note that my 5100-ft climb to 10,500-feet was a non-issue. So I think most riding conditions will be fine. But if you live in San Francisco, etc., be cautious and monitor your power consumption. Video at 10
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    OK. Hats off to @eddiemoy. I believe he has identified to root cause of my failure - crappy Gotway workmanship (or whoever builds their boards - do we know?). I took a high resolution photograph (click if you want to access the full-res version) of the MOSFETs in question and the thermal barrier. You can clearly see a bit of the plastic still stuck on the sheet. I closely inspected both thermal sheets and they look clean except for this section. So whomever assembled this board, nonchalantly pealed off the backing material and shrugged their shoulders when some of it tore and stuck to the thermal sheet. It's so obvious now. Those three MOSFETs could not dissipate the heat and blew. This makes me feel better that probably most of the Nilola boards are OK, but unfortunately it's now a bit of a roll-of-the-dice if a Nikola owner gets a crap board. And it's basically impossible to inspect the board without destroying it to gain access If this was not a second rate Chinese company, they would do a recall out of an abundance of caution and replace the boards with fully inspected ones. But we know that's not going to happen. I'm tagging @Jason McNeil so that he sees the root cause. Thanks again @eddiemoy, @Rehab1 and @Jon Stern
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    Looks like we are going to get to try out the 16X this weekend! Woohoo! Demo time!
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    Just came back from the NYC demo. Here are my initial impressions. I wasn’t able to adjust the tire pressure since there were too many people. I normally don’t like high pressure wheels. I like them under inflated. I’ll probably get the wheel to play with so I can can lower the tire pressure to something that suits me. Maybe the riding issues will go away. That being said here are the initial impressions of the wheel. The tire valve is hard to access. Kind of like MSX MsuperV3s+ style. Not sure why they did this. It is bad. You need a valve extension to get at it. I like the look inperson. I know some don’t like it. Very subjective The side pads were coming off Not sure if it is because this is preproduction. The pedals are completely flat like the V10F. I absolutely hate this! I like to have some angle to the pedals Not completely flat. But not extreme like the MSX. Not sure they did this as all other KS wheel has some angle to the pedal. The ride, I don’t like the way this rides. But I think it is because of the tire pressure. If I cannot fix the ride feel with tire pressure, I will probably cancel my order. I hope this isn’t a tire size issue. If it is tire size, means I don’t like any tire bigger than 2.5”. i didn’t notice any motor noise. So it is silent. More so than my 100V MSX which wasn’t silent like the 84V MSX. magnetic pedals, can kick to deploy. Trolley handle seemed a little loose But works good like KS handles. Good length. The speakers are loud with good bass, not as loud as Nikola. stopping and acceleration is better than Nikola, but not as good as 16S, better than 18L/XL weight is not too difficult to lift considering it is 55lbs. Haven’t tried to lift it into my trunk. Lift cut off wasn’t working on demo unit. all black looks ok, the faux carbon fiber looks just like MSX, cheap knockoff. Now that I’ve tested it Not sure if I will replace my lighter 18L I already have a long range 18S. Not excited anymore about the wheel.
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    Just got this from someone who in talks with kingsong... sounds good and promising . Looks like no one's had the proper model as yet .i wonder if the delay is due to getting everything perfect ,,, well,, we'll always moan so never perfect 😁😁 Just saying ....latest 16X news I got today: It’s definitely a different motor than 18L/Xl...and yeah KS, says 2200Watt. And quiet! They are adjusting the firmware for that in the moment. Kuji on the electric games still had the prototype. The handle sensor is still no button under the handle, as they can’t have moving wires inside trolley handle. But it is no “electrical sensor” connected to rod/board as on the 18L/XL....it’s working mechanic now. They will get rid of the “binding” off the app...will just take a bit time, as they are concentrating on 16X firmware at the moment. Production 16X starts “early next week”.....
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    Here is an update from Jason on our order... Production Schedule: King Song plan to complete our order before the end of the month, shipping takes about 4 weeks. Color: The final color will be the carbon fiber panels, with black matte on top & changeable sides—for the present this will just be the black, but dark-gray is a possibility later on Motor: a custom 2200W motor with a new PWM algorithm to try to make it as silent as the quietest Gotways Pedals: 24 cm long, 1cm shorter than the XL, still large, with a magnet installed underneath to keep them upright, easier to open/close. USB port: USB output: 1 x QC 3.0 fast charge + 1 USB port support music plug and play Light: 5W headlight, one of the brightest available Seat: not yet confirmed, but on the drawing board. If produced, will be sold as an optional extra for under $100 I like the custom 2200W motor.
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    Well. My friend was at the kingsong factory 2 days ago with a couple of Thai Wheelers for a factory tour. He rides almost everywheel from kingsong and Gotway and has owns the Nikola as well amongst many wheels. Not once did he mention anything about the pedals being too flat. In fact he praised it for being nice and wide. He loved the torque and acceleration of the 16x Mentioned that the whining noise has been almost eliminated to the point of being imperceptible. Speakers on the wheel are loud and have bass, unlike Nikola At the moment, they are still trying to improve the motor whining noise even further so that when the final retail batches is shipped, it would be softer than any of the 16x being tested so far. They will start producing end June and ship out in july
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    Bummer! The things you put yourself through to educate the community. Being a cynic I think your other wheels got together last night and sabotaged the new kid on the block.
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    Country road riding with the Nikola
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    First GotWay Nikola in our group. We check out this sticker-covered Nikola and give some impressions during a group ride in San Francisco.
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    Enjoying his summer break doing what 6 year old do, shooting some hoops and playing with remote control cars.
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    FYI, the French review of the KS16x has been updated with English subtitles.
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    Somemore updates. The motor whining sound is lessen lessen such to the point that it is like Gotway or even softer than Gotway wheels. It has been really improved to reduce the motor noise to an imperceptible level. turning left or right will also activate the blinking brake light. Motor performance has has been confirmed to be much improved compared to other wheels like the Nikola.
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    Here's a funny thing about whine on my MSX. I can't hear any whine. My wife can hear a high pitched frequency which is quite loud. She is a few years younger than me and has much better hearing when it comes to the high frequencies. I've noticed that dogs tend to react to my MSX as well. I can hardly hear above 15000hz. Once I was listening to high frequencies on my HD800 headphones. They are open back. I raised the volume quite high but still couldn't hear the 16000hz frequency I was playing. All of a sudden my wife comes storming out of the shower asking me what the hell i'm doing and why I am listening to these horrible squealing sounds.
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    I wish I could post the video (but I can't) of the work that a local rider has done with EUC suspensions (modified Gotway wheel). I've seen it ride over construction timbers (not 1-inch travel mentioned by @eddiemoy) It's real and it works. Why anyone would not like EUC suspension is a mystery to me. I think suspensions will be mainstream eventually as the manufacturers continue to improve our wheels. Might be 5-years from now, but it'll happen.
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    Had a nice ride with my sister today, she is getting better and better. We found a little oasis in the middle of nowhere, only big villas with a sea and boats on it, couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a different world.
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    The one (important) item that you are not considering is performance. Gotway has nearly always had issues with their controller designs but many of us are willing to live with the consequences because they make the highest performing wheels that you can buy. This is why I eagerly await my new control board and will continue to ride the Nikola. I'm not making excuses for Gotway, just describing reality. Of course I understand many people would prefer the more conservative KingSong wheels. Hell, I do like riding my KS18XL knowing that at worse it'll blow a fuse. I think under most riding conditions the Nikola will be fine, but it's important to know its limitations. If you really need a bulletproof wheel for all conditions, then go with the MSX.
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    Thanks a lot for the kind words Stephen. I'm OK. Had all my protections on. I'd have bloody knees if not for the knee pads and I'm sure the wrist guards came into play. Jason's taking care of me. No real question there. I have learned my lesson that I will not buy another Gotway wheel that doesn't use the large MOSFETs!
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    Worse! I married early in life.
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    A few days ago i had the clever idea of crossing the woods on a private road without any extra tools or bacup, from Oslo city to hønefoss capital. Quite the stretch, but my 2400wh monster charged to 99% was able to do it. beginning of video shows the distance with google earth. Private road where motorized vehicles are not allowed, but here in Norway, EUC's are classed as bikes, so that was no issue. I dont expect anyone to watch it all as its mostly me riding at high speed, talking and looking around, but for anyone with 40 min to spare, put me up on the big tv of yours and have it as backgroun noise
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    Some more pics of the lights and ports
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    Someone take some video, and answer all of our questions Give us a "first impressions" video Eddie, but put your Objective Hat on - avoid the Hate Gotway comparison comments
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    Nikola - The Best Riding Wheel Ever Strong statement I know. But again, I've been having a blast riding the Nikola today, around town. Other than the Monster, the MSX has the biggest tire around. Then Gotway releases the Nikola with a tire that feels as huge as the MSX, but on a smaller framed wheel. Because of the height and angle of the MSX pedals, the center of gravity feels high. Not so on the Nikola. Even though the pedal clearance is very high, when you climb aboard the Nikola it feels very natural. Everything about the Nikola ride feels natural. It carves like a dream, takes divots, bumps, etc. wonderfully, and turns on a dime. The acceleration is fantastic. Yes, there are more nimble wheels such as the Mten3, MCM5, and Z10, but those are not well rounded wheels. The Nikola feels like the perfect get-it-all-done wheel. Any of you MSX riders out there that think the MSX must be better; you're dreaming. The KS18XL? A wonderful wheel but I'm afraid a bit of a shadow to the Nikola. All my opinion of course
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    Had my first high speed fall on the KS 18XL.
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    I guess I'll let you know by the end of the month if this is true. I'm taking a gamble here in the interest of wanting this wheel ASAP. First wheel not from ewheels.
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    So I have been meaning to do this write up for a long time but I was way too busy (master thesis, finals, new job..you name it) until now + it seems like a good time to warn people before ordering the from the first batch of the new 16X. If you don't feel like reading the whole thing there is a summary of all the things that went wrong with my wheel at the bottom. I have (pre)ordered my KS18L already in January 2018 but of course since there was a lot of delays I only got it in June. It was wheel from the very first batch and boy it showed...I was mostly amazed by this wheel but experienced many problems with it. More in my first impressions: The problems with pick-up switch were present on pretty much every single unit from the first batch and never entirely fixed. After the updated of FW and calibration it no longer disengaged randomly while standing but it still was so unreliable that it was better to keep the function turned off. My KS18L also lost the serial number once and had to be reinitiated by the service app - another few days of no riding. But the worst came when the wheel started to behave like it was being charged when it wasn't . That meant that when turned on it would never engage it would only show charging animation on the LED circle. After about a month I got new board from KS which was supposed to fix that but didn't. It only switched one problem for another. Now the wheel would turn on but couldn't be charged for a change. So after another month and a lot of emails between my small local distributor and KS new batteries have arrived. But oh boy what kind of batteries! Immediately after unpacking I knew something wasn't right. KS18L batteries are closed in a plastic case and the old ones didn't show any bulging or anything like that. But the new ones came slightly open and I wasn't able to close them properly. They just didn't fit! Have a look at the photo: That was weird but I was like oh ok, maybe that happened during transport. Since they were already half way open I decided to check for further damage inside. I found some but it seemed minimal. Just one cell with slight crack in the isolation: With this I have decided that ok I will just tape them shut and the situation is not ideal but I want to ride so let's plug them in. At this point two things saved me. 1) weird feeling about a sticker in Chinese on one of the batteries 2) checking the battery packs voltage. Since the sticker just seemed weird I sent a picture of it to my Chinese friend. Screen shot from the conversation: Oh my god could it be?? Did KS just KNOWINGLY sent me a battery with reversed polarity on the connector??!! Well they DID! (I actually never got statement from KS about how could this happen maybe @US69 could get answer from them?) I measured and the batteries had the same voltage but on different pins. If I wasn't too focused while measuring the voltage before installation I could have easily missed the small minus(-) on the voltmeter since I would only be looking for the absolute value. If that happened I would have created a short which would most likely destroy the batteries and the board I just spent two months getting and may have even resulted in fire. Thanks a lot KS! Because of the colored wires it can actually be seen even without measurement. Notice the groove is in different place in relation to the cables on each battery. I know my way around soldering so I fixed this, I resoldered the connector and went riding. Catastrophe averted! But still I always have a bad feeling about the batteries. With China you expect that QC is not of the highest standard but these batteries actually didn't manage to pass even the Chinese QC and were sent to me! Are they gonna explode while charging? Are they gonna catch fire when going 50km/h? Who knows?? So I was finally riding again. At least for some time... soon after my headlight burned out(again common issue with the first batches) so I switched the mudguard around and kept on riding. Then the trolly handle stopped locking inside (another common issue) so I had to carry the wheel while it was half extended. Than the second headlight died... Then the trolley stopped locking even in the halfway position.. What a quality product!! All of these issues were eventually fixed as I received replacement parts from my distributor but why so many issues in the first place? Why do I have to wait a month each time?? And also my distributor told me that for the lights and new trolley handle he had to pay himself as KS refused to provide warranty support anymore... So yeah this is my story. I love the wheel I use it everyday and I still think it is the best wheel for my usage but why did it have to take almost a year to get to a fully working state? Why couldn't I receive fully functional unit in the first place? Everyone is bashing on Gotway quality but I had exactly zero problems on my MTen3 and about a million problems with my KS18L. I know this is one off but I still wanted to let you know. KS isn't perfect and there is high chance of problems in the first batch of any wheel! Summary: non-functional pick-up sensor (partially fixed but never 100%) forgotten serial number (fixed by service app) behaving like it is on charge (fixed but took quarter of a year) dangerous batteries that didn't pass QC (still using those after DIY fixes) burned out headlight x 2 (fixed by replacement) non-locking trolley handle (fixed by replacement
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    I inspected the board and thermal conduction material very closely. You're just going to have to believe me when I say it is extra material. It did not melt from any other parts of the control board. I firmly believe that this is a failure of workmanship not design. It's coincidental that the wheel is also apparently using a lot of current. Maybe it's my engineering background that leads me to follow the evidence. We will have to agree to disagree on this. Peace
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    You know ...i dont want to „bash anything“.....as you have no problem crapping on Gotway , i also have no problem of praising them, lately for example for thor very nice MOS 247 boards on the MSX and Monster.....but now pushing this hole problem to a tiny bit of plastic eveidence and say it was workmanship of the one putting the board together......hmmh......who of us knows if this tiny plastic part is not just coming exaxtly from these mosfets blowing.....just partly melting a layer „off“ of from the other „heat conduction“ stripe thing? Just one question, which then i really would like to have explained: What about the totally steady and ongoing over Amperage warnings you received? You said yourself that you never, never ever before, received such ongoing warnings of beeing always over 90Amps on ANY wheel at all at overheat hill, not even on other Gotways, while with the Nicola it allready started at „baby test hill“....the very first heavy climb? Isnt that alone piece of evidence enough? Alone in the video...as you over and over said „please dont blow a Mosfet“ ....i guess you already sensed that the ongoing vibration on your pebble and the steady „over 90amps“ beeps from the bluetooth were not „normal“.... so why now trying to overly protect this blow as „poor workmansship“? For Me the poor workmanship was in the decission to step back to the small mosfets...and that even while on a wheel that seams to be needing a lot more amperage than even the bigger size wheels like MSX.....
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    Going away from the proven and relatively trouble free electronics of the MSX was a dumb move by Gotway. What did they actually save with the change? In general all EUC companies seem to be plagued with various design/quality issues and none of them have produced good quality products on consistent basis. So every new model we have to wonder what they screwed up, as if there are no lessons learned and no processes in place.
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    I’m sorry to hear about this Marty. I can imaging how frustrating this must be. It seemed like Gotway was on the right track with the MCM5 and MSX. I’m kind of surprised they went with the smaller MOSFETs on the Nikola. Seems like a great wheel otherwise and an easy modification for Gotway to change. Good to know the plus version has the larger MOSFETs. I appreciate you doing these tests. I’m sure there are much more enjoyable trails than overheat hill you could ride on. You choose to test these wheels to help the community and fully disclose the outcome to benefit us all. Much appreciated.
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    FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU🤬 I can't believe they regressed back to ACM/msuper V3 level electronics. Not even overheating, just the good old board fry. What's wrong with these people??!! Please make a video. Including both the fall and the autopsy. Public visibility of problems is one of the only things making manufacturers change things. I really, really hope your Nikola will just be the first batch, beta-version in a year. And both the 84V and 100V future versions will all have the TO-247 board that the 100V Nikola Plus alread has. Thanks for your sacrifices, Marty, it is appreciated Can't wait to see what unnecessary first batch problem the 16X is going to have (let's be realistic). So much for my new wheel dream this year. I should have bought an MSX a year ago.
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    Sorry to hear Marty and thanks for always doing these crazy tests. Even though only maybe a handful of people would ever push their wheel to this point. It is still good to know what the weak link is. And as most of us know, there are no fuses in the GW's. Before they moved to the bigger mosfets on the MSX, their wheels would self-destruct like this. I'm afraid that even if they did have the bigger mosfets, the motor wire insulation would melt and you would have a short circuit. I hope GW is listening...
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    Does this work? (FYI, they seem to be working out the FW kinks, as KS & Jason had me upgrade the FW to a 1.02, vs the 1.0 out of the box, so not sure if they'll tweak the all-around LEDs to implement a rear headlight pattern.... but for now, only the lower ankle-height separate LED slits for brake lighting unfortunately )
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    Dear Forum members and especially KS fans and users, Sorry for me not beeing around here since About Begin of May. From Mid April to Mid May i was in Holiday (as every year), and so only 3/4 involved whats going on. Directly in the week after my Holiday i was getting very ill, and what i thought was just catching a litte Cold, got me into Hospital, 3 weeks not working and still not back to a 100%. Since About 10 days i am allready back in conversation and News on Facebook and the dozen several WhatsApp Groups i am in, but wasn't able to catch up here, especially not all the notifications of me and personal Messages. Please bare with me...i cant work over all the Messages and notifications of the last 6 weeks. After beeing ill i first had to concentrate on my "real Job" ….. as the next bills (for next Wheel ) have to been Paid. The "KS Rep" still is just my (unpaid but enthusiastic done) Hobby. So to bring it to the Point: When YOUR Question/Problem/notification/message or whatever is still "open and not answered" by someone else in the meanwhile, please contact me -again- and the best by personal message. Please understand that i just want to deal with what "still" really is a Problem....EUC world gets bigger and bigger and so Questions do.... So As said: I am full back to service, now also here on the Forum....as Always, please take notice of my signature…. Have a nice day and best regards US69
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    So. I’ve gotta say. As upset as I am this is another way Jason with ewheels has proven to have the best customer service in the online sales world... I emailed Jason and he CALLED. Me within two minutes. Nowhere do u get that level of service but with @Jason McNeil from ewheels.com. My nikola is acting like it’s still on its side. Or the motor disengage switch is activated ... it turns on. Connects Bluetooth. Will let me calibrate. But the motor never REALLY engages. I’ve turned it off and on a dozen times. Calibrated five or six times. Turned it upside down. Smacked it. Let it fall on its side. Neither Jason nor I have a clue. But. He’s going to ship it back for me and fix it at no cost to me. So yes. I am super disappointed and upset but Jason is doing everything he can so I’m not mad. We will get it figured out and I’ll keep you updated.
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    Peace as always.....yeah, just disagreeing on that.... my -software engineering- background leads me to follow the -not coincidental- other evidence....steady high amperage alarms on small mosfets...
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    No! What?? Ah man.. This just gets me down.. While I don't see this being a problem for me in my environment since it's cooler than yours, I'm left just feeling tired of it all. I'm reminded of another recent post I read complaining of the manufacturers not learning stuff and basically repeating the same mistakes (sorry, can't remember whose post it was, link me up if you know). Inmotion screwed up the V10F by cheapening out on both electronics and ingress protection, Gotway now regresses on the MOSFETs (smarter firmware compensating for it obviously just a blatant lie). How much could they actually save by this in their books?? In Inmotion's case I'd say it was a very costly miscalculation at any rate, but for Gotway to regress in this way following the MSX just says stupid cheap skates as well. I can't say KS regressed in the same way, but they apparently seem hellbent to make new mistakes by adding geo-based speed restrictions or stupid binding things instead. Anyway, even given that the KS16X got a good boost now provided it holds up. Anyway, very sorry for your wheel and the discomforts suffered, hope @Jason McNeil can assist in sorting you out. Now screw this, I'm going to sleep, perhaps that will help
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    Rockwheel goes down to 2.9V on the GT16, I believe. 2.6V is a typical number where cells apparently get permanent damage/refuse to be charged up again. Nothing to know because it's not true. The voltage drop after 3.3V going to 3V is quite big, so you don't have too much actual capacity difference (as opposed to voltage difference) between the two. Marty's real world tests seem to show more like a ~10% difference between his MSX and 18XL. And @eddiemoycapacity math is just nonsense, that's not how it works. The cells have the exact same capacity, whether you use it or stop early. You could exchange batteries between the wheels and be none the wiser. Only difference is the firmware. I guess I should call all Kingsongs unsafe and irresponsible because they let you empty the battery (too) far, allowing for an easy overlean at low battery, and maybe even damage to the cells and premature aging. That's vastly exaggerated, but just to counter the obvious Gotway hating
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    Have ridden 50 miles or so on my nikola and damn it is so much fun. So smooth so powerful. The fat tire eats up the road.. bumps,potholes, no problem. I literally just wanna ride it. I’m at work right now counting down the seconds till I’m free so I can ride some more. Lol. Nikola is an amazing machine... 10/10 imho 👍👍
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    Some moments from today’s group ride in Nuuksio, Finland. Great day, great trails. Featuring @mrelwood, @Peter Köhler And Tapani. That weird looking EUC is a rebuild of a KS16S.
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