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Ninebot (miniPro2 cn) S2 N5M340 now release in USA with a very good price !

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At CES 2024 (two years after the release in China, see my topic with all the specs), Segway Ninebot has just released the miniPro 2 - N5M340 - in the USA under the name S2. It has a range of 21.7 miles (35 km), unchanged speed of 11.2 mph, a weight of 30 lbs, integrated Bluetooth Speaker for playing music, handling slopes of up to 15 degrees, and reinforced tires. The most interesting aspect is its launch price, $450, even sold cheaper than its selling price in China. The S2 is available for pre-order with shipping scheduled for January 16.



segway usa shop link https://store.segway.com/ninebot-s2






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Is the knee bar on this model quick removable (via a clamp)? It's hard to tell from the pics online but I looks like it may be attached via screws (no quick release).


Are you able to confirm?


Still, this looks awesome for the price. Now if this thing gets Swallowbot support (or accepts minipro boards - which is unlikely due to power requirements) then I'm totally sold.

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