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Found 7 results

  1. Hello futures European buyers Im Jojo33 and active member here, i m looking for futures europeans buyers because i have idea i contacted european seller, official sellers, they have a big stock of mini pro. in France , Mini pro price are very lower around 799 euros, special sale at 699 euros My blog about Mini is a big international success (see google analytic gif i made), but i dont make money with, ( i just dream for a mini pro with 30km and battery 5700mah ) I would like publish on my blog a Big massive Sale of Mini Pro at a very low price, i think around 650 euros it's a good price including -shiping fee over all across europe -ninebot garanty -and a free return product for after sale service Did you think it's a good idea? Do you have many suggest? Are you interested by this idea? Thank you
  2. Top Speed 30km/h after unlock ( Default setting: 1st level beeping at 18km/h, 2nd level beeping at 19km/h, pedal tilt back at 20km/h) Mileage 30-40km Maximum Gradibility Around 30° Battery Set Panasonic(340Wh) with equilibrium, overcharge, overdischarge, over-current protection Operating Temperature -10ºC/+60ºC Max Load 100kg-150kg Charger Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 67.2V,2A Charging Time around 2.5h Rated Power 800W Max Power 2400W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm) 476mm(H) x437mm(L) X 202mm(W) Pedal Distance from Groud 125mm Tire Diameter 14inch, Diameter 360mm Net weight around14kg Body interface High quality waterproof charging port, power on/off button Battery Indicator RGB indicates battery level Production measures Tilting Protection 45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually. Speed Limit Protection Beep when exceed limit speed Low Battery Protection Low battery protection activated on 40% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop. Message Battery level RGB indicates battery level Sound Alerting (Your device is in low battery, please charge it) ,(Pls decelerate),power on(Hello, King Song),(Bluetooth is connected ),(Blutooth is disconnected),(Be caution, over voltage),(Be caution, over power) Package Standard Package 1 x Electric Unicycle; 1 x User manua
  3. Speed 40KM/h after unlocked with ISN code( Factory setting is 18km/h for first alarm, 19km/h for second alarm and 20km/h for tilt back) Mileage 70-80KM Maximum Gradibility Around 30° Battery 840wh with featuring equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection Operating Temperature -10ºC/+60ºC Max Load 150Kg Charger Input AC 80~240 V ,Output DC 67.2V,2A Charging Time 7.0H Rated Power 1200W Max Power 3000W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm) 680mm(H) x465mm(L) X 190mm(Thickness) Package Size (mm) 760(H) x 500(L) X 220(mm)(Thickness) Pedal distance from ground 130mm Tire Size 18inch, Diameter 480mm Net Weight/Gross Weight 18KG Body Interface Charging port, power on/off button, bluetooth on/off button, illuminating & braking lights, Light Induction Port Display Pannel by Colorful LED lights Production measures Tilting Protection 45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually. Speed Limit Protection Beep when exceed limit speed Low Battery Protection Low battery protection activated on 10% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop. Message Battery Indicator Highlight LED to indicate battery level Battery Level Flicker when battery lower than 5%, LED bar will full light up when battery over 85%, then fade gradually one by one with the battery consumption. Sound Alerting Long buzz when tilting sideways, beep when powered on, continual beep when low battery protection is activiated. Package Standard Package Electric Unicyle x 1; Charger x 1 ; User Manual x 1;
  4. King Song has always been working on electric unicycles. So far,we have researched KS-14B,KS-14C,KS-14D,KS-16A,KS-16S and KS-18A, which have high allocations and nice designs.What's more. We have dealers and users all over the world.Join us,King Song is your best friend!!!
  5. ** WARNING ** To all VOVO 6.5" Hoverboard Owners.. Send it back and get your money back is my advice. VOVO Hoverboard purchased on eBay Australia from Discounted Kiosk who are also known as Tradeworks International / Tradeworkz. They claim to be a Australian Seller / Company but when requesting the contact info through eBay I receive a Malaysian phone number and Address.. Tradeworks International / Tradeworkz is registered to a Vincent Gangemi with a current ABN but he doesn't appear to have any association with Discounted Kiosk, they appear to be using his ABN. Discounted Kiosk is not an Australian Company. They use a Australian forwarding company based in Mascot, 2020 NSW Associated Customs & Forwarding Services Pty Ltd Now for the 6.5" Hoverboard. Power button failed after first use. Would not switch off / on (would only beep and nothing else).. Green Battery light was illuminated. Only way to power it off was with the remote but that doesn't actually switch it off. Just puts it in Standby mode. Bluetooth would not turn off even in standby mode. I was riding mine for approx. 20 minutes and the Green light was still illuminated showing it had a full battery. Then without any warning at all it powered itself off sending me flying / skidding along the bitumen for about 2 metres ripping chunks off me and leaving me laying in a pool of Blood. Put my back out, Busted my Ribs, Fractured my Pelvis, Dislocated my Thumb and fractured my elbow. If it wasn't for my Beer Belly my face probably would of taken the impact on the bitumen and I highly doubt I would be here now writing this comment to you. By the time I was able to pick myself up off the road and turn around to recover it the hoverboard had powered itself back on again and was out of control. It took off down the road rolling and bouncing and spinning out of control. Had to chase after it. Now I am bed ridden and in the process of reporting this company to Consumer Affairs. Contacted eBay and told them of my injuries caused by this cheap knockoff and of cause eBay protects the Fraudulent Malaysian Based Seller who has sold over 2000 of these death traps in Australia making over $1,000,000.00 off our poor Australian Consumers.. So I called Paypal and reported it now it has been sent back to them for a refund. I ended up Pulling the cover off to see the battery had a Samsung logo on it but I'm sure that was a counterfeit as well so I disconnected the Battery as it was making a continuous buzzing noise and I could of cooked Bacon and Eggs on the wheels they were that hot including the battery side on the casing / frame. I wasn't gunna take the risk of it exploding / burning my house down or exploding while in transit with the courier or at the post office. They are cheap counterfeits and are extremely dangerous. My street is as smooth as glass and there was nothing on the road to cause this accident. They have no Electrical Safety Certification or Mandatory Standards. I will be seeking legal action against this company for my Injuries from this defective hoverboard.. Honestly I am just happy to be Alive. (Prefer to be Bed Ridden then Dead).. Hope this is a wake up to anyone who purchased one of the Dangerous Death Traps from eBay Australia and I highly recommend returning it for a Full Refund. By the way, I am a experienced Hoverboard user and know how to ride these things. But buyers beware if you plan on buying a Hoverboard make sure you do your research!
  6. Shenzhen Geeter Electric Co.Ltd , We are factory which is specialized in electric scooter and walking car in china , one of top ten enterprise in shenzhen , Welcome to our factory to see sample or make bulk order , also we have a warehouse for scooter in USA CA, Our Alibaba link for Citycoco : http://esrover.en.alibaba.com/product/60429024048-802436342/2016_Newest_design_Popular_electric_motorcycle_conversion_electric_motorcycle_for_sale.html We export : Ninebot/Airwheel/No name/Freego/Citycoco/X-bird and many other brand Miss Sofia zhang (Sales Manager of Guangdong Province) Mobile/Whatsapp :86-13480826867 Skype: Sofia.orl , QQ: 2401711500 , Wechat: 835286537 , Email : sofiazhang@esrover.com , All product have : CE , ROHS , FCC , UN38.3 , MSDS , SGS standard Inspection factory report , and other document for export - You can look sample product we sell for export : www.eswaychina.com Why work with us ? All Sales can speak clear and adjust business "not bad surprise" Why add us in skype or email and work together ? - We save time for you Price ? $660/pcs---for Sample $630/pcs---more than 40pcs $600/pcs---more than 80pcs Contact Me Now !!! Esway E5 PDF.pdf
  7. In this video I compare the foot pads on the original segboard to those on the New SUV model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrRbNOn0U48
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