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On September 6, the new MiniPro 2 was presented in China.
Registered at the FCC last August under "Ninebot S2" model N5M340, it is of course the Chinese model, the western model should be registered under N5M350.

Coming out of Ninebot's magic shaker, Wang's team managed to make a nice cocktail out of their previous models. Indeed, the L6 & L8 children's models inspired the hubcaps (the Mini S Plus also), the Custom Fire model gave up its offroad tires and its offroad mudguards, the steering bar of the Mini "S" Pro remains the same .

Since the "S Max", dedicated to the Gokart Kit, with its huge battery released in 2020, the "kids" models released in recent years suggested the abandonment of adult models.

Last April, the announcement of the Shredder, a new kit compatible with the Mini "S" Pro, "S Max" and "S", reassured the owners of these models. The Shredder kit was to be launched on Indiegogo in June, it should be launched soon since this new MiniPro "S2" model will compete with the "S" Max with a similar autonomy of 35 km.

On the pictures we can see a battery similar to our Mini "S" and "S" Pro models, with a lower ground clearance than the "S" Max.

The weight remains suitable for transport by hand with 30lbs/13.6kg.

The speed is still stuck at 11mph/18kmh. 

Sold on TMall, XiaomiYoupin and JD, at 3600 yuan, or 526 euros or 534 dollars.

Okay, so we're waiting for the Indiegogo campaign for the Shredder Kit and why not the miniPro 2 or "S2".

Pictures, specsheet and other specs it's in my google album




First named "Mini", the Segway Ninebot Segways have changed the name of the range to "S ***". "Mini" is still used in China and with former riders in the West.

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