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Found 21 results

  1. NineTool - Program for changing the model of the euc 9bot. Program Description in Spanish Supports models C/C+/E/E+/P Supports models A1/B1/S2/Turbo(The secret model with increased power and a maximum speed of 30km/h) Supports models Z6/Z8/Z10 To change the model, you need an activation code, you can get it from me, you need to send a screenshot of the program screen on the example as in the screenshot below Download EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR DEVICE, YOU DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Described in this topic may reduce the security of your device, and no one except you
  2. Hello there! I've found hundreds of topics teaching how to slime a Z10 but I got a puncture on my S2 and I was wondering if I could fix it by putting some slime. I've tried doing it before but I had a hard time removing the core of the valve. Can anyone give me some light? Thanks!
  3. First time user here, just purchased Ninebot One S2, after having miniPro for a couple of months I decided to try something more challenging, and kids took over miniPro anyway. Now while doing some exercises I noticed very low tyre pressure. But I'm unable to reach tyre valve to top it up to 40-45PSI as recommend. The valve is not in parallel with a tyre (like on some youtube videos) and it makes it absolutely impossible to connect the extender. You can see it on the photo attached. Lack of Segway support is really frustrating, for the price we pay, there should be at least a phone number
  4. I've been noticing that the light on my Ninebot S2 charger never turns green as it should when the charge reaches 100%... It is not a big deal, but I am afraid to fry my batteries. Suggestions?
  5. Hello, I have ride for a couple of hundred km, my speed limit is set to off but I am unable to reach the maximum speed of 24 km/h. Any clue? Please find attached the current status. Thanks! Ninebot S2 1.tif Ninebot S2 2.tif
  6. Hi! I received my first EUC, a Ninebot One S2, about 2 weeks ago. I learned fast and now I am VERY comfortable riding it. However, there seems to be an ever-so-slight wobble on the wheel. Therefore my body adapts in order to go straight. But then hours after I stop riding, I have this swaying motion in my legs and in my head. I don't feel it while riding. I liken it to when coming ashore after having been on wavy sea for a few hours. My body kind of feels like it's still on a boat. Is this common? Have anyone of you guys experienced this? I feel it both forward/back and to the s
  7. Hi. After just a week with my new s2 i got a flat tyre..... Fortunatly there are a few youtube videos on the topic because I could not find information about tyre change in the manuals?. Now... my problem. I cant remove the cover. It is STUCK! I am hoping for good tips here in the forum that will help, otherwise i will have to return it. In the manuals and videos they just remove 2 screws and pull upp the cover. I cant. I tried removing the pedals for better access but it didnt help. Its not reasonable that the cover doesnt come off considering how hard i pulled.
  8. Howdy everybody, I just bought a brand new One S2, which looks terrific. The only thing that prevents me from starting is a weird noise (imho) that the wheel does. It's only when the motor is started, and at low speed. If I perform the same movement with the motor stopped, there are absolutely no noises (so no things stucked inside). I have contacted Ninebot who told me that it is completely normal for an S2. Nevertheless, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Even if it's normal, what is causing that awful noise ?
  9. Hey guys, after been training to ride for a while, I finally managed to find time to go out in the wild. Rode on normal tarmac road, and noticed when the wheel reaches 15km/h+ speed, it started to make micro turns left and right, continuously, from what it feels like 0.3s for every turn (like micro curves), and it does maybe no more then 3-4", still I can feel it and it makes me uneasy. I can mange it, but its not a comfortable ride for sure. First I blamed the surface, but then I went to a very nice and flat tarmac, and vibration continued. the picture attached showing its trajectory.
  10. Just here to give my opinions on the Ninebot Mini and why its a more dangerous than any other EUCs and see if anyone else here agrees with me. The argument: Last year before Christmas I bought a Ninebot Mini I had a go on it and realized not only was it less fun because you were required to go in a straight line but significantly more dangerous over riding any EUC. In fact I think the Mini should be speed limited to only 10-12km/h max and not 18! When riding at higher speeds and the floor is uneven you are having to adjust your body to the way the road is. For example whe
  11. Hi, thank you for the great forum. I would like to start with EUC so I have not much knowledge. I want to buy an EUC but have not decided yet. I would be thankful for help! I live in a city (and especially my street) which is quite steep so some power is needed. I do not intend to use it regularly for my commute but more for fun or for some travels with trains etc. Therefore range is not a big issue. I like speed. I am not squeamish when it comes to carrying weight, but as mentioned before, I will use it for public transport so a medium weight would be nice.
  12. hey guys, I don't see anyone even Segway selling a replacement LED cover for the S2. I see a lot for the E+ models though. do you know where I can find one? I've scratched mine pretty bad.
  13. I ordered a Kingsong 16s as my first wheel but upon seeing the responses in my thread over there I decided to pick up an s2 to learn on for a few reasons. One, I may not get my Kingsong for 2-4 weeks (or more??) thanks to delays in manufacturing/shipping and I'm impatient to start learning. If I'm being honest, impatience is the primary reason... I also figured maybe I should learn on a slower wheel to start and to avoid putting all the newbie stress and crashes on my more expensive wheel. I think the two wheels are different enough so I could see situations where I might actually choose
  14. Hey guys! I'm selling my lovely Ninebot One S2 in its original packaging. It's been used for about a month. There's a few scrapings but nothing major or noticable at a quick glance. Upgraded firmware. Price: $600 plus shipping from Sweden, with a European charging cable. It cannot go by air unless you want to pay for an expensive Fedex shipping. It's easy to replace the cable if you need to: the part you need to change is a standard laptop/computer power cable.
  15. need ninebot one parking stand, gotway trolley handle (mcm2/mcm3), 4 cable ties hopefully this information can help you thank you
  16. (SOLD) Hey guys! I'm selling my lovely Ninebot One S2 in its original packaging. It's about a month old. There's a few scrapings but nothing major. Upgraded firmware. Price: $600 plus shipping from Europe (Sweden), with a European charging cable. It's easy to replace the cable if you need to: the part you need to change is a standard laptop/computer power cable.
  17. [SOLD, Thanks all!] Selling a Like New, Pre-Owned NINEBOT ONE S2 Asking Price: $650 Location: NYC, USA Product Page: Ninebot One S2 (click here if you cannot see the images below)
  18. For those interested, here is my comparison of the new 14" Ninebot One S2 [310wH] (Retail $950) vs the new 14" InMotion V5F+ [460wH] (Retail $995) Special thanks to @fearedbliss for letting me try out his new InMotion V5F+ during a good, few hour tour of Brooklyn and Coney Island (my first time in fact!). For reference, I am a 72kg rider with a foot size of US Mens 8.5, and write this comparison as just a regular EUC enthusiast, model and company agnostic. SPEED Out of the box, the V5F+ and S2 should, per spec, have the same ~15.5mph top speed, but I had a hard time

    Ninebot A1

    Does anybody happen to have the Ninebot A1 yet? It seems like im one of the only people in the states with a A1 right now. I scratched mine up already -__- i did get the optional 2nd battery with it and it does seem to increase the distance it can travel. Quite easy to make the commute back and forth to work. Anybody on here have experience between the A1 and S2? I know the S2 has more power and a 2nd battery just wondering what everyones opinions were on it. And if anybody has any ideas on where to get new shells that would be awesome! Thanks, Stu
  20. While enjoying my new S2 purchase, I noticed that the wheel has a double beep for sudden overlean / sudden current over-surges, which is great! The thing is, for any E+ owners out there, I can't remember for the life of me if the E+ had such a warning. My recollection is that it didn't. Would appreciate any confirmation from E+ owners, thanks!
  21. Recommend index: ★★★★ Test period: 30 days Preface:What is the most handsome car, wheelbarrow. I'm very glad to participate in the test of Ninebot One S2 . The personal views of One S2 are as follows: Appearance: ★★★★★ Charming, stylish and exquisite. The first time I saw it, I couldn't help holding it. S2 in lights still maintained the charming aperture of Ninebot One, especially at night, far away to see a handsome halo, turns head high. Far away you can see the handsome halo. Heads will turn as it in the street. In terms of the shell, S2 also has a lot to create space, and the shel
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