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  1. Hello readers and riders! I apologize for my English, if it has any errors. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Ilya, I'm the iOS Developer since 2009. Also I have Ninebot One E since April 2015. Then I decided to combine these skills into my new app - DarknessBot. The application is available only for iOS 10.0 and higher. Ninebot haven't presented any official APIs yet, so I cooperated with the GyroMetrics developer - Paco Gorina (special thanks for helping with Ninebot BLE protocol) The application from the active EUC owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/Z10, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, KickScooter) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, V8F, V10, V10F, R1, R2, L6, L8) ▶ Solowheel (Glide 3) ► Gotway (MTen2, MTen3, MCM4, MCM5, ACM, MSuper V3/X, Monster, Tesla, Nikola). ► KingSong (14, 14S, 16, 16S, 16X, 18, 18L, 18S, 18XL, N8, N10). ► Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) ► Xiaomi (M365, M365 Pro) (BLE version 0.9.1 or prior) Features: Application for free, but it has a few paid functions. So I provide 40 promocodes for this forum. Promocodes Download from Appstore Telegram chat
  2. 54v 4-pin 7000 mAh Do you know if this battery will work in my 2018 Segway minipro 320 ??🙏
  3. So i bought it second hand last year with 110km on it. Then I did a few km last year and then I put it in my shed for a year (cold winter down to -1C). Took it out a few days ago went out battery still had 15km in. Went out and when I still had 8km on the app it started complaining that battery is low. I will had battery to push home. Charged it to 100% next morning took it to work. Arrived with no problems. 13h later after a hard shift i found it with lights on but not working. Pushing the power button didn't do anything. The battery icon next to it shows as empty battery and the Bluetooth blinking. When I try to connect to the app it stabilizes but never connects on the app. Also the led lights underneath are on blue and red for many minutes and then turn off for many minutes then back on. This goes on for 3 days now. I have put it on power show that battery is charging and the led on the charger is red when I do that. Tried long hold of the power button over 5' and nothing. Just lights on, LEDs on but no other response. Do you have any ideas as to what is the problem or how I could fix it? Please keep in mind I'm a noob in this but keen to open it up if need be. Any ideas welcome as I'm a bit desperate.
  4. My s plus I just received moves forward by itself unless I change the balance calibration to almost the lowest it can go which I’m not sure if that’s normal as my friends s plus balances at it’s normal setting of -.8. Also I attempted to recalibrate and the wheels spun in the same direction as opposed to opposite directions so I’m not sure if that’s normal either. Please let me know if anyone has any insight on how to further resolve this as I can’t find anything online. Thanks so much everyone!
  5. On September 6, the new MiniPro 2 was presented in China. Registered at the FCC last August under "Ninebot S2" model N5M340, it is of course the Chinese model, the western model should be registered under N5M350. Coming out of Ninebot's magic shaker, Wang's team managed to make a nice cocktail out of their previous models. Indeed, the L6 & L8 children's models inspired the hubcaps (the Mini S Plus also), the Custom Fire model gave up its offroad tires and its offroad mudguards, the steering bar of the Mini "S" Pro remains the same . Since the "S Max", dedicated to the Gokart Kit, with its huge battery released in 2020, the "kids" models released in recent years suggested the abandonment of adult models. Last April, the announcement of the Shredder, a new kit compatible with the Mini "S" Pro, "S Max" and "S", reassured the owners of these models. The Shredder kit was to be launched on Indiegogo in June, it should be launched soon since this new MiniPro "S2" model will compete with the "S" Max with a similar autonomy of 35 km. On the pictures we can see a battery similar to our Mini "S" and "S" Pro models, with a lower ground clearance than the "S" Max. The weight remains suitable for transport by hand with 30lbs/13.6kg. The speed is still stuck at 11mph/18kmh. Sold on TMall, XiaomiYoupin and JD, at 3600 yuan, or 526 euros or 534 dollars. Okay, so we're waiting for the Indiegogo campaign for the Shredder Kit and why not the miniPro 2 or "S2". Pictures, specsheet and other specs it's in my google album * First named "Mini", the Segway Ninebot Segways have changed the name of the range to "S ***". "Mini" is still used in China and with former riders in the West.
  6. Linked here for easier discovery by Ninebot Z owners.
  7. Grüß Euch / Hi All, Deutsch: Ich würde mich freuen, von anderen Einradsüchtigen in Österreich zu hören, und vor allem wo und welche trails ihr so befährt ! Ich werde von Zeit zu Zeit ebenfalls Fotos und Infos von netten EUC Touren posten, die ich gemacht hab. Postet in Englisch oder Deutsch, wie ihr wollt. English: I want to start an Austrian group. Feel free to post in English or German (I live during the week near the UN-City in Vienna, and spotted some EUC riders entering it, maybe they don't speak German). From time to time I'll post infos and fotos about nice EUC trails here in Vienna or in Styria, where I originally come from. Maybe others can do the same for the areas they live in. Cheers, HtG
  8. Hi all, I bought a Ninebot One E+ this week end and I just started riding. I'm still falling But I get better. Anyone around Brussels or Brabant, Belgium ? I speak English/French fluently + some decent Dutch. Don't hesitate to contact me on the forum or via private message.
  9. Firmware is altered in a way not intended by the manudacturer and especially alters safety features implemented by the manufacturer. Hello everyone, I create this topic to share with you results of my tests with a Z10 whose top speed has been unlocked at 56 km/h thanks to the superb work of @MRN76 and its magnificent APP NINETOOL ! A big thank you to him for this life-changing performance! First of all i'm not crazy and I ride fully equipped with good motocross protection : A Full face Motocross helmet A motorcycle jacket with integrated protection Shin guards GyroRiderz Full Finger Gloves with integrated Wrists protection And I also have good accessories : A wrist mirror A blinker on the back That being said, let's begin. After 2 days of testing, I enjoy riding in a Z10 even more, which I didn't think was possible because I love riding with this wheel so much, and coming out of an INMOTION V8 it wasn't easy, though. The wheel behaves extremely well at a constant speed of 45km/h, it is a delight to be able to drive at 40-45 without tiltback and no longer have this big speed limit just dropped to 65% of remaining range. For the moment I have not yet exceeded 50 because between 47 and 49, I feel the loss of the feeling of not being able to fall (I think that those who ride in Z10 must understand what I am talking about, because it is not easy to describe as a feeling) Once the 45km/h is reached, you have to lean much further forward to accelerate and I feel that the wheel tends to lean slightly forward instead of staying straight. That said, it may be because of bad tire pressure. So I'm going to test with some different pressures to see if it improves things. Here, for this first recap, I'll post from time to time when I've done some more tests, on battery consumption etc.... Until then, have a good ride, everyone!
  10. Hi All - My brand new Z10 came with a self-balance issue. When I turn it on, it gets balanced, but then it starts to shift down slowly. Questions: Does anyone has a suggestion to solve it? Is that a possible to do a hard reset in the Z10? Is that possible to know when the a new firmware will be released? Obs.: I already tried to calibrate the balance using the app. The firmware is the last version available. I'm already in contact with the re-seller, but also trying to solve it by myself. Thanks and Have a Safe Ride :) ezgif.com-video-cutter.mp4
  11. My Mini "S" PLUS has gone everywhere ! In the forest, undergrowth, muddy ground, in the rain, in the snow, on the sand. Its battery has lasted 19,200 Km / 11,900 Mi since November 2017, more than four years, before being replaced. So I took it apart to replace the battery and I was able to see that some parts have withstood shocks, bad weather, vibrations, small accidents very well, and that other parts have broken, worn out and need to be replaced. . The state of use of the Mini Plus: • The gaskets are in very good condition and have protected the motherboard well. • The sensors pads are in very good condition • The inside of the steering bar with the radar did not move, except for a screw that was not fully screwed in at the start and another which must have been unmetered due to the vibrations. • The motherboard is in very good condition, the cables to the motherboard are in very good condition • The rear LEDs had the fragile plastic and torn. • The hubcaps are naturally damaged • The screws did not withstand several loosening. • The plastic screw ports have gradually deteriorated • The pads tear on the outside but also on the inside, the sub-pads break • Battery screws deteriorate • Bodyframe screws breaks • The steering shaft takes in moisture, oxidizes and rusts Of course all parts have been cleaned but I have no rear LEDs. Below is the google photo album or adobe creative cloud photo album https://sites.google.com/view/mini-j-world/home#h.3cbwz75va8es
  12. Hey all! I'm selling off my Z10, I've had it for around 5 months now, it was my first wheel and now that I'm more advanced, I know I want other things. Wheel still functions amazingly well, few little scuffs from learning on it. Super fun to ride. I'm in Melbourne, so unless buyer is willing to pay postage, it's local pickup/drop off only.
  13. Interesting, the new 1.1.7 BMS FW claims better/lesser vampire drain, but after leaving my Z10 unridden indoors for 1+ day (42 hours), I'm seeing what translates into .14V drop per day, roughly 1% per day.
  14. Update september 10, 2020 please look --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday Ninebot China presented its new model of GoKart, already that the first was successful, this one is even better. It will be accompanied by a new model of mini Pro called, (we invent nothing) the Max Price around 8 998 rmb 1 148 euros or 1 261 dollars US Design level, still very beautiful, technical level we will reach 37KmH 22MpH More about specs , photos etc Album Google Photo A video
  15. Another excellent write-up by @EcoDrift (via Google Translate) regarding all the QC issue of recent Ninebot One Z manufacturing (including references to our very own North American superdealer @Jason McNeil ) https://ecodrift.ru/2019/02/12/ninebot-z10-chastaya-polomka/ Ninebot Z10. One of the frequent breakdowns. I tried to collect material on the pre-sale preparation and maintenance of the monowheels. But my attention was attracted by the open Ninebot Z10. He asked what happened to him, but it turned out that this is a sad whole story, which I will tell you today. After the start of sales, Ninebot Z-series monowheels unexpectedly turned out to be leaders in the number of warranty calls. Wheels directly out of the box often do not turn on, as the battery protection works. Our very first wheel didn’t turn on that way. But I came across a wheel with another problem. It clearly looks like a Facebook user (click). The wheel walks back and forth and does not really hold the horizon. I just caught the wheel disassembled: The following problem is visible on the controller: Contacts burned at current sensors: What have two. These current sensors are Hall effect and they are designed for a very high current. Such sensors (designed for high current) were detected only in Ninebot (in Gotway, sensors are connected via current-lowering resistors and have much more modest parameters). Service engineers immediately said that this is a frequent problem of the Z-series. And for example, dragged another Z10, whose contact burned down only on one sensor: You can see that the sensor on the left side feels fine: The guys from the service center tried to restore the burnt track on this wheel. After that, the wheel goes normally, but if it is on it try to drive into a small curb from the spot and everything repeats. The problem can be anywhere, but the simplest thing is to just take a new controller. Rather, the board with the power part: To check how much this “repair” really helps, I decided to check with our American colleague Jason McNeil. He is the owner of the portal eWheels.com and has sold quite a lot of Z-series monowheels. Jason confirmed that it is enough to replace one lower board and the problem does not recur. The same sensors on the new board: The reverse side of the new board (the controller is diluted on an aluminum substrate): So the repair is very simple. Disconnect all wires. Remove the fee: Thermal grease on the old board: We connect new, we connect everything back: And the wheel works great: But I decided to ask Jason about the situation with the Z-series: how often they break and how many of them have a marriage. Jason was very emotional, because from Z10 he decently boiling. Jason wants to sue Ninebot for non-compliance with its obligations and for the poor quality of the Z-series. Marriage was abound. As a percentage, this is at least 20% of all devices sold. The problem of current sensors can lead to melted wires of the phases and even burnout of the controller. And of course, enough battery problems. As a result, Jason's opinion about the Z-series in particular, and Ninebot in general, is just a piece of garbage. Sheer frustration. For the comfort of users, it remains only to add that the overwhelming majority of problems arise at the start of operation. Approximately the first 50km and a pair of first charge cycles. If the wheel has passed the initial stage, the probability decreases to very low.
  16. I'm leaving Dallas (and the USA) for several months (possibly years) so I can't really take my unicycle with me and I don't really want to leave it for months/years without maintenance. It's pretty entry level but it's a great last mile EUC or ride along the Trinity river. I got it in October 2017 on Newegg and it has 3152 miles so it has been around the block a bit (scratched up some). I've added a Ninebot telescopic handle and stand. If you're interested I can give you a guitar stand that I use to keep the ninebot standing without the wheel touching the floor. I also have 2 original chargers, an extension to inflate the tire, and some spare parts for the valve core (I replaced it recently). $100 OBO (cash or Venmo) . Photos: https://imgur.com/a/carz3Ze
  17. Ninebot Gokart Kit Kart conversion kit for Mini & Mini Pro only will be released soon "In terms of safety , the No. 9 balance car kart conversion kit is excellent The vehicle has double anti-collision protection , and the outside is a plastic energy absorption layer, which effectively reduces the impact force. The inner layer is a steel main beam, which provides high strength protection for the body and prevents deformation of the car body; Moreover, the vehicle adopts the "electronic brake + mechanical hand brake" double brake design. Protect the speed and passion of the player!"
  18. For Sale Ninebot One E+ 320wh - 3months old - ~1200km - lime body kit In fully working condition Few scratches on covers, wear on shin guards, scratches on foot rests - all replaceable once you learnt to ride or can be replaced for an extra cost by request. Reason of sale - upgrade Pictures will be available by the 26/6/15. Offers/Question in PM please! Link to photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bsu47ij7hfseqgz/AAACIFfH_nf5Ggf8XDdA3Iiba?dl=0
  19. Hi all, I just bought a very lightly used (but not running) Ninebot One S1 that I thought I might be able to fix and get working. No wires appear to be disconnected or loose. When I plug it into the charger, the light on the charger stays green. What are the most likely reasons it may not be running? Any suggestions for what I should try?
  20. Hi All! As I promised to myself i worked hard to develop this app. This is the latest version. AVAILABLE SPEEDS: -One battery from 16 to 24 Km/h -Two batteries from 22 to 30 Km/h. Items needed: 0) A Ninebot A1 or A1+ or S1 or S2 (with a quite recent firmware); 1) J-Link (clone too) to connect and download original firmware; 2) Few soldering skills to connect J-Link to Ninebot; 3) A backup of your original firmware! I won't do it!; 4) This software to modify your original firmware. You can find full tutorial below. Please send me other Ninebot binary files to increase the compatibility of my app. And remember... I WORKED HARD, and I want to make it better and to make it compatible with your device, so please be GENEROUS... ? By clicking on KO-FI you can donate... Think how you would have paid to have your speed increased... ? Feel free to suggestions, big mistake patches, and anything else! Any feedback appreciated. Goodnight! GM Please remember to like me, or love me if you feel it! ? Speed2Increase120.zip
  21. Hi everyone, I hope I will find an answer here... After a shock, my Ninebot ONE was still working BUT the button ON/OFF didn't respond anymore.... I had to make the security mode on to turn off my Ninebot ONE.. Now the button ON/OFF still not responding and I cant turn on the device... If anyone has the same facts please inform me about the thing I have to do to repair this button. Thanks in advance for your help.
  22. I have been itching to do the @smallexis battery mod / @enaon battery mod on a spare E+ for at least 2-3 years. I now have the batteries and time to give it a go. Here are the two battery options available to me: harvest spare 18650 cells from two Ninebot P 340wH batteries that have failed me (cut-outs) previously but are relatively new, or use 4x Graphene Li-Poly in series. If I harvest the 18650s, I would like to split them into 4 packs of two each: 7S+8S and solder balance lead wires to each. The graphene batteries (new) are 14.8v (tested and confirmed) rated 6000mAh at 100C and already have balance connectors attached and would be far easier to implement. Combined they are 59.2v @6500mAh. I intend to use manufactured y-cables with XT-90 connectors to merge them into one pack, and make a custom XT-60 to XT-60 + XT-90 y-cable to connect to the control board. The end goal is to charge all batteries with a hobby charger to better manage/monitor battery health. Any caveats or warnings on this? Based on my reading of the previous (successful) mods linked above, this should work. I also think the graphene batteries are more than up to the task. Thanks in advance.
  23. Well, below you can see any of my videos taken with PanTilt Camera for Mini PLUS I cant post more pics i dont have enought space allowed at my account here The complete review and the user manual, (I translate Chinese user manual into french and into english, i used google translator but the user manual is very simply, and everybody can understand) are on my blog https://sites.google.com/view/mini-j-world/home/mini-tech-s-plus/parts-and-accessories/pan-tilt-camera/pan-tilt-review Pan Tilt Tutorial Pan Tilt Time Lapse Pan Tilt Slow Motion Pan Tilt PTZ Modes
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