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  1. In this tread I will post all Gearbest offers regularly, Gearbest only makes flash sales, with limited stock. (Please unlock adblock, thank you price are same with or without my id cookie for my commission thanks) Update : LAST POST THANK YOU 1/{ Warning, Shipping time, delivery. If you wish to receive your order before Christmas, and the end of year celebrations, you must order 45 days before} 2/{Links are from Global english Gearbest website, maybe links could be redirected to your country by Gearbest and the offer don't appear or your country cant be delivered} Europe free shipping, delivery time max 31-42 business days , one member received it in less than 1 month no custom fees Take the insurance offered by Gearbest and pay by Paypal 1233 euros Z10 ! *************************************************************************************************************************************** Z6 Germany €731 - Spain €731 - Portugal €731 - Italia €731 - France €731 End in 11 days Europe free shipping, delivery time max 31-42 business days , one member received it in less than 1 month Z6 USA $830 End in 11 days + Fast delivery Priority Line 8-18 business days $247 no custom fees Only email exclusive price: create gearbest account, add the One Z to yours favorites, you'll received an email with cheapest price Take the insurance offered by Gearbest and pay by Paypal Ninebot One Z10 parts and accessories https://mini-j-s-g.jimdo.com/segway-ninebot-xiaomi-mijia/one-z/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Europe shipping step by step, please look my review when i ordered a Mini PLUS, i explain the process "How will the package travel?" Gearbest Warranty & Return https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html Need more information or help ? Please send me a private message
  2. One Z10 1327 euros with coupon H2P6EKTO8P https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009143023119.html?wid=1241548&lkid=18328212 Warning New Year chinese holidays Feb. 04 - Feb 10
  3. I know that the topic already exists, But here I will try to help you get the replacement frontlight for your ONE Z Please check your serial , look @EUCMania first post in the topic Like it's an official defective parts, everybody can ask for a new front light from his seller All serial lowest N3OTC 1844T **** are eligible IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/01/2019 1- Try with Gearbest or Aliexpress reseller these methods below.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- This link is very important http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=211621 you will copy and paste it Explain how, in China, buyers can get a free new frontlight and give a tutorial for replace it This part is important, you can copy and paste it into your message adding to the link 那么我们先说说”该怎么确认并申请新的大灯了?“1.首先确定车架号(踏板上 或 链接车辆 车辆信息里面有序列号就是),N3OTC1844T****以后的都是新车,我的是1833,老车符合申请条件!2.其次售后电话登记。个人信息:姓名、地址、电话、+ 车架号 + 邮箱账号(接收教程用)(为提高用户对OneZ系列产品体验,现已对产品前灯进行优化,如需体验可通过拨打400-607-0001转9了解详情,相关信息已同步客服,谢谢!) 一般是7天内可以免费顺丰发货,不过从目前的了解情况,除了周六日外,都可以在3天内发货(个别情况除外) 2 - Do not make a request in private message. Open a ticket. Aliexpress sellers and Gearbest " don't like ticket " , they have an obligation to answer, Gearbest buyers: Open a ticket, gives the link from chinese official Ninebot forum, gives your One Z serial, mention it's a free replacement from Ninebot, for a defective parts, ask for a new free replacement copy and paste the text below into your message, add the link http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=211621 那么我们先说说”该怎么确认并申请新的大灯了?“1.首先确定车架号(踏板上 或 链接车辆 车辆信息里面有序列号就是),N3OTC1844T****以后的都是新车,我的是1833,老车符合申请条件!2.其次售后电话登记。个人信息:姓名、地址、电话、+ 车架号 + 邮箱账号(接收教程用)(为提高用户对OneZ系列产品体验,现已对产品前灯进行优化,如需体验可通过拨打400-607-0001转9了解详情,相关信息已同步客服,谢谢!) 一般是7天内可以免费顺丰发货,不过从目前的了解情况,除了周六日外,都可以在3天内发货(个别情况除外) Wait one week , they always reply Don't close ticket Negociate free shipping Aliexpress Resellers Check if your serial is Open ticket too, gives the link, explain it's a free replacement for an official defective part and include your serial into the message copy and paste the text below into your message, add the link http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=211621 那么我们先说说”该怎么确认并申请新的大灯了?“1.首先确定车架号(踏板上 或 链接车辆 车辆信息里面有序列号就是),N3OTC1844T****以后的都是新车,我的是1833,老车符合申请条件!2.其次售后电话登记。个人信息:姓名、地址、电话、+ 车架号 + 邮箱账号(接收教程用)(为提高用户对OneZ系列产品体验,现已对产品前灯进行优化,如需体验可通过拨打400-607-0001转9了解详情,相关信息已同步客服,谢谢!) 一般是7天内可以免费顺丰发货,不过从目前的了解情况,除了周六日外,都可以在3天内发货(个别情况除外) Green & Fashion, Sumtop, Daibot, all others sellers must accept do it , and I've heard complaints about some resellers, it's better to open a ticket. You spend 2000$ for your One Z Resellers must accept to contact Ninebot after sale service, it's free service in China Resellers must accept send you this part in free shipping because Ninebot send it free to the reseller, negociate free shipping And never close ticket before receive your new frontlight **** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2- Only If Gearbest or Aliexpress seller don't "understand" don't answer, and you don't want use chinese agent.... Let' see in my last post "Jojo33- MiniJ's ULTIMATE GREAT SOLUTION" **** Please post yours experiences and feedbacks I hope you all get your new frontlight
  4. Hello, a very great Wood Kart Kit Have a look here https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/6990-reversing-minipro-steering-sensor/ https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8507-joy-stick-control/ Fake Gokart kit are selling now around 300$ https://www.globalsources.com/gsol/GeneralManager?point_search=on&page=search%2FProductSearchResults&product_search=on&supplier_search=off&article_search=off&apclick=&qType=PRODUCT&type=new&query=ninebot+charger&language=en&point_id=3000000149681&catalog_id=2000000003844&from=&loc=t&AGG=N&view=grid&KWSearchType=ProdSearch&action=GetPoint&action=DoFreeTextSearch
  5. {update 21/11/2018} Gearbest offer agreat deal for european buyers (please unlock adblock for my little commission, price is the same with my link id cookie). Please read last post thank you Gearbest is selling the InMotion V10 $842 / € 712 ! with coupon GBV10V10 1 / disable ADBLOCK 2 / create an account at Gearbest https://login.gearbest.com/m-users-a-register.htm?type=1 3 / open this link in a new window, https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009277429264.html?lkid=16595726 and ad to your cart New : Google Pay $10 off Tips: pay with Paypal, take Gearbest insurance. Questions about Gearbest ? ask me in private message InMotion V10- spare parts & accessories https://mini-j-s-g.jimdo.com/inmotion/v10-v10f/ Main Features: ● Main material: aluminum alloy + rubber ● Input voltage: 100 - 240V ● Bearing weight: 120kg ● Battery capacity: 8500mAh, 36V ● Motor power: 1800W ● Charging time: 5 - 6 hours ● Large-capacity battery, long-distance riding, more beautiful scenery, high-performance motor, more powerful climbing ● Dual-core processor program is more stable, intelligent voice Bluetooth affects riding more fun, high-shining warning lights safe ● The putter design is easy to carry Specification General Brand: INMOTION Parameters Speed: 40km / h Weight and Size Product weight: 20.6000 kg Package weight: 24.6000 kg Product size: 52.80 x 19.00 x 62.30 cm / 20.79 x 7.48 x 24.53 inches Package size: 64.00 x 28.00 x 71.00 cm / 25.2 x 11.02 x 27.95 inches Package Package Contents: 1 x Balance Car, 1 x Charger, 1 x English Using Manual
  6. Update 22/01/2019 Warning New Year chinese holidays Feb. 04 - Feb 10 InMotion official V10 is selling with Gearbest for 796.50 euros Coupon GBINMOV10 https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009277429264.html?wid=1433363&lkid=19318510 Order with Paypal, take shipping garantee
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    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    https://www.mini-j.world/accueil/actualites-mini/new-segway-ninebot-euc/ SPECS Weight Z10 = 22kg 48lbs ninebot one z 18寸宽版 1200w 35速 580wh ¥4999. 1500w 40速 860wh ¥7999. 1800w 45速 1000wh ¥9999. Z6 TOP SPEED 35 KMH BATTERY 574WH MOTOR 1200W CHARGE NOMINALE 40-55KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 20° Z8 second modele name is DARK NIGHT TOP SPEED 40 KMH BATTERY 862WH MOTOR 1500W CHARGE NOMINALE 60-80KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25° z10 final fantasy TOP SPEED 45KMH BATTERY 1000WH MOTOR 1800W CHARGE NOMINALE 80-100KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25°
  8. By cons, Xiaomi does not sell in its stores, this model is sold in local electronics stores (amazon, LDLC, etc...) Why? I do not know, Customer service will surely be overwhelmed in the early punctures
  9. "Mini is not dead" "QBE4015RT" who ? "QBE4015RT" or called N3M240, the first Mini For those who do not know the story, here is a summary September 29 2015 released an European Certificate of compliance with for Mini Pro N3M320 and Mini N3M240 December 3 2015, FCC autorization is released too for the Mini PRO N3M320 and the Mini N3M240 Ninebot's strategy has been to never sell the Mini in Europe or the USA An agreement with all official dealers of Ninebot products worldwide The goal was to sell very expensive Mini PRO when it was released in November 2015, around 999 euros for a Mini PRO... In China Mini N3M240 is selling for 1999 rmb= 260 euros=295 dollars Now, With the arrival of XIAOMI stores (MI STORE) in Europe, they finally introduce the Mini on our market But the price is still expensive , Enter "QBE4015RT" in Google, and you will see sales prices anywhere in Europe between 399 euros and more than 400 euros The maximum price of the N3M240, in my opinion, can not be above 350 euros: I have a Mini N3M240, I paid 550 euros in 2016, I made more than 4,000 kilometers with, I stayed at firmware V117, it is flexible, convenient to drive, lightweight, but its battery does not really does not allow more than 17 kilometers of pure ride. While 22 kilometers are announced with a fully charged battery.
  10. Hello Have you had a firmware update recently? Did it finished loading or not ? On the screenapp, home, speed limit is it locked? your battery is fully charged ? sorry but many new users doesn't know sometimes did you finish the rider tutorial ? sorry but many new users doesn't know sometimes
  11. V10 is back but for 972.62€ https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009277429264.html?wid=1433363&lkid=19318510
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    Brand new Z10 not charging

  13. Frontlight replacement is free Are you affiliated with aliexpress because your link seems be an affiliated link ? Ninebot China official free replacement frontlight for foreign customers
  14. "Jojo33- MiniJ's ULTIMATE GREAT SOLUTION" I'm very happy to have tried and managed to get an answer... A little "about me" I do not have ONE Z, I just have two Ninebot Mini and my blog for two years I was the first informed of the release of the One Z by a Ninebot China insider I only earned two commissions with Aliexpress sellers in the promotion of ONE Z Ninebot hates me, Ninebot banned me from the app for over a year, I love being hated , since I am very critical of their products I was even banned from facebook, I can not open an account for my blog I have already helped people by using the "strength" of my blog, speaking directly to the management below one exemple "End of this little about me." ------------ Yesterday I sent a message to the CEO of Ninebot China, asking for special support for foreign customers of the One Z who have the problem of the frontlight Ninebot N° 1 Lufeng & Ninebot N°2 Wang forwarded my request I had an answer I hope they will accept everyone You will write an email to zhenggang zhou, with your serial number (All serial lowest N3OTC 1844T **** are eligible) and your details adress I just ask you to be polite, write with courtesy, in the messages, clear, and thank even if they pose you problem in understanding I also ask you to give me a return in this topic of your exchange with them i wish this help you get this new frontlight cordially Jojo33 Mini J
  15. Intelligent Walking Store = 1 Point !
  16. It's a good new Who is your seller ?
  17. Oh... Really sometimes they dont understand (like me with english language) Could you try to answer that only you want it's not money it's only they call Ninebot for a free front light they will send you {paste again the text }? Say it's cheaper than 40$
  18. jojo33


    @Marco Domingos To date, no ONE Z in the World is officially sold by Segway USA Europe or any other country outside of China. All One Zs were imported from China All One Zs have no US FCC or Europe certification No official Segway Ninebot sites in the US or Europe sell the One Z So there is no customer service for the One Z, except in China for chinese people or officials resellers... It is good to denounce a customer service only if the product officially exists in the countries concerned I advise you to change your title and put the name of your reseller Aliexpress instead of Segway Send him your video, you'll see, this seller (SUMTOP I saw) will react Do not forget that you have to open "open dispute" with the seller of Aliexpress Please, Do not forget that members of the forum tried to help you on the other topic that you had created And I just saw your video, I'm really sorry to tell you that your article of law is not applicable for an unknown imported product from the local market Your law Consumer Protection Act 1987, the Chinese do not care, Segway Ninebot China does not care too Oh, I forgot Even if Segway Ninebot USA or Uk or Europe had sold the ONE Z, as you imported it from China and don't bought in your country, the customer service does not support personal imports from China of their brand You do not need to contact a Segway Ninebot customer service when you have imported directly from China outside the official network of American or European sellers Cordially P.S apologized for bad translation
  19. Really everybody i'm apologized I had forgot delay time for open a dispute Below Aliexpress extra warranty for buyers who subscribed to this advanced guarantee https://sale.aliexpress.com/__pc/BhQPgEWPNM.htm?spm=2114.33020108.14.6.8f57bDpubDpun5
  20. Ahhhhh. ..Maybe time for open dispute is over Sorry I dont remember how many time is allowed since the day you received Try in private message
  21. Warning New Year chinese holidays Feb. 04 - Feb 10 Official International Version, app ok, V5F 356 euros COUPON GBV5FBW https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009603248598.html?wid=1433363&lkid=19015501 Please keep Shipping Guarantee it's important for a safety delivery (motsly from Poland to your home), pay with Paypal too Unlock adblock before, thanks
  22. Please read last post Main Features: ●Single wheel unicycle for the new future of balance scooter ●The light for warning people and cars at night ● The 550W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 18 degree gradient ● 288Wh 4.0Ah Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for 35 - 40km mileage and 3.5 hours charging time ●14 inch rubber inflatable tire for different grounds ● Aluminum alloy frame for max 120kg payload ● Support the APP ( scan the QR code from the manual to download the APP ) management and Bluetooth 4.0 version ● Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in the wide road, grassland, slope, etc. ● Input voltage: 100 - 240V Specification General Brand: INMOTION Type: Unicycle For: Adults,Teenagers Wheel Number: 1 Wheel Seat Type: without Seat Folding Type: Folding Parameters Max Payload: 120kg Maximum Speed (km/h): 25km/h Battery: Li-ion battery Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah Basic Information Product weight: 11.9000 kg Package weight: 15.5000 kg Product size (L x W x H): 40.90 x 14.70 x 47.80 cm / 16.1 x 5.79 x 18.82 inches Package size (L x W x H): 53.00 x 28.00 x 58.00 cm / 20.87 x 11.02 x 22.83 inches Package Package Contents: 1 x Electric Unicycle, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Charger InMotion V5F- spare parts & accessories https://mini-j-s-g.jimdo.com/inmotion/v5-v5-v5f-v5f-v5d/