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  1. Hello all, My minipro worked fine for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it stopped displaying the battery level on the bottom of the minipro. Now when I try to connect to the app the minipro beeps once, the app says "connecting" for about 30 seconds and then says "bluetooth connection failed." I tried doing a factory reset by turning it upside down and hitting the power button but the wheels just turn in opposite alternating directions indefinitely and on one side a green light turns on. I haven't been able to find anyone experiencing this same set of issues online. Hoping someone
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried the Hybrid Tires for the MiniPro sold by ninebot/MoreForMini in the US? Looking for comments on using this tire as a general replacement for the stock tire. How does it compare on Asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt? I've heard the Off-Road tire was OK on some terrain, but also makes the one issue with the two wheel devices of the two tires meeting different resistance (due to terrain or obstacles) more serious. Thanks!
  3. Anyone have pictures of their light mods for the mini/mini-pro? here is my ugly, but very functional mod. The headlight does put the slightest imbalance that causes the mini to roll forward sometimes i will counter weight it shortly. Uses an extra light i had sitting around, a Klarus G20 with Keeppower 26650 6500mAh battery. It has quite a wide beam which really help to see all road and and imperfections such as dips even in the darkest conditions. I rarely use it on high though. It is also a handy 3rd hand when i need a light digging into my pack or something. The attachment is quite ugl
  4. There is a new app on mimod.ru, 'NINEbattery v1.6' that you can freely download for Android: https://mimod.ru/en_US/ninebattery/ This a MUST-HAVE for every MiniPro (or ninebot scooter) owner, because it shows the status of EVERY CELL in the battery pack (actually, in the miniPRO the cells are two paralled LG cells, the combined voltage is shown). No longer do you have to wait for a battery pack to fail, you will be able to see weak cells before they get bad enough to make your miniPRO fail (and throw you). I tried it on both my N3M320 and N3M260 models, screenshots below. I foun
  5. Today was the day! Finally, after 65km ride on my e-bike this morning and the long weekend almost over I decided to finish tightening the screws with locktite on a new Swallowbot Controller board I got back in early November of 2019. I really should not have waited so long. I installed the new Swallowbot firmware updated controller into an almost new MiniPro with less than 10km on it. I had previously used this unit to test the Chinese controller board that was briefly for sale last year on Amazon and e-bay that was advertised as having Swallowbot. That one appeared to be an early ver
  6. WARNING ** THIS BATTERY MAY LIMIT YOUR TOP SPEED ** OVERVIEW: More4Mini is selling a new 3rd-Party battery made for them by the OEM WorldPower Shenzhen World Electric Co. Ltd. “Extended Range Replacement Battery for Segway miniPRO - 355wh 6400mAh” Specifications are listed as: Model: WP-DMR-01 Configuration: 15S2P Voltage: 55.5VDC Capacity: 355Wh / 6400mAh Listed on the battery is LG INR18650, implying that it is based on 18650 cells by LG, The More4Mini website also states that LG cells are used, but could not provide the specific model number of the cel
  7. So I bought a ninebot mini pro used. Short story the battery is dead, completely. I've taken it out and tried charging it. Nothing. Yes I know this voids the warranty but I didn't have it to begin with so... Oh, the infamous 4 red flashes on the battery and my research online suggest it's completely dead.. Does anyone know where I can order a replacement? Has anyone used moreformini.com before? That's the only one I can find.. thanks in advance for your help
  8. Does any one have the new 2018 edition of the miniPro (MiniPro 260)? I'm very surprised to see the &*$#@s at Segway/Ninebot have reduced the battery capacity of the MiniPro to 236Wh. They clain you only loose 2 miles in range. Sounds like BS, unless they also increased the stock charger in the US to 63V to make up for the extra loss. This may be a dishonest way to make the new Mini-Plus look better in terms of specs. Wondering if anyone has the new 2018 model and can check the specs for the charger? Anyone that is looking to buy a MiniPro would be wise to get the MiniPro 320
  9. Hi guys, I am repurposing some Minipro motors I came across and I need to know the specs such as max current, KV, etc. Where can I find this data? Thanks in advance.
  10. I just pulled out the miniPro after a long winter's nap and the new app tells me there is a new firmware version available. I currently run 1.4.0. I cannot tell what the new version will be without installing it and I don't want to install it if it's going to further limit my speed, make the warning beep louder or text all my friends when I go over 10MPH. Any thoughts or experience on this newer version? Thanks!
  11. We receive several great pictures on how M4M Scout Frame for Segway miniPRO is used by filmmakers, videographers, contractors, etc. Here are some nice pictures. We just released M4M Scout Frame 2.0 that includes special heavy duty fenders. Lets hope more pictures of how this frame helps to use Segway miniPRO for work will arrive soon.
  12. So I installed Stan’s Sealant to my stock Tubeless tires about 8 months ago after Constantly plugging flats (which leaked air) Now I haven’t had one flat since my install. Air pressure also stays stable for weeks, I only have to check once a month and top off running 45 psi. its a very easy install, all you have to do is this. 15 mins total time. 1. Buy some Stans No Tube sealant from your local bike shop (latex type liquid) 2. Remove your valve core 3. Use the supplied cone cap to inject about 20ml (1 ounce) doesn’t have to be exact per tire right into the valve. 4. R
  13. Hi everyone, Sorry I didn't come across an active photo thread here for us to post our pictures in so thought I would start one. If there is an active one I missed please let me know so I can delete this and bump the active one back up. Would love to see some mini photos from around the world and see how you use them and where, would also love to see how you have customised your minis etc! I will start, I mounted the hybrid tyres the other day and decided to take my dog out for a walk in some trails today while the sun was shining. Was a bit muddy but the new tyr
  14. We live in an area where there are lots of steep climbs. They are not really steep, but they have given me problems with unexpected push-back from day 1 with the MiniPRO. There is little data available on exactly how much power the MiniPRO motors can deliver, and how this translates into speed on either flat or sloping surfaces. The best source of information was shown to me by JoJo, it is a blog about the MiniPRO development cycle at Ninebot: http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4100 Google translate produces this for a key section of the blog: "We have done a lot o
  15. Hello guys, I've spent quite a bit of time perusing the forum (and others), but I haven't found much information about the new miniPRO 260 model, which I own two of. I bought my first miniPRO 260 from Amazon during the last sale. I was hesitant because of the smaller battery, but I figured that 1.5mi deficit was not a huge dealbreaker. When the unit arrived, however, I was surprised to see the app estimating an 11mi range with 100% battery. I know that range is dependent on riding style, temperature, weight, etc, but I at least expected the app to estimate the full 12.5mi range when
  16. I'm looking to replace the motherboard/control board of a mini after it got wet and stopped turning on. Online, I see a blue board that matches what I have, and a purple board, which I believe is the one for the minipro. Someone commented they had to mod the purple board a bit to fit their mini, but it worked, and the seller described the purple board as unlocking the hoverboard to use with third party apps. Should I get a blue board or the purple board? Are there any benefits such as faster speed for the purple one?
  17. My buddy has a Segway MiniPRO and after riding his for a few days, I've decided to buy one for myself. I really like it except it's a little slow and the speed warning beeps got old fast. So my questions are... should I buy the miniPRO or go with a clone? Are there any out there that are faster than the miniPRO? What would you buy? Thanks for the help, I'm new to the forum btw!
  18. Hi everyone, Im starting a new job in a few weeks that will mean i need to commute around 3km each way from the bus to my workplace. It is rather flat ground, but im always running late and hate physically running. Soooo, im looking to get some kind of transportation to get me there and back each day. My two options im looking at are.. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1679177134 or https://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/vehicle-toys/other/listing-1676116365.htm?rsqid=ddb91c8f84ad4eb399abe9ee6e5ad8c4 I am a little confused though, as they se
  19. Took the MiniPro out for a spin for Earth Day. The weather was actually pretty nice, which was an improvement over the last couple of weeks. Battery was apparently at 94% so I didn't go far, just 8.5km, but I found that I could ride next to a rail line as it seems one side they have made it pretty flat and clear for access by rail vehicles. I'm looking forward to putting some batteries on my pack and seeing how far I can go. I was a bit sore from doing yard work yesterday and earlier today, and felt quite stiff as well. Took the e-bike out for a spin after that for about 10km, very differ
  20. For all those who bought a factory recertified Minipro the box says 220 lbs, but when you take it out of box and look at sticker on the battery pack it says 185 lbs max. That is a bait and switch if I ever seen one.
  21. Hi, does any one have any Spring Tune-Ups/Enhancements they plan for their MiniPro this Spring? I finally mounted a kickstand on my main miniPro, this was suppose to be a Fall project so that it would sit nicely over the winter.... but you know how projects go and it became my Spring project. Took longer to find the LocTite than it did to mount it. So simple I should have done it earlier no doubt., I just installed one of the early basic ones that flip out horizontally, designed by Xiaomi maybe as this video seems to suggest. I paid $17 in Dec for it, but you can get them on ebay for
  22. Holy Batman! SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition, 12.5 Mile Range, 10 MPH $336.71
  23. Amazon has been dropping the price on the 2018 version of the MiniPro steadily by a few dollars for a while sometimes, like today, making several drops in a single day. The current price at the time of this message was $394.68 SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition, 12.5 Mile Range, 10 MPH Sold and Shipped by Amazon.com Not a bad deal, and at the current rate of price changes it still may go lower. Unfortunately it has the slightly lower capacity battery, and the company should be boycotted for such a move. The real name of this version is the 2018
  24. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019Z6HS86 $439.99 No mention of exact model or battery capacity in the listing, but it is no the "2018 Edition" listing, and uses the same ASIN as the previous model 320, so it might be the one with the larger battery, or it may be false advertising. with Amazon though, shipping it back would be easy so worth the gamble if you need one. Update: it does say 14mi range, which is the range of the older one with the larger battery. (aka the good one)
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