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  1. Hello, On the French forum, we have a member who works with disabled people and who wanted to transform the Mini (link to rico's profile). I had asked to create a section for the mobility of people with disabilities but there has not been much of shareholdings... it's here https://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/forum/196-handimobe/ Here on EUC FORUM you have this topic from @Wilsonintexas "I am using my mini to pull a wheelchair" https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8507-joy-stick-control/ In europe we have a not cheap segway patents NINO https://www.nino-robotics.com/
  2. Create a new account and Too, download Alexei app Ninebattery, allow unknow source for install (android) and check all about your battery (safe cells etc), connect with bluetooth, this will show you how many times it was charged ?, into parameter/setting, you have mileage at the end "general"/ Basic information (sorry im using app past version) You can find it here https://www.apkmonk.com/app/cn.ninebot.ninebot/ Look for activation date too With the old app, you can download BLACKBOX (csv files with cycles charging history) and errors codes etc, it's into setting/parameters>others> read blackbox data> lock>dont care about the message and tap into the screen>click on data file (green) Is not fully charged, wait around 1 hour more after blinking led and green led charger yes
  3. I have no more space allocated for attachments, so I put everything on the Google album Here is official news on the MAX (update september 10, 2020) Official serie name N3M432 (for China, but will be different for rest of the World) I think Mini handlebars fans will jump for joy with the LeanSteer.... Price in China : 4499 ¥ = 657$ = 555 euros Specs : (with and without retractable steering bar/handlebar) (421-521) X 578 X (952-1242) mm supported weight (Chinese specs ok) 85Kg/187lbs MAX weight : 22.8Kg / 48.5Lbs Max.speed 20KMH / 12.4MPH Range : 33 km / 20.5Miles IP 54 Motor wheel 500X2 2400W X2 more specs and pictures into the album
  4. Sorry for you You will contact INMOTION CHINA You will write to them that you bought your V5F on Gearbest / GLOBALGROW (dont forget wrote GLOBALGROW) You will send pictures of your EUC and pictures of the package, with the serial number You will also put a pdf or a screenshot of your invoice in your Gearbest orders (GLOBALGROW) You explain to them that they stole your V5F And you ask them to help you find her, locate her https://www.imscv.com/ INMOTION-JASON jason@imscv.com & wangchao@imscv.com
  5. 12 screws, not 10 The first time, you have to force a little by pressing on the edges (under the forehead, and under the back light), there is a rubber seal inside, and this seal is very waterproof, the first time you have to press on all the sides to dismantle the hull When you reassemble it, you will have to clean the seal well, and use dry air. You can also check that no humidity has entered thanks to the red sticker, if there has been humidity, the red siticher in the hull becomes paint
  6. where did you bought it? import or local ? Which version of the app do you have? Wait a bit, before updating the firmware, that we have feedback on the latest version which includes the resolution of dns and sn problems really better choice
  7. Hello @MRN76 have you any idea about @wlalve issue ? Do you think his problem could be solved with a swallowbot upgrade? Thanks
  8. I just looked on Aliexpress, there are no more spare parts for resale You have to search on EBAY I'm sorry, but to find a spare part you have to look on the used sales ads you have to look on TAOBAO, TMALL, 1688 but sometimes sites are blocked regionally There are also TAOBAO agents it is people in China who buy and ship the product to you chinese keyword for mini plus , past and copy into taobao and others chinese website 九号平衡车 Plus original xiaomi sale here https://www.mi.com/buy/detail?product_id=6079 tmall mini plus pages https://list.tmall.com/search_product.htm?q=九号平衡车+Plus&type=p&style=&cat=all&vmarket=
  9. Why not to write to ninebot china directly ? Swallowbot is good but nothing can confirm the firmware can be lploaded correctly Better is to ask directly to swallowbot creator Mrn76 explain to him your issue http://mrn76.ru/index.php/contact Or talk about your issue to https://mimod.ru/en_US/contacts/
  10. when are the videos dated? I had also made some good videos with this camera The application no longer offers the menu in English for the pantilt looking for a personal shopper like yoybuy or another taobao agent https://www.yoybuy.com/en/?locale=en today the pantilt is no longer worth anything on Chinese sites like jdong JD or Tmall ($ 50), before it cost $ 300 the basket you can also find it on the original site of jd or tmall use a personal shopper like yoybuy if you really want to buy the camera Where did you buy an N4M340 model in the USA? Because segway USA only sell N4M350 models Why I don't advise you to buy the camera: she overheats she emits a shrill sound it cannot be used while riding because the legs obscure the image the menu was never correctly translated into English Maybe there was an update, but I have nothing, and the cmera cannot be used, the image is upside down
  11. Pantilt camera doesnt work, no firmware update, new app version dont display menu in english, i suggest you better buy a sport camera Basket can be found on aliexpress reseller store or ask to taobao agent buy one for you
  12. Today I received a new notification for a firmware update : Firmware additional control V1.1.6 1 Solve the problem of accidentally losing the SN in some cases 2 Improve firmware stability Firmware Main control V1.2.6 1 Solve the problem of accidentally losing the SN in some cases 2 Improve firmware stability *After updating the main control firmware, the main control restart vehicule will lose self-balance Ninebot CN !
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