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  1. jojo33


    In France too, last summer, euc , kickscooters and electric skate riders organized a competition, with participants from neighboring European countries...
  2. Gearbest continues to add InMotion products to its catalog The V10 has just been added, $1299 / €1130, for the moment, it is available only for Russian Federation (Priority Line 15-30 business days + $37.81 shipping fees) If you want it, here's how: 1 / disable ADBLOCK 2 / create an account at Gearbest https://login.gearbest.com/m-users-a-register.htm?type=1 3 / open this link in a new window, and add the V10 to your favorites https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009277429264.html?wid=1433363&lkid=16545613 4 / wait to receive an email offering you a special price email and 5 / "ask question": you ask to be delivered to your country More people will be interested to buy it, adding it to the favorites, Gearbest will organize the routing Tips: pay with Paypal, take Gearbest insurance. Questions about Gearbest ? ask me in private message Main Features: ● Main material: aluminum alloy + rubber ● Input voltage: 100 - 240V ● Bearing weight: 120kg ● Battery capacity: 8500mAh, 36V ● Motor power: 1800W ● Charging time: 5 - 6 hours ● Large-capacity battery, long-distance riding, more beautiful scenery, high-performance motor, more powerful climbing ● Dual-core processor program is more stable, intelligent voice Bluetooth affects riding more fun, high-shining warning lights safe ● The putter design is easy to carry Specification General Brand: INMOTION Parameters Speed: 40km / h Weight and Size Product weight: 20.6000 kg Package weight: 24.6000 kg Product size: 52.80 x 19.00 x 62.30 cm / 20.79 x 7.48 x 24.53 inches Package size: 64.00 x 28.00 x 71.00 cm / 25.2 x 11.02 x 27.95 inches Package Package Contents: 1 x Balance Car, 1 x Charger, 1 x English Using Manual
  3. Thank you, "$259.40 to United States of America Via Priority Line" less than 18 working days
  4. jojo33

    Amazon Affiliate Program

    Many Aliexpresse resellers offered me to do dropshipping but french import tax are at 20%... Get commissions is very attractive, I spend between 20 minutes and half an hour to edit and publish each link, sometimes I win 0.75ç, sometimes I win $ 35...Like im jobseeker, these commissions bring me a little money that I want to reinvest in the purchase and testing of the latest models of segway ninebot , accessories and spare parts (for my website) but that is not enough, if the commissions are capped, I can not wait 12 months to buy me the latest model. Two years ago, I did not create my blog on Ninebot Mini to make money, it was to share a passion. Many of my "competitors" in France are web publishing professionals, they make specialized sites to earn money with affiliate I always published simultaneously on my blog and here my advice, my tests and help to repair
  5. jojo33

    Amazon Affiliate Program

    I allow myself to join the discussion... I was affiliated with Amazon USA, I won $ 17 but I can not use them in France, I thought to offer it to an American forum member but the code can not be given to someone else . I just posted links for some good deals in USA on the Mini Lite and Mini PLUS for forum members with Amazon. @Keith I think you're talking about the Early Reviewer Program In fact, behind this program, brands are financing the product, Amazon said "We are not giving free products or discounts to these reviewers" & "Early Reviewer Program may be asked to write a review and those customers who submit a review within the offer period will receive a small reward (e.g. a $1-$3 Amazon.com Gift Card) for helping future shoppers." It's wrong ! I know someone who publishes reviews on drones (parts, batteries), they get them at a very low price or free from Amazon and the brand. About affiliation: Anyone can be affiliated, you just have to have a youtube account, a facebook or a member account in a forum, or a blog All the companies want is to distribute their offers, everywhere, in the cheapest way (facebook/youtube/blog/forum) Affiliation is not necessarily tests, user feedback, it is first receive a list of good deal from the affiliation store and promote the best. (each days i received promo coupon), I select devices, accessories, spare parts, i select the best prices, I check the operation of the discount codes, I check that the dealer is honest, that the return guarantee and the after-sales service is good I compare the prices with the original prices in local market in China, for example, if the Mini plus exceeds $ 700, I do not publish it, it's too expensive. The V5F is 370 euros, it's a very good deal: I publish the good deal. If the good deal interests members, if these members buy with your affiliate link, and if the adblock is deactivated: yes, it brings back a little money every month it's true With this money, i order offroad tire (full price) and test them, order camera for Mini Plus (half price) and review it (and i was honest i said camera (5.8ghz) don't have compatibility with usual mobile phone)...test the mini plus kickstand (full price), And I did not allow the sale of a single Mini Pro since on my blog and on the forums I said that the Mini Pro had defects in manufacturing...(Bodyframegate=chassis suddenly broken during the ride, more than 20 cases in the world) Last weekend... But, the tracking cookie with the ID affiliate is often blocked, Either it is blocked by Adblock, or by the website hitself...(coupon code may block the affiliate id cookie), I had a doubt about the honesty of affiliate programs where im registered (since my ONE Z ALIEXPRESS first post 265 vues=265 cookies installed=1 zone sold=50$ ). I'm sure now that these programs are not honest, they give you a commission for 1 item only on 5 or 10 really sold items, I had the confirmation last weekend. Last weekend I met a person in the street, we talked, exchanged phone numbers He calls me telling me he wants a V5F, he asks me for a link with my affiliate ID and code, to help me earn my commission. It turns off adblock, uses the edge browser, together we do all the steps of the order, on the phone, live. he pays with paypal, the order was confirmed and I did not have any commission on my dashboard I just could see that the account was created with my link (day hours), but there was no commission for the V5F.no appear, i checked one year dashboard, there's more than 20 account created without any purchase... I also had some forums members who sent me private messages to tell me that they had ordered with my link, and I had no commissions Last year, @Smallexis bought me a Mini, the commission appeared immediately, it canceled the sale, it appeared immediately... Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest, all companies that offer affiliate programs, have full control of affiliate data and decide how many commissions can be allocated. They must have created an algorithm to direct affiliate links (5 items = 1 for the affiliate by exemple) @Keith as an affiliate, I made several user feedback on the merchant site, I was honest, I also criticized the flaws, but I saw that other people were too delusive It must be said, there are resellers who offer several tens of dollars for a positive opinion, I had proposals, but I did not accept, it was for overboard.
  6. Great work, Working fine with Mini PLUS N4M340 and Mini N3M240 ! Android LineageOS 8.10, Bluetooth ok , connect easily. Thank you Alexei
  7. There are not that Ninebot in life, and happily ! Artists, designers, engineers innovate the future of electric mobility, adapt the technologies of the present, and draw inspiration from the genius of the past. I selected these four incredibly beautiful machines and I want to share this with you. Enjoy! Munro 2.0 munro© 2016 - http://en.munromotor.com/ MUNRO 2.0 By Artist ZACK WONG / Beijing Munro Electric Vehicle - "RIDE THE FUTURE" Beijing, CHINA Inspiration: "in honor of Burt Munro, who set a land speed record on an Indian motorcycle." Specsheet ********************************************************************** 2018 © DEVINCI- http://www.devinci-cars.com/fr/ CLASSIC D417 By Engineer Jean-Philippe Dayraut / DeVinci Cars Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, FRANCE Inspiration: Grand Prix 1930- Morgan Three Wheeler - Buggati ************************ © Copyright Bel & Bel. All rights reserved - https://www.belybel.com/ MONOWHEEL Z-ONE & Z-SCOOTER By Artists Carles Bel y Jesus Bel / Bel y Bel Barcelona, SPAIN Inspiration: Vespa Piaggio Designer Corradino d’Ascanio
  8. AH ok , but not on the italian gearbest website, i post global site, choose "english" and let me know if you can delivery to Italia my links were these https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_009555755089.html?wid=1433363&lkid=16074961 & https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_009685844602.html?wid=1433363&lkid=16074974 Since last month i don't know but gearbest localize country and attribute his country website @zugu Thank you very much, because i don't know this !
  9. Gokart Kit Helmet are available , prices are goods, chinese prices are ¥179-¥199 = 25 euros= 28$, selling now by Gearbest for €35/$39 Black Helmet & €42/$48 Orange Helmet and i hope they will lower the price for the Gokart Kit because it's very expansive for an only kit without Mini Pro
  10. Really he is a great seller, i love this attitude Welcome, keep in touch i will take all data you needs for a good journey in Paris Will be really great if i can come to Paris meet you (high speed train bring me to Paris in 2 hours 585 km) But i will offer you a welcome present : aspirin/paracetamol because my english is really awful
  11. There will be demand for the steering shaft of the Mini PLUS, it weighs 16kg, one day or another it will break. You can sell it if it is not compatible with the Mini PRO. You'll see him right away. If you manage to mount it but it does not work, you exchange the HALL sensor
  12. There was a series of Mini PROs that were not assembled correctly,(steering bar not screwed) Ninebot had to face a strong demand, and their production plant to speed up the pace because of the other models that had to be produced.(Mini LITE, PLUS...)
  13. In this tread I will post all Gearbest offers regularly, Gearbest only makes flash sales, with limited stock. Please unlock adblock, thank you 1/{ Warning, Shipping time, delivery. If you wish to receive your order before Christmas, and the end of year celebrations, you must order 45 days before} 2/{Links are from Global english Gearbest website, maybe links could be redirected to your country by Gearbest and the offer don't appear or your country cant be delivered} Europe free shipping, delivery time max 31-42 business days , one member received it in less than 1 month no custom fees Take the insurance offered by Gearbest and pay by Paypal Z10 Germany €1540 - Spain €1540 -Portugal €1540 -Italia €1540 - France €1540 *************************************************************************************************************************************** Z6 Germany €836 - Spain €836 - Portugal €836 - Italia €836 - France €836 Europe free shipping, delivery time max 31-42 business days , one member received it in less than 1 month USA +173$ fast delivery, 8-10 business days= $259 no custom fees Only email exclusive price: create gearbest account, add the One Z to yours favorites, you'll received an email with cheapest price Take the insurance offered by Gearbest and pay by Paypal Europe shipping step by step, please look my review when i ordered a Mini PLUS, i explain the process "How will the package travel?" Gearbest Warranty & Return https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html Need more information or help ? Please send me a private message