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  1. Copy / pasted of the Chinese / English translation of the GoKart PRO presentation source Ninebot China After a lapse of two years, the No. 9 robot has released a new upgraded version of the kart on the line-the No. 9 Kart PRO. The new car is developed in cooperation with professional drivers. Up to 26 hardware and software upgrades, more appearance, equipped with CST front tires, TPE Sport drift rear tires, 4800W peak power air-cooled motor, 432Wh four-channel air-cooled battery pack, and four-unit engine sound wave simulation system. The maximum acceleration is 1.02G and the top speed is 37km / h. According to official introduction, the power performance of this electric kart exceeds The 150cc fuel kart can realize the functions of power drift and inertia drift. The most interesting thing is that it can also be used as a powerful electric balance car after simple disassembly and assembly. It is more fun to play on one machine. The go-kart will be available for pre-sale starting from 10:00 on May 25. The pre-sale price is 8998 yuan, the deposit of 100 yuan can be reduced to 200 yuan, and the No. 9 riding helmet is also given. High-value professional racing design, both adults and children can play Different from the white appearance of the old No. 9 balancing car kart conversion kit, the overall appearance of the No. 9 kart PRO is mainly metallic gray. The steering wheel back to the standard, the seat belt, the headlights, and the silk screens of the body are all decorated with green. With texture and racing style. The body length can be adjusted in 4 gears, and the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted in 3 gears. It can be easily controlled from a child with a height of 1.3m to a big man with a height of 1.9m. With it, there are joyful carriers for family mobilization and racing dreams flying in the drift. The No. 9 Kart PRO uses a high-strength steel frame with an effective load of up to 100kg, which provides better torque rigidity and can effectively cope with road impacts at high speeds. TPE soft anti-collision front lip and The aerodynamically shaped TPE side skirts bring better impact cushioning performance and driving safety, avoiding problems such as the bumper breaking before a slight impact. The front of the car is also equipped with a "laser green" LED headlight, which is convenient for driving at night. The steering wheel with the index finger is made of soft PU, which has greater friction and is more comfortable to hold. The highly wrapped racing bucket chair can effectively support the driver to resist the centrifugal force when cornering. The aerodynamic rear wing is added to the rear, and the shape is more competitive on the track. At high speed, the rear airflow can be combed to stabilize the body posture. The accelerator and brake pedals have also been upgraded to racing-style stainless steel metal pedals. In addition, PRO can also be folded, and can be placed in the trunk of most cars after being fully folded, which is convenient for carrying and transportation. Power configuration: 4800W air-cooled motor + 432Wh four-channel air-cooled battery pack The No.9 Kart PRO is equipped with two air-cooled motors with a peak power of up to 2400W, a maximum torque of 96N · m, a maximum acceleration of 1.02G, and a maximum speed of 37km / h, which is more powerful than the ordinary kart car. The motor adopts double heat dissipation structure, and the peak performance is maintained longer. It surpasses the power performance of 150CC fuel karting, bringing a full acceleration experience. In terms of batteries, the No. 9 Kart PRO is equipped with a 432Wh super-large battery. When fully charged, it can open 62 laps on the 400-meter track continuously, with a typical range of 25km. The battery pack adopts a four-window heat dissipation design, which can maintain a stable energy supply even under the speed of the vehicle, which is more durable and smoother The same model of super running, CST front tire + TPE sports drift rear tire The car structure of the No. 9 Kart PRO adopts RR rear drive (engine rear, rear wheel drive), and the classic model 911 in the famous sports car brand Porsche products also uses this form of drive. The weight ratio of the front and rear of the body is 40:60. After the vehicle's center of gravity is off, the rear engine is very close to the drive shaft, so the transmission efficiency is very high and the acceleration is faster. At the same time, the adhesion of the drive wheels is large, so the vehicle also accelerates more stable. CST tires are used for the front tires, which increase the friction, have a high grip, and are safer for high-speed cornering. The rear tire is a newly customized TPE sports drift rear tire. The friction and comfort have been carefully adjusted to make it easier to achieve drift dynamics when the vehicle is fully accelerated or told to turn. The tire adopts quick-release design, which makes the tire replacement faster and more convenient The four driving modes can be as fast as you want, and the difficulty of drift can be adjusted No.9 Kart PRO can be connected to the mobile phone APP for more intelligent functions, such as viewing vehicle information, customizing the color of the ambient light of the chassis, upgrading the firmware, selecting the driving mode, and so on. After connecting to the "No.9 Travel" APP, you can choose from four driving modes, the speed limit in safety mode is 8km / h, the speed limit in novice mode is 18km / h, the speed limit in sports mode is 28km / h, and the speed limit in track mode is 37km / h. Xiao Bai, who is a beginner, can adjust his own speed to the great god of the vertical and horizontal arena. Thanks to the powerful motor, high-capacity and high-discharge battery, and specially tuned quick-release drift sports rear tires, the Kart PRO 9 can achieve dynamic drift and inertial drift. At the same time, the drift difficulty of PRO can be adjusted. After connecting to the APP, select "Dynamic cornering". By adjusting the power of the inner and outer wheels, the vehicle can be more "flicked" or more "push head", thereby changing the characteristics of the corner To suit the driving style of different drivers and the characteristics of different tracks. PRO is also equipped with a highfriction handbrake, which can realize the handbrake drift function. Can emit four kinds of super running engine sound effects, and can also play mobile phone music The No.9 Kart PRO comes with 4 × 8W high-power engine speakers, which can simulate four engine sound effects: single-cylinder engine sound effect, dual-cylinder engine sound effect, V8 engine sound effect, V12 engine sound effect, let you feel like super running The hearing experience has a very high return rate. At the same time, it also supports the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, which can play the music in the mobile phone or the computer, and the sound quality is also quite good. Security protection: a combination of software and hardware protection system In terms of safety protection, the aforementioned TPE soft front lip, side skirts and steel main beam can provide protection for car owners. In addition to hardware protection, PRO also has technical protection systems, such as fault detection mechanism, once it appears When a fault is detected, the vehicle will brake urgently to ensure the safety of the personnel, and the audible and visual alarm will be performed at the same time; the power-on self-test function detects that the accelerator is depressed when it is turned on, it will not respond to the throttle signal and will sound and light alarm until the throttle is released Return to normal to prevent the vehicle from rushing out when the accelerator is stepped on; automatic parking function, when the vehicle is at rest and the accelerator is not stepped on, the vehicle automatically starts parking, and even if it is affected by external forces, the vehicle will remain Stop in place to prevent coasting. In addition, the vehicle also has a temperature protection function, battery overcurrent protection function, motor stall protection function, driving prompt sound function, both older and younger children can drive with peace of mind. It is worth mentioning that the No.9 Kart PRO also uses a technology called dual redundancy communication in terms of communication stability. It uses both wired and wireless Bluetooth communication methods as a security backup for each other. When the mode fails, another method can be quickly used to ensure normal use of the vehicle. Buy a car and get two cars: a kart and a balance car The No.9 Kart PRO can be used for one car and two purposes. It can be used as a kart, or the power unit can be removed and used as an electric balance car. The balance car is a newly designed MAX 9 balance car. It is a new member of the No. 9 balance car family. It is also the benchmark for the performance, battery life and experience of the No. 9 balance car so far. It continues the classic minimalist and elegant design of the No. 9 balance car, with powerful performance, two 2400W motors, 432Wh super-capacity four-channel battery pack, with a speed of 20km / h and a long battery life of 38km. Want to own it the first time? The first wave of appointments is not to be missed The No. 9 Kart PRO was developed by the No. 9 robot for two years, with a total of 33,000 kilometers in cooperation with professional racing drivers. They have pursued the ultimate pursuit of track lap speed and handling performance. They have carried out countless track tests and design modifications before they are built. This real professional kart. I think, anyone with a dream of racing in their hearts ca n’t refuse such a professional-level kart: sit on this ground-flight artifact, drift at a speed of up to 37km / h, draw circles on the spot, the joy of racing turns out to be so " Unpretentious. " At present, this kart that can be played by the whole family is in the ninebot flagship store of Tmall Mall, the official flagship store of Ninebot, and the pre-sale of Xiaomi products. The price is 8998 yuan, and the pre-sale deposit is 100 yuan. Yuan, also presented the black No. 9 riding helmet. Participate in the pre-sale to get this product for the first time. The first car in life is really easy to get. Quickly become the first person to race the car in the circle of friends! ****end of Google translation****
  2. When Ninebot released the Mini Lite, intended for children, perhaps the success was not there. The specs of the Mini Lite being similar to the specs of the Mini S / N3M240, in terms of power and autonomy but with a more minimalist design On May 13, Ninebot presented its "Nano" model. Then it was officially released on children's day in China. Presumably Ninebot has worked hard on a model that adopts an ergonomic design more suitable for children. And it seems very successful! It is a waterproof and impact resistant model, during its presentation it was immersed in water and fell more than a meter, the Nano was still operational. Its particularity lies in a voice assistant which replaces at any time the warning messages that we have with the application. This voice coming out of the waterproof and bluetooth speaker of the Nano, accompanies the child as well in learning during the tutorial as throughout a journey with voice reminders depending on the situation (speed limit, reverse, low battery, ect). The speaker also allows you to listen to your own music. The speed is limited according to three driving modes: safety mode is 7 km / h, novice mode is 10 km / h and sport mode is 14 km / h. Autonomy announced of 13 km As a kickstand, there is a reinforcement of the steering shaft cover, allowing the tilt of the Nano to place it properly. The handles are thicker Price of versions The standard version is pre-sold at 1399 yuan or 182 euros / 197 dollars Super Flying Edition is pre-sold at 1599 or 208 euros / 225 dollars Car n ° 9 Nano is available in white, pink, blue and to color yourself. Pictures, specsheet and more into my Google Photo Album A video
  3. Yesterday Ninebot China presented its new model of GoKart, already that the first was successful, this one is even better. It will be accompanied by a new model of mini Pro called, (we invent nothing) the Max Price around 8 998 rmb 1 148 euros or 1 261 dollars US Design level, still very beautiful, technical level we will reach 37KmH 22MpH More about specs , photos etc Album Google Photo A video
  4. Non, you are not a complainer Our Mini needs often a " Do it yourself attitude " 😊 Waiting someone experienced your issue, i will try to help you 1/ were you able to download the latest firmware version? Or app is locked with the tutorial ? 2/ have you finish remote control tutorial ? Could you try Switch between tutorial s and again launch remote tutorial ? 3/ try lock and unlock your mini with remote and with app 4/look for the old hard reset with your plus 5/ i think tutorial step by step dont load correctly and dont send user data correctly to ninebot server, all is ok about 4g connection with the app ? 6/ good to clear cache and close app like you did 7/ Android phone can not allow many autorisation for the app, please check if all autorisation are ok for ninebot segway App 8/ try after turn off, disconnect steering connector, turn on, turn off and reconnect Sometime there is overload with the steering 9/ after totaly sign out in the app, change région (take Europa) and login, search for firmware, try tutorial (european server) Because i could one time download a usa firmware version not released in Europe Last week in Europe we get a new firmware With a firmware Always tutorial is integrated with. 10/ your mini is correctly activated ? In each case try and try again launch tutorials and do it again (remote too), switch I have understood its a firmware issue but all i have sugest before could bring You can read similar issue with mini pro (Sorry i cant delete topic 412 its a paste error) Cordialy Joris
  5. Hello No. For the moment, the GoKart Kit is just compatible with the "S" and "Pro" models. The connector of the S Plus is different from the connector of the "S" & "Pro"
  6. Dear friends I just received the two pdf documents to make a reusable barrier mask yourself, it is intended for both individuals and businesses who want to manufacture the masks it is only in french The good news is: In response to the coronavirus epidemic, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) have made freely accessible a series of European standards applying to the medical equipment and the personal protection equipment used to face the COVID-19 pandemic. The 11 standards in question, developed by experts from all over Europe, cover the different kinds of masks, medical gloves and protective clothing. They can be freely downloaded from each countries website Free access to these European standards will facilitate the work of numerous companies that are restructuring their production chains to quickly provide equipment to healthcare professionals and patients. https://www.cencenelec.eu/News/Press_Releases/Pages/PR-2020-003.aspx and below, the list of all the sites by country which offer manufacturing guides in your own language, I checked for example on the spain site and there is the possibility of downloading for free (look on the page for the link concerning the coronavirus) look spain exemple https://www.une.org/la-asociacion/sala-de-informacion-une/noticias/une-facilita-el-acceso-gratuito-a-sus-normas-para-la-fabricacion-de-material-contra-el-coronavirus WARNING: I have been looking for certain countries, they have not yet published on their websites https://standards.cen.eu/dyn/www/f?p=CENWEB:5:::NO::: CEN Members Acronym Country Organization Website ASI Austria Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation www.austrian-standards.at NBN Belgium Bureau de Normalisation/Bureau voor Normalisatie www.nbn.be BDS Bulgaria Bulgarian Institute for Standardization www.bds-bg.org HZN Croatia Croatian Standards Institute www.hzn.hr CYS Cyprus Cyprus Organization for Standardisation www.cys.org.cy UNMZ Czech Republic Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing www.unmz.cz DS Denmark Dansk Standard www.ds.dk EVS Estonia Estonian Centre for Standardisation www.evs.ee SFS Finland Suomen Standardisoimisliitto r.y. www.sfs.fi AFNOR France Association Française de Normalisation www.afnor.org DIN Germany Deutsches Institut für Normung www.din.de NQIS/ELOT Greece National Quality Infrastructure System www.elot.gr MSZT Hungary Hungarian Standards Institution www.mszt.hu IST Iceland Icelandic Standards www.stadlar.is NSAI Ireland National Standards Authority of Ireland www.nsai.ie UNI Italy Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione www.uni.com LVS Latvia Latvian Standard Ltd. www.lvs.lv LST Lithuania Lithuanian Standards Board www.lsd.lt ILNAS Luxembourg Organisme Luxembourgeois de Normalisation www.portail-qualite.lu MCCAA Malta The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority https://www.mccaa.org.mt/ NEN Netherlands Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut www.nen.nl SN Norway Standards Norway www.standard.no/ PKN Poland Polish Committee for Standardization www.pkn.pl IPQ Portugal Instituto Português da Qualidade http://www1.ipq.pt/ ISRSM Republic of North Macedonia Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia www.isrm.gov.mk ASRO Romania Romanian Standards Association www.asro.ro ISS Serbia Institute for Standardization of Serbia www.iss.rs UNMS SR Slovakia Slovak Office of Standards Metrology and Testing www.unms.sk SIST Slovenia Slovenian Institute for Standardization www.sist.si UNE Spain Asociación Española de Normalización www.une.org SIS Sweden Swedish Institute for Standards - SIS www.sis.se SNV Switzerland Schweizerische Normen-Vereinigung www.snv.ch TSE Turkey Turkish Standards Institution www.tse.org.tr BSI United Kingdom British Standards Institution www.bsigroup.com Good luck, ganbatte ! Mucho animo ! Bon courage joris
  7. @Toshio Uemura what do you think of this article from the French press which denounces that once the Olympic Games were postponed the level of contamination suddenly increased, Are there panic scenes in hypermarkets right now? https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&tab=rT1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fsport.francetvinfo.fr%2Fles-jeux-olympiques%2Fepidemie-de-covid-19-report-des-jo-la-colere-sourde-du-japon what to watch tonight as a movie? I really liked the movie, it's very funny カルメン故郷に帰る ( For help everybody around the world, Even if I am sure that in your respective countries you also have this kind of initiatives AFNOR CERTIFICATION edit a guide for making a barrier mask (if you can fix a EUC, you are able to make your masks yourself ) : "27 Mar 2020 Covid-19: a reference document for manufacturing barrier masks On March 27, 2020, AFNOR offers a repository to download free of charge for the manufacture of a new mask model, known as a “barrier mask”. This aims to protect the healthy population, in addition to the essential barrier gestures faced with the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Spring 2020, Covid-A9 pandemic: the shortage of surgical masks and FFP2 encourages companies, artisans and even individuals to urgently make protective masks, with great reinforcement of tutorials and sewing patterns. In front of this anthology of advice and models with heterogeneous and sometimes dubious qualities, AFNOR makes available a reference document proposing requirements to be satisfied to manufacture these masks. This is the document AFNOR Spec - Barrier masks , accessible free of charge in its version 1.0 (in French and in English), the fruit of a leading collective expertise conducted in five days......." https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&tab=rT1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fnormalisation.afnor.org%2Factualites%2Fcovid-19-un-document-de-reference-pour-fabriquer-des-masques-barrieres%2F In the coming days France will have its peak of contamination I invite you to disinfect your soles but also the tires of your EUCs, Gyropodes and kickscooter, before going home Good Luck Ganbatte 頑張って Bon courage
  8. Hello, to calculate the progression in your country, take the example of HOKKAIDO. This is where has quickly developed contamination.. http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/hf/kth/kak/hasseijoukyou.htm In Italy the town of Vo’Euganeo is the epicenter of the contamination in Italia, scientists study the process with the inhabitants https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&tab=rT1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.liberation.fr%2Fplanete%2F2020%2F03%2F22%2Fvo-euganeo-laboratoire-de-la-quarantaine_1782704
  9. Hello friends, I come to give you my testimony on the situation here in my country (im using google translate, apologized for mistakes) I too had complete confidence in the Japanese people, I think they will succeed in blocking the spread of the virus. I made long stays in Japan, I was in love with a Japanese woman who was my penpal from the time when intetrnet did not exist, when I was eleven years until my nineteen years. About COVID19, in France it is a disaster, we are going to have the same situation as Italy. We have the same contamination progression curves a few weeks apart. The lockdown is not complete: the French are authorized to go out to play sports, so everyone goes out. Barrier gestures are not respected Social distancing (> 1 meter) is not respected A large part of the population respects the instructions, but people are always numerous on the streets, in peri-urban areas We admire the Chinese lockdown which was very effective We in France do not have the recommendation to wear a mask. State mask stocks are empty. It's an aberration, it's incredible, the priority for wearing masks are the sick and the caregivers. All of Asia wears a mask. Le Monde (french nespaper) wrotte: The denigration of the mask in Europe arouses consternation in Asia The preventive wearing of the mask has helped to curb contamination in developed countries of the Far East, where the call not to wear it in France if you are not sick is seen as a serious error. https://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2020/03/21/le-denigrement-du-masque-en-europe-suscite-la-consternation-en-asie_6033926_3210.html "Stay at home" Me, I decided to work by delivering the people of my small town in front of on their premise (with my Mini "Gygy"), so that they remain on their premises, I propose other services to them and explains the precautions to them. https://www.jojoetgygy.shop/ "Stay at home 😷! I'm going for you with Gygy" We in France, we don't take off the shoes when we get home All of Asia takes off their shoes when they get home. Europeans, Americans, you must disinfect the soles of shoes before entering your home and you must wear protective gear here it was, a small testimony, 頑張って ! PS: I don't know if it has already been posted, but Jack Ma and Alibaba foundation has set up tools (Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19) for doctors around the world with a "handbook provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices by China's top experts for coping with COVID-19" This handbook is free to download, only in english & chinese available : https://covid-19.alibabacloud.com/
  10. Hello everyone It's about Hobby16 @smallexis and and I, knew Hobby16, Smallexis for having worked and tested with him on the CD, me I was in contact with him about Ninebot Mini. We had his phone number, the French community knew him well, but no one had heard from him for a very long time. We are worried about him, we imagined many things like an accident, a dramatic personal event. I wanted to inform you, because recently, last month, we tried again to contact him, without success. He disappeared. If Hobby16 reads this message, we sincerely hope you are in good health Sincerely to all
  11. Hello @Demus it makes me think of the Mini, the noise came from the hubcap, because of a tire that deflated, the friction of the hubcap against the tire made a similar noise. Second, we must see with the mudguard sorry "The tires are also inflated to a correct level." third is the tire valve, the cap is not screwed in fully hubcap i think, remove it with under you will met screws, maybe one is broken all this is only hypothesis or it comes from the fixings inside the mudguard The Mini are designed like the Elites, the Elites have served as models for MINI cordialy
  12. Warning, last month, I bought tires for Mini PLUS, on Banggood. They are of very poor quality, I was refunded. Here are two pictures you can see the condition of the gum after 150 km/ 93Mi, compared with an original ninebot tire after 1200 km/ 746Mi
  13. Ah, I forgot: do not worry, in 2015/2016, the Ninebot application detected the MINI N3M240 and the Mini Pro as the same models, so they received the same firmware (device or BMS),
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