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  1. Hello everyone It's about Hobby16 @smallexis and and I, knew Hobby16, Smallexis for having worked and tested with him on the CD, me I was in contact with him about Ninebot Mini. We had his phone number, the French community knew him well, but no one had heard from him for a very long time. We are worried about him, we imagined many things like an accident, a dramatic personal event. I wanted to inform you, because recently, last month, we tried again to contact him, without success. He disappeared. If Hobby16 reads this message, we sincerely hope you are in good health Sincerely to all
  2. Hello @Demus it makes me think of the Mini, the noise came from the hubcap, because of a tire that deflated, the friction of the hubcap against the tire made a similar noise. Second, we must see with the mudguard sorry "The tires are also inflated to a correct level." third is the tire valve, the cap is not screwed in fully hubcap i think, remove it with under you will met screws, maybe one is broken all this is only hypothesis or it comes from the fixings inside the mudguard The Mini are designed like the Elites, the Elites have served as models for MINI cordialy
  3. Warning, last month, I bought tires for Mini PLUS, on Banggood. They are of very poor quality, I was refunded. Here are two pictures you can see the condition of the gum after 150 km/ 93Mi, compared with an original ninebot tire after 1200 km/ 746Mi
  4. Ah, I forgot: do not worry, in 2015/2016, the Ninebot application detected the MINI N3M240 and the Mini Pro as the same models, so they received the same firmware (device or BMS),
  5. I think it does not matter, it's just about the firmware of the BMS in the battery pack, surely it will be updated or not
  6. Thank you, as you can imagine, I had some difficulty doing it because of the different sources I had
  7. Sources...My first source are from official FCC website, i downloaded users manuals, Ninebot to obtain FCC certification, must provide the user manual as an additional part But, with official xiaomi mijia ninebot and segway europe users manuals i found differences, we find subtleties on the speed, for example. In the last three years I have found more than three user manuals for each model, with some differences. My most reliable source remains segway USA, Segway USA has always had all the user manuals to download. For users manuals from FCC, It should be noted that last year, Ninebot changed some data concerning the Mini PRO, and a new manual was published. Finally, to know users who have upgraded the batteries without problems, you have no worries to have, your motor wheel will not burn
  8. We have never been able to check if the motor-wheel of a MINI N3M240 was really designed to work at 350W or more Many people replaced the N3M240 battery with the N3M320 battery I have never heard about a problem with a Mini (N3M240) motor-wheel with a more powerful battery
  9. At first, these models had firmware of different versions but compatible. Some versions for the Mini Pro were for Europe, South Korea, the United States, and other versions were used only in China. In June 2016, segway ninebot started to generalize the versions, the updates became uniform from the Chinese servers.
  10. None, (i have one N3M240/ Ninebot S with range of 22km/13miles) except that you will have a real autonomy of 17Km/10-11 miles they came out at the same time in 2015. They come out of the same factory, the same base, the same chassis, the same materials, the same firmware, battery capacity and steering bar and hubcaps are the only differences.(weight too) Mini S is not a lower end model, his design is identical and he is at the origin of the mini pro, In 2015, it was planned to be sold in the USA... But you're right, Segway should not have sent you a less powerful model, maybe they dont have any mini pro in stock for replacement Stay the 320 device without the battery is right ? Maybe you can try to test the N3M240 battery on your Mini Pro Mini Motherboard is the same than Mini pro motherboard Try first to mount the Mini Pro battery into the N3M240, charge the battery, and see if it's working fine, this n3m240 is new, connectors, plug are new, if Mini pro 's battery is charging fine, (use other charger too), you have only to remove the steering bar from the Mini Pro and mount it on the Mini Vice Versa, check all your Mini Pro connectors and plug, charger with mounting Mini N3M240's battery on Like that, you will know if the issue comes from : either the battery, either bodyframe connectors, or either the load
  11. For those who have it, or who intends to acquire it, here is a small summary of my 5 220 Mi / 8,400 kilometers, (I'm the n ° 2 in the world ranking for this modelgreat...) I also have a Mini N3M240 ("Ninebot S"/ Ninebot Xiaomi Mini) with 4132 km / 2567 miles... My rating for S Plus/Mini Plus : 8/10 Design : 10/10 for having the admiration of all people crossed and mine first - Headlight is perfect ! "Follow-me mode" : 10/10 for its precision, its customizable setting, its usefulness in everyday life Battery quality : 10/10 to have cells in very good health after 8,000 Km Autonomy : 9/10 for taking pounds, enough to not have too much pain in the feet Quality-Strength : 9/10 for having a serious accident and that he escaped unscathed Waterproofing : 8/10 to have rainwater introduced in the cover camera and in the speaker of the steering Firmware :8/10 for some instabilities, bugs, and speed limitation (Please 20 ~ 22 Km/h) Screws : 5/10 for having broken screws (steering shaft & hubcap), poor quality Weight : 5/10 for having had three tendonitis in the arms, by dint of carrying his 16 kg on several meters, every day Tires : 5/10 for having had to change the original tires after 1,000 km, but they are easy to remove Feel free to ask me questions !
  12. Update October 18 Gearbest is selling V5F in flash sale for 304.84€/$333 "Estimated Shipping Time: 50-60 business days "
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