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  1. before open ticket with customer service, take pictures and a video with screenrecorder, with 2 phones, show issue with bluetooth, because they will ask for, before refund or repair, ask for a free return etc
  2. bluetooth icon not blinking ? is didsconnected bluetooth module is into the fine, cable are near batterie first contact the reseller maybe they change for a new modele if they have in stock or they refund you
  3. if connect, try get firmware version, make screenshot see cycles capacity and serial number, check & compare with the original box
  4. ok, i have just seen https://xiaomi-mi.ca/electric-scooters/ (im right?), i saw s plus is selling by banggood, officialy on the mi store, look the mi store https://xiaomi-mi.ca/electric-scooters/ banggood is a offcial reseller for ninebot, (ninebot is with xiaomi), before gearbest/globalgrow was an official reseller and which version of segway ninebot app have you? android phone have you? all autorizations are allowed to segway ninebot app? could you check your app version, if is the last ,could you delete this version and use old app version? (log out your segway ninebot account before delete) Look here If you are connected please follow steps for activation Please look https://www.mini-j.world/home/mini-tech-s-plus/mini-s-plus-review#h.p_Y318tu21IWze
  5. About GoKart Pro and New Mini S-MAX Pictures album is updated today with the a nice picture of S-Max, the new solid tire for the Gokart Pro, and the new solid tire for the S-MAX. with a system of notches to insert them into the motor-wheel https://photos.app.goo.gl/8bTRa5Ag2fciw3xr9
  6. @FreeRide I see, I see in my crystal ball .... New information about the models of Ninebot, I see ...., I already know that .... I prepare everything for tomorrow.... i can't wait for tomorrow : the new Mini Pro Max will be called S MAX There will be a new Mini Segway called Dynamic There will be a Lamborgini Edition for the Pro kart There will also be new tires, solid tire, with a system of notches to insert them into the motor-wheel, only on new models, unfortunately
  7. i'm very happy for you, and thank you for your explanation, this will help other for safety reasons i suggest you make a screenshot of your actuals data (firmware version, etc) and keep it for next bug Ninebot China are serious, when you ask them directly they are very caring For the present problem, it was only them who could answer it
  8. service@ninebot.com is a direct email to Ninebot China, you must write to them like @Hung Phan have done Segway USA cant help someone who bought a modele N4M340 (N4M350 is western usa europe modele)
  9. Dear friends In 2016, we helped over a hundred blocked Mini N3M240 and N3M320 users, Alexander and Denniss had created a downgrade method It was collective and free help from them, Their downgrade methods was broadcast to China, Denniss & Alexander downgrade methods was used for other models (kickscooter and euc), It was completely free For the second time in four years, I'm calling on the hack for the firmware of a Mini This is the Mini Plus I am asking for disinterested assistance, completely free, to enable many Mini Plus users to downgrade their firmware. So they can use an older version of the app Indeed, the new Ninebot application has removed access to the servers The Mini Plus received an update, then became unusable and unknown to the servers Users expect a response from Ninebot China Users affected by this bug do not have access to the firmware of their Mini PLUS However, in my case, I am still using the old version of the application and my firmware has not been updated, and my Mini PLUS is not blocked, connecting with app old version working fine, server allow data (profile, mileage etc) Please write down the firmware and application versions of my Mini PLUS, as a good working reference example My app version working with server, Mini Plus firmware not ugraded V Mini Plus Firmware version V1.2.4 BLE V1.0.2 BMS V1.2.0 SUP CONTR V1.1.5 FOLLOW V1.0.0 In the spirit of mutual aid, as EUC FORUM has always allowed us, I thank you in advance for the efforts you will provide to help our community of Mini users Thanks
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