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  1. I forget: check the motherboard if its an original you can check here original motherboard picture https://www.mini-j.world/mini-tech-en/parts-repair/motherboard/
  2. Do you remember if the NINEBOT application recognized all the data: battery (firmware version, level etc) device (firmware, serial number, bluetooth version) all was ok? Where did you bought your Mini ? (imported from china, local seller), is it an original (if all app data appear it's an original) I will send you a private message with my personal email, please send pictures of your mini, charger, and package, ( i will check if all is original) here (my personal blog) you can check by yourself original parts, package etc https://www.mini-j.world/mini-tech-en/true-or-fake/ I think of several possibilities 1 The charger is not original, or the battery is not original, but if you had the datas on the application then I'm wrong original charger have 4 pins 2 The charger or the battery went into deep sleep, hibernation mode, you can try to let the charger charge a whole night, it will pulse micro charges 3 The last charge, how many time did you left it in charge ? (many hours or during a night, when you sleept?) You know, there were a lot of clones really good manufactured
  3. Hello, why did you say "its bricked", have you been attempting to downgrade it? Please tell us all the details of what you did with your MINI yesterday What model is it? Has there been an update? Have you checked that all the connectors to the motherboard, the lights, and the fine (bluetooth) are pushed in? Have you seen an error code yesterday? did you go down a hill with a full load? (overload)
  4. yes its a good price but dont care the pictures because they mix mini pro tire with mini plus tire, only care to 70/80-6.5 But tire longevity is around 1200km
  5. Z10 for 1545 euros actually with Gearbest (it's a good price but....) Z6 for 872 euros
  6. It was a message for President Trump with humoristic ok ? and maybe ones personals visions, but nothing ridiculous,
  7. To end this joust between a French follower of conspiracy theories and a Belgian who is perfectly logical Your One Z, in the USA or in Europe, if the FCC measures the rate of radioemission, in the USA, it makes you forbid, and the same in Europe. All Ninebot models that were destined only for the Chinese market had FCC and CE agreements as soon as they came out, for ONE Z there is nothing. Maybe the models now sold in the US or Europe via the official network will have this approval but for now I can not find it
  8. You will not make me believe that every rental company in europe and the usa had to create their own program. Ninebot and xiaomi provided turnkey programs and applications, hence the idea of the backdoor... if you remember the recall and removal of all rental kickscooter, and the establishment of a firmware for the BMS to correct, it is each company that created the fix ? No, it's Ninebot who send the updating bms firmware
  9. "the modules..." ok, sorry But Ninebot deliver M365 and ES2 to rental company , For US https://panjiva.com/Buyers-Of/ninebot LIFT, Social Bicycles Inc.
  10. sorry it's BIRD https://www.sequoiacap.com/companies/bird/
  11. Lime yes, im sure, because they had a sequoai funds like xiaomi get for ninebot
  12. wrong by exemple Skinny labs is an Automotive Retailers directly, and i swa several times many rental company directly delivered by xiaomi segway ninebot https://panjiva.com/Ninebot-Changzhou-Tech-Co-Ltd/42204125# No FCC and EU agreement
  13. "CityGo Last Mile System" words used actually by free floating companies . A smart electric kickscooter network that could reshape the future landscape of transportation within cities.
  14. i think yes, “We are currently actively working with cities, car manufacturers, car-hiring companies, and EV charge networks to roll out this new concept to the mass market. We certainly welcome more partners to join us.” it is the embryo of the project that has developed to several companies
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