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  1. Today, prices are €1601/ $1839 for Z10 (USA no shipping) & €870/ $999 for Z6 (USA Priority Line 8-18 business days + $173.14)
  2. even if turn off wifi or data...now , all old app version are locked why did you want this version, it's for a downgrade ?
  3. you don't experienced french ninebot customer service last year .... only the new segway europe service here ... http://eu-en.segway.com/contact-us open a new ticket, it's really amazing that segway-ninebot in europe has such a bad customer service, Segway Ninebot want be the first in the world, they really dont care for his foreign (look from china) customers, except in USA, it's different, but Europe....
  4. error code and sometime a way to fix it
  5. Maybe..., it's just open the motorwheel cover and look inside (not extract the motor it's very hard), pictures gives you a good state of the motor wheel but you had this message "left motor sensor error", i think is from under the motherboard...but it's better to check everything do you remember error code number ? it's that ? ""s_error_11_13" = "Left motor sensor error, please check control board.";" or this ? ""s_error_31" = "Left motor drive sensor error, please check control board.";" this ? " s_error_36_38" = "Left motor sensor error, please check motor cable or change motor."; issue is from sensor, but the internal chip have a memory, and sometime this memory is full, no cache to delete except with hard resetting, erase all app data, uninstall and install the app, try again resetting the mini...
  6. open the motor wheel. .. https://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/603-a-lintérieur-du-mini-démonter-la-batterie-démonter-les-roues-la-carte-mère-etc/&do=findComment&comment=31758 @snakebite
  7. Hello, Tax are included, when packet arrive in Poland (EUROPA) , an agent pay tax (or tax are paid when the train arrived at the frontier between Poland and Bielorussia), after, he send the packet with a UPS classic, each day extend the date of shipping, today, "Ship between: Sep 03 - Sep 07"= mid october end october... €1890 is the price today, why ? It's about stock available, when there's no much stock, prices are high, but everyday prices change... i suggest you add to your favorites into your account and you will received email with discount for this product, or special price by mail only
  8. jojo33

    Inside Ninebot-Mijia M365

    Below, officials pictures and agreement from FCC for the Ninebot Mijia M365 (very popular in Europa) The M365 is allowed to be sold in the United States... Internals pictures show battery, bluetooth chip and processor, and many parts (controler, motherboard)
  9. Below, official internal pictures (bluetooth chips, processor, battery) , external pictures, lab tests from FCC ES4= ES2+external battery This could help you if someday you need purchase ones parts and be sure you are ordering for an original part
  10. If you want a faster shipping, Better is order the One Z to Aliexpress sellers Gearbest is cheap because shipping method are the most economic and delivery take time 😉 If you meet issues with your One Z with Gearbest you could return it to Sevilla warehouse 30 euros with PayPal return refund and add costs refund by Gearbest under conditions
  11. if you buy during Christmas, or during Chinese holidays, yes for sure, there is a delay
  12. Really it's a good design and technical work. I showed it to a neighborhood child, he did not smile, he watched well, and very seriously, sober, determined, but not smiling like a "that's great this thing" he says simply, without enthusiasm, I" want it" and as I live in a poor neighborhood, I am sad to see that the price of this product will not allow everyone to get it. Same sadness as for the Mini, two years ago, when prices were over 999 euros it's terrible, because it's very nice products that attract the sympathy of people on the street
  13. Hola @obus I understand, but here, for the moment, there's not the Priority Line option for shipment (10-20 days) Shipment for the One Z to Europa is by train (30kg is more cheaper by train) it's the only shipment option "registred airmail 35-40days" = it's a cargo train by air it's more than 8 euros/kg (more than 240 euros in shipping fees) For a kickscooter M365, weight is around 17kg, and Priority line exist but needs add shipping fees (83 euros) (exemple https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_596618.html?wid=1433363) Or your Mijia came by train, and was sending from Poland/ or other european warehouse (UK) to Spain by AIr, UPS cargo Maybe for your Mijia, warehouse was in UK
  14. Under warranty, open ticket, Segway europe must change your Plus