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  1. Holà Aliexpress seller Han Bright have all Mini PLUS spare parts on his store, if you don't find any parts, ask him directly using aliexpress messenger he will reply you sooner https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Poign-e-Ensemble-pour-Ninebot-Mimi-Plus-Scooter-Pi-ces-De-Rechange-pour-le-Remplacement/32847021510.html?aff_platform=product&cpt=1545123606816&sk=HHZ8CRQ&aff_trace_key=2676273300ea4ad7afd5d70e88fd0138-1545123606816-07468-HHZ8CRQ&terminal_id=dd0475dba1334f8b99d68e2faa9156c2 https://mini-j-s-g.jimdo.com/segway-ninebot-xiaomi-mijia/mini-plus/
  2. jojo33

    How do you survive the winter?

    depressed? maybe a dna test reveal french origins, here we are all depressed for any reason
  3. jojo33

    How do you survive the winter?

    @Guga The Orange is fashionable for EUC riders, both in the US than in France... (french member @smallexis profile)
  4. USA RUSSIAN FED SPAIN FRANCE UK BRAZIL ISRAEL NETHERLANDS CANADA ITALY CHILE UKRAINE POLAND AUSTRALIA GERMANY BELGIUM & more... InMotion V8 selling by official InMotion Global store Aliexpress free shipping UPS 13-21 days +/- including 6th Anniversary gift "New protective cover" Price US $838 : € 750,80 Link http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cjBqFrC8
  5. SPECIAL 1212 ! Z10 1242.18€ presale countries Italia Portigal Spain France
  6. yes it's ups standard, means too ups don't contact you before delivery, you can create an account into ups
  7. Gearbest and poland associate agent publish UPS tracking 2 weeks maximum before be really send...Landed in Germany, take few days for european countries
  8. Adjust balance into app: parameters/ sensors/balance/try and look your mini, the body will inclinate each time you modify the balance, make many test for see wich is the best for you, have a look to your mini pro parameters balance and entry the same value for your mini plus, it will not really the same like the firmware is different
  9. riding data stay,(because contains a diary for system errors and mileage....) make factory reset with your app parameters/others/ factory reset
  10. no, factory reset take one second and normally erease sensors data,
  11. As Mini Plus sensors record all your riding attitude, i suggest you start all from the begining, make a factory reset and begin a soft ride, without any tilback and beeping, step by step increase speed and check speed limit, don't go over The sensors record all the driving attitude, then they anticipate, a few seconds, and it creates tiltback or beeps even if there are no errors coming from you I also have two different models with different firmware The driving of the Mini PLUS is really less flexible than that of the Mini
  12. 12.5 it's normal top speed for Mini PLUS, top speed is only for few seconds before tilback and Segway Ninebot has always cheated and lied about speed, better is using a running app in bicycle mode and begin a ride for check speed differences The maximum speed displayed in the application is not the maximum riding speed/cruising speed at the beginning I had several maximum speeds reached for a few seconds, 14/15 MPH
  13. I'm not going to cry for a looted Apple Store or for luxury stores that overpriced products bought in China at low prices... I will not cry for a city or a country where there are so many social inequalities On video, young people who break everything, are not necessarily the poorest... I live in a difficult neighborhood In two years, since I own my two Mini Ninebot, over 200 people (young, old, homeless) tried my two Mini and had fun, Half of these people will never be able to buy an EUC, a kickscooter or a Mini...Everyone here prefers cars and will find the money to buy one . There are many countries where people do not need a car. And they do not need petrol. Among the EUC, Kickscooter, Mini have the advantage of not going fast and especially to be easily tried. It's a pleasure to share this experience In the street, we can hear "hey it's good it's great your gear!" And as the Mini does not go fast, I stop, I turn around and I speak with these people, offers them to test, talking about my mileage and everybody is surprised when i said i have with my Mini 4132 km / 2567 miles and with my Mini Plus 4014 km / 2494 miles... Always, they ask me the price, and when I see that their smile disappears, I tell them all the inconveniences, and a bit of joke "i took 12 kg/26,4555lbs" Otherwise, neighborhood youth are very nice, even the hardest. They say me "thank you" after trying my Mini or "it's great", and old people love it with a great smile, in the street Once I was assaulted and insulted, it was young people from a business school in Bordeaux, they had drunk, and tried to make me fall by giving me shots... And you ? Have you often had the opportunity to let strangers try your device? Sharing your mobility experience? Sharing electric mobility alternative to petrol experience ? P.S France is nice too... without french people https://www.france.fr/en
  14. Hey hey gearbest selling protective cover, tire and trolley for the V5F V10 & V8 Protective cover and parts & accesories
  15. Gearbest is selling 3 interesting items for the V5F Protective case/cover https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_009734425587.html?wid=1433363&lkid=18271140 $28.20 Tire & inner tube https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_009664499045.html?wid=1433363&lkid=18271189 $42.71 Trolley https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_009998078716.html?wid=1433363&lkid=18271187 $53.65