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  1. if there was a shock the steering shaft may have broken, or the hall sensor has been impacted...
  2. @Tom Fagerland Hello First ask your seller for know repair fees and ask him if you repair it yourself about warraty After, if you are not satisfied, you can repair it yourself, and buy a new spare parts all about dismantle knee control steering is here https://www.mini-j.world/mini-tech-en/parts-repair/steering-bar/ you can also dowload the Mini & Mini Pro service manual here https://www.mini-j.world/wikimini/user-s-manual/ for buy spare parts it's here https://www.mini-j.world/shop-guide/mini-mini-pro-mini-plus/steering-bar-steering-shaft/
  3. Hello Downgrade It is no longer possible now, except for direct programming with a special connector on the motherboard The Russians do it but it pays otherwise, the old method is no longer usable, it was to believe the application connected to the Mini, there was a new firmware available to load, in truth it was the old firmware renamed with a higher version number.... Advice: you have to adapt to the MINI, and the Mini will adapt to you you have to repeat the tutorial you reset the factory settings because the sensors have recorded your previous driving and also remember your mistakes walk your first 1 km tranquillo, cool, soft, do not beeper the Mini then after unlocking the speed starts to roll slowly, avoid obstacles, bumps, roll a little faster by monitoring your speed on the application, do not cause tiltback (beeping and braking when overtaking you have to start driving your first 50 kilometers carefully you must understand that speed will not seem fast and that around you, bikes, cars go faster it gives stress and the desire to support stronger you must understand that driving is intuitive, with your feet and your center of gravity you have to bend your knees, find at every moment the position of your body, adapt to driving you must anticipate the obstacles you have to observe the sidewalks, which you will be able to climb without beeping the MINI, you must understand the strength of your feet put your fingers on the pads Excess pressure everywhere and see how the MINI accelerates, go back and forth you must feel with your fingers the strength your feet have to transmit to the pads do not insist when he beeps, to force with your feet you can be ejected forward, because it will lock net and tilt back when you will be familiar with your speed your behavior and the logic of the MINI you will feel a lot of pleasure in driving him Warning between your orders that you transmit to the MINI by your pressure and the position of your body, the MINI has a computation time of one second offset
  4. There are not many participants, so you have your chance to win a $ 1,000 coupon with Gearbest or 3D printers ! First prize is a $ 1 000 coupon (good for get a DJI Drone, 2 Mini Pro, Mini PLUS, soon a ONE Z or soon a LOOMO will be selling by Gearbest...or one year free underwear😊) for know how to enter it's here Rules: 1. The YouTube video upload time is 09:00 UTC (Jun 4 – Aug 20, 2018 inclusive). Contest winners will be announced on Aug 21, 2018. 2. The video title must begin with “ #GBTool ” to be eligible. 3. The DIY work must use GearBest TOOL products, e.g. a 3D printer, accessory, or even a wrench. 4. We will check whether participants have purchased the DIY product(s) on GearBest; if we can't find your order, you won't be eligible for a prize.
  5. The Charge Doctor exists for two years now and is very experienced in the EUC community, maybe the Hobby16 blog information would interest you, you could also compare with those products you bought, and see what are the more interesting
  6. you can have a look to the Charge Doctor http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/02/06/charge-doctor-v2-10a-3/ and you can buy it with directly here http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/ or to Jason Mc Neil shop here https://www.ewheels.com/product/chargedoctor-duo-for-v5f-king-song-gotway-inmotion-v8/
  7. jojo33

    I crashed my segway.... now its dead

    Is it -SEGWAY i Series, p Series, Segway XT, Segway GT i2 SE, x2 SE . SE‐3 Patroller Segway miniLITE Segway miniPLUS Segway miniPRO320 Segway miniPRO260 PTR E+ i2, x2 (Gen II) ?
  8. jojo33

    Ninebot / Big Robot Europe After Sale Service

    Boulanger have the new contact for after sale ninebot product, ask them, you are under warranty, in Bordeaux Boulanger, last winter, know about NF bankrupt, and know about segway europa
  9. jojo33

    Ninebot / Big Robot Europe After Sale Service

    could you ask directly boulanger after sale service ? if you bought at BOULANGER, you have Boulanger's guarantee and you ask them the question directly if you bought at Ninebot France, you contact segway europe
  10. jojo33

    Ninebot / Big Robot Europe After Sale Service

    Ninebot France / Big Robot goes bankrupt All stock went on Segway EUROPE Salesupply is your contact for after sale service, ask them the question, you provide in the message your customer data from ninebot france Normally they must take care of your guarantee https://shop.segway.com/fr-fr/content/3-Conditions-generales Les produits peuvent être retournés à l'adresse suivante : Salesupply France ZAC de la Croix Bonnet, 2D 78390 Bois d’Arcy France Tél:+33182882165 https://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/3683-2017-cest-bientôt-fini-et-ninebot-france-aussi-2018-cest-lannée-segway-europe/
  11. What I know about Ninebot is that they are very happy with parallel sales by the Chinese market place, for several reasons 1- he sells a lot of units, in the case of a dropshipper seller, an official store Xiaomi MI STORE can sell in one week of flash sale 100 to 200 units (more...), that's all benefit for the shop 2- shipping and customs fees and other taxes are not their responsibility, warranty too 3- No worries of after sales service, it means no expenses for buyers of the Chinese market place and they do not have to provide spare parts 4- they know exactly how many units are sold in this market 5-they benefit from the promotion of their products for free by the other resellers 6- the Chinese economic rigor, and the Chinese legal rigor, if a big brand wanted to prohibit any resale of product on the market place, it would have been a long time ago 7- A regional block at GOTWAY, it is useless, it was useless for Ninebot on the MINI, all these products are provided with an application, geolocation, in your opinion why ninebot has abandoned the regional blocking of MINI, for example? Ninebot wanted to control the units exported by Chinese resellers, they tried once time in June 2016 to block the mini n3m240 (called "chinese model")...MINI n3m240 's regional blocking appeared at the same time as was released fimrware v127 / v128 that they managed to restrict the maximum speed of the mini n3m240 while the mini pro n3m320 were not affected ! Chinese resellers activated each unit with a China mainland mobile phone number or users had friends in China, or knew Chinese people who helped them activate MINIs, the method was the sending of a sms with a code to activate the MINI, on a valid mobile number Chinese mainland, we had 1 minute to enter the code, some did it by skype And you know why they did that? Every year Ninebot organizes a conference with segway dealers around the world they complained that they were not selling enough MINI PRO N3M320 units, the speed being the same as the mini , they asked ninebot to block with a Regional Lock the MINI N3M240 and to lower the speed of the mini n3m240 to put forward the difference argument between the two models, the problem is that it has also affected Chinese users, that's why a year after they published in China a recall and apology. In truth, MINI N3M240, was authorized for sale in the United States and Europe with an FCC certificate.(here) Resellers refused to distribute it because its price in China is $ 250, and they could not justify a price three times higher in Western markets, that's why they only distributed the MINI PRO, which was not sold in China at that time for a release price of $1000...the risk of not selling them was too great European retailers, especially in France have even lied to people saying that the product was not NINEBOT... A regional blockage will be quickly bypassed GOTWAY resellers who provide good after-sales service contribute to the brand's image quality In France customers were very dissatisfied with the brand Ninebot because of problems with the French after-sales service, there was a lot of angry people's testimonials and when there is a new machine that is not yet distributed abroad but a dealer comes to export, is not it a good springboard for the promotion of this machine? of the brand ?
  12. Flash sale with Gearbest, $309-264 euros Ninebot ONE C+ https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-and-wheels/pp_1699240.html?lkid=14222086
  13. jojo33

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    In the likelihood that some of you have not seen the topic below, it's quite surprising to see that official employees of Segway Ninebot China are proposing to sell a few units of ONE Z If Ninebot China post here to sell directly ONE Z, what will think Segway USA? I find it very strange, and you?