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  1. I have contacted MRN before already, He would Look in to my Problem when He has Time. Perhaps i can Test Ninetool 1.3 meanwhile If its OK to send IT to me...
  2. Yes, i tought the Same, but the second in the Zip is Ninetool 1.07 and there isnt the desired "Z8 55Kmh" in IT...i think its only till Ninetool 1.04 in IT...and i can Not get the older Version anymore... do you have the older Version of Ninetool and can you send me the Zip-File per Mail or something? The actual now is Ninetool 1.0.7 and Beta 2.2.1 in the Zip
  3. I dont know too....i have tried multiple Times Reflashing (in 7.6.1 IT Shows 61 Kmh correctly) But No way to get the 56 Kmh in "Z8 55Kmh" , i definitly get every Time 51Kmh......Set to Model Z10 (when Set to Z8 IT Shows 41Kmh in this Firmware-Version) My Wheel is from Week 18 2019...Z10 of course... Directly purchased from Segway Germany itself Dont know the Reason... That would be perfect to have 55Kmh at 1.0.0 Version The Driving Behaviour after 1.0.0 or 1.0.2 Changes massively (Not Bad but very different and nimble)
  4. Is a Drift of the Gyros/Pedals normal? At Power on IT Levels to where IT was calibrated (-2 Degree Forwards Tilt with Manual calibration) and while driving (and Warming Up) IT goes solwly to +2,5 Backwards Tilt after about 20-30 Minutes(so about 4,5 Degrees Range) (Wheel Temp then was about 35 - 40 Celsius).... Always Same, No random behaviour Testet with Firmwares 1.0.7 , 1.0.0 and 1.0.5 When I Powercycle the Wheel than its immediatly in the calibratet -2 again (No calibration needed) and same procedure Starts slowly AS described above. Its Not a big Problem because the Driftrange is only 4-5 Degrees but Wonder If its normal or goes worse? Wheel is New from Week 18 2019 manufactured So IT Drifts for about 4-5 Degrees Backwards slowly at driving and resets to the calibrated Level immediatly by Powercycling (even IT has 40 Degree Temp after Powercycle it goes to the calibrated Position and Turns slowly Back while driving in about 20 Minutes)
  5. @GyroRideRz Is IT the Z8 55Kmh in the Flash FW Dropdown Menu? I have Flash es IT and in the Segway App IT Shows me FW 1.0.0 but Not 55Kmh IT Shows Limited to 51Kmh?
  6. Are FW 7.6.0and 7.6.1 both based in Ninebot Z10 FW 1.0.0 ?
  7. No i dont have 190815, i have 190628 with No Problems...
  8. Mine too and without any Problems (have to get used to the right foot Position for that wheel to avoid wobble, but thats Personal ) So it seems there are already two with 190815
  9. When my KS16X arrives tomorrow i think its FW is something older than 1.05 probably. Can i Go to 1.05 or is there only possibility Go 1.07 by App update ?
  10. Hello, do i have the need for the Gotway APP if my New Nikola is delivered, or can i do everything with the latest Wheellog APP (i think the only thing which i cant do is Level Calibrating if needed?)?
  11. THX at all, i finally ordered a Gotway Nikola Plus 100V Can someone point me to the latest APP? Or can i do everything with the latest Wheellog-App and dont need a Gotway APP?
  12. Here in my country i geht the -KS16X for 2200 Euros -KS18XL for 2300 Euros -MSX 100V 1230WH for 2000 Euros What should i prefer? ;-)
  13. So im Back in EUC after a year and im ready to pull the Trigger on a New one... In the past i already owned a Z10 (and a Tesla, 14D, Monster 22 100V, Inmotion V8) Now i'm not sure which to get. Definitly it should be a HiPerformance Wheel and im courious whats happened in the Past 12 months (i assume not that much what ive read in the boards) There are some issues in every brand. I have had liked the Z10 very much (the riding Style too, but could have a few more power/speed for my liking) Is there an actual other great Wheel? KS16X perhaps (there are some issues too for sure)? I plan to have only 1 Wheel, what are youre suggestions? In the 16-18 inch class
  14. Hello, one quick question: is IT normal that The batteries Discharge itself for 10 % percent in one Week of non usage? From 68 to 58 %, Why? Never noticed this in my gotways.
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