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  1. Yes, that could be interesting also...i Ride a RS HT and would love to have some more battery and perhaps Suspension
  2. So basically you want a exn with Suspension from KS...think the Specs are realistic and hopefully they Release IT soon... But please No more wheel under 18"
  3. Thats right...an additional Cover would solve the Problem with bigger and smaller Bearings at least they stay clean and will survive much much longer tough...
  4. Is only a smaller Bearing really that much improvement in terms of failing because of Water/Dust? While one should think ab bigger Bearing can Take more force/load in this Hollow-Bore Configuration ? Its Exposed to dirt in the Same way Then before without additional Protection / Cover
  5. I think the City Pro is one of very rare Tube Type tires out there and its for sure softer than the tubeless motorcycle tires ... On the original RS Tire i Road at about 5 PSI more...with near same results in terms of "softness"... I tested the CST 186 too and was not to happy about its Handling, on and offroad with the RS...
  6. Yes for Sure its rounder than other tires, but i Ride at 22psi for that tire..so its not that pointi i guess.. yes thats why i Went for a tubed Version motorcycle tire..
  7. Perhaps its mostly the Perspektive of the Photo.. All i can say ist, that the grip ist really good on graveled paths and in the Woods, even steep uphill, perhaps this Photo helps to See the tire profile I mounted IT as a rear tire and its the Tube Version
  8. I have mounted the Michelin City Pro 80/90-14 on my Begode RS HT and can Tell It fits absolutly perfect.. I have tested also the original tire and the CST-186 (Kenda 262) and have to say i like the Michelin definitly the best. - I live in hilly Austria and Ride mostly Offroad Like gravel and forest paths mostly uphill and down Like from 700m Up at 1700m and the GRIP is really good. You can feel the brandname Rubber i would say. Absolutely recommend this tire
  9. My Green Board is totally fine and really good, just want to test the New one... Perhabs it just can be popped in but this black round plastic peace definitely must get out.... I dont have the Black board here, but soon..and thats why i asked
  10. But when i Look at it again i think it wouldnt fit anyways because there are more small changes in the Strukture of the inner shell.....so i have to swap the New Black board to the old Heatsink and drill 2 New tapped holes.....because the New Blackboard has different doughterboard Hole-Layout and 2 other mounting holes
  11. Hi Guys, i want to swap the New Black motherboard in the RS HT. And now i have seen that the New one (or its Heatsinkplate) is bigger an doesnt fit because of this round black Plastic-thing on the bottom corner of the inner shell....you can see it on this picture on the the left to the mainboard --what is this thing? (On the New batches it isnt there anymore)
  12. Can you Show a Photo how you mounted these?
  13. I have now testet 30 PSI on the negative and its really better and smoother for my Taste then 50 psi...at 85KG... But on your Problem with the pumps: Have you already tried to check the chamber pressures like this? -Screw the pump on -Prefill the Hose of the Pump to your last chamber-PSI you pumped in the last time -Then aktivste the 2-step mechanism of your pump to activate the Valve on the chamber What happens if you do like that?
  14. Your pump is with 2-step connector right? Instead of a lever there is a wheel to open and close for the mechanism which pushes and releases the valve core?
  15. Perhaps your pump is Detektive.. i dont use the delivered pump because i dont like the lever on it. I use a pump without any 2 Step because of the mentioned above...just screw on, pump and screw of...
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