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  1. I have now testet 30 PSI on the negative and its really better and smoother for my Taste then 50 psi...at 85KG... But on your Problem with the pumps: Have you already tried to check the chamber pressures like this? -Screw the pump on -Prefill the Hose of the Pump to your last chamber-PSI you pumped in the last time -Then aktivste the 2-step mechanism of your pump to activate the Valve on the chamber What happens if you do like that?
  2. Your pump is with 2-step connector right? Instead of a lever there is a wheel to open and close for the mechanism which pushes and releases the valve core?
  3. Perhaps your pump is Detektive.. i dont use the delivered pump because i dont like the lever on it. I use a pump without any 2 Step because of the mentioned above...just screw on, pump and screw of...
  4. Of course you can test the psi in the chamber: thats why the Lever or any other 2-step-connector is for. This pumps are on the other hand the only ones which can cause airloss by User error too (if the Connector is screwed onto the damper to much. Shock-Pumps without such 2-step cant measure/check the psi without airloss, but dont cause any airloss after pumping the chamber and then unscrew. So the only thing i want to tell is. If you want to check the psi sometimes then get a 2-step type pump and Use it Properly to prevent User error airloss. Or get a pump without 2-step
  5. In Mountainbike Forums and Tests it is clear and evident testet, that none of those pumps cause Airloss. What you hear at unscrew is only the air thats in the Hose of the pump and not a loss from the Chambers of the dampers....the only time when they cause Airloss from the chamber is when you screw the pump on to to the damper (so you can not only check the pressure because there are 10psi lass then because the Hose of the pump will be filled with the air from the chamber.) If you screw the pump on to the chamber, fill it to your desired PSI and the unscrew it and you are fine. The desire
  6. Are there 1 or 2 of these 6816 Bearings to change in the V11? Cant tell from the Videos, think its 2 Bearings to change, right? And when was start of Batch 3 Production? My Wheel is from 30.08.2020 at QC-Sticker and should be Batch 2
  7. 22s means IT IS a 92.4V Wheel (22x4,2V) A 100V Wheel is 24S So its between Kingsongs 20S 84V and GWs 24S 100V
  8. Hope they Show the New Wheel...
  9. Perhaps an answer to Inmotions upcoming V20/VX which will be probably shown at CES next Week...and could be perhaps a Gamechanger in EUCs
  10. An 18 Incher with fat Tire and Safe 50+Kph from InMotion would be great... Dont think they do a suspension. Hope they Go for really good Specs in WH and Kph / Power with nice build quality/Finish
  11. Can someone Tell whats with Version 0.7.7 for Z10 in Ninetool? What Happens different when IT says "No BMS" ? No overcurrent Tiltback or what?
  12. That was my Idea too, IT was 5 degree Celsius so quite cold , wheel Working Temp in the App Shows about 20 degree IT Must be current based because of IT Happens at different speeds (like 35-43 kmh-range when i push IT quite hard then the Alarm Happens) Im Not the Guy in the Video but IT are the Same Alarms!
  13. Yes Tested everything...all Alarms Off and all 3 Alarms Set to 45 Kmh tested too... Dont know whats that Second Alarm.
  14. Short Question again? I have disabled all 3 Alarms in the App But there are still 2 Alarms left: one at Topspeed (around 45Kmh) and a Second one (but different and Not AS loud) mostly at around 42 Kmh , sometimes earlier (think its load-supposed Like pushing and Hit a bump) Is this normal? Or should the Second one Not be there? In this are exactly this two Alarms (one of them at the Last Seconds of the Vid --this one is what i described as my Topspeedalarm at 45Kmh) The Other alarm in the Vid is more often noticable in the Vid at lower speeds....whats th
  15. Can someone Tell me what the Error Code 17 in the Blackbox-Readout means? Have this Code Seevetal Times in the Blackbox Data, but only Code 17 , No Others...
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