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  1. The whole PLEV seizure stuff in the UK seems very odd to me. It was always the case that you couldn't collect a seized car (for example) without proof of valid driving licence and insurance. Obviously we can't do this with PLEV's, so it seems the rozzers are simply 'handing back' PLEV's, albeit with maybe a seizure and storage charge. Does seem to fly in the face of their own rules though. Of course I'm not moaning, its better than never being able to get your wheel back.
  2. Ah yeah looks a bit different when illuminated! Cheers for the pics, given me something to chew on. Not sure what to do yet, I might just run them lower without cutting the mudguard, dunno yet. Good to see what they look like higher up though
  3. Planemo


    Excellent mate, very thought provoking and an excellent presentation Similar in essence, but quite different in it's presentation is this vid (which isn't mine, this is far, far too good for me) which I have saved on my YT account. It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it and the soundtrack just fits so well it's almost as if it was written for the video. Hope it's OK to post someone elses vid here, not sure if the creator is a member here or not but I think it's utterly brilliant:
  4. Cheers, although not sure I can make out whats happened there! Looks like the LED's and area where you cut the mudguard is covered in grey mastic?!
  5. Yeah I considered that, but looking at the angles it would seem to remove a lot of the side support for the mudguard. Would really appreciate it if you were able to post any pics
  6. Little update, bit deflated tbh. I tried the tint spray on a sample area of strip and it's not curing (drying), presumably it's reacting with the silicone/rubber that covers the strip. Real shame cos it looks brilliant, tints really nicely and very stealthy when offered up to the wheel. Looks a lot more factory than the bare strips just slapped on and being obvious. Not sure what I'm gonna do now, can't think of any other way of tinting the strips, considered regular car window tint film but I don't think it's gonna like the curves etc so I think it's a non-starter. I think for the moment I wi
  7. Planemo


    QuikClip from yesterday:
  8. Mike I'm not saying I deliberately flout the rules (well, no more then yourself and everyone else when it comes to euc's in the UK) and I understand why rules are made. Its just unfortunate that eucs are seen as 'motorized vehicles' just like everywhere else in the UK and the forests are just implementing the same rules. I'm ok with that, it is what it is. I didnt check beforehand as I knew ebikes were ok and I took my chances, just the same as we all do whenever we step foot on a wheel wherever it is. I just simply wouldnt report anyone for riding an euc considerately in a forest (or any
  9. This for me too. If not longer. Same with my 12 year old. Theres a world of difference between being able to get going on an EUC on a patch of grass with no one around within a couple if hours, and being totally proficient/confident around people/dogs/vehicles etc at all speeds on all terrains. In fact, I have yet to see any new rider looking anything like a seasoned rider without a lot of hours under their belt. And a seasoned rider is what you need to be before you can call yourself proficient. Even riders with with a lot of ride time seem to struggle with certain skills - dismounting a
  10. To be fair I have a new shed now so the vid might not be quite as crappy as the one I did for the msx leds
  11. I'll stop you right there...I dont want or need to be building controllers and ready built ones would make the overall conversion more expensive. Thats just the point (for me). I dont need the extra length. I wont be using any colour other than red for the rear and white for the front. And I have already found the patterns I want (which I wont ever touch again) in the cheap controllers. But yeah, if people want to play around with patterns/colours/modes on a regular basis then a fully programmable controller might be a good option. If you're someone like me who has a struggle eve
  12. None of which bears any relation whatsover to a father and daughter riding their euc's, curteously, at no more than bicycle speed. I accept that rules are rules. I wasnt telling anyone to break them, in fact the point of my post was to highlight the situation in Epping Forest. Yeah, if I see anyone on an EUC in the forest and they are riding considerately, I'll pass thanks. I have better things to do with my time than act like a wannabe Constable.
  13. I've tried mine with and without the IP67 sleeve and cant tell much difference in diffusions tbh, probably because its clear and unfrosted. I also thought that the IP65's in Duf's install vid looked OK too, so I will go for them. For others, YMMV of course. Thats true, but as I alluded to above, its also bulkier and less 'factory looking' IMO. Also, I am looking to tint my strips with lens tint, and I think it will take better to the bonded coating on the IP65 rather than the sleeves on the 67's. I also never ride in rain, nor put my wheels through abuse so the additional protection of
  14. Yep deffo will mate, I may even do a short crappy vid which might work better than words lol
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