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  1. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    I thought the pics on page 3 of this thread already quantified that?
  2. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    Always the pedals, never the hangers. That way, if something goes wrong, you take off too much or simply break a pedal, the option is always there to buy a new set of pedals rather than the cost and complexity of replacing hangers. Structural integrity is a valid concern, but we are talking such small amounts of material being removed that its a non issue imo (except maybe on the feeble V10 pedals). From memory, removing 6 or 7 degrees from my Nikola pedals equated to about 0.5mm of material. Thats why you need to go carefully. It all depends on how well (or not) the pedals have been cast. For example, just getting the pedal surface to mate square and fully with the hanger surface can drop the pedals quite a bit, without actually 'removing' material across the whole surface of the pedal. This is where 'engineers blue' is your friend. It will mark the contact point/s so you know where you are going. With my Nikola pedals, they were touching the hangar in very odd places. Just making them sit flat properly with the hangar surface (without removing much material) dropped the height significantly, with the bonus of them not sticking anymore. Seems like I have rambled on trying to get a point across, not sure if I have made sense!
  3. Yep, standard issue Ebay kit! Millions of them on there, all the same. About £5.50 IIRC. Cheap as chips!
  4. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    To be fair though it's such a simple fix that if I were in the market for a Pro it wouldn't fuss me at all. It took me all of 30 minutes to file my Nikola pedals to my liking. It only takes a small amount to change the angle significantly.
  5. Gonna be riding in the dark soon, thought I would make sure I get seen
  6. Oh OK, sorry. I didnt even know there was an 's' access, I have always used http. Should I be using https instead?!
  7. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    So several people are saying the MSX has tiltback even when turned off? I have never seen (whilst checking alarms via lift speeds) or felt any tiltback on mine, but then I havent actually measured it either. Maybe I will. Intrigued.
  8. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    I have confirmed that the caps in my 84v MSX are 100v 1000mF. So I have no idea what the above board is from. Hopefully not a 100v model!
  9. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    Yeah, I upgraded both caps in my 36v ebike charger as many people had problems with them blowing. No issues since. Deffo better to overspec when it comes to caps!
  10. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    Then the pic of the board above either isnt an MSX Pro or GW are going to release an 84v Pro as well. You dont run 100v capacitors on a 100v wheel. Well spotted Seba.
  11. Well, I don't know about making me sweat but I do need to be careful about not getting complacent and simply trying to follow his rear light His best is a recorded 45.8mph/73.7kmh on wheel log, in summer, slight tailwind, slight downhill. Bigger kahunas than me for sure.
  12. Well I wouldn't say I'm fast compared to a lot of riders, but my primary riding buddy rides a 100v MSX and he maxes it everywhere so I guess it kinda rubs off on me. He knows the wheel like the back of his hand and the wheel is certainly a part of him. He's quick but he knows exactly where the limits are and boy does he ride to them. He will hit 40mph/64kmh on a regular basis and peak it to 42/43mph. He's a light guy though and reads surfaces well. I have already brought down my Wheel log alarms to give me an awareness buffer but tbh I may turn them off completely if I find a 100% foolproof solution for the MSX buzzer. Reason being that the MSX alarm seems to be the best algorithm whereas the wheel log one probably needs to be set lower than it needs to be as it doesn't have the constantly variable voltage input (there are only 3 battery settings for the alarms - I have mine at 100%, 50% and 20%). So for example I could be at 55% battery but the speed alarm will still be set at the same speed as the 100% alarm. When I get home I will watch your vid, cheers When I get the buzzer mod done I might just start a new thread, probably quite handy for others rather than getting lost in this one.
  13. Well I hit 54.5kmh/33.9mph already without a clue the beeps were going! I thought everything was fine as it was fully charged, flat, smooth surface and little headwind. I am going to find a solution for a louder beep. I did try hooking up my JBL Flip 5 to EUC World voice alarms and it works very well. Plenty loud enough even at speed but I think I would much prefer relying on the GW 3rd alarm algorithm. Piezo buzzers are hugely directional and further they don't transmit well through barriers due to the high frequency. So the stock setup sucks badly. I am either going to try making up a small shroud to direct the sound up from my externally mounted buzzer, or simply stick a buzzer to the top of the wheel, facing upwards. The buzzers themselves are very, very loud when pointed at your face. As a quick and rough test yesterday, I simply cupped my hand around my external buzzer whilst standing above the wheel to direct the sound upwards and it made a HUGE difference.
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