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  1. I have been waiting patiently for someone like Colin Furze to do a jet powered EUC, he certainly has the hardware and skills to make it happen. Of course not practical but theres no reason why it couldnt be done. Yes I have a fondness for small scale jet engines
  2. Theres something about the Z which is just 'nice', whether you're riding it (it always feels strong/stout/secure) or simply just looking at it. The best analogy I can think of right now is comparing it to say an Audi A1. Its not the fastest wheel, not the most expensive, not the most range, but it just has that build quality and lovely door 'clunk' that you dont get with a Ford or similar. Its just 'nice'. It does have its handling quirks, but you can certainly learn to live with that. Just look at Roberace on YT. I could go on about its other 'high end' aspects but I wont. Yes
  3. Tbh an MSX case (for example), side panels and motherboard really doesnt weigh that much. Its the tyre, wheel and batts that are the problem. And I cant see China making such a niche wheel in carbon fibre. Tyres are also what they are. And theres not much we can do about the batts at the moment, and I cant see how the motor itself can be made much lighter given it needs the windings, stators and magnets. So in short, a carbon case and side panels may save a kilo or so...but for what cost? And would you really notice? You're pretty much into the 'weight weenies' of the pro bicycle world at
  4. Go to edit your 1st post - you will see you can edit the title as well. Put the amended price in there, will make it look even more appealing Might be worth stating the mileage too.
  5. The first two 'A' dots are average journey speed and average riding speed (average speed in motion). The rest has been said already, apart from F which I am unsure about. I think it's something to do with speed limits...? Not sure, I have never seen it either... Edit: maybe tilt back speed setting (which I have never used)..
  6. Because its relatively effortless. I had a Busa up to 185mph and it was rock solid. A far, far cry from an EUC at say 60mph...
  7. It kinda does when you talk of wanting to see wheels that far outperform the Sherman which already does nigh on 50mph. Have you ever ridden a unicycle above say 40mph? Ever stood up in a 50mph gale whilst trying to maintain even pressure on both feet? I can tell you that wind resistance becomes a real problem. Its the sole reason why I cant see any general use case for a wheel that does more than 55mph. Unless maybe a racetrack series, but that takes it away from being a mass-market (cheap) wheel. Are we going to start fitting euc's with fairings to beat the wind...? I think we
  8. I'm surprised. No adjustment knob? Without damping adjustment it will never be right for every rider and terrain. At least the S18 has the option of fitting a proper shock which could give you all the adjustment you would ever need. In fact, it may be possible to get a top quality spring shock (always nicer than an air shock due to zero stiction) to really get it dialled in.
  9. Reading this literally made me cry with sorrow. I can only guess at how much metal was grinding itself to pieces. It sounds like a metal slaughterhouse. As you suggest, without a shock fitted it should be silky smooth, with no knocks or slop. The only resistance should come from the grease in the bearings.
  10. I'm not surprised. Although we still need to be 100% sure that the charger killed your Vet board before we start jumping up and down. Even so, the fact that YZ changed the spec of the caps is very telling. I am 99% sure I will swop mine out, even though I havent had any problems yet with my 6A. I just wish someone could say that doing so could make things worse. The only way to be sure would be to see what YZ are fitting into their latest 6A chargers but we dont have any pics of one yet.
  11. I am quite capable of replacing the capacitors. You are not making any sense. If the problem is caused by external issues and 'by accident', why did YZ change them to 220uf? I just need confirmation that changing them to 220uF would be 'better' although I think you have already answered that.
  12. Can someone explain this in more detail please. I presume we could all do with checking our YZ chargers.
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