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  1. So you joined the dark side in the end young padawan
  2. No shit. Nothing, and I mean nothing is left to rattle around in my wheels. Whether thats a plastic shaving, a bit of electrical tape, a blob of solder and certainly not a screw! You're a braver man than I
  3. True, but then nervous editing goes on everywhere. It's the fine line between free speech/film and excessive backlash. Everyone has to think about it at the very least. Those who push the boundaries have to expect the repercussions. It's not rocket science. Possibly, but I feel that there will also be really good ones (Hsaing IMO) who does sometimes venture to tread towards the further edge of that thin line and generally does pretty well as a result. I'm not a hater of Mick, I never made any comment on the YT vid, and I certainly wouldn't have commented towards his family, but it
  4. Totally agree. But all he had to do was realise that the vid in question was just a little lairy, learn from the responses he got and move onto the next vid, which to be fair, in terms of production and design, he does very well indeed. At the moment the feeling I get is that he didnt like the responses, threw his toys out the pram and quit making euc videos, period. Thats fine too. Maybe he just wants to make lairy vids and nothing else. So absconding from EUC (I get the impression he is a filmographer for many things) was the only option. A shame, because the last vid he
  5. Ok so today I pulled both side panels and took out more ribs where the BMS components are, according to the pics above and the existing Veteran mod. I extended the already 'missing' ribs further down so that theres also clearance for the resistors lower on the board, and also removed material from the other side so that the sister pack also has clearance. Surprisingly, the stock panel doesnt show any allowance for the sister pack. Admittedly, some of the sister pack area cannot be reduced further because its moulded to take into account the pedal recess, but there was certainly some ribbing wh
  6. One of the guys over here doubled up on his S18 packs too, amazing bit of work. 2200Wh.
  7. I've never been to NYC but from what I have seen it seems very similar to London in rush hour to me. I stand to be corrected.
  8. I'm not hiding either. The issue is riding like a twat before we are even legal.
  9. Nope, not at all. In fact, PEV use was minimal and not in the public eye at all up until about a year ago when the hired stuff came along. Maybe....I honestly don't think it would be a HUGE sum though. I believe the main problems to be nothing more than an unfortunately archaic road traffic law (which catches PEV's unbelievably, long before they were even a glimmer in the eye of an inventor) along with a community that don't embrace change and/or new tech. To be fair we also don't have a decent infrastructure - many of our roads have a single lane for each direction, and on top of that
  10. I always thought it was a bad idea. The idiots hiring them have ruined it, not to mention them being left everywhere which pisses the Karens off no end. That said, were we ever going to go forward any other way? I doubt it. The UK was never going to wake up one morning and say 'lets legalise all PEV's!'. Its just not the British way unfortunately. I agree 100% with that, apart from the weight issue given that my fully legal ebike is all of 25kg if not more. But yeah, 40mph...and no brakes...yeah. The best we can hope for is a simple blanket speed restriction. We all know that most EUC'
  11. 1. I'm not in France. 2. EUC's are very much seen in the same boat as e-scooters over here. 3. I am confident that politicians and lawmakers will see zero difference between an EUC and an e-scooter. If they do, they will see an EUC as worse because theres no mechanical brakes. Plus they only have 1 wheel. And they need more than 250w to be safe. 4. No electrically powered vehicle is legal over here (except hired e-scooters). So it's not like we already have free use with which to get banned.
  12. It's irrelevant anyway isn't it? The collision and death is a fact no? Glad you find it comical.
  13. Oh FFS. Just what we need, and in a popular paper as well. Theres no way on earth that the politicians/lawmakers won't see this.
  14. Cheers for that, might come in handy, would prefer something quicker but if neither of the main UK players can help I think it will have to be Ali.
  15. Yeah you could be right there, hadn't thought of that. On the pic above of the BMS's, taking them as fitted to the left side, the chips on the left pack would be quite close to the front on the wheel. If fitted to the right hand side, they would be close to the back of the wheel. As you say, theres probably less 'give' in the panel near the edges. Still, I think I would be happier taking out ALL ribs which are near these chips. Come to think of it, the bleeding resistors etc aren't much closer to the board either really. Part of me is inclined to remove all the ribs where there are components
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