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  1. As has been asked, I would be also be interested to know what 'connector' they are referring to. I have a May 2019 build and I would be happy to open mine up to compare, once I know what I am looking at of course. Further, I wonder what they did with the self drain issue, given that I am fairly sure mine loses the 1% per day that all the previous wheels did. Not that either has been a problem for me yet. Feels as rock solid and safe as my previous Z6 and neither does the wheel sit around for long enough for me to worry about self drain. Z10 Pro sounds awesome...
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/eyNK13qory3WDdwp7 Thats a Welsh one for info.
  3. If you were not issued a Section 59 then your details should not have been entered onto PNC and therefore if stopped again you shouldnt have any history of having been warned previously. If the police were to attempt to sieze your wheel on the 2nd occasion then I would challenge it, stating that you were unaware you had a Sec59, and if you did, then you want to know the unique serial number and see your signature on it. Most forces use both serials and sigs, although not sure about Met (or was it City police)? The short version is that it seems like you got a result as potentially you now have a 'second chance'.
  4. Personally I really like the inbuilt graph feature. No its not perfect but it actually works better (easier to scroll/zoom etc) than the wheelog online graph viewer when used on mobile. I never use a PC or laptop so I use my phone for everything. I usually have a quick scan of the inbuilt viewer at the end of a ride just to check max current/speed in case it shows any surprises.
  5. I take it (hope) you mean 'accosted' as opposed to arrested?! Did they give you a small piece of paper with the heading 'Section 59'?
  6. Interesting! I am looking to upgrade the sound on the Z10. Of course a small JBL or similar bluetooth pod strapped to my rucksack would work well but I would rather keep it all contained in the wheel. Theres only 1 small speaker in the Z so it will always be limited but if I can better the stock speaker in any way it would be good. AlternativeIy, I am not averse to wiring in a separate bluetooth amp board and its own speaker (as I would like to keep the stock warning sounds too) if need be. I cannot find any markings on the stock speaker to upgrade it so I am pi$$ing in the wind a bit. If the speakers you linked are at least the same size I might give it a go
  7. I truly hope you are right Marty. I had hoped that when Segways first hit the market we would have eventually made them legal but it never happened. Its not like our cycling infrastructure has improved one jot since then either. Our road traffic laws are archaic and very few uk citizens outside of London use bicycles for commuting which doesnt help peoples personal transport views. Most of our roads have poor pavements (walkways) and are full of pedestrians. My trip to the Netherlands was an eye opener for sure. They have nailed it.
  8. Very true. People do get confused with this. In internal combustion engines, power is always derived from a multiplier of torque, such as rpm. Usually, torque x rpm divided by the magic figure of 5250 = power. The same formula can apply to euc's as we also have a spinning mass.
  9. So the Z10 monitors voltages from both packs and switches to the regen one whenever it's voltage is higher than the other? Is this constantly occurring during a ride then? If that's the case, if Pack 1 was say 20% and pack 2 was 40% and the ride continued, only pack 2 would be used until it was level with Pack 1? I always thought they discharged together, but that only one charged. Looks like I had that wrong then!
  10. You got that response in whilst I was typing Marty! Ah OK, so it needs LOTS of braking to make a real difference then. I definitely didn't hit any major descents so maybe that's the answer. I still expected Batt 2 to have picked up something though and I'm still surprised it wasn't even 1% difference. It must take a bit of energy to stop an all up weight of around 110kg repeatedly, even on the flat
  11. Yes it's very odd. I was expecting Batt 2 to be reading more. Granted, I took the reading a couple of hours after riding so they had been allowed to recover a bit (the app showed 27% for both batts whilst riding) but I still don't know why both readings were exactly the same for both packs. Not even 1% different! Unless Ninebot have got the hump about people complaining and updated the firmware or simply designed the regen for both batts in later wheels. I dunno! I will keep monitoring and see if anything changes though.
  12. The other day I went out with a fully charged Z10 and did 27 miles. When I checked the batteries at the end they both showed 35% on the Ninebot app. Now we all know about the Z regen only charging one battery pack. So how do both show the same? It's not like I didn't brake all day, nor was I pootling along. Admittedly I didn't max it out but 85% of it was off-road, some of it on an MTB track and I am sure I braked a lot of times from reasonably high speeds. Any ideas?!
  13. Sorry my bad. It was 110A. See 2mins20 into the 2nd clip:
  14. Apparantly the crash was due to overcurrent, not speed. Hit something like 150A according to wheelog.
  15. I think the wheel was maxed out. Deffo more than 49kmh. Yes it was beeping like crazy but he didnt hear it over the wind and music. Lesson learned. He's no mug and has been riding the wheel for some time but every now and then I guess its easy to get carried away like we all do. He's looking at a Pebble for vibration alerts now.
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