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  1. Whilst I am sure that quote will irritate many members no end, I myself do agree with it, even despite me being in your bracket of an 'ali buyer just to save money'. We know the risks of buying on Ali, and each and every one of us has a 'risk level' that we are prepared to accept. For me, should I recieve a DOA Gotway, I know that I can very likely fix it without having to lose the entire value of the wheel. Unless the motor, board, batts and bms are all fubar which is highly unlikely hence its a risk I am prepared to take. Buying a KS that may never be able to run because I cant get a board to work is a risk that I wont take. Ultimately, the risk of buying a KS wheel from China has now reached such a level that no amount of cheapness will entice me to buy one. And at this point I agree with you - buy from an AD or dont bother. I use an analogy...I cant afford to buy a Bentley from an AD...and although many of us could scrape up enough to buy one from KerbSide Autos, would we...really....? No. Whether people agree with KS policy is kinda irrelevant imo. KS have simply just put many of their customers into a decision making process akin to buying a high end watch, car or other big dollar product which, if not officially sourced, is a huge, massive gamble. I honestly dont get why people are so incensed at KS - similar practices and the forcing of cheap ass buyers into taking huge risks is everywhere. For the record, I dont agree with KS policy, but I do, thankfully, still have 100% control over my choices. Its no big deal for me, I cant afford an AD Kingsong, just like I cant afford an AD Bentley (or Rolex, Lamborghini etc etc..). I do however have huge sympathy for those that purchased grey imports before this KS announcement as the 'risk goalposts' were moved massively. Which is why I feel that full refunds should be given by the seller. The question of return carriage costs will be a difficult one though...if the seller was unaware of the policy...and the buyer knew he was taking some risk buying from Ali...its all a bit messy. Good Luck is all I can say.
  2. Lol, they haven't so much 'moved down' my list, they have fallen well off the bottom of the page. They did, which is why I said 'I think the warning should have come earlier'. It would breach laws in a lot of countries. I wont lose any sleep over it. I jusy wont buy KS. A lot of shit happens differently in different countries, its the way the world is. If one chooses to buy something over the internet 1000's of miles away from an Ali or backstreet seller in China then all risks are on them IMO. If the wheel is DOA or bricked remotely, thats an issue between the seller and buyer. It shouldnt have been sold in the first place in the case of the latter. Thats the sellers issue, not KS, and a refund in full inc all shipping fees should be issued. (FYI, I have bought all my wheels from Ali and have accepted the associated risks).
  3. KS can do what they like. I dont have issue with that as I will just take my business elsewhere. I do fully understand the reasons for price differences, grey import non-warranties and KS wanting to protect their official dealers from being undercut by bedroom online merchants who historically have an awful aftersales and KS might not want their name tarnished by said crappy sellers. I guess the real blame lies with the sellers. They shouldnt be selling wheels if they are going to brick in the country they are being shipped to. I think the KS warning about this should have come earlier though, I wonder how many people outside of china have recieved/ordered KS wheels in the last few months without knowing. I wonder if even the sellers knew. I wouldnt be surprised though if we suddenly see KS wheels being dropped by Ali sellers when the sellers get wind of this.
  4. Wow. This is a game changer. I for one certainly wont be buying any new KS wheels outside of an authorized distributor. In short that means I wont ever buy a KS wheel from this point on, as I wont pay AD prices. I certainly couldnt trust an Ali seller that the unit I order is a non P version either (if indeed anything built 2020 onwards isnt a P).
  5. Agreed, exactly the opposite of trying to clench the wheel as hard as you can with both legs equally. It still amazes me that people think the way to cure wobbles is to grip harder. For me, the last thing I want to do is try and 'contain' a wobble. You need to get rid of it, asap, and that means coming off the brakes, carving, shifting weight onto one leg or in fact anything other than trying to forcefully 'lock' the wheel up with both legs. Relax. Don't panic is the main thing. You cant fight an increasingly oscillating wheel. Chill out and try to contain what you think is impending doom. Let the wheel have its moment. It will try. Its gonna try and have a meltdown if you panic and lock up. Things will calm down if you dont overthink it. I have had wobbles at 40mph on the brakes, and I have ridden out all of them. None of them involved trying to lock down a wild bison between my legs.
  6. Planemo


    Short vid of an 83 miler we did yesterday
  7. Apart from the original EUC Guy pads for the msx, I havent seen any pads that dont look shit, so good luck with that
  8. I have set mine to automatically start logging data and create tour as soon as I start the app. It records and logs everything and I dont need to enable anything (I am forgetful) whenever I go ride. Yes, it does mean that things I may not want (if I am simply testing the wheel etc) get created and uploaded but its so easy to delete logs and/or tours on the EUC World website that its a no brainer for me.
  9. Ah right I see. Is he a ‘mate’? If yes, I definitely couldn't keep your money personally, even if I never got a cent back myself. If no, was it via Ebay or similar? I dunno, either way I wouldn’t really see it as my problem (as a buyer) if there was no mention by the seller that it was locked/non functional. I have deliberately kept away from buying new KS wheels (if not purchased from a dealer in the UK) for exactly the problem you have had. I do feel for your seller (not you so much because I think you should get all your money back immediately) and I do get what you are saying about locking maybe not being common knowledge but by the same token I wouldn’t spend 1000’s of pounds on something from China that I had no idea about. I was reading up on this forum a fair while before I bought my first wheel, and I seem to remember seeing something about region locked KS wheels during that initial phase. That said, IMO this is a problem for your seller, not you. They should be issuing a refund to you asap.
  10. I dont get this. If you bought it secondhand then I dont see how you cant get your money back immediately, as its not fit for purpose.
  11. I thought he just overleaned it which as we all know is nothing to do with a cut out.
  12. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    Great cheers. I couldnt find any less quantity than 4x strips each of 60g total (made up from 5g and 10g weights) on the bay but at £3.95 I can live with that. I will need to wait until Mrs P is out gor this job though...if she sees my wheel anywhere near her digital kitchen scales she will go nuts
  13. Planemo

    MSuper Pro?

    Great vid, cheers. Can you reccomend what size weights/quantity I should buy before doing this? Or an ebay link? My msx has a fairly noticeable front/back oscillation whilst running on a stand and although I cant say I can feel it when riding, I wondered if I can reduce it anyway. The tyre itself has very little runout so I am not going to play with the bead seating anymore.
  14. Well my pump goes to 20 bar/300psi, not 150psi. I reckon you will need quite a lot of psi. I run around 120 in my MTB and the shock on that is sharing the pain with the front forks. I imagine that EUC's will need a higher psi as all the weight is on one shock. I don't know tbh because I haven't really been following the S18/V11 threads that much with regards to psi settings.
  15. I use a Fox shock pump. Has a little bleed valve too, so after fitting/refitting a few times you get a feel for how much you lose. Just over-pressurize by around the same amount, bleed it off till perfect then unscrew. Works really well on my MTB's. The valve connector is designed to lose as little as possible when removing which helps too as it's far more consistent than you would see when using a tyre pumps on tyres for example. https://www.bikester.co.uk/fox-racing-shox-hp-forksuspension-pump-with-bleed-foldable-1050677.html?_cid=21_1_-1_9_305_1050677_201642850999_pla&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykHm-xTtMJm0-j5S8pAJdzYeeytY1okfiPllhJRTg_SoXT0TlcPTnX0aAoSdEALw_wcB:G:s&campaign_detail=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykHm-xTtMJm0-j5S8pAJdzYeeytY1okfiPllhJRTg_SoXT0TlcPTnX0aAoSdEALw_wcB
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