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  1. 100 bonus points for spelling 'voila' in the most entertaining and original way I have seen yet
  2. I don't know the seller whatsoever but this is a steal for £850. It comes with £100 worth of EUC Guy pads, a new spare tyre and the rear mudguard ferchrissakes!
  3. Now that is truly mental I take my hat off to you for that one!
  4. I recently heard of people hiring EUC's (I think it was Spain) for £50 a day so I dont think £100 a month would be financially viable. When you think of the scope for potential damage/cost when giving a newbie a £1000+ wheel, I think even £50 a day is pretty reasonable. Unless of course theres a sizable deposit to go with it.
  5. Its early days but I did a quick ride today 20mins/4miles lots of stop/start/corners/25mph runs and didnt have any oscillation problems on my new 84v 1860Wh. Fingers crossed as I havent given it a proper shakedown yet but it appears that maybe this is indeed constrained to the 100v models. My rear light is operating normally (FWIW) and also my buzzer is in the usual place (again FWIW).
  6. Just to update this thread, whilst having a nose around the internals, I found that the extra 259Wh battery pack wasnt affixed in any way and was crammed in so tight in one corner to have actually split three of the silicon power leads (pics below). I made a bit more room for the pack by cutting out a small web of plastic, fitted double sided sticky foam tape to the back of the pack, insulated the wires and fitted more foam tape where the wires were near to the case. All sound now but this could have gone a bit wrong had I not seen it. Also, oddly the extra pack was made by Green Fashion although the original Gotway Kebye manual does have a sticker in it stating '1859Wh', suggesting that this was a factory supplied wheel. Surely Gotway make their owns packs?!
  7. Ok I fitted the Nikola pedals, greasing all the moving parts in the process and its definately better but not enough to warrant doing another vid. I have however managed to get a quick 20 min/4 mile ride with lots of stops/starts/low speed stuff and I have to admit, once outside I never heard it! As people have said, it does seem just a normal quirk of the wheel. I still think it should be better though..!
  8. Only some minor mods but thought I would post a pic Painted the wheel, slimed the tube, fitted Nikola pedals (filed a bit to about 11 deg - didnt need to take much off at all) put a bit of 3M carbon wrap on the centres to protect a bit (and I think it looks cool!), fitted the GW mudflap (with black screws - the supplied silver ones look a bit poo) and just for laughs added Predator stickers. Will do the lift cut-off next, while I had the side covers off I jerry rigged a switch to check (my board has a different layout to previous pics I have seen) and it worked fine.
  9. I believe the cogging is being amplified by something. All wheels will cog, its the nature of having magnets and a charged coil passing each other. It can be reduced by increasing the number of magnets/coils or better firmware but either way, GW are trailing behind somewhere because other wheels around 2Kw are not nearly as bad. That said, I think I may have found part of the 'amplification' tonight. I put the msx onto the ground (the wheel was off) harder than I would usually and I heard the same 'tone'. My ears are accustomed to tone having been into and making music for much of my life. I nailed it down to the pedal play between the axles/shims. They clunk. Fowards/backwards/up/down you name it. The stock msx and Nikola pedals were the same in this regard - sloppy. I need to do further testing but it appears (due to bone dry pedal axles and poor clearances) that the cogging is being amplified via the pedal system. I dont want to keep dragging the Z10 into this but its all I have to measure against. Whilst the Z also came to me with bone dry axles, the tolerances are hugely better than the MSX. Both axle and shim fit are 'snug' so there isnt a lot of play at all. A bit like a slick gearchange on a sports car. No play, accurate and precise. They fold up, they fold down. No other movement anywhere. I am however discounting that the Z could be better on cogging due to lower voltage/motor power. I will be filing the Nikola pedals in the next few days to get the angle I want. At the same time I will grease the axles and see if I can make some shims to reduce the axial movement (not much I can do about the radial) and take another vid on the same phone at the same distance/location. We'll see. One thing I do know, having stuck my nose around the guts of the msx recently, the build quality between it and the Z10 is staggeringly different. One is akin to a Rolls Royce, the other a Suzuki. If it wasnt for the msx's range, performance and ride quality I wouldnt take a piss on it, the bastard lovechild of an Armitage Shanks toilet cistern and a Samsonite briefcase.
  10. If this is the case, there must be a reason why GW don't use sine? Ebikes have used it for years, and I presume other EUC manufacturers do as well. Is it harder to implement or something? Or is it just laziness?!
  11. Cheers all. You are right, I should just ride the thing but in this weather I have not much else to do other than look at it during downtime! I think I should take some Man Up pills and get out on it. So we also have another couple of owners who are saying it's fine. Reassuring I noticed that the board plugs are different to those of others which I have taken screenshots of previously. I only noticed because I have been looking to fit a lift switch. Theres only one unused 2 pin plug so I guess I will try that.
  12. Took this photo earlier, all looks pretty secure and I would have to destroy the silicone thats already present in order to check! Board is coated as well, didnt know GW were doing that.
  13. I will check all the plugs everywhere, but everything looked siliconed in when I had both covers off earlier. No sign of movement on the hanger bolts/casing but will check those also along with the axle nuts. It is only happening at low speed though, either when just pulling away or doing quick changes of direction as per the vid. At any other time the wheel is smooth without any issues whatsoever. Cheers
  14. Git! I haven't had any nasty noises from the Z at all but then again I don't really do hills either. That said, the Z has noticeably more whine at speed than my buddies MSX which is silent
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