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  1. Yep, correct. The smallest group or 'string' is usually 3, 4 or 6 cells depending on the make/model of EUC (and done in parallel, not serial). In answer to amelanso, yes there is balancing to an extent, but only to each string. Even Ninebot (the best factory cell monitoring we have) can only read each string voltage. Still, that's a lot better than any other manufacturer which only sends the whole pack voltage. Thinking about it, maybe the V11 sends string voltage as well..? Not sure as I haven't followed the V11 that much. Edit: Oops Chriull beat me to it lol
  2. I have tried both helmet mirrors and wrist mirrors. The helmet one I found was a bit of a faff as not only do I switch between helmets but they get in the way when transporting gear and always need adjusting at the start of a ride. I did also use a spectacle mounted mirror which actually worked better but then it was no good when using a full face helmet. The wrist mirror I only recently took off my wrist guard after having it on there all through summer and realising that I never used it. I guess many years of riding cycles and motorbikes forces head turning habits that die hard. I turn
  3. I really appreciate your honest opinion, it can be hard for people to do that sometimes when they have spent money on things! When it comes to helmets, maybe its not appreciated just how much force is sent to the chinbar in a faceplant. There is a reason why helmets like the Fox Proframe have such a massive void between the mouth and chinbar. As a comparison, I just tried moving the chinbar on my 661 Reset helmet to my chin and to do so took a fair bit of effort and nearly garrotted me with the chin strap. I consider the Reset to be about as slimline a full face helmet as I would be prepared t
  4. Totally agree with this. The last thing I want at 40 odd mph is a wheel tilting back unexpectedly. Theres just too much going on at those speeds, my sensory inputs are cranked to 11 and the pedal inputs so precise and delicate that ANY change to how those pedals feel would put me right off my game. With my relocated MSX buzzer I can hear it, and that's all I want. Just something to tell me that I am nearing the wheels max power output. I am not even interested in whether I am doing 36 or 40mph. I do appreciate that tiltback might be more appropriate at speeds up to 30mph where pedal input
  5. OK...so I'm confused again then if theres only 1 alarm...why the need for the delay? I think I'll go back under me rock lol
  6. Oh I see, you mean to distinguish between what alarm is actually triggered? 1st/2nd/3rd speed alarms etc. Yes I can now see that what happened here would cause problems. I don't have that issue with my MSX as everything is off except the 80% beep. So if I hear a beep I know it's that. Plus it's continuous. You can dip in and out of it beeping once or 5 times, but theres zero delay. I like it a lot as it's simple and effective. I never understood why someone would want multiple speed alarms, just adds confusion to me (and risk of problems as evidenced here with the V11).
  7. Does anyone know if the wheel well on the RS is wider than the MSX? I wonder if the 80 width Conti would fit the MSX... And it would be easy to see if Gotway is running tubes or not - just look at the base of the valve for a rubber grommet
  8. WTH? Why would the designers want any delay at all? I am clearly missing something because surely you want an alarm to be on as soon as you hit the danger zone, whether you come out of it, come back into it or even stay in it throughout.
  9. Please do, I am still interested in the Steelbird As you suggest, my concern is the somewhat close chin piece, given that the main reason for wearing full face is chin protection. Also, if the helmet isn't particularly secure on the head, any gap there is could be taken up upon crashing. I love the look of it though...
  10. Awesome work!! Glad it worked out OK for you. Yes, it does look like an 80 width would fit. I appreciate that @JeremyB mentions that he managed to fit an 80 to his RS, but sometimes different manufacturers do come out a bit different on sizing. If you get round to fitting an 80 Pilot, please let us know! I am so tempted to do this, but I really, really like the softness of the stock tyre - enough that I would be OK in sacrificing some grip over the Pilot. I am not sure how you are quantifying an increase in grip...?! I have never slid out on the stock tyre (except mud/leaves etc to b
  11. Agreed, this is part of the problem that people get confused with in the UK, even by 'ambassadors' such as Ian at Speedyfeet who referred (or used to) the riding of EUC's as a 'grey area' because not every officer would stop and sanction you. Just because there isn't a specific law definitively including EUC's doesn't mean it's game on. An EUC in the UK is a 'motorized vehicle' and it's a catch-all piece of law for anything powered, except those vehicles with specific exemptions such as ebikes/mobility scooters etc. I believe that EUC's should be in the same category as ebikes (allowed on
  12. I've only quoted all that cos it was so pant-wettingly funny. And I'm a Gotway rider.
  13. You wouldnt connect them to the board, you would just parallel them to the existing 800wh packs with decent sized wire and XT60 connectors. I would however use an XT90 on the single final power connection to the board. Of course, that would be if the additional packs fit, which they wont.
  14. I am not aware of any regular maintenance issues with the Nik. The axle setup is more like (if not the same) as the MSX which has proved reliable and not requiring torque checks like the Monster. Re amps, assuming you are talking 100v version, I have my EUCW alarm set at 120a peak, 90a continuous. I have yet to overpower the wheel, although I do hit the alarm a couple of times on each ride (felt via vibrations through my Pebble). I am not aware that the wheel itself sends any over-current alarms? I don't know, as I only ever hear the 80% beep.
  15. I'm 99.999999% sure the 84v and 100v MSX motors were identical. Bearing in mind I converted my 84v MSX to 100V (nothing changed other than batteries and main board) and it's run very well ever since, I would say it's fine.
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