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  1. Very true, but I think there comes a point when 30mins is not the same as a day or longer. It just becomes either impractical or impossible to do a final top-up charge just before you use the wheel. You are right in that the Z battery self-discharges very highly, but it still takes time (about 3 months I think from 100% to shut down) and I certainly wouldn't want to leave one for 3 months after a full charge. A day is about my limit, I wouldn't want to leave it longer than that at full or very near maximum capacity as it will only damage the cells if done repeatedly so if I can avoid it I will. In any event I think we are being pretty pedantic about it...mobile phones/lap tops etc are all left plugged in overnight every day for years
  2. You do what you're happy with my friend. I do sometimes put a little bit in first and do the rest the next day if it's a late ride, but if its a morning ride I start charging at say 10pm then 4hrs or so charge means the wheel is sitting at 100% for 7hrs or so. I don't think that's a problem. Leaving at 100% for a week or more wouldn't be ideal. I might even start using a timer on the plug socket. A charge doctor or similar would be better because you could cut off at a certain voltage but I think theres a problem getting hold of them.
  3. I think you might be confused bud...when I said mine was first activated October 2018 I meant my Z6. I am hoping that my Z10 will be a considerably newer build. In fact I will be a bit annoyed if it isn't as A: I don't want to be buying a headlight and B: who knows what voltage it's been stored at (or topped up at) if it's 8 months old. Not good to keep the battery at 100%...probably better if it had been left alone to switch off (DOA) and then it shouldn't drain much further. I always keep my Z between 40% and 60%. I only ever charge to 100% the evening before if I know I am going out on it the next day.
  4. Our posts crossed... Wowsers.... that's only 3 weeks newer build than my wheel and I think mine was first registered in October 2018. I am staggered that the battery wasn't DOA for you. Maybe the seller kept it topped up.
  5. Very odd. I thought everything after serial N30TC1844T0001 (week 44, 2018) had the updated headlight. What serial is yours? If you don't want to post it, can you just let us know whether it is lower or higher? Surely your wheel hasn't been in storage for over 8 months?
  6. Your Z10 was quite recent though wasn't it? Doesn't it already have the modified light unit? Or did Ninebot not build later wheels with the new light?
  7. Ah...had a look further into the phone and found they are actually in the internal storage within the Wheel Log folder. Even weirder that they don't show up in my gallery then...given my gallery shows everything from downloads, whatsapp, instagram, screenshots, camera and various other sources
  8. I have just realised that none of the photos I have taken with WheelLog show up in my phone. They show fine on EUC World. Must be something my end I guess
  9. Put it this way, I bought my Z10 new for the same money from China. There's currently a second hand Z6 on Ebay for £900 which is why I thought my price was cheap. They will always be quite a bit pricier over here though as A: people don't want to wait and B: buying used in the UK pretty much guarantees that you won't get a DOA wheel which is always a risk from China. It's not like you can really send it back, and therefore £1250+ is a lot of money for most people to gamble.
  10. Yes maybe. I have uninstalled and re-loaded your latest Beta.
  11. Nice one looks really good! And did I see you correcting at the last minute to avoid the poo on the road...?!
  12. Theres nothing wrong with a 600cc Supersport as your first bike either. Mine was a Kawasaki GPZ1000RX, straight after I got off my learner 125cc. Fast bikes (and cars) are only as quick as your wrist or foot want them to be. Same applies to EUC's. Depends whether you are the sort of person who has self-control or not I guess. Further, I find the Z requires more effort to accelerate hard off the line than my V5F so it's not like the Z will feel decidedly quicker until you are already doing 10mph or so. With regards to being worried afterwards about riding a slim-tyred EUC (might as well say anything other than a Z as they are so unique in terms of riding style) it's not a major problem. I went on my V5 the other day for the first time in about 2 months and could ride it fine. Not as good as I could before I got the Z I grant you, but it wasn't a major issue at all. As regards to speed in general, I still don't go over 20mph after riding for some 5 months now. I don't commute with it so time isn't an issue and I enjoy leisurely rides where I don't have to work to hard at spotting surface issues before I am on them. I got a Z6 because I needed something with at least the same range as my daughter on the V5F, and it was the right price being secondhand. I am only really upgrading to the Z10 to get more range, not speed. So whilst I would be the first person to talk someone into a Z (I love them) you may be fine with anything else which has a reasonable range. There comes a point though when wheels like the V5 will generally be outgrown as 15mph is 'comfortable' and the V5 is at it's limit at that speed so I didn't like riding it at that with my 90kg, preferring to ride around 12mph to leave me a little headroom. All depends what you want to do with it. As posted above, Simone is very happy after 6 months with a V5, as would you (probably) if you just like gentle evening cruises for no more than 12 or so miles. It's a great wheel, as is the V8 and V10. But I still reckon you should get the Z10
  13. Hi Sam, yes still got it but things have taken a bit of a turn since I started this topic. At the time I did have a Z10 on order in the uk which meant a week or so delivery but the supplier messed me about so I had to cancel. I have since ordered from China which will be 6 to 8 weeks from now I reckon. If it was down to me I would let the Z6 go now and just wait without a wheel in order to make a sale but 99% of the time I ride with my daughter and I havent got it in me to tell her we couldnt ride together for that long. I think she woukd be quite upset If you can wait then great but I understand it if you need a wheel before then. A shame because Bournemouth is doable as well. If you drive we could meet halfway or something. Its about 3hrs each way otherwise.
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