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  1. Sounds like an easier method to me! Only downside being that if a cell goes down its possibly taking 3 others with it as opposed to 2 but not a great issue imo. Thanks, this might be a more suitable option. Btw did you spot weld or use Vruzen blocks?
  2. Ah OK so its just the case that one of your BMS' now handles 4 cells per string instead of 3?
  3. Hi, did you run an additional BMS? Hansolo bought an additional GW BMS but I wasnt sure what you did with your conversion? I am taking in everything that both of you guys have done for extra capacity, ultimately it looks like 2400Wh can be done in the MSX and that the capacity can grow as one feels the need which is great
  4. Also seems odd that I can find no -one that has actually used erides.co.uk either. Why wouldn't Gotway use a well established UK supplier such as Speedy for their flagship wheel? erides appears to be a new company with a Polish MD.
  5. Use Wheel Log. Theres a thread running at the moment for 'EUC World - Wheel Log'. Edit - scrap that just saw you were on Apple. Could always use a cheap android phone just for Wheel Log.
  6. ....making it a completely pointless overvoltage safety feature. Mechanical or solid state fuses could easily deal with this, maybe also run an RCD while you're at it. Anything to deal with an unusual voltage situation. At no point should this issue have to cause damage to the BMS or, god forbid, the battery. There are more than enough electrical solutions to prevent an input overvoltage causing damage to other components.
  7. OK all installed and logged into EUC World no problems. Will give it a try in the next day or so. Cheers Seba! Galaxy S9 running Android 9.
  8. Ah OK thanks I will try that link from my phone. If I install it without removing the old version, will it keep all my settings?
  9. For info I searched for 'EUC World' in the Play app on my phone and it doesn't show
  10. Most eucs get away with it because of the high voltages used (therefore less current). Yes the current spikes can be very high but this isnt maintained in general riding so things dont usually get a chance to overheat. The Z10 has chunky power wires but then it needs them because of the low voltage. It would be interesting to know what mm2 wire say an 84v wheel uses. All wire will have a maximum continuous current rating so it would be easy to check if a certain euc has a big enough wire. I agree though, most power wires do look quite skinny for the amps that get pulled through wheels.
  11. Well I am quite impressed at 70 miles for 1800wh. Most wheels seem to get around 30 miles per 1000wh give or take if I'm not mistaken. Where has 'erides.co.uk' come from? Never heard of them before. Just visited the site and it doesn't look the most professional tbh, although it's always good to see another UK vendor popping up.
  12. What I think is that theres an awful lot of unused real estate within the Nicola, even the Plus models. If they designed the wheel to utilise the space and CAD/CAM'd it properly they could fit much more Mah in there. It's still only a 17" wheel after all, with one of the biggest shells out there. Dare I say it, they might not need the width in the first place (even for 21700) if it was designed to utilise the cavities properly. *Puts flame suit on*
  13. Brilliant! And the printed parts could be used for just about every EUC on the planet I would wager
  14. Never a truer word said! My local MTB track takes about 6 minutes on the wheel but takes more out of me than carving around for an hour. My legs are literally on fire after. Not only that but it also hones and advances your riding skills at the same rate. I still prefer smooth asphalt though, but push myself to do the track cos it helps so much!
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