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  2. Turns out to be a dodgy seller! Thought it was too good to be true!
  3. Jepp. Tänker precis på samma sätt. Man har inga rättigheter och bara skyldigheter i och med fordonet som man åker på. Därför är jag alltid extra försiktig när det kommer till *förhandlingar* med bilister, cyklar, gående, etc. Sjukt tråkigt att du råkade ut för detta. Hoppas att det inte blir någon lång läkeprocess och att du blir 100% hel snart.
  4. Damn what an epic ride! What was the total distance you covered?
  5. Förstår dig helt! Det är en balansgång det där, samma här, när jag rapporterade skadan på akuten var det en "cykel" jag åkte.
  6. Helt och hållet bilistens fel. Han kom ut och var ganska skärrad. Jag har inte anmält skadan eller polisanmält eftersom jag inte vill att EUC ska få mer negativ uppmärksamhet. Dessutom körde jag ett oförsäkrat och oklassat fordon. Vet inte riktigt konsekvenserna av det.
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  8. Nikola Plus 100V or 16X. .... I will go for Nikola Plus 84V because of more torque and battery 100V it's for speed junkie. correct me if I'm wrong
  9. could please let me know where to buy that cover for KingSong 18XL ?
  10. Well, yeah. It makes you really hot if you gear up.
  11. Are there two version of Tesla 2? I've seen the one with red speakers. Do you have picture of the silver version? Thanks. Edit: nevermind
  12. Banggood Europe M365Pro Europe version 570,36€ From UK warehouse, ship 2-7 business days https://fr.banggood.com/custlink/Kvm3ZYPa1m
  13. Buy a boosted board and ride it for a week. Then take your euc. Your euc will feel like a Mercedes S class
  14. Wow man. Good for you I guess. I also use my wheel as my main/only transport. And I’m kitted out almost always. Unless I’m going like less than a mile. I don’t know about where you are from but in Seattle people can’t fucking drive. I’ve been hit twice in six months I guess if you ride slowly and on the side walk it wouldn’t be a big deal.. but you might as well walk.. I always have full face helmet.. to stay pretty. Lol. And a armored jacket gloves wrist guards and knee\shin guards. I get more people tell me how glad they are I’m smart enough to wear protection... never have I felt silly or encumbered by my gear. It’s just smart. If I fall at 35 without gear.. Jesus Christ. I don’t even wanna think about it. But with all my gear. I know I would be more okay then not. So I will continue to gear up .. it doesn’t make you cool to not wear protection !
  15. Mine are silver speakers. What colour are yours? Yes I replaced the board. As you can see above no hot glue issue, no burned mosfets.
  16. Kyse on käytännöllisyydestä ts. ei ole resursseja alkaa mittailemaan sähkövehkeiden nopeuksia. Eli jos ajat kolarin, niin silloinhan noita aletaan tutkimaan kenen syy eli ei kannata kolaroida.
  17. I signed up for the stock email and i was surprised when it was in stock ,, yes insta is terrible for stock ,,i was lucky, Looks handy little kit tbh , will be good for filming and using the settings ect i think it activates the GPS speed distance etc ,it also has battery read out for camera and remote .. Might do a short video review👍
  18. Well, of course every component is different, but if they all meet the datasheet spec, than they are the same as far as the circuit design is concerned. If your hardware design is dependent on "same lot" components, than it's a poorly designed circuit. When you say "i know what i'm saying", what you really mean is that you believe your friend knows what he's saying
  20. Shit va tråkigt kom bilisten ur bilen för att prata och reda ut vad som hände? Vet inte vilka ersättningskrav det är mellan bilist och cyklist i olycka då bilisten orsakat felet? återigen... hoppas du blir bättre fort. Jag vet hur det känns fr maj till nu typ. Krya
  21. yea i just seem to recall ian commenting on how insanely loud it was.. might have been when he was on low battery going through town? hahaha no doubt the option to disable warnings and maybe just vibrate your phone or something instead would be a nice addition as well, because if youre wearing headphones all youre gonna do is annoy the neighbours xD
  22. WheelLog is using optimized, more realistic battery level gauge, so if WL displays that you have 27 %, it means you have almost one third of battery to go. With WheelLog you can safely go down to 0 % and there will still be a small amount of battery charge to allow for a ride, of course with very slow speed and constant tiltbacks. Real 60 km (or 70 km as displayed in wheel data) with 27 % battery is normal for KS-18L and 80 kg rider @ 25 km/h. Wind and riding speed are a major factors influencing effective range. With time and experience, riders tend to ride faster and more agressively, what in turn results with smaller range. Of course, battery wear is another factor, but it's much smaller and is usually hidden by effects of wind and speed.
  23. Yes, agreed. Haven't thought much on how the beeps are handled on the V10F, but they are loud so it's either true that they're using the main speaker or their other speaker is much louder. So that's great, of only it wouldn't beep all the time..
  24. Believe me i know what i'm sayng, you think that mosfets are the same but they dont, if you do battery pack you take all batteries from one production cause they are mostly the same, with mosfets is the same thing, mosfets with different part of production have nominal (datasheet) paramaters but they dont really the same. My friend, much older than me, tells me if you change mosfets change all with same part of production and i believe him. Mosfets are chep in china.
  25. it still baffles me that no euc has incorporated the ability to push alarms through the main speakers or external speakers/headphones... and im not talking about the supremely annoying PLEASE DECELERATE!!!! that everyone turns off because its so annoying, why cant they pause the music and push the beep warnings through to the speakers?? actually correct me if im wrong but i heard that the inmotion v10 does do this, in the original speedyfeet review? i could be imagining this but anyways all eucs should do this as you rarely can hear the beeper with the wind noise lol
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