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  1. EUCMania

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    Where do they find so many EUC riders?
  2. EUCMania

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    How did I get into EUC rabbit hole? One day in early Dec of year 201x, I was looking for Xmas gifts on internet. Accidentally, hoverboards appeared. Self-balancing? WOW! I searched youtube. EUC came up on screen. More yourtube watching. What was the price? $250! Buy! and I bought a TGT3. It died in 2 weeks but I was already hooked. So bought NB1E+..... Now a 9B1 C or A1 cost only $<500, I am puzzled why not many people buy. Is $500 that big deal in USA?
  3. EUCMania

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    I have to say no because 1. If the battery burns in the plane, that is the end of EUC business at the cost of hundreds human lives. 2. The under powered EUC will be more likely to crash since we EUC addicts are so used to much more powerful EUCs. And a crash far away from home is very bad. 3. Instead, just use shared e-scooters away from hometown.
  4. From what you wrote, I only find reasons for buying another EUC: a) You rode 10k km without being hurt. b) You enjoyed EUC very much. c) EUCs fit with your commuting distance of 3.5km perfectly. d) Which mode of transportation is more enjoyable than EUC? e) Today's EUCs are much better than NB1E+: Safer in the sense that they are much less likely to cut-off, have higher pedals, bigger and open wheels, much more powerful motors and batteries to overcome bumps. Z10 even have some redundancy built in.
  5. EUCMania

    Z10 self-discharge problem?

    NB's EUC's starting from S2 or A1 uses some power even when power off. Last Xmas season, Amazon had too many S2's sitting in warehouse for too long. It sold these S2's at fire sale $299 price to avoid battery be depleted in the warehouse.
  6. EUCMania

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    The divot does not seem, from the video, that bad. I guess 16" wheels or Tesla in particular is bad at handling these divots. I wonder whether 18" wheels can handle it better.
  7. EUCMania

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Hope everything is ok for you @Marty Backe. The mirror with a long stick out near face seems dangerous if it breaks during a faceplant, because it can break and the sharp stick can do a lot of damage if the angle is "right". I wonder if you had used elbow pads with a lot of padding to absorb shock, would your shoulder feel much better? Looks like we have to find protection gears which are easier to slide on the ground to lessen the impact? After I faceplanted on NBE+ 2 years ago, I decided to limit my speed to <=15 mph and use EUCs capable of doing 30 mph. After that, I fell a few times, but none of them was serious.
  8. The plastic I used to print in a Univ lab is stiff, I guess it is ABS. I will try to print it again using softer plastic. Thank you for the offer. I am thinking of put a water bottle outside of the mudguard.
  9. Just make the mud guard into a platform on which you can attach anything you want. That is, instead of roundish shape of the current mud guard, give it some flat surface with mounting screw holes. Maybe @Lukasz can 3D print one? Also, @Lukasz, I 3d-printed your switch guard. But after a while, especially in cold weather, it falls off due to the plastic wants to spring back from the bended shape. If you can adjust your stl file to make the switch protector to have curved surface on the side to be taped to the switch and make it thicker, then it is perfect.
  10. The forum said that everything is the same except the angle is lower, possibly the front glass shape is also changed. I will wait for @Jason McNeil to respond.
  11. On NB's Chinese forum, there is a few info about free replacement front light with correct light angle. If your Z's serial number is lower than N30TC1844T0001, then you can get one new front light. They also said that there is a video telling customers how to change it DIY. I called the Chinese number 400xxxxxx - 9 to ask for it, but the CS Rep said that she only took order from China and told me to contact my seller to get it. I bought from Ewheel. I hope @Jason McNeil can contact NB to get these improved front lights for his custmers. Z10's serial number N30TC1844T0001 contains the time of assembly: year=18, week = 44th.
  12. EUCMania

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Nikola sounds in Chinese like "You cry?". At this price and a toy looking giant roomba appearance, GW has to put some new tech into it to justify. It has to have some characteristics of the next generation EUCs.
  13. EUCMania

    Ninebot Z10, recording of my experiences.

    Today, I commute to my office on Z10. Before leaving for office, my mileage on Z10 = 111km. Tire pressure = 24psi. On the way down the Incline B of 25o degree, I felt normal and relaxed, much better than the first time I rode down. On the way up, my feet felt vibrations from the pedal and I hear some noise. This happens when the climbing speed is low. Is this normal for Z10? I do not hear or sense vibrations on my other models when climbing the same hill. Part of my trip is on unpaved gravel road. I felt Z10 does unwanted side moves when one side of tire is over a small stone. Over soft ground Z10 is much better than other EUCs. I fixed my MSuper3 yesterday, and test rode it. I like the feeling of seeing an old friend come back and we can still collaborate like before.
  14. EUCMania

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    @LanghamP, Yeah, that light, or a smaller version of it is what I am looking for.