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  1. At US Patent Office site, there is a patent for a foot pedal with SUSPENSION for EUCs. The patent number is Patent #: US20200079457 . It offers a few designs of foot pedals with suspensions for EUC. One can easily replace foot pedals of existing EUCs by these pedals with suspension. Due to the simplicity of the design, I think the price of these pedals will be inexpensive. The link is https://pdfaiw.uspto.gov/.aiw?PageNum=0&docid=20200079457&IDKey=89CC10023DC8&HomeUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fappft.uspto.gov%2Fnetacgi%2Fnph-Parser%3FSect1%3DPTO2%26Sect2%3DHITOFF%26p%3D1%26u%3D%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r%3D1%26f%3DG%26l%3D50%26co1%3DAND%26d%3DPG01%26s1%3D%2522FOOT%2BPLATFORMS%2BSUSPENSIONS%2BVEHICLES%2BUSED%2BSTANDING%2522.TTL.%26OS%3DTTL%2F%2522FOOT%2BPLATFORMS%2BWITH%2BSUSPENSIONS%2BFOR%2BVEHICLES%2BUSED%2BWHILE%2BSTANDING%2522%26RS%3DTTL%2F%2522FOOT%2BPLATFORMS%2BWITH%2BSUSPENSIONS%2BFOR%2BVEHICLES%2BUSED%2BWHILE%2BSTANDING%2522
  2. EUCMania


    Here is an article about Chinese are doing on wheels, with poems http://www.wenxuecity.com/news/2019/06/18/8421933.html
  3. Do you mean the screws on the black wheel plate?
  4. I have the similar problem: Hear periodic scratch sound when turning to the right. Now, it become more audible, not as loud as the your video shows. I took off the trolley and mudguard, the scratch sound is still there. The sound appears only when riding. I put two hand on the pedals hoping to simulate the riding and hear the sound at close range, no luck.
  5. Graceful! A ballerina on EUC!
  6. Occasionally, we hear someones' li-battery packs catch fire. One reason is that as battery cells aging, some cells develop internal shorts. Once such short is established, that cell is quickly drained, and even worse it has almost no electric resistance so that the cells parallel to it will dump huge current through this cell. the heat is high enough to burn this cell and trigger thermal runaway on neighboring cells. Then fire starts which is hard to put off. One way to prevent this chain reaction is to use fuse wire for parallel connections. Look at Tesla's battery construction. See first pic Another way is to build fuse wire into the nickel plate connecting batteries. See 2nd pic. The thin part will melt like a fuse if the current through one cell is too high. I would like EUC manufacturers adapt fuse wire design in their battery packs. They can brag about this safety feature if they use this technology. @Jason McNeil, can you suggest this to EUC makers? See https://www.electricbike.com/introduction-battery-design-2/
  7. Today, a relative of mine of age 21 came to visit. He was a baseball player in high school, and did skateboard before. I let him try my EUCs. FIrst he tried my KS16. I taught him the very basics such as hold on a car to get on and swing forward and backward. Then he tried to move away from the car. Failed a few times. Then I told him to look far forward and turn a bit to the direction of falling. Then he could get going for about 3 meters. Then I gave him Z10 to try. Suddenly, he could go one street block. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. This shows that Z10 is a much easier EUC for the beginners, due to the fat tire. Conclusion: If EUC manufacturers wants to make a beginner-friendly model, use fat tire, a higher body to reduce pressure on shin. For beginners, a less powerful battery and motor is OK.
  8. open the cover to hear where that sound comes from.
  9. If it is fun to drive this bike, then I am for it. After awhile on this bike, people will realize that the handle bar, one of the wheel etc are unnecessary---> EUC.
  10. You control this bike by leaning, just like you do on an EUC: https://electrek.co/2019/03/05/skodas-electric-two-wheeler-klement/
  11. This is exactly what 9B wants: Do not forget your BabyZ, care it, ride it everyday. Else it will suicide.
  12. Sorry to hear what happened to you. I guess your KS 18L looked very attractive to the thief. I think KS has this social network in its app. In it, there is a button to search KS's nearby. Maybe you can try that?
  13. EUCMania


    I would like to suggest to forum moderators to put topics about these preventive mods always on top inside the subforum for each brand/model. We have to take good care of battery packs. NB1E+'s battery pack is inside one of the square-ish gray cover touching your calf when riding. Open it. You can see that the inside of the cover has plastic pieces protruding out. They scratch the battery wrapper hard when riding, especially those pieces underneath the pack. Put some foam to cover those pieces. put the battery pack back. Inspect the pack every time you inflate tire. There are much more electric bikes than EUCs. We seldom hear burning ebikes, but we see some exploding EUCs photos. I guess one of reasons is that EUCs battery pack is not protected as well as that for ebikes. Ebike battery packs are in dedicated hard sealed cases. @Afeez Kay, We are here to share our experiences and knowledge about EUCs so that we can enjoy them better without getting into accidents such as this fire. If you have some anger management issues, keep that to yourself or find a doctor. If you cannot read my last post, find an English teacher.
  14. EUCMania


    Hi @NDOH I feel bad for what happened to you. NB1E+ 's battery pack wrapper is not well protected against vibrations and scratches. The battery housing has some plastic piece protruding from below. It will cut into the wrapper or even more to cause damage to the battery. Have you put a foam piece underneath the pack to protect it?
  15. It turn out that I forgot to unplug the battery AND RELEASE residual charge stored in the capacitor, which keeps last time's error on. After I redo the aabove sequence, the GW MS3 works as before now.
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