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  1. I ride EUC in campus. Many students said EUC was cool. But I have not seen a convert yet.
  2. EUCMania

    Washington, DC

    Recently, twice when I rode on the CnO trail between Gtown and Chain bridge, older men rode bicycle passing me and said no motorized vehicle. I tell them that they had bigger footprints and moving faster. So they are more dangerous. What are they complain about? When I ride my e-bike, on which I move much faster, When I pass other bikers, I had never heard any complaint. Why?
  3. EUCMania

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Sorry to hear your illness. I hope it is not because of your EUC riding. I did have back pain before for many years. a disc in spine protruding which compresses nerves. It is the result of long time sitting and a car/bike accident. The pain position is higher than yours. I went through physical therapy and yoga etc. They did not work. Yoga made it even worse. Then, I went to China and seeking help at a hospital specializing in this kind of problems. The doctor used his hand to feel around the spine and said: It is easy, just lie on the bed, on your stomach. try raise head and feet up for 10 minutes for 3 sessions a day. I was skeptical about what he said, but tried half -hearted anyway. Not much effect. Later, I become addicted to a video game on i pad. So I lie on my stomach on ground to play the game. After a few weeks, I found that the back pain was gone, and never came back.
  4. EUCMania


    It is easy to sense wire temperature. Just put wrap a temperature sensitive resistor ( heat sensor) on the cable and the control board reads it ohm. Easy to do for GW.
  5. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Locked because of location? Maybe NB has to protect the local exclusive dealer from sellers from other regions?
  6. https://www.cnet.com/news/the-lithium-ion-battery-that-didnt-explode/
  7. EUCMania

    first ride in downtown traffic ...

    One of my neighbor has a small dog who always bark and charge to about 3 feet away from me when I ride EUC passing his home. I was very annoyed. You know, EUC ride after dinner supposely give me relax and enjoyable good time. But this dog ruins it. So, one day, I carry 2 sticks with me and riding passing his home on the side walk, pretending doing ski pushes with the sticks. The dog charged, I waved the sticks "in panic". No one was hurt. After that the dog have not charged at me. We have a responsibility to teach dogs how to behave.
  8. EUCMania

    Looking for Boston unicycle riders

    Go to Local Meetup section of this forum. Search Boston, Then you can find someone riding in Boston area.
  9. EUCMania

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    My ratio of spending before and after marriage and kids are: 1: 3: 8. Yes, 2 kids are expensive. I do not know how those families with 5 kids survive. The biggest increase is in housing: 1:20, without inflation adjustment. If you have 2 or 3 commuter cars in your family, replacing one of them with an EUC obviously saves money, without much visible inconvenience but a lot of more fun and more healthy. The danger is that if I buy a lot of EUCs like Marty, then the savings diminishes.
  10. EUCMania

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    Most family needs a car anyway. The only way to save by using EUC is if it can replace one car or more. A car typically cost $5000 to $8000/year.. So the saving is obvious if an EUC can substitute a car.
  11. EUCMania

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    Correct calculation must include your EUC's current market price. Example: Your expensive EUC's cost is Eur 600 - its current price, say Euro 400 = Euro 200
  12. EUCMania

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    You have to include the lost income as a cost to cars. For example, The E350 van you paid 19600 in 2007. If you had not bought it, but invest in stock market, then you could have easily earn 5% return rate. Thus your lost income is about 19600*1.05^11 - 19600= 13922 dollars or 13922/100000 = 0.14/mile added to your number. So cost for E350 is 0.57 $/mile.
  13. EUCMania

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Most medicines are poisons of some kind. We use them only if the benefit B is greater than their vice, V. However, it is hard to know whether B>V or V>B. One thing I can be sure is that EUCing is good for people's health. Possibly you are an example of EUCing can cure cancer! Here is a paper presenting fact that Doctors on strike are better than doctors who work help people stay away from their own funerals: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1127364/
  14. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Wow @RoberAce, the poem praise you as this: Nothing can block my longing for the freedom of living like a flying horse in the sky with no bother of daily life. Give my wild suburban back!
  15. EUCMania

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    F*** the driver of that car. Glad that you survived the car hit and still able to type your message. I hope you get a speedy recovery of health ( and the damage ). I was hit by a car when biking before. My back had some problem since then. I hop you do a check on your back just in case. I would like to know the protection gears you wear on that day.