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  1. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    I guess that as you turn, it senses the angle, and it tilts up a little to compensate the pedal dipping
  2. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    We will love it if you can produce a video showing the hill climbing. You can install an angle measurement app on your smart phone to measure the incline angle. That will show the true power of the wheel. Also, the reason for I plan to buy One Z is the shock absorbing ability of the wide tire under lower pressure. Please compare the rider comfort when going over a tree root road crack, comparing 1z vs GW MSuper. Please ask the Ninebot designer to use tires that can absorb more shocks. This is the best reason I want to buy 1Z, because I was bounced off a few times and got hurt by road cracks due to tree roots.
  3. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    Hi @Niaraeth What is the fact and your opinion about these items: It is only nimble at slow speed, the agility is really not that good above 10-12 mph, to me personally it is to a level that I feel unacceptable. Some testers report that with enough practice it would turn well. Well, I don’t think so, I don’t think it will ever be as nimble as a V10 or a Msuper 3 no matter how much practice you put into improve it. Power output is disappointing, acceleration is slow, braking is not that good too. This is an Off Road wheel by design, but it fail to climb a slope when a same rider can get up with easy on a Ninebot S2. The tire, it slips on painted lines on the road, slips on wet, and it is hard. You think a 18 inch fat tire will bring superb comfort? Well, no.. nowhere near the comfort of GW 18 or the new V10. But again it does perform great on gravel and grass. Since you can talk to the lead designers, I have a few hypothesizes about the reasons: About the slow braking: During the braking, the control board does not charge one of the two battery packs, see the video of the Taiwan tester. This will make dumping the energy into battery twice as hard. The bug comes from that the algorithm is for Z6 who has only one pack. Another solution for the slow braking and acceleration: Choose a lighter weight tire. The tire used now may be too stiff, some testers complained. Check those fat tire bikes, their tires are pretty soft and light. The complaint of side slips on tilted roads and wet surface is a serious complaint. It must be addressed before releasing to the market.
  4. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Those beta testers' only previous wheels are S1 S2 etc. They will have a hard time to adjust to big 18*4" quickly. For example, when I switched from 9B1E+ to MSuper 3, I felt that the same: hard to turn at high speed, hard to climb. After a few weeks, turning is not a problem at all. The "hard to climb" was due to the "small" pedal, not lack of power, was solved by squeezing the MSuper with legs. I doubt how many S1 riders learned to squeeze because it is not easy to squeeze that small EUC. 9B uses the E+ pedal on the 18" wheel, then the climbing without squeezing becomes very hard. Anyway, bigger wheel requires bigger power and bigger pedals to achieve the same input-output response as smaller wheels. I remember that V10f promotional teaser mentioned that the boards' maximum power was 2000w. So, who knows.
  5. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    One of Chinese reviewer said he (75kg) could climb up still incline < 35 degrees. But he did not have a picture to show the incline measurement. Other reviewers, most of them only had exp on A1 or C or E+, said that due to wide tire ( i guess also heavier spinning part of the wheel ), it is harder to turn at high speed. Many reviewers suggested changing tire pattern to increase stability on wet surfaces, and to reduce the side movement when traveling perpendicular to incline.
  6. EUCMania

    400km and still waiting on first crash

    Crash will happen. The question is not if but when. When? When you become super confident, as shown in your post.
  7. EUCMania

    Dead Ninebot?

    Likely that there is a short circuit inside. 0. Charge the EUC. Turn on to see if it works. if not, then do 1 below. 1. Open the covers on two sides, see where water is. Inspect burn marks on control board, connectors, battery pack. If there is replace the part. 2. If there is no visible damage, then unplug the LED ring lights. turn power on, does it work? 3. Unplug the battery from the board, check its voltage, It should be around 60v. If too low, you need a new battery pack. 4. Else, you need a new control board.
  8. EUCMania

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Great after-sale support. This converts me to inMotion now. My next wheel should be an InMotion.
  9. I want to practice some one leg tricks on EUC. But I feel pain at my calf. Where can I find calf pad guard?
  10. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    double checked the 1st post in this thread. Yeah, 150kg for max load. I guess the max incline should be based on this max load. Looks Ninebot is not trying to cook up some nice number by put a small load in tiny print. On the other hand, which EUC rider weighs 150 kg =330 lb? I imagine with that much weight, it is hard to learn EUC.
  11. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If I remember right, the Z10 incline angle is for 150kg load, while that for v10 is for 120kg load. That explains the difference.
  12. EUCMania

    how many current euc riders in the world?

    A rough lower bound estimate of riders can be obtained by the number of full-time distributors surviving in US. I would say that a full-time distributor in US must sell 1000+/year EUCs to survive. There are just about 2 full-time distributors, ewheels and nbus in US. So, in last 3 years, there are about 6000 new riders in US. If this number 6000 riders in US is true, then how often do we expect to see someone riding one? Assuming that these riders are distributed in 100 cities, that is just about 60 per city. And majority time of a day, they are working or day is dark, so it is hard to see one.
  13. EUCMania

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I do not hear from the taiwan video much useful info. The only it said meaningful is unexpected is that the wide tubeless tire did not reduce much shocks over bumps, because the tire's side wall is tough. I guess that depends on the rider's weight and tire pressure. ON Ninebot mainland Chinese forum, there are 3 new beta testing reviews posted. One reviewer (z10) said that the stability and controllability at low speeds are super. Good for single leg runs. The lights are super bright, almost like a car light, and auto adjustable according to the environment. Do not feel much when go over a speed bump at 20kmh. There is a rubber flap cover for easy tire inflation. Speed tested at 45kmh. Dual sets of Hall sensors(Z10) etc. Cons: Turning at high speeds needs the rider to re-learn. The acceleration and braking is not "hard" enough. ( this contradicts his claim of the superior low speed controlbility). 2 other reviewers on Z6: 1: Rode A1 before this. Feel that it can handle up to 35 degree (no evidence shown ). Went over a 10 cm curb. Coming from A1, it took him 1 week to adjust to Z6. Now he can control Z6 almost like A1. Cons: Lift to cutoff button is not stable enough, shell is not very resistant to scratch and crash. The paddle root is too sharp to touch leg. And hard to control at high speed turns. 2nd: When braking, it will tilt back by 3 degrees and he said this feels comfortable. ( I guess this will make me feel the braking is slow.). No other real info given in this review.
  14. EUCMania

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Do not use hard bell. you may lose your finger in a crash. Use this instead: @WaveCut
  15. EUCMania

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Yes, get a small rubber ducky that squeak squacks. It is soft and fun and above all, SAFE