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Where to buy...? List of known resellers around the world

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Manufacturer representatives and homepages (NOTE 18.12.2019: This list is probably outdated, many of the people mentioned here may not visit the forums anymore or even work for the company mentioned)

Format: Manufacturer: username(s), homepage (if any/known)

Airwheel: @Love Cherish  @Arnold Li   http://www.airwheel.net/

F-Wheel: @Jesse Jin http://www.fwheel.cc/

Gotway: @Jane Mo   @Linneaunicycles   http://www.kebye.com

InMotion: @Bobwheel  https://www.myinmotion.com/

IPS: -   http://en.iamips.com/  @王月月

Rockwheel: @Barry Chen  http://rockwheel.cn/

King Song:  @tinawong  @Diana-Tan  @Diana@szkingsong.com http://www.szkingsong.com/en/index.php


Resellers in the forums

This is an alphabetical list of resellers and and manufacturer representatives here in the forums (I'm not 100% sure of them all, please post and correct any wrong info). You can (probably) contact these people directly with questions/orders, but I'm not sure if some of them frequent the boards so much, so MIGHT have better luck with contacting the manufacturer/reseller via their pages or contact info found from there.


Alwin Wong (Malaysia, Malaysia Airwheel, Malaysia Gotway) Airwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, King Song, others

@bbking (Spain, Airwheelshop) Airwheel

@Thewheeldeal  (Australia, The Wheel Deal) Gotway OneWheel, Wind Rider, Chic

@Gray Goodbarn (United Kingdom, Yorkshire Airwheels Ltd) Airwheel, Gotway

@Jason McNeil (USA, ewheels.com)  IPS, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song, Gotway

@johnc415 (USA) Gotway, IPS, Huanxi

@EUniCycles.eu (Poland, eunicycles.eu)  King Song, InMotion, Gotway

@Justina (Poland, electricunicycles.eu) King Song

@Kevin Lee (China/Hong Kong, independent)    Gotway, King Song (others?)

@Kok Fook Cheang (Malaysia, Asia e-Bike/Wind Rider manufacturer) Wind Rider, Rockwheel, IPS

@Kyle Crilow (USA, How We Roll Wheels) Ninebot

@mengke (Australia, WheelYouRide)  Ninebot

@Neale Gray (Australia, Milbay) Milbay

@NevNutz (USA, Northern California, Tec Toyz) Gotway

@Reagan Goh (Singapore, Ninebot.asia) Ninebot

@The Fat Unicyclist (New Zealand, Roll.nz) King Song, Ninebot

@Tim Haden (USA, HoodRiderz) Ninebot

@Trey Lewis (USA, OneSeven) Gotway, IPS

@vladmarks (United Kingdom, Project42) Ninebot, Inmotion, Uniwheel, Kingsong, Acton, Minimula

@Wheelster (Canada, Wheelster) Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics

@ZoomWheelz (USA, ZoomWheelz)  King Song


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Country list (NOTE: This is split into multiple posts to keep things working better, the countries are in alphabetic order)

This is an alphabetical list by country with resellers who are located/ship from that country and which brand(s) they sell (at the time of adding to the list, as always, the information may not be up to date).

Note that while city may be listed, the reseller may not have a physical shop there or their unicycles might be available for online-orders only and/or they might ship from a different country or city than stated.

At least most sites/shops/resellers/distributors/callthemwhatyouwill probably ship to anywhere in the world, the per-country listing is to help people who want to order domestically or find out about possible physical shops near by to visit.

Format: Reseller shop name, City name (if known):   URL to shop    Brands



EUniBikes.com, Denmark countrycode in phone number?  http://www.eunibikes.com/shop/  TG, IPS

FiresCycle, China countrycode?  http://www.firescycle.com/  KMx, looks like rebrand for Firewheel F132/F260/F528 + some other two-wheeled?

LightInTheBox, ?  http://www.lightinthebox.com/  IPS, AirWheel, others...

Wheelive: USA / China  https://wheelive.com/   Fastwheel, WEERDA, Inmotion, Ninebot

Airwheels, European Union/Slovenia: www.airwheels.pro   Airwheel


Countries from A to F


E-Riderz, ?: https://e-riderz.com.au/product-category/electric-unicycles  Ninebot, King Song, Gotway, InMotion

Milbay, Miami/Queensland: http://www.milbay.com.au/  Milbay (which is a rebranded King Song, AFAIK), Esway

Wheel you ride, Victoria:  http://wheelyouride.webs.com/  Ninebot



CityWheel, Vienna: https://www.city-wheel.at/ AirWheel, Ninebot

Funshop, Vienna: http://www.funshop.at/  Firewheel, Gotway, Ninebot, Solowheel, Airwheel, Inmotion, Monowheel, King Song

Ninebot-shop.at, Hohenems: https://www.ninebot-shop.at/  Ninebot


Mirtl-Motion, Vienna: http://www.mirtl-motion.at/  Ninebot (guided Vienna Tours & rentals, Ninebot Segways & Ninebot One)  



Cityzen, Brussels: http://www.cityzen.be/  Fastwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, F-wheel, Solowheel, King Song

Monowheels, Dilbeek:  http://monowheels.be/  Gotway, Huanxi



<Only entry was defunct?>



AirwheelUnicycle.com, Toronto: http://airwheelunicycle.com/Information/airwheel-models  AirWheel 

Bestbuy, numerous locations: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/category/electric-unicycles/504392.aspx  Sologear

eRide-Toronto, Toronto: http://www.ewheelscanada.com  Gotway, InMotion, King Song, Ninebot

Gotway Canada, Ontario: https://gotwaycanada.com/  Gotway

Ride the glide, Victoria:  http://www.ridetheglide.ca/  Ninebot, Gotway

Vancouver Electric Unicycles, Vancouver: http://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/   InMotion, Gotway, (King Song coming later)

Wheelster, Quebec/Toronto/Montreal: http://wheelster.com/ Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics


Alloko, Shenzhen:  http://www.alloko.com/all-products/  Airwheel

Hawkwine, Chongqing  https://www.hawkvine.com/electric-unicycle/  Gotway, Ninebot, King Song, Inmotion

FazendoMedia, Beijing: http://balancingscooter.buy.fazendomedia.com/c1342681-gyroscopic-electric-unicycle  Generics?

Fosjoas, Shenzhen: http://www.fosjoas.com/Home/index  Rebrands/generics?

Geekbuying, Shenzhen: http://www.geekbuying.com/category/Bicycle-Supplies-1265  TG

Holuby, Shenzhen: https://www.holuby.com/type/scooters.html  Generics

Zapals, Shenzhen: http://www.zapals.com/outdoor-living/scooter-skateboard/electric-unicycle.html  Generics?


Airwheels, ?:  www.airwheels.com.hr  Airwheel


Czech Republic

Gotway.cz, Prague(?) : http://gotway.cz/  Gotway, Ninebot, Firewheel, IPS, Airwheel

Inmotion Czech, Prague: https://www.inmotionczech.cz/  InMotion

Tivis.cz, Ivančice:  https://www.tivis.cz/jednokolky  InMotion



Airwheel Denmark, ?:  http://www.airwheels.dk/  Airwheel

Coolstuff, Malmö: http://www.coolstuff.dk/  Solowheel, Airwheel

MyWheel, København (Copenhagen):  http://mywheel.dk/29-el-uniwheel  Airwheel, Firewheel, MyWheel

Uniriders, Copenhagen(?): http://www.uniriders.com  King Song



Firstwheel, Tallinn:  http://firstwheel.com/  Firstwheel, Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion


CDON.com, Maarianhamina: http://cdon.fi/ Airwheel

CoolStuff, Helsinki: http://www.coolstuff.fi  Airwheel, Solowheel

DG-Products, Espoo: http://kevytilmailu.com/index.php?id=10&ala=62  Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song

E1on.com, Mikkeli:  https://www.e1on.com/fi/tuoteryhma/727288   King Song

Joyride Games, Forssa: http://www.joyride.fi/  JoyrideWheel (Looks like it's rebranded F-Wheel Dolphin One)

Ollu.fi, Lohja: http://www.ollu.fi/  Generics, Huanxi


Airwheel France, Paris: http://www.airwheel-france.com/index.php  Airwheel
AlterMove, Lille / Lyon: http://www.altermove.com/vehicule/solowheel.html Beepre, Rool'in, Solowheel
Firewheel France, Toulouse  https://fire-wheel.eu/en/  Firewheel, Gotway, IPS, Airwheel
Funnybike / E Roue, Paris:  http://funnybike.fr/  Gotway, F-Wheel, Pukka, Solowheel, Ninebot
Gyroroue-shop, Paris: http://gyroroue-shop.fr/  King Song, Rockwheel, Inmotion, Ninebot, and GotWay
High'Tems, Beauvais: http://hightems.eu/17-monocycles  Ninebot, King Song
MobilityUrban, : http://www.mobilityurban.fr/gyropode/ Smart Chic, NeWheel, FastWheel, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Legway, Firewheel
Norauto, Marseilles/Lyon/Toulouse: http://www.norauto.fr/produit/solowheel-electrique-blanc-1500w_882133.html  Solowheel
TeamScoot, Monistrol-sur-Loire: http://www.scooter-electrique-urbain.fr/13-monoroue-monocycle Freego, Ninebot, Pukka, Fastwheel, IPS, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Firewheel, Legway, generics...
VIC Electricity, Bobigny: http://vic-electricity.fr/indexsous.html  FosJoas
Wheelyon, Lyon: http://wheelyon.fr/  Ninebot
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<Reserved for some possible future use>

<Reserved for some possible future use>

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<Reserved for some possible future use>

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Split the lists into multiple posts to ease maintenance and removed a lot of dead links. Some might have been 404's or 500's or outdated certs, with a list of hundreds of non-working links I didn't go through them that closely... if your shop was removed accidentally, post here or send me a personal message and we'll get it sorted.

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49 minutes ago, esaj said:

King Song:  tinawong has left KS?

No. Or she returned again?

Ps.: Feel free to delete this post after reading, especially if you need the place for further expansion.

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4 hours ago, The Fat Unicyclist said:

Add Gotway our brands, please... They have just arrived in our warehouse, and should be on our website before Christmas!




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On 12/20/2019 at 5:35 AM, Rehab1 said:




:facepalm:   :roflmao:   :facepalm:   :roflmao:

I think we need to make a kick-starter page to get you some Photoshop training...   

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Czech Republic https://www.inmotionczech.cz/ = https://www.tivis.cz/ (tivis is only official service center in country conected to inmotionczech)

gotway.cz is reselers only real purchase is from germany. Gotway.cz is not shop is "forum" they order for you from germany on feding order  =  http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/   King Song / Gotway 2 years of waranty motor manufacturin and battery (europe legislation)


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