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  1. I checked your case and as you are aware it was very different. Please check your inbox and spam folder if needed.
  2. Hi guys I admit that our response time is longer than usual and will be that way until August 17th (which we inform about in auto-reply). This is caused by increased number of orders, new wheels arrivals (V10/F and KS-18L) and urgent for closer cooperation with manufacturers recently. To be honest, we get hundreds of emails daily, so we needed to prioritize processing orders over reply time, and hire additional permanent staff in the meantime (which also takes time, as we to train the new team members). We took steps to make this problem go away. I can only say that this did not and does not affect processing orders. For example - if you see a product in our store that is in stock and has 24 h dispatch time, that means it will be shipped out within 24 hours after receiving payment. Our service replies faster, so for all technical matters please always contact service@electricunicycles.eu , or even contact us via FB if it's urgent. You can contact me directly via PM as well, and I will try to help you myself Remember that we offer 2-year real warranty and we mean it. In most countries it's even door-to-door. Our clients (who purchased a wheel) also get 10% discount for all accessories, and we offer our help in many other aspects, like doing customs clearance, or even arranging shipping unicycles via air (for example, if you want to take your unicycle with you for holidays, but cannot take it with you on a plane). I also need to point out that we not only run a shop, but also work very close with the manufacturers, especially when it comes to improving their products (even existing ones - in next batches) and run VERY interesting and important projects, that will be a huge boost to the whole electric unicycle community in Europe. We will post more information soon, and can only promise it will be something BIG. As to where are we based: we are now based in the UK and Poland. Preparing our London's office wasn't easy. As you can imagine - all those things in couple of months make it the busiest time for us so far, but that's a necessary step forward to offer you the best support possible. We are and we will be here for you! Lastly, let me paste some useful info from our auto-reply:
  3. Hi @esaj! Of course we've heard about these issues, but haven't encountered them. Beside our standard testing set, we have some additional QC procedures exclusive to KS-18L. Among others: Following KS recommendations, in all KS-18L's - before shipping - we upgrade the firmware and run special stress tests using KS new debug software (internal). Units that do not pass the tests are not shipped to customers. We also check trolleying with various app configuration. We've delivered lots of KS-18Ls already, and this is our third 18L big shipping - no problems so far. We do everything to make sure the problem is non-existent (or at least to keep the risk to an absolute minimum).
  4. Justina

    18L orders

    @Unventor Thank you for choosing us! By the way: nice review! The wheel is indeed a beast! I can't wait to show you my new vids And about the handle: if you have any issues with it - let us know and we will send you a replacement set. @Unventor It depends. It is usually much, much worse when we introduce a new product. When we introduced V10 and V10F first in Europe, the customs surprised us with a thorough inspection. Of course everything was OK, but it took a lot of time for customs to prepare reports, all the documents and check each unit. Such things can cause an unexpected delay. When the customs are already familiar with the product, it is much faster, usually a couple of days tops. But remember that there are many other factors that affect the time from actual plane arrival to shipping to customers. First it's unloading, then customs clearance, then transport to our warehouse, then our quality control, then shipping So even with super fast air freight that we do, delays can sometimes happen. By the way - our preorder schedule has been updated. Another KS-18L stock is in our warehouse right now. If anyone of you want to get a KS-18L shipped like... right now - this is last minute:
  5. Hi After a happy flight our new KS-18L stock is now in our warehouse. We are now doing quality control and shipping preorders. Our pre-order promo expires on Wednesday, 24 Jul, so this is last minute offer: KS-18L White: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(white)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__324 KS-18L Black: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(black)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__325 KS-18L Black Matte: all sold out. New stock in late August. All new orders will be processed and shipped this week! So you don't need to wait - the wheels are here! 2-year warranty in all EU countries + Norway and Switzerland 0% VAT for EU and UK business customers and outside-EU residents (Norway, Switzerland etc.) 14 days to return the product United Kingdom = free shipping Door-to-door warranty in most EU countries and in the UK (full list here) Accepted currencies: EUR, GBP, USD All our clients get 10% discount for all accessories We take care of shipping and customs clearance in Norway and Switzerland We include a black protective foam to every unicycle as a gift. All wheels are going through a strict quality control, to ensure your KS-18L won't have any firmware/hardware related issues or other flaws. Additional chargers: we have them in stock, and offer great deals for second chargers to our customers. If you want to shorten your charging time with 2 chargers, contact us to prepare a special order. You can also PM me directly Justina
  6. Hi @dismason! Thank you for choosing us It is not possible that you've got anything else than a brand new wheel, assembled in the factory. Both silver and black matte outer shells are "painted" in the factory (to be more precise: the factory is outsourcing the paint job). While the silver colour is a paint, the black matte finish is a special rubber-composite coating. About the internals: please contact our service@electricunicycles.eu - remember that your wheel is covered by a 2-year warranty. If you have any issues, we will be glad to offer you a solution.
  7. @Mike Paolini, what was your battery charge at the beginning - was the wheel fully charged? Tell us more about your route - was there a downhill part as well? Or just straight road and then uphill? For how long (time) you've been riding before it overheated? Did you notice any pattern at all, like for example how much time passed since last ride, or something in common in your riding style (any aggressive braking? obstacles? traffic?).
  8. Yes, all new vids are in English For older videos there are English subtitles About residue removers: I've tried "Label Killer" once, on a Ninebot One E+ - it worked like a charm. The only side effect was... glossy white turned into matte white hahahaha But Ninebot One shells were very gentle. I would like to try out that lamp oil, but I don't use paddings any more. But sometimes I still have nightmares where I'm scraping the residue for hours... ?
  9. Hahaha I feel you - I wasted 3 hours once, using alcohol (recommended) and a hair dryer (not really recommended) It's not bad when you use the original 3M tape for few days, but after few months... it's a pain to get it off
  10. Worry not! We've got a sample much earlier, so I've already had a chance to play a bit with it My videos are being edited right now, and I'm now finishing writing an article about the V10F, so I will let you know my thoughts soon!
  11. The bluetooth hardware works fine in your V8. The problem is caused by bluetooth drivers on some phones. Problems with bluetooth connectivity after Android updates are all over the web, unfortunately. Popular solutions are to remove all paired devices from the bluetooth manager, or even make a factory reset of the phone. We've shared the problem details (phone model and system version) with INMOTION. They will see what they can do to improve the connectivity (make the app / firmware compatible with more drivers), but it's possible you would need to wait for a proper system update from your phone manufacturer, or you may just sideload a previous version of the system (before the bluetooth update). There are simply too many Android phone manufacturers, system and driver versions, to support all variants all the time. Remember a mobile app for electric unicycle has to use much more bluetooth profiles than for example - bluetooth headphones. This makes the implementation more complex. INMOTION is doing what they can to test all popular phone models and also add backward-compatibility for older phones with older bluetooth implementations. If you don't want / don't have time to reset your phone or make a potential downgrade, please wait for the new INMOTION app and use another phone in the meantime to set your speed limit and upgrade the V8 firmware (if available). If you need any assistance, please contact our support.
  12. I've checked your ticket status and I can see the problem is solved. We are sorry for replying late, it was caused by national holidays.
  13. I've checked your ticket status and I can see the problem is solved. Please contact us if you encounter any problems.
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