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  1. It's true, even back in 2017 from the era of the first true oscillation bug, the firmware library had 3 variants for the same Wheel size & voltage. Since then, the boards have gone through a profusion of voltages, type & subtypes; I wouldn't be surprised if there's over 100+ firmware variants in the GW source library.
  2. That's the current plan, Gotway want positive confirmation that the replacement controllers have addressed the instability before stamping out another 20 controllers. There is always a hitch to the best laid plans: a week before this issue was identified, I sent the special Firmware Downloader tool back into GW, to have the device loaded with the latest firmware, for the unrelated issue of raising the Nikola temperature threshold to 80°C. CN Customs, in a gesture of defiance to current holder of office, impounded the device under the pretext of it being a 'used' device?! For reasons that remain known only to the GW Boss, he's extremely reluctant to provide this tool, which would save Gotway thousands in producing 30x controllers for a firmware specific issue.
  3. According to KS source, both variants of the KS board are compatible with the CX/2200W motor, the material factor is the LH firmware.
  4. Hang in there, I've got a supply of replacement MSX 100V boards on the way, should be in your hands before the end of next week
  5. If preorder demand is any predictor of future success, the V8F is doing pretty nicely, despite the $200 price delta. Still trying to get some specific data on the new MOSFETs, although board overheating was never really a problem with the V8, the V10/F was susceptible to over-temperature on the hills.
  6. Hello Jason

    I want to try KS18xl v2

    Can you send me KS Soft Tuner that can update the firmware manually?


    I'll wait for your reply

    Thank you

  7. As Marty said, if your MSX is affected, this should be immediately noticeable. All of these MSXs that were shipped, went to Customers who have owned other [in most cases many] Wheels before, so the emerging situation seems less alarming than was initially supposed. Working with a sample size of 2, there was reason to believe the scope of the problem was all of these MSXs in this batch, but now it seems that it is just a small subset. Working on getting a supply of new boards Expressed in to deal with the ride stability by those impacted.
  8. Here's the primary evidence for the speaker-stability interaction behaviour. It's possible this is a red-herring, but GW Engineers believe that there is a direct correlation. If this is true, at least it's an easy diagnostic method. Note: that's not me in the video...
  9. Latest development on this: GW just advised, that they believe that this instability is a consequence of the internal piezoelectric speaker being in too close proximity to the gyro sensor, at least one Wheel has been tested, it looks promising. Waiting for feedback from a couple other Customers from this batch. If this is the case, the fix is a fairly simple speaker further out from the controller.
  10. The latest development on this 2200W Motor upgrade, is that you have to use the KS Soft Tuner App to manually load the '18LH' firmware onto the board, instructions sent over.
  11. Launched... Inmotion HQ have promised us first dibs on this initial production (please, please don't screw it up IM ), tentative ship out date from CN is two weeks away, will be flying in a small supply to try to get these under the Christmas tree in time. https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v8f-518wh-battery-1000w-motor/
  12. Gotway rep said that apart from North America, the MTen3 has not sold well in other regions. Manufacturer logic in producing a new Wheel product is based on historical/current sales demand, rather than what we would prefer of, 'let's make something really cool, then people will buy', AKA the Tesla pickup truck approach.
  13. That's true, my sense is there's an untapped segment for first time riders, who tend to be price sensitive in the beginning, or parents looking to purchase a Wheel for their kid(s). Having a sub-$600 MTen3 would be a perfect foray into the world of Wheels, for those who are on the fence about which model to buy. I'll probably get a supply of both & let the market decide which is the best for their needs.
  14. Working on a deal with Gotway, for offer an 'entry' level MTe3n in the next 40-50 days for around $590, or $400 less than the current 512Wh/84V model. The choice is either a larger capacity 420Wh/67v or the 325Wh/84v, weight difference between the two is negligible, but the question is whether it's more advantageous to have another 95Wh capacity on the 67v or the extra 5MPH of speed head-room. For a 10", does anyone actual ride this at the 25MPH limit, or is 20MPH sufficient? Which would you choose?
  15. Thanks for sharing this information. When you sent the email, with all this wonderful telemetry & direct video evidence, I thought it had to be shared for everyone to see the very real risk potential of this narrow power safety band. Either KS need to get their firmware bulletproofed, where there is a sufficient >5-10kph speed/rpm margin before falling off the torque cliff, or they have to reduce the max speed of the Wheel to 45kph. There's no extenuating circumstances here: you're on v1.07, the battery level is >80%, temperature is not a factor, nor are you a sumo wrestler pushing the 320lb weight class. Guess this necessitates another safety advisory tomorrow
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