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  1. There is quite a lot of buzz surronding the 126V battery pack on the S20, but I haven't been able to find much in the way of dissenting voices of whether this ambitious specification is necessary, desired & what trade-offs would be the consequence of this 30s4p pack configuration. We all know that the current generation of these motors have KV values can easily achieve the limited 70KPH max speed (KS are not likely going to increase this) well within the 84V-100V operating envelope, with margin to spare. While there might be a slight improvement in acceleration, this will come
  2. I can confirm this, it was a HS/C30 type. Begode just received his machine back for evaluation, of course there was the immediate deflection response of 'it's just this one machine, here's a video showing 68MPH under no-load'... We told our shipping agent to hold sending 2x HSs out until BG have a satisfactory explanation. Marty has received a HT/C38, with caution about the earlier cut-out event on the HS.
  3. With LiTech, almost certain, but these projects take time, especially if it's something that's relatively novel.
  4. It's a good video, but the explanation of the causes of cell/pack failure is to simplisitc & far from complete. Over the past 5 years, we've sold many thousands of Wheels, of the couple hundreds of pack failures that we have dealt with, >90% had been using the stock charger & following the standard manufacturing practice of charging to 100%. The strongest correlation evidence of premature pack failure is the cell-brand, followed by BMS fault & then shock/trama events—where single cells break from the nickel strips in the series. Another consideration, that is somewhat
  5. Yes, they've been ordered, but IM have never been terribly great at planning parts capacity for the early model shipments—of course ever V12 will be perfect & not break down
  6. Just received these photos of the Wheel in the flesh, it does not disappoint from the renders. Great video with the interview segments with Sen Zhang, Carey, & Leo Lu, it shows how far this Company has evolved from the first days of making the 14B in the 'back of a garage' type operation.
  7. Once the Vessel assignment has been made, we normally send out another update with this vessel tracking, this should be about a week from today. Sailing times are constant, once the boat starts moving @ 2 weeks to LA. The LA port has been a bad bottleneck recently, with 3 weeks for the last container to assign a bearthing space, there's hope that this backlog will ease up a bit, now that the port has [finally!] started 24hr operations. Our Fulfillment guys ought to be able to turnaround the container same day, adding the wristguards to boxes, doing a sanity completeness check & slappi
  8. Thanks Elwood, glad to see the efforts appreciated . Alas not... even obtaining parts for DOA Wheels is often quite the song and dance act, all part of the larger sphere of this business.
  9. Some Commander production news: - They [EB/BG] is wrapping up the first 40x Commanders—kudos to them for getting a new release out the door first! - HT/C38 are first, with the HS/C30 expected to be complete next week - Since we flew in 100x of the LiTech 900Wh packs, we'll be flying in the first round (all accounted for), sending out a demo HT on the US reviewer circuit - BG are shifting all RS, EX.N, Commander production to knobby/CST-186 tires in an attempt to streamline production processes - CN is going to be shutting down next week on their 7 day October national holiday, noth
  10. Yeah, it has to be accounting for those wide pads. BG provided figures for pedal height, pehaps this is the depressed figure. For the BG pedal lengths, they're offering to install those massive 13" die-cast pedals at the factory for only a pitence more. We'll be doing this for the upcoming RS, EX.N. MonsterPro orders as standard. The next version will have both the Pedal Height & Pedal Clearance, which is probably of more interest.
  11. We've had a couple cases of this recently. Try using one of the BT scanner apps to see if the signal shows up in there at close proximity. A signal in the high 80s may have had the antenna detached.
  12. I don't quite understand what the marketing strategy is here, but from what I've been told from our BG rep, ExtremeBull is an independent entity. Once the first Commanders ship out in a couple weeks, we'll find out how much of this 98.8% chimp DNA is humanoid
  13. Our experience with the Vets is that even 2x 30A fuses is blowing boards. On the battery side, 30A can take quite a bit of transient punishment, far beyond the nameplate spec.
  14. That's corrrect. This is an initiative that we've been working on for over 9 months now, since the [in]famous incident of the BG container that had arrived in smoldering heap of ash. These packs will have: - Imported Korean 50E cells (Molicel P42a will be offered as an option later) - BMS with short protection - Depending on the application, 30-40A physical fuses designed to work, not this 120A nonsense... - 5x temperature probes with buzzers to alert at a 65°C level & shut-off when the temps exceed 75°C - Voltage differential management for packs of unequal voltage, no ba
  15. Ha, no, the interaction with mfgrs is much more complex & nuanced than that. As in every other part of the world there's varying quality of individuals, motivation & driving force to meet deadlines/production schedules. The better manufacturers tend to incorporate feedback & statistical evidence into product development efforts; others think that they have all the answers, are immune to outside influence of their Customers to their later detriment. Much of the credit for whatever part I have played should really go to our Customers for their suggestions. There's a lot th
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