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  1. We have all three types in stock now
  2. @tihoa posted this a few months back, they're also available in other sizes, https://www.ecstuning.com/b-schwaben-parts/strut-nut-socket-24mm/003046sch01a-05/
  3. GW contact said the firmware Engineer had to make some changes to accommodate the altered weight distribution in the MSX with daughter battery packs. Apparently this had also impacted the AliExpress larger pack MSXs as well. They're actively working on producing the remaining 25x boards, which will be rolled out in the the next 1-2 weeks.
  4. Everything takes more time than expected. Our first batch of 10x has been sitting with UPS for 4 days, awaiting DG paperwork for the battery pack, it should be arriving any day. On the first mass shipment front, it sounds like Inmotion have been going through a bit of their own production hell with this motor supplier. The project is running around 3 months late Current assembly completion date on the next batch is now mid-January.
  5. Beyond some factory assembly issues, such as the tires beads being slightly off on the rim, it has stood the test of time pretty well. Over the years we've had about 35 controller failures in ~1000 V8s, which is pretty good going. Most of these controller faults had the unusual characteristic of failing to power on after a charge, which is the 'best' time for a controller to fail. Obviously it's not the most powerful Wheel, cut-outs can happen if you push the Wheel too hard in acceleration when showing off to a waitress...
  6. Last year King Song added a 18L/18XL firmware 'feature' to try to prevent the motor from freezing up—this required the Wheel to be opened & disconnected from the power input to the controller. A byproduct of the change, is that occasionally the Wheel will do this random reset, if the controller thinks it's in this frozen/locked condition. When under rotation, firmware suppresses lift sensor input & this reset routine.
  7. Thanks for the order, we'll be sending you out a couple rolls of this protective padding to help protect it during the learning curve. Nikola 21700s have just cleared Customs, scheduled to ship out on Wednesday. https://www.ewheels.com/product/soft-padding-protective/
  8. The MSX controller firmware is not necessarily linked to the larger battery capacities, just that in our batch, Gotway had probably loaded the wrong type. They sent us a small supply of boards a few weeks ago, which spontaneously failed within minutes of powering on. Another [tested] batch of boards is now on the way, expected arrival by mid-week, news to follow...
  9. Will be available from mid-January, with the ACM pedals fitted. Cell count on the 325Wh is 40x, same as the 512Wh, but with the smaller capacity Panos 2.25Ah cells. 67v/420Wh uses the same Sanyo GA cells in a 16s2p configuration. We're not likely to see an modular battery MTen3 in the foreseeable future—KS, GW, IM don't believe there's a large enough market for the development cost of this type of machine.
  10. This batch of the 67v/420Wh & 84v/325Wh will be offered at the reduced price, while the stock holds out. The 67v/420Wh is $599, while the 84v/325Wh is $650, this reflects the GW pricing—I know it doesn't make much sense from a materials basis, but GW set the wholesale prices... For the past 18 months, I have requested that the conducting junction between the two twenty cell pack halves are double layered. Apart from the Marty's MTen3, I'm not aware of any other cases that have had this failure before. Based on our defect data, the MTen3 has an extremely low rate of failure, compared to other models.
  11. Gotway pricing is somewhat whimsical. In this low season, the GW factory does not want to layoff employees, so they discount selective products to keep the lines churning. Normally the 84v/325Wh & 67v/420Wh is $150 more at the wholesale level. The price difference is so small, about $50, that there's not much point buying a 425Wh. MTen3 Trolley kits are now in stock. In the process of revamping the site/part section over the holiday period, there's 1000+ parts SKUs that need to be added... Seems that IPS are out of business, unfortunately, they haven't responded to several requests for ordering a new batch of the i5s.
  12. @Ilya Shkolnik, I & all the KS IOS owners around the World are eternally grateful for untethering the brilliant KS hardware from the KS App, earning the accolades of being one of the most despised Apps on the App store. Now if only you could port DB over to Android
  13. It's true, even back in 2017 from the era of the first true oscillation bug, the firmware library had 3 variants for the same Wheel size & voltage. Since then, the boards have gone through a profusion of voltages, type & subtypes; I wouldn't be surprised if there's over 100+ firmware variants in the GW source library.
  14. That's the current plan, Gotway want positive confirmation that the replacement controllers have addressed the instability before stamping out another 20 controllers. There is always a hitch to the best laid plans: a week before this issue was identified, I sent the special Firmware Downloader tool back into GW, to have the device loaded with the latest firmware, for the unrelated issue of raising the Nikola temperature threshold to 80°C. CN Customs, in a gesture of defiance to current holder of office, impounded the device under the pretext of it being a 'used' device?! For reasons that remain known only to the GW Boss, he's extremely reluctant to provide this tool, which would save Gotway thousands in producing 30x controllers for a firmware specific issue.
  15. According to KS source, both variants of the KS board are compatible with the CX/2200W motor, the material factor is the LH firmware.
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