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  1. The v1.07 firmware has current monitoring, it will beep if set >5A, even 5.01A... Setting to 4A will suppress the chirp. Requested that KS raise the threshold to 5.5A in future FW update. Case the unfortunate charger incident was leaving the charger outside on a boat, exposed to the sea air. If the charger is ready ~84v, it's perfectly fine.
  2. The point is that this is charging-on-the-go. Average power consumption cruising at 20MPH, is about 400W, with the power-bank outputting 252W of max power, ~70% of consumption. Obviously the 1110Wh pack may not suit everyone's needs, just putting some options on the table. The DC output has a variable voltage selector, up to 84.2v. Note: I did make the prediction to KS that there would be some strong dissenting voices on this S18 battery choice...
  3. There is an option for Customers worried that the 1110Wh pack won't cut it for their needs, King Song have an external 780Wh power-bank, raising the total potential capacity to 1,890Wh, which we have in stock. This would require fitting into an back-pack & having a tether wire trickle charging the main pack @ 3A/84v (there's an output voltage toggle); while it's not perfect, it should be a workable solution. The price for this hardware is $650.
  4. The early results from the poll show the H-666 as the clear leader, it's the 'wicked' tire . Another tire under evaluation is the CST C-186 knobbly, brought to attention by @mrelwood in this thread, there's a question about if there's sufficient shell clearance.
  5. Our 2nd supply arrived in on Monday, we have 60+ in stock now, this was about 6.5 months after placing the order with the factory https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v8f-518wh-battery-1000w-motor/
  6. There's a discussion about possible tire options for the V11. Seeing that no one is better informed about this than Riders who rack up thousands of miles each year, which do you guys/girls prefer? Even when a winner is chosen, we plan to stock a couple different varieties to have on hand.
  7. I don't believe so, at least not this final state of the prerelease V11. @tinawong shared some glorious 3D renders of the S18 in the all-black color scheme: warning product always looks better in renders than real-life
  8. It should be live over the weekend; to fit into the appropriate pricing slots, we'll be introducing at $1,899. @Kuji Rolls is a big fan, I believe his review video is coming out in the next week, says it's the superior to all other Wheels he's ridden...
  9. GX12-3 charging connectors? (Presumably yes?). Yes, it's the GX12-3 connector. Bluetooth speakers? (Presumably no?). Looks like they've dropped the BT speakers, not popular enough? IP55 confirmed or at least confirmed as being sought? (Presumably being sought?). Yes, if the Spec sheet is to be believed Seat? (Presumably no?). Seems doubtful
  10. Sorry for delay, there's been so much to going on.... Launched the V11 deposit page, signs are promising that we'll be able offer at the target $2k target price. Please let know me if there's any specific questions to ask to our IM contacts https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v11-1420wh-battery-2000w-motor-pedal-suspension-deposit/ When will the $1,999 price be confirmed? Initially Inmotion had set the introductory price at $2,299, we felt this was too steep for a Wheel with these specifications & have been lobbying to try to offer at a reduced preorder price of $1,999. It is expected that this price will be confirmed before the end of the week, 12th April. There is a chance that we will not be successful in these efforts, in which case, there will be the equivalent in store for the difference in price… When is it expected the first video reviews will be made? If all goes to plan, the first preproduction V11 will be sent out to our YouTube reviewers around mid-May. If I put a deposit in today, when will the v11 actually arrive? Inmotion have set a target production release date by the end of June. We have placed our order first in the production queue; if there’s demand, we may have some of the first V11s flown in, at an estimated supplementary shipping cost of about ~$250. Will there be the voltage speed reduction similar to the other Inmotion models, such as the V10/F? The precise information on this point has yet to be established, we’re trying to work with Inmotion to achieve the right balance between ride safety & to not diminish the performance of the Wheel with unnecessary speed throttling. The ideal behaviour will be similar to the King Song 16X/18XL, with the speed reductions threshold to engage below the 33% level. Is there a protective cover available for the V11? Yes, it’s most likely. The V11 has the dual-input charging ports, can I use 2x 5A rapid-chargers at once? Further testing needs to be performed & discussions with Inmotion about the maximum safe rate of charge. At a minimum, it should be able to attain 5A. What type of battery cells are used on the V11? The V11 holds many firsts for Inmotion, it is their first Wheel to use the larger capacity/size 21700 cells. To reduce the center of gravity, 80x 21700 5Ah type battery cells are packaged into the motor housing (40 per side). We’re awaiting information on the exact brand/model of these cells. Another advantage to this design, is it allows the width of the Wheel to be exceptional slender, far more than other models with similar specifications. In the 3D rendered images, the tire appears unique to V11, what type of tire is the Wheel shipped with? It’s expected this will be a standard Chao Yang/Kenda 18×3″ similar to the Gotway MSX/MSP.
  11. There's some great innovation here. Some thoughts on seeing the presentation: 'Inspiration' from the Z10: there's quite a bit of superficial resemblance with the Z10, especially the top cover & faux carbon fiber sides. Battery Pack: it's great they were able to fit a 1420Wh pack within the motor housing; Ninebot, in a wider 4" motor just managed to pack in 960Wh. This is going to keep the center of gravity lowered, improving the stability over other Inmotion Wheels. 18W/7800 Lux Headlight: this is an insane amount of light. To be effective, I feel they really ought to add a headlight pitch control knob, allowing the Rider to set their preferred angle of attack. Maybe add a light sensor on the front panel, dipping the beam when encountering an oncoming light source. Suspension: it's a pity the presentation didn't include any video clips showing this key feature in action, this is after all the main selling point of the V11. Price: in this current economic climate, a $2,300 price with these base specs is ambitious, it would be a lot more compelling with a <$2k introductory price. Handle: from the standpoint of efficiency, it's great! No internal precious space occupied by telescopic rails, unlike the V5F/V10, seems like a properly engineered solution, hopefully with minimal play in the upright position. Charging: it's disappointing that IM have never heard of a charger capable of more than 1.5A output before. Manufacturers out to recognize the charging capabilities of the actual cells, paring appropriate chargers, 8A @ 84v would be ideal here. Release date: target of late June, which means if everything goes to plan...., first units in Customers hands by early August. The modest upgrade to the V8, the V8F, is currently running six months behind schedule. I'm sure IM will make extra efforts to ensure this new flagship release will run better, but in the minds of most Customers/Distributors, like myself, having this previous project run so far behind, is something that cannot be dismissed from mind.
  12. I can attest that when @Seba volunteered to pickup this project, he has always acted in the most conscientious way imaginable. One of the only conditions KS had on providing their code for the firmware updates , was that they didn't want (quite understandably) this proprietary information floating around on a open source repository. If financial reward would have been Seba's motivation for this project, he would have stayed 100 miles clear. On a purely time/$$$ basis, doing dev work for a corporate client would have been many times more remunerative. I'm really very grateful for making my life & every User of EUC World so much easier
  13. We've requested that GW disable the start-up sound in our production, however sometimes these requests are a hit-or-miss. Latest update I had this morning was that the MSP production is delayed, some of GWs suppliers are still off, 7+ weeks counting, owing to the blasted virus concerns.
  14. A source said that they may had to sacrifice the trolley to pack in the 1480Wh, there's just not enough physical space on the right side to slot another of the 740Wh packs in there. Does anyone own one of these modified Teslas to validate?
  15. We have all three types in stock now
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