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  1. Hi

    I invite you to join to the FB group Ninebot Z-series:

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  2. Jason McNeil

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    Ninebot are also refusing to sell replacement parts, so not only are a double-digit percentage off the Z10s arriving DOA, with 9B giving everyone who's made an investment in one the middle-finger & told to get lost, but there's no recourse for procuring the necessary parts. Discontinuing sales in this case is not a question of choice but of necessity.
  3. Jason McNeil

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    I didn't think a Wechat remark would go on public record, oh well... The rumour is that Ninebot now have no intention of releasing the Z10 outside of China, maybe this has something to do with it (below). I'm not aware of any party who has a successful working relationship with Ninebot. "A lawsuit filed in California in October blamed the injuries on negligent operators and manufacturers, including both Lime and Ninebot....Even before the announcement, Lime and Ninebot severed ties." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-12-05/almost-every-electric-scooter-comes-from-this-chinese-company
  4. Jason McNeil

    KS 16S will not connect to King Song Music App

    Can you check to see if the BT music function has been disabled from the App?
  5. Jason McNeil

    Looking for 16S in Australia

    We have occasional shipped Wheels to Australia, but it really would be better to refer sales to a local Dealer. Besides the very expensive shipping, the Customer has to complete a special import license application, a formality, but a necessary one... Completing the application would be the same for one Wheel as it would be for a full container load of them. ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Vehicle Imports <Imports.Vehicle@infrastructure.gov.au> Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 7:58 PM Subject: RE: Application for importing an electric-wheel Thank you for your email. Yes, you require import approval to import all self-balancing vehicles (one wheel, electric unicycle etc.) They require import approval for the goods to be released from Customs once they arrive. Australian Customs/Border Protection will not release your vehicles without an import approval. The advice Australian Customs require is your vehicle being granted approval under the non-road vehicle import option. Generally, these devices may be eligible under the NON-ROAD Vehicle Import option. Please see the following link to our website and non-road vehicle import option. Please read all the information on this page, and then scroll down to how to apply and follow those instructions. https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/import_options/orneao.aspx Please note import approval is required for each vehicle every time. Once you’re ready to put in an application you may register on the Client Portal by submitting your details in the Vehicle Import System (VIS Online). If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre either by phone 1800 815 272 or email vimports@infrastructure.gov.au. We are available Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I hope that answers your enquiry and we wish you all the best in your application.
  6. Good work @houseofjob & all the other NYC Riders, The New Yorker is current running an EUC Themed ad campaign. Credit for the find goes to Pedro Ferreira over at the EUC FB site.
  7. Also the tariff trade-war with China hasn't help the situation either. The hardware maturity has come leaps-and-bounds in the past two years, but all the vendor Apps still suck are not as great as they ought to be. The Customer experience needs to be nearly perfect; yes there's the learning curve, >95% of Buyers get over this, but it really doesn't help when a Customer gets a new Wheel &, as is the case with Inmotion now, there's no IOS App available. At $550 for the V5F & $900 with the V8, I don't think the price is a significant barrier to entry, when one considers comparable spec'd eBikes & scooters.
  8. Jason McNeil

    My scooter experiences so far!

    Cool, did you GPS test it? It looks fast, but maybe not quite 90+KPH fast. These scooters are using similar Dashboards, the P0 setting (same as the DTs) specifies Wheel diameter, if it's off from true, the relative speed could be off the mark.
  9. Jason McNeil

    MSuper X SpazZing Out

    We've also come across a few bad MSX motors recently, one of these destroyed the controller at the same time. Gotway are usually pretty responsive, if your Ali Seller provides evidence of the fault, with the motor code, they ought to be able to put in a manufacturer warranty claim. As @Marty Backe mentioned, make sure you request for the brackets to be installed, it will save a lot of unnecessary aggro in trying to transfer these from the defective motor.
  10. Jason McNeil

    【Temporary Solution】How to Install INMOTION APP on IOS Mob

    I don't have an IOS phone, but a Customer has reported that on this version of the App, the settings menu is not available, unless the Wheel is in standby/charging mode.
  11. Jason McNeil

    Updated Z10 headlight on eBay

    No, it's a internal Company politics, poor engineering & management problems....
  12. Jason McNeil

    Updated Z10 headlight on eBay

    It's proving impossible to get Z10 parts, at least from Ninebot. The backup plan is to secure these parts from a CN middleman in a back-alley deal. Ninebot is a pretty awful difficult Company to work with, I don't think there's a single example of any Distributor anywhere (outside of China) who hasn't gotten stiffed by them.
  13. Jason McNeil

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    Rumour mill has a production date of late March, another 1-2 months for production & shipping out to Europe & North America. The demand for 14" Wheels, specifically the more expensive MCM5 class is not nearly so strong as the 16-18" sizes. Personally I'd like to see KS develop the ultra-compact rival to the MTen3 before remodeling the 14".
  14. Jason McNeil

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    The info I've received is that the tire will be a 2.5", there is however enough width clearance for a 3" tire as well—no doubt this will be the most popular option. It has an entirely new, bold styling, more akin to Rockwheel than anything KS has put out so far. There's a few other unique features that might make there way into the production Wheel. Trying to have KS let @KujiRolls do a first unveiling/release video after the Chinese New Year in around 4 weeks.
  15. Jason McNeil

    Shipping offer for ewheels.com customers

    The offer still holds. The link display permission problem is probably because the original author sold his Wheel & delisted the topic.