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  1. Jason McNeil

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    You shouldn't at all. As subscriber #300 to your channel, I'm sure I am representational in saying that we all thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful & insightful videos, please keep them coming There was no way of knowing the machinations that go on behind the scene in this business from the outside. In contrast to the Hoverboard (2015) & eScooter (2018) craze, the EUC market is seeing steady but sustainable growth, doubling or even tripling year-over-year. The learning curve is certainly a factor that will limit universal adoption, but isn't this what gives it some of the appeal; everyone who has mastered the Wheel has earned the epaulets to this elite club. There's the hope that someone like Gotway will take up mantle for producing a similar ultrawide 4" Wheel, with the battery pack embedded in the motor cavity. The Z10 concept is fundamentally sound, but with some important flaws (vampire drain & controller peak current issues) that Gotway are more experienced with engineering.
  2. Jason McNeil

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    There's been some back-and-forth about the issues raised here & elsewhere on the forum for the App. The good news is that there's a new dedicated support contact at King Song who has kindly offered to take on App related problems, Michael can be reached at support@szkingsong.com If you are one of those who prefers the traditional beeping/tones, instead of the 'please decelerate' & 'bluetooth is connected', please don't hesitate to provide this feedback to King Song, as this message doesn't seem to be getting across.
  3. Jason McNeil

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Nonsense! The first batch of 30x Nikolas are shipping out next week. Thanks @houseofjob for the summation of the Nikola's qualities, they seem to align with Kuji's assessment in chats.
  4. Jason McNeil

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    That's true, but did they turn a profit? Many Chinese Companies have some form of Government backing, either at the national level, regional, or other Byzantium form of subsidization—an example is VAT rebates on battery packs. The margin on selling an ES2 to an outfit like Lime was probably 1-2%.
  5. Jason McNeil

    Bummed about the Z10 and ewheels

    When Ninebot bought Segway, another consideration was that they had a captive monopoly, selling Segways to a completely different segment—security patrols at airports & shopping centers. This acquisition came with group of lawyers, who very probably, took a different view to risk tolerance than the fledgling Ninebot. I have a contact who used to work at Ninebot, I made some tentative inquiries about continuing the Z10 sales again, his advice was 'don't, not worth it', based on his aggregate view from other regions.
  6. Jason McNeil

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    @Hsiang really enjoy your thoughtful discussions about seldom discussed topics on YouTube, but this video has many factual inaccuracies that have the potential of creating an absolutely wrong impression of the history & manufacturing politics of the Electric Unicycle: Inmotion & Solowheel Partnership: announced in late 2017, to much aplomb, this disintegrated into a shambles only a few months later. There is no longer any partnership between Shane Chen's Solowheel & Inmotion—you won't find anyone at Inmotion extolling Shane's inventive spirit today. On the Causes of Ninebot Getting out of the Wheel Business: the true causes are very probably less to do with any Intellectual Property dispute, than Ninebot's inability, or lack of will, to make products that are not plagued by problems—parasitic discharge & high controller failures rate chief among these on the Z10—& potential liability risks. Ninebot Z10 Agreement: we were never the exclusive dealer for the Z10, at one time it was raised as a possibility during a visit to the Ninebot HQ in January 2018. The decision to drop the Z10, was mine, not Ninebot's, owing to the unsustainable statistical failure rate, other Distributors, EcoDrift in Russia for instance, have come to similar conclusions. Shane's Patent: the extent of Shane's Electric Unicycle patent, which he has said himself, is for addition of padding to the side of the Wheel; a sensible, even an inevitable addition, yes; revolutionary invention?, you can be the judge. The reason why I feel that a correction of these points is necessary, is because this notion of 'anything but Solowheel is Chinese knock-off' is a pernicious myth, that does a great deal of harm to the industry. All the true innovations that have been made to Wheels in the past 2-3 years, have not been the result of expensive squabbling over patents, but manufacturers like Gotway, King Song, & Inmotion making incremental improvements in high current controller designs, motor improvements, packing the interiors with ever larger battery packs, & occasionally, yes, even listening to Customer/Distributor suggestions.
  7. Jason McNeil

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    Thanks for that trick! The last word from KS on this topic was that the SMS Registration wasn't functioning. Now to have KS default to USA There's been a couple reports of this latest App bricking the earlier 18A; we sent one Customer out the remaining 18A controller, he says he didn't upgrade the firmware, but just tried to change the speed & it did it again... Another issue we're encountering is this whole 'binding' non-sense, when the App is registers to a Wheel, it binds it to that phone, same as Inmotion. The only purpose this serves is to frustrate everyone involved with interacting with the App.
  8. Jason McNeil

    [YouTube] Dualtron X

    The original release date was supposed to be around this time last year. I had an order in with Minimotors for months. It finally looks like things are moving forward, at $6000, it's as much as a small car in Asia.
  9. Jason McNeil


    That's about right. Deciding to the drop the Z10, when Ninebot refused to provide any parts support when Wheels were coming defective out of the box, was one of toughest decisions to make. It was effectively handling over all this business to my mortal nemesis over at Freemotion shop, with all the earlier buzz created from the YouTube stars Tishwan (his video has 170k views!), Marty, Duff & Chooch. The lesson to be learned from this is, as a seller don't trust Ninebot, to my knowledge, they've screwed everyone like Ian in the past, their actions were consistent with past behaviour, despite giving it the utmost effort to make it work. Average turnaround time from putting payment in at the factory to shipping out Wheels to Customers, is an agonizingly long 10 weeks, this doesn't include new models. which can be much longer. Last year a Dualtron order was placed in June, we didn't receive the goods until December!
  10. Jason McNeil

    Speed Reduction Graph, Rider Info Needed

    I wasn't aware of this either, it just comes to show that what goes on in Engineering doesn't get disseminated to whatever marketing dept there is. Bear in mind that these figures are simply the 3rd level alarm, it's most certainly not a safe ride speed; there's been reported instances of Riders accelerating hard, still under the limit, with the Wheel cutting out from under them. Couldn't help myself, plotted the data into a graph.
  11. Jason McNeil

    Bulk 3D Printing Services?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions & @prasket who's helped me with this over email. Still doing research if it might be better to pay for a plastic injection mold & have them made from polycarbonate. PLA is probably not up for the job & the alternative 3D materials raise the unit price to around $25.
  12. Jason McNeil

    Speed Reduction Graph, Rider Info Needed

    Update: Gotway/@Linnea Lin Gotway very kindly provided this overview of their programmed speed alerting characteristics. As @Marty Backe indicated, this 100-10% is not tilt-back, as with other manufacturers, but the level 3 audio alarms. It's interesting how Gotway permits the Rider to really push the Wheels to 80% of their max speed all the way down to where other manufacturers are limiting the cruising speed down to a snail's walking pace. With these 84v packs, with 6 parallels working in parallel, do you think there's an inherent (too great?) an unncessary safety margin which manufacturers such KS have not taken into adequate consideration when programming their larger capacity controllers degradation reductions? With the Gotways, we're not witnessing queues to ER wards as a result of the Wheels cutting out under low battery.
  13. Jason McNeil

    Bulk 3D Printing Services?

    Does anyone have any experience with bulk-commercial 3D printing services? I'd like to offer the these self-standing MSX fenders—there's a similar one for the 18XL—to our Customers either free, or at cost price + shipping. Initial print run would be 50-100 of each type, ideally for around $10/unit price.
  14. Jason McNeil

    Broken Pedal

    Thanks for providing this feedback, although it's the first & single only reported case, I do think that this warrants a warning that this pedal is not suitable for Riders above 230lb. If I receive any other reports of a V10 pedal breakage will be sure to post onto this thread. There's a few older posts of the ACM pedal fracturing in a similar location to this (it too has a hollow interior), not sure how much of an improvement this would be. The MSuper pedals is formed of a solid block of metal, would be the better choice out there.
  15. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    KS has promised a tear-down video in about a month, this should give us a some understanding of the weather protection. All the recent KS Wheel have been pretty good in this regard, we haven't had a single casualty of water damaged 14D/14S/16S/18L yet...