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  1. Jason McNeil

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    After two weeks of being held up at Customs, the long awaited pre-production 18XL turned up yesterday For some context & background: I received one of the original 18L pre-production Wheels back in April; the packaging foam wasn't properly thought out, so that the power button came into contact with the foam, causing it turn on & burn-out the control-board before even taking it out of the box. This time round, KS have really taken this issue seriously, so that the foam is positioned below power button, & if it were to somehow turn on, the Wheel is shipped with the software lock enabled—they've started doing this on all their Wheels. I've now accumulated about 1000 miles on the 18L, switching from an early V10F. While discussions on the V10F are bound to bring on a fierce debate between owners, it was, probably still is, the most ergonomic & comfortable Wheel ever made, with its comparatively narrow body & large pedals, that fat 2.5" wide tire, made for a wonderful ride experience. I switched over to the 18L mainly because of the V10F's throttling on <60% battery became annoying, while of charge remaining, the 18L satiated this need to maintain a >40kph cruising speed, but it was not without some loss. Within a week of making the change, I hit an unmarked speed bump, resulting in an unplanned dismount crash... While I was wearing minimal protection (wrist-guards) it was reminder of the potential hazards of Wheeling, during the couple days of down-time pondered if some larger pedals might have allowed a surer foothold & recover from that second of air-time. I've been lobbying for larger pedals with King Song for four years, but there wasn't much interest on the their end, citing that it would 'ruin the aesthetics' & 'not requested from other Distributors'. After clocking a 1000 miles on the V10F, with the accumulated experience with this Wheel, it was evident, the significant advantages that would accrue from this comparatively small change. Undeterred I proposed that eWheels would fund the larger pedal project, the results of which can be seen below. Although only 20% larger than the original type—25cm vs 20cm—visually the new pedal simply dwarfs the original, Notice how the edges have been tapered, more oval than rectangular. These preproduction set were CNCd, the production version will using the same magnesium alloy as before, the profile does seem to be slightly thicker for greater strength & durability(?). One minor compliant, is that the grip tape pads the same as size as on the smaller 20cm pedal, would prefer that these extend to the outer edge of the pedal. The real substance of the XL is inside, the massive 1550Wh battery pack. To accommodate those extra cells, the cell depth has been raised to two cells in height, 7 cells across columns one & two, & 9 cells in column three—the pack is asymmetrical, with more cells on packed on the right side than the left. Unlike the 18L, where the pack is enclosed in a battery casing, in this sample, the battery structure is comparatively primitive, with a single layer of blue wrapping around the pack. A concern could be that the outer shell body is now in contact with the pack, where if the Wheel receives a sufficient hard side-blow, it might place stresses on the nickel plates weld joints between the cells. Is this simply a characteristics of this prerelease prototype? Will there be silicon injection between cells, as there are in other packs, to transfer the physical stresses from the conductive plates? These questions should be answered next week. Here you can see the reinforcing 18L rib has been ground down to fit the fatter batter pack, presenting a challenge to existing Customers who might be considering upgrading to the 18XL. Another enhancement to the 18L is the new cleaner looking mud-guard, it's also made of a synthetic rubber that is screwed into the shell. I'll be posting an update with some further impressions sometime tomorrow, sorry, I ran out of time on this initial report.
  2. Jason McNeil

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    Gotway/Linnea confirmed last evening that the ACMv2 is end-of-lifed & will no longer be available. I'm going to try to find out the reason why, but I suspect that they're focusing on the newer models like the MSX & Tesla. I'm really quite agnostic when it comes to brands, the latest generation Gotway boards with QY TO-247 MOSFETs have finally put to rest the issue of spontaneous board failures. If Customers prefer Gotways to King Song & they're selling better, it would be unsound business practice to only stock KS at the expense of the GWs. That said, if it lives up to the expectation, I do think the 18XL is going to make a dent in the MSuper/MSX/ACMv2 sales.
  3. Jason McNeil

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Had double checked with the 9B rep that the correct chords would be included, sent a picture for illustration, receiving confirmation before shipping that they would be... We had adapters for European outlets from the last shipment but not these Chinese plugs. The choice was to either hold the orders order until Monday, or send, knowing that the average household very likely has many of these. Lesson learned: 1) demand photographic evidence, 2) will be stocking a couple hundred adapters for mistakes of this kind.
  4. Jason McNeil

    Buying a Ninebot Z10 in the US advice?

    This isn't definitive, but earlier in the year the information that was provided to me, is that the economics of going through the UL process only makes sense if there is confidence of being to sell large volumes (>10000+), with products like the eScooter, MiniPro. With a $2k Wheel, the current market is minuscule by comparison; it could change as more people discover how amazing Wheeling is. The Z10 was built for UL certification in mind. In short, is the Z10 UL certified, no; UL compliant?, very likely.
  5. Jason McNeil

    Buying a Ninebot Z10 in the US advice?

    China is celebrating their 10 day National Holiday, where everything goes into suspended animation. Sending update to Customers in a bit: there's 25x that are being flown in by air, all are presold. CN shipping agent promised they would go out on Monday, there didn't, I've received a new AWB that has them being flown in by Cathay Pacific on tomorrow's flight. Marty, Duf, Chooch, HouseofJob, you guys have created a worldwide dearth of Z10s
  6. Jason McNeil


    Provided by a Customer in Seattle. After the initial shock he walked away, I think it's okay to have a good laugh.
  7. Jason McNeil

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    Obviously 18L Buyers will have the choice, & make the explicit selection, between a new pack & a minimally used one, with a slight discount for the latter. We have a battery testing machine that gives a precise Wh output of the pack's capacity. More than half of the value of the machine is the battery, seems a sensible strategy to repurpose this asset to a productive purpose. Let's not get too carried away with this point, for the moment it is just an idea...
  8. Jason McNeil

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    I have tracking number for the first pre-production prototype that's arriving next week. Planning on doing a tour around America, similar to the Z10. The fist leg of its itinerary will be with @houseofjob, @Tishawn Fahie & @eddiemoy in NYC, then down off south to @Duf in Florida, next stop is Denver to ChoochTech, & finally the west coast with @Marty Backe, @Alien Rides, @who_the Dimensions: the XL will have the same shell body as the 18L Battery Capacity: increased from 1036Wh (80 cells) to 1554Wh (120 cells) with the LG MJ1 battery cell Firmware: with the added cell count, the XL will allow the Rider to main the maximum cruising speed down to 25-30% battery level Pedals: will be fitted with the larger 25cm pedal Trolley: completely new rail mechanism to deal with the issue of play & locking pins not holding up to the weight Price: in the region of $2100-$2200 inclusive of the tariffs, shipping within the US, etc. Coming right on the heels of the 18L release, it was important to me that we offer an upgrade path for our existing 18L Customers. The program will involve shipping out a kit with the upgraded battery, trolley kit, & pedals, then shipping back the 18L battery, which will be tested & installed in new 18Ls, the price of the upgrade kit will be around $800, after the credit on the battery pack. I'm really quite excited about this release, this is the first time in a couple years that King Song have been able to match Gotway's top-end specs for motor power, battery capacity, while having an advantage on the peripheral features: superior trolley handle, higher quality construction, larger pedals, speakers, LEDs, & more ergonomic structure. The one modification that needs to accommodate the larger battery, is the reinforcing rib on the outer panel needs to be leveled.
  9. Working with Gotway on making some adjustments to the next MSX production. There's been a fair amount of feedback on the pedal bank angle, most owners aren't thrilled about the steep 15° inward bank angle. There's the opportunity to have the pedals changed to a 7° bank . Please provide your feedback, if you think this is a worthwhile improvement. Special thanks to @Adel for bringing the topic to focus.
  10. Jason McNeil

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    Should be fixed now.
  11. Jason McNeil

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    UPDATE 1st Oct: following some more experiments, we found that after applying the FlexSeal coating, there is no space to fit foam under the pack as well, the material is a synthetic rubber, is not really necessary to add both. The case solution will work as well, it is the approach that IM US have adopted. The purpose of this secondary protection is to add a barrier to the pack, if the wheel housing sealant were to be compromised. Raleigh, the Engineer who is managing the V10F refurbishment project at IM US has been doing stellar work. In the interests of public safety, sharing the body of evidence that's emerging: 125xxx production: there is no sealant of any kind between the two shell halves! Furthermore, the battery pack is resting directly atop of the shell, with no strips of thin foam cushions applied underneath, as they are on the sides of the pack. From normal usage, the direct contact with the shell, the blue wrapping suffers from abrasions & tears in the wrapping—this blue wrapping is not applied very well anyways... If the Wheel is ridden in the rain, there is an extremely high probability of water emanating into the battery chamber, eventually leading to corrosion on the cell caps Eventually this will lead to a conductive pathway between the electrodes & a thermal runway chain reaction Now onto the question of whether the level of protection afforded on the 126xxx series is sufficient. Yes there is sealant now applied between the two shell halves, but is it enough? Observe the quality of the application in the photo below. Also bear in mind that the battery is still in direct contact with the top of shell, over time the blue wrapping is still going suffer from abrasion & tears. Recommendations: If you're planning on taking on this project, I would dispense with the battery case & use an application of Flexseal (or something similar) to seal up the battery pack, which will provide superior weather protection. Trying to install the battery case adds a lot of extra work, is not well made, does not align with the wires... Add a couple strips of Urethane Foam Tape underneath the battery pack Seal up the seam with a high quality sealant, Raleigh's suggests 3M Black Super Silicone Sealant or Kafuter 704B RVT Transparent coating of Flexseal applied to the battery pack. After applying a single coat of Flexseal with the brush.
  12. Jason McNeil

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    The extended KS pedal project is moving ahead, the length of the new design is being extended from 20 to 25cm. We hope to be receiving the first of these in late October & will be available for $99, perhaps with a slight discount for existing Customers.
  13. Are you passionate about EUCs & eScooters, & are seeking a career change? I'm looking for someone to help with the remote support, emails & customer communications. If there's interest, please send over a copy of your C.V. to jason@ewheels.com Requirements: Written fluency: the typical daily communication volume is between 75-150 messages a day. The candidate must possess strong written skills, to cope with getting through the daily support load, while being able to balance volume with offering adequate quality responses. An area for improvement in the Company is the production of tech-notes, knowledgebase, self-help guides & videos for offering help to our Customers solve common problems independently. Technical Proficiency: experience with owning at least one Wheel/eScooter is a necessity. Possess an understanding of current products, what their various strengths & weaknesses are for providing Customers with accurate purchasing advice based on their stated aims & needs. Work Discipline: must be motivated & self-disciplined, working independently, get the work completed without direct supervision. Be able to maintain the various logs—Customer defects, parts shipments, shipping labels, & website ordering system. In addition to being able to adhere to the current processes, help refine/evolve them to yield improvements that will help the business to scale. Evaluating/analyzing key service metrics, including but not limited to, average time to response, success rate of dealing with after-sales problems, repair turnaround time, identifying problems with manufacturing that require further action, etc. Complementary Skills: if the applicant has experience or knowledge in other areas like website work, electronics, video editing or graphics design it would be a plus Location & Citizenship: US Citizens preferred, the midterm plan is to relocate with the service center to Nevada, this has not yet been finalized. What eWheels has to Offer: An exciting growth opportunity: at this time, there is no other Company in North America offering the selection & range of Personalized Electric Vehicles (PEVs). It is our goal to maintain & improve the momentum going into 2019, expanding into other areas like eBikes, retails outlets & start with shifting some of the final assembly work to the US. Competitive salary & performance based compensation: we'll be able to offer a decent starting wage, with a bonus structure that is correlated to the value of one's abilities & contribution to building the business. Working Flexibility: choice to work from home or at a co-working office space.
  14. Jason McNeil

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    After the report of the first-battery fire, there was a conference call between Inmotion USA, Bob & myself to discuss what was the plan to deal with the earlier 124XX, & the later production that had not yet arrived. Inmotion CN's position was that the improvements in the 125XX... 'were sufficient', while my own opinion, & that of IM USA, were of the firm conviction that it was not, that the batteries needed to be encased, to provide an equivalent level of protection as was promised in the V8. It doesn't appear the full gravity of this vulnerability has hit home. This sort of conflagration is the worst possible scenario of any battery powered equipment, considering the number of mounting cases (three so far that I am aware of); if you are in another region, I would not accept the complacent position that the 125XX production round is without significant risk to spontaneous combustion. If you do own a V10/V10F please, please, do not ride it at all in the wet. Get a hold of the party who sold it to you to have the battery case fitted.
  15. Jason McNeil

    IPS i5 Max speed

    Please hang in there, IPS have promised to rerelase the FW update, for a week, with the higher speed. Evidently, the trouble is that CN has a 20kph max speed rule & they don't want the higher speed being pushed out for Customer in China.