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  1. Key is good wristguard you need slide to lower impact energy. Elbow guard no need to be with slide pads. Knee guard is important you always hit you knee.Always try fall to face not spin not try roling etc. Go frontal to ground move you head up try fall like cat do. Frontal falls is best for recorvery belive me. I not seriously(damaged long healing) fall until i go 940Km on my V10F and i focus my eyes on beautiful blonde girl/woman in WW Golf i watch her ,smile on her she smile on me like romantic movie nice time i enjoyed my life and blink smash shock. Im on asphalt i thinking about f****ng her nicely and i lost all my focus . And i stupid man ride over/hit curb(on picture) Speed was 14.5 Kmh not so many .Because i not know i go fall just pure shock. I fell on the left side of my body bumped 3 ribs I bumped my left shoulder and left hip pretty ugly. I had to get a bigger X-ray to the county town, fortunately nothing was broken or pinched. It happened 22.12.2019 and still 23.01.2020 I can not raise the shoulder more than 50% due to severe pain. I couldn't laugh or cough because of my rib pain. And hips heal for 4 weeks so I limped. Other crashes both types low speed and high speed 20-30 km / h were total "fun" because I knew I was going to the ground and I expected it. Even though a cyclist hit me without consequences. My elbow wrist protectors have always been enough and my knees use the ENDURA singletrack elbows and knees. ENNUI slide gloves and MTB helmet. So I understand that it only works when you fall forward. The fall on my side was disastrous for my body. So I bought now. Leat3D lite set of protectors, chest, spine, shoulders, kidneys, liver and impact shorts with coccyx and hip protection. In addition, a biker sweatshirt and jeans with pads. Full face MET parachute helmet. Use look at the way not at the blondes. [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/6Sp9nWZ.jpg)
  2. From what series and batch is KS16x equipped with control board 1.5 which has no bluetooth problems. How to identify this batch? From what date it is?. Or serial number. Among sellers in Europe is still about enough ks16x old because a friend bought Ks16x 10 January 2020 and got a version with firmware 1.05 and motherboard 1.4 which is demonstrably problematic. Please give advice as a customer. Alternatively, according to what it recognizes the e-shop is already version 1.5. I feel insecure about it and I can't find the right key from the mosaic of information here on the forum. What's more, the version that has wider pads is the same as the 1.5 control board version or is it even more complicated? Thx for you time and cooperation.
  3. can you share dimensions please?
  4. Dont wory just select confort mode 100 % pedal sensitivity speed limit 40kmh /25miles. All be fine belive me im 115Kg V10F is supersave whell. Speed limit is reduced automaticly with you batery % fall down limit is lower and lower. You no need think about this.Just enjoy.
  5. Czech Republic https://www.inmotionczech.cz/ = https://www.tivis.cz/ (tivis is only official service center in country conected to inmotionczech) gotway.cz is reselers only real purchase is from germany. Gotway.cz is not shop is "forum" they order for you from germany on feding order = http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/ King Song / Gotway 2 years of waranty motor manufacturin and battery (europe legislation)
  6. I participaate with my personal experience. Met parachute 2018 is good light and comfortable.And have gopro mount included (removable).
  7. use only one app inmotion for calibration all others euc world is just that simple. After seting all in euc world not start inmotion anymore
  8. You need to know the context to understand it. I live in one of the poorest regions of our country. 30% of citizens have total distraint on all property. Socially weak and drug and alcohol addicts. I am in the region with the highest unemployment. A healthy man who works here (in a good job, for example, por hyundai) has a salary of around € 650 a month. You will never understand the working poverty when you work and you are just as poor, you pay housing food fees and you have about 150 Euros a month for hobbies and interests. It is not possible to live a "normal" European life here. Therefore, there is such an atmosphere full of envy of stress and hatred against anyone who has more property. I am lucky that my parents raised me not to take drugs and drink no alcohol or smoke cigarettes, I work in a family business I can limit and save money so my wage and social situation is on the level of the capital where the situation is very good. I stay in the region for my parents to look after them in old age. When you live in such conditions, the incidents are logically more frequent and the "rich" at the EUC for X thousand euros simply annoys people here. Everybody owns his happiness. For example, it is common for someone to scratch a new car with a metal coin of envy and awkwardness. I think every country in the world has better and worse regions and places of a city or part of cities that could be called "NOGO ZONE" for tourists and mothers with children. I do not want to discourage you from visiting the Czech Republic in tourism it is a beautiful country with cheap drugs and prostitutes and services.Where is legal alcohol from 18 years. In addition, people do not understand that I have to ride the sidewalk that they bothers really do not know the legislation that tells me that I have to ride the sidewalk. They'd rather kick me. Back to the topic: I got an answer from the headquarters of the traffic police of the Czech Republic where I asked. Since it is not determined how much you can drive on the EUC on the sidewalk and is it so here is a vague legal provision "maximum speed of walking" and I asked what speed of walking? child? adult? athletes? If I can run on the pavement and sprint, can I go at the speed of "running" on the EUC along the pavement? Answer: "maximum speed of walking" so the police do not know, it is said to assess a particular policeman in a specific situation. If there was a collision with a pedestrian, I would automatically be taken as the perpetrator, even if it was his intention and done it on purpose.
  9. 115KG 2,7 Bar optimal 2,4Bar minimal i use Slime. No go up 3 bar is very bouncy and dangerous. manufacturer recomended 2,8 = 40 psi
  10. Here is Czech republic simplified law: https://www.cspsd.cz/storage/files/osobni_prepravnik.pdf use translator language is Czech I make post about this : Personal container with self-balancing device /Osobní přepravník se samovyvažovacím zařízením And the super simplified rules are: 1. Ride primarily on the sidewalk, maximum walking speed because you are a pedestrian in the Czech law (on EUC). 2. on the EUC bike path = bicycle 3. You have to/can drive on the left side of the road because you are a pedestrian. 4. You can enter the one-way street because you are a pedestrian. max speed is "walking speed (not defined by number)" on footpath 25km/h bike path 50km/h road in city When you pass a pedestrian you must not exceed the speed of his walking, not as I see it in a video from some people here passing pedestrians at close range and high speeds. It is against the law and moreover, there is enough aggressive people in the east of Europe who will fight with you also because of trifles and special sort of people are the owners of dogs. That's why I ride with a 21-inch cast iron telescopic baton. In the last 2 months I have used it three times 2x hit people(both drunk and agresive) 1x hit dog (always self protection). And X times to calm the situation or negotiate respect. Here is not the USA people are not armed with pistols but fists and knives.
  11. Wear more protection because if not one mistake and you can not be ... president of Iron Korea. They wondered how much the percentage would increase the price when adding value added tax and duty. I'm from the center of Europe. How are you treated? Or some warranty solutions. I have this in my recomended
  12. 360 one R have beta firmware we need w8. Is same like osmo action first firmware after release very bad results after 6 months many new tweaks picture quality updates etc.
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