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  1. Yes i understand what you think this change make many my test obsolete but i like more real numbers great work what Seba make. I compare same version logs eucworld (2.7) i plan digging deep into logs when i find more time now i focus/propritize on change/adjust my peak curent and curent alarm for my ticwatchpro 2018 for safety riding. I try extract log data on 1.0.56 on same place but this i can done in weekend i expect. Time in log 18:25:35 is exactly before bigest incline (stone road to est. 14th century curch on top hill) if you make one of you sexy graph in this incline i be ha
  2. Agree there is changes in positive way now is more efortless to ride. I write smal FW review here:
  3. Instaled FW 1.0.58 checked my voltage in charging/balancing (used stock MSP gotway 3A charger) on charger was 100.8/9 when i unplug charger sherman report 100.7V Then i no adjust voltage 100,7 or 100,8 no drama for me or i am wrong? My sherm is Fat rim red butons knoby stock tire original FW 1.0.56.
  4. http://wheellogviewer.net/ you can use this site for finding "interested parts" and filter. Normaly i use graphs form euc.world site find timeframes where this situation was. And after this i oriented in log file by time. (and i know map/places where i ride and inclines is by map) But is imposible inject log into graph on eucworld site anymore. Next rides/days i be testing 1.0.58 and my plan is make small eucworld "tours" just this style. Start tour under hill/incline and on top hill/incline stop tour this make some easy oriened LOG and tours for finding "our" goal. Or mak
  5. Eucworld 2.7 Peak curent 65 A curent 40A safety "gap" 20% temperature alarm 65 celsius.
  6. Im in 1.0.58 club now too: Using @Lefteris app (english one) V2 sherman (red butons) "fat rim" original FW 1.0.56 App crashes often on my S20FE 5G what help is: Alow BT location set language to english and most important lock screen mode from automatic to portrait mode (lock vertical screen) becasue crash when Lepaerkim app seitch from vertical to horizonatl just disable autorotation. imprtant is in batery seting in phone set leaperkim app to not save any power or disable "frezing app" just set app to same priority like eucworld or map app When my app keep c
  7. @supercurio i can send you many logs but where to upload. Is real question. to e-mail or some cloud. My sherman is V2 fat rim red buttons logs maked on 1.0.56 FW medium pedal mode PA +1 rider 🐷 weigt 260lbs+ (now i am on 1.0.58 but not ride this new FW yet) 6 logs is here: https://easyupload.io/m/f6bk74 (expire in 7 days) EUC data 2021-07-19 191600.csv this one is focused for motor vibrating/grunding test. Every hill in this LOG is motor pain state i make this test becasue want test my watch vibrate alarm triger. And this day weather was "cold" temperature here id
  8. Begode RS torque ,only traction is the limit. Real tested by Wrongway chanel. Big potencial have Begode EX but weight is big on this machine. Gotway MSP torque is strong climber too and only 24,5Kg but "Adam" says RS torque feel stronger.
  9. @ShanesPlanet Please before FW1.0.58 try calibrate veteran precisely and make test ride. Becasue is possible flashing FW reset calibration and other things to default and maybe this is it what other riders "feel" like beter dip behavior ETC. In past i make many test with FW on kingsong and found how calibration have hudge impact to riding behavior. We all remember how Veterean company want hide and write e-mail to @Seba (eucworld) and creator IOS software to hide FW info. Becasue Veteran was angry becasue people WANT new FW and for moneysave they want use "chinese" way by censor
  10. What are your impressions of the impact of the firmware on the driving characteristics of FW1.0.58. I mean subjective evaluation because officially nothing has changed that would affect the pedal dip acceleration or braking. After update to 1.0.58 i can say here is diference in riding "feel" for me wery positive way. Straight after update (i not calibrate level yet) and my first ride on new FW with knobby tire 28PSI diference is big great job Veteran company now is sherman worth XXX dollars more . I have my "test 5km circuit" where i testing PSI, pedal adjustment ,riding modes
  11. +-3 months 1040Km = 650miles. No problems. My riding style is not extreme no jumps or crazy things. No serious crash "yet". After i realise how weak is sherman in hard braking and climbing performance for heavy riders compare to my MSP 2500w i have mixed feelings and took some time for me to adapt this fact. simplified : i buy sherman again after my experience .... .. . ....... YES!
  12. I dont know if is "best pads" but i like them maximaly comfort level is amazing.
  13. Last +-300km done on +-26 Psi sherman knoby stock tire. I pump it to 28Psi month ago or more and self deflate to actual 26psi confortable range fine ,tire heat up after some km/miles to "hot" state. My plan is next ride pump it to 30 and try if some diference hapend. Im using shaomi air pump for measure/change pressure. Update on sherman stock KENDA knoby(offroad) tire i try 30PSI after 200km im back to 28 PSI.
  14. 1.no REP here anymore. 2. I make updata module update and work for me good. 3. You shure you make updating bluetooth wia usb when BT audio was enabled? 4. Try diferent phone and wait 10+ minutes EUC sometime need long time to BT be ready for conection.(after first sucesfuly pairing conect in seconds) 5. kingsong app i never use prefering EUCWORLD. You do/make something wrong propably BT module is independent on FW is just "own" module. What you mean overloaded? 5 fast beeps? or not beeps from you ks16X? Why you say Netherlands if you phone is in polish? Tr
  15. My personal experience with knobby kenda on sherman is: Warning you can make wobble worse after reseating tire . This happend me and 6 reseating must hapend to "fix" to + - original state when i unbox sherman. Real fix my wobbling was motorcycle weight and guide make by @mrelwood guide is here: My sherman is woblefree and everybody who try my MSP or sherman not belive this level of smoothnes is possible on EUC compared to original unbox state what they riding. Logicaly every valve(air fill hole) need around 20 grams to counterweight and weight distributio
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