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  1. You try fake GPS and VPN? How can EUC know where is if you competly fake you phone and internet provider. If is possible mock location in pokemon go and this game is protected by google play protect and pay protect. I think euc no have internal gps. Mabee you can just buy mainboard(eu or international version) and switch. Becaule locked is mainboard not whole EUC.
  2. Can confirm SLIME completly clogged valve. And i canot tale valve core out. I had to use pliers and a steel needle to loosen and get out. Results slime "explosion"was 40 PSI into my face and tshirt lesion learned nextime i take protection or sunglases. I found problem when : The tire did not leak but could not be blown or deflated.
  3. DjPanJan

    MSuper Pro?

    You described it perfectly, I'm glad I'm not the only one on the planet, I thought I was crazy. Try to do (RICK level) and share the result if it had an effect I would be very curious. Thank you for idea in my case propably not hardware failure i hope. I try test in real routes and give feedback here if my "new true level" calibration move this to rideable state( i hope). Great to hear for me yes. I go from 16X and this difference is hudge. I try many 16X FWs on 2 versions mainboard 1.4 and 1.5 board and never experience something like this now on MSP. Myaybee is just "feature" time tell i ride actualy medium because safety. But i am hard mode person(historicaly). Thank you for usefull summary is always good to verify that i did not make a mistake in this part thanks. Thank you so much you hit the nail on the head from the beginning. As I tried to tilt the MSP back and forth on the stand, we noticed that around half the maximum speed, the wheel would start to vibrate from the tire. At the same time, I had the tire inflated and evenly massaged in places where the pen test revealed inaccuracy. It was good and after a 70km ride, an oscillation appeared at a certain speed. It could be the "pulsation" I felt, but again it pulsates more when climbing a hill if it was just a tire it would be great. What more can I do with that tire? It is in one place as if I located the "bigger" problem place + - 10 - 15 cm from the valve. I ride at 38 PSI
  4. DjPanJan

    MSuper Pro?

    Big update after thorough testing. I bought a small triangular bubble spirit level to fit the pedal holder. And went into RICK SANCHEZ true level mode. I put a stand in the spirit level and seated the MSP identically on both sides so that the pedal holders touched the surface in the same place. Then I used small wedges on the pedal holders to adjust the angle as needed to achieve a horizontal condition. Thanks to a small triangular spirit level, I was able to level the vertical. I calibrated tried idling in place with my hand on the wall in hard mode. I have felt a significant improvement from the state of the impossible and it is now usable. It doesn't reach the KS16X level but it's probably a matter of habit each EUC is unique and I'm no one with average experience I have no right to say what's good and bad. Simply put, you were right and I'm glad you shared your experiences with me. I was wrong and I was convinced that I was doing it "perfectly", it wasn't true and you knew it. Now I know that anything other than RICK SANCHEZ true level is not enough for gotway MSP. The KS16X is not even a tenth as difficult to calibrate as a gotway MSP that is like brain surgery such a must be precision. This is my lesson and I also recommend this triangular weight to everyone. Thank you all with great humility and I am glad that I listened to you. I wanted to document it but I would need 4 hands so at least I will give a photo from the preparation.
  5. For info my MSP report 163 A and 12700W output when i read eucworld log. This numbers i make just acelerate against incline. On ks 16x my watch alarm(vibration) trigger 32A close to (88% beeps) On MSP i have same alarm set to 140A (i not yet hear any beeps/alarm yet) my tiltback is set to 46km/h And we all know but nobody want say it public veteran is just archaic gotway boards design remake in 2020. Take this post like stand up comedy is bite truth inside covered in joke.
  6. DjPanJan

    MSuper Pro?

    @mrelwood I use "U stand homemade" First i level stand if is leveled. After is in level (analog measure with bubble) and app both leveled. I start calibration process on MSP put on stand and level MSP (sit on pedal hangers) If i have 90 degree vertical and level horisontal too. Turn MSP on beeps come and end with neverendig beep (i try 3 min still continuous beep my ears almost bleed) turn off MSP and start again done. This is how i calibrate. ////// pure speculation here: No idea what can be bad in my calibration maybee pedal hangers is not i one line and this make vertical level bad i dont know. MSP no have flat surface where phone measure horisontal easy (with phone) against .///// After calibration i start msp put phone (app) to pedal hanger and both is 90 degree just perfect. Belive me i realy wish my "pulsing" is only results not ideal calibration.Because this is only thing what i can fix in home. The production quality of the assembly on my MSP is very precise the parts fit together without deviation but under the handle when I put the phone on a horizontal calibration so it "swings" at the joint of the cover it's slightly raised there. This can be weak spot. I repeat my stand is pure level horizontaly before i put msp on. I try calibrate again then ,can be problem my tire is in air all time i make calibration? Identical calibration process i do on same stand with 16X zero problem always precise calibration. After my calibration if i start MSP on stand tire in air calibration is good because tire not spin is just static. If i make small change in angle (front back) start spin slowly and if i stop "push" stop again. However, I will try to repeat the calibration and test in different ways, even if I think I'm doing it correctly with your advice and I appreciate the experience, so I'd rather spend time solving it than convincing myself that I'm doing it well.
  7. DjPanJan

    MSuper Pro?

    I make more precise clibration is beter still is far from optimal. Medium on my MSP is only usable mode is too soft to my ideal good is no have this float feel. I realise when i go incline speed 15-35km/h constant speed i feel continuous twitching like pulses is not good feel is definetly not smooth my V10F or 16x not have this never. I 3x try reasign tire no tire related "vibration" is just pulses is anoyng. (freespin tire/rim no oscilation nice stable) i try explain this pulsation Imagine you ride car 60km/h(stable speed on cruise control) or miles and you pushing acelerator litle 1 cm deeper and instant release and repeat 2-3 seconds this type of pulses. Is not strong i can feel change in my body weight distribution when "pulse" apear is anoyng. Pulses is stronger to inclines more torque more pulsating on flat perfect road(brand new) can be feel too. I am disapointment i expect level of smoothnes like 16x or inmotion and legendary gotway hardnes hard pedals is not here not in my MSP. I again try explain what my hard mode do. I give hand to wall and idle 1 meter front and back. If i change direction from front to back pedal kick and "float" like wood on water for short period of time. Like pedal need time aclimatizate this change. If i do fast front and back(idling) result is pedals swing that strong i canot hold on msp anymore. Medium not have this "feature" Just tell me this is normal you MSP is fine. Again i go from 16X and inmotion v10f absolutely i never experienced something similar. I never ride gotway before.
  8. From my experience inmotion no need changing tilt. Inmotion on hardes setings is realy SOFT and FW help you with tilt. Changing this is practical on kingsong where on 2.02 FW when braking on hard mode pedals stay level and you can slip out. Medium or soft mode help you if you brake tilt is changed to help stay on pedals. Then in hard mode you change tilt prmanently to -3 (-4) braking be beter/stable/confortable cons is need aplly more energy to go acelerate. Is personal preference after hours of test i stay on level then tilt 0 and FW 1.07 hard mode i like how 1.07 on board 1.5 brake and have fast response. Cons is not ideal stability 43+km/h this can be only because my tire chyao yang (2 batch tire) 38 PSI. Who like FW 2.02 i fully respect i found my gold point and definetly stay there long time.
  9. That is good to hear. Back to topic can you please share angle of this pad i mean acceleration part and braking part. I like this use real leather because fake/faux leather it peels over time.
  10. Sad you promote something what cant be purchased actualy. What is sence of this. Nobody have it in stock nobody can sell because quarantine. I talk about Europe.
  11. letters on tire must go left to right sorry i am unexperienced i not own this tire and i never have it in hands maybee @stephen and others who love this tire can help you. MY 16X is on chayo yang super nimble and silent tire (is 2 batch stock tire)
  12. Well sorry I'm wrong I formulated it I meant the moment of fall. He started wobles trying to eliminate them and at the same time braked so the first impact on the surface was somewhere between 40-59 km / h. But that doesn't matter at all. Veteran Sherman "managed" the fall well and Kuji excellently. The core of my first post was that I think his protection is not enough for such a rocket and a fall of 60 Kmh / 40 miles. His skill is amazing but physics is a more powerful witch.
  13. i wish you full healt soon. You can make same damage to you body just slip in bathroom. You have unexpected fall no feel sad about that hapends. Hip can heal 6 weeks try use it "normaly". Try no use painkilers. Natural pain feel prevent you use damaged muscles to often this incrase regeneration. Pils can make you "robot" and overstretch overuse damaged muscles. Chiropractor i dont think so not now maybee 2-4 weeks later. Belive me im "chiropractic" too and one of basic rule is not adjust pople after falls crashes is too risky. Continuous hedcase can be result brain damage this often hapend drunk people who fall. Try check you blood presure damaged muscles and pain can impulse brain to stress reactrion what lead to incrase blood pressure and high blood presure make headcache. Anyway contact doctor very smart choice. Thank you for sharing you experience and i add human body is not optimized fall backward and this is fact.
  14. I have "problem" with eucworld and gotway MSP. My phone not reconect to MSP after i go to store just if i lost BT signal. My ks16x and v10 reconnect always. Only msp "problem" can be fixed? Please somebody know fix for this. Not help push green dot i need "find msp" again to reconect. Edit: always after manual finding msp ask me to enter password i keep empty password and push ok after this conect again.
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