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  1. @eucVibes I dont undrstand this post absolutely. But you can be usefull "comunity" need test veteran sherman in climb test make video how oyu climb 20 , 25 , 30 , 35 , 40 degree incline. You have "fresh" sherman newst batch. Last test like this make Adam from Wrongway! but on "old" sherman (youtube chanel) We need to know how "veteran" ubgrade sherman last batch to beter low end torque. Can you confirm you pedals is higher +1Cm or is same? What batch you have? What firmware you have in you sherman.? Compare RS torque climbing VS veteran sherman can be epic video.
  2. You just die or end up mutilated or paralyzed and dependent on help for the rest of your life maybe it will make you disabled. Watch this video I'm on it, can you imagine that in this situation you are in any way attached to the EUC
  3. I own MSP 2500W and KS16X Like heavy 🐷 "rider". And owner both EUCs i can tell you MSP T is 3X or more powerfull compare to 16X no way compare this product in range of POWER. I think you and and others compare wrong things together because. If you looking EFORTLESS aceleration ks16x have no competitor = is not about power is about how easy 16X (on hard mode) "Want" ride faster just littlebit move you body and 16X ract inmediatly this is not POWER! Exactly how @Marty Backesaid. MSP/RS HT have manytimes more raw POWER but is not that EFORTLESS to use this power. You need
  4. I am not happy with this "alipad" is not confortable. I purchase 1X1 meter plate 3m tape for readjust. My MSP have EUC bodyguard and i need realy good grip to hold on neoprene. I relocate pads no joke hundred times sometime 8x in one roadtrip. Position i like is 5 cm over top side cover. This mean all dust stick on "unprotected tape" All positions what is "recomended" is pain for me. I hate if my ankle is pushed or touching pad/case no way for me. Maybee is because my military grade boots is masive and my ancle is 4cm higher than normal(fashion shoes). Riding without pads is no way
  5. Thank you for sharing. What charger : Original/fast how old charger was? You ride in wet last rides? Some problems with this euc in past or just all normal until burn? MSP = HT/HS?
  6. I dont know is V10F is "big" or "small" for me relative easy to learn. Ilearn on 100 sensitivity = +-(hard mode for gotway/kingsong). 38Psi too high for learn but i earn it anyway.
  7. @ChriullIs possible teoreticaly use GOtway MSP original 100v charger to ballance sherman battery? Potentialy use for sherman Gotway 100@ 1-4A smart charger? Is conector compatible veteran sherman same like GOTWAY? Because some chargers dont know how ballance ,they just reach set voltage and shut charging down. If veteran have 240 18650 batteries is possible one of them is not good like others.
  8. I see somewhere picture sherman with red butons this is new revision 2021 i expect.
  9. 2 x FAG Bearing Begode RS C30 or C38, EX.N - price contain installation 350dolar 2 x NSK Bearing for Begode Monster Pro - price contain installation 450 dolar 2 x ZEN Bearing for Begode EX - price contain installation 550 dolar eucservice offer. New era extra pay/packs oficialy begins.
  10. I personally think that any attachment / leash that cannot be quickly released to the EUC is more likely to result in paralysis and permanent insults, even in the event of trivial falls.
  11. 7milimeters? i understand this good?
  12. Stop is not ideal as i say slowly deacelerate not full stop. Here is video where EUC rider stop and results?
  13. Still here is posiblility begode/gotway can buy/outsource custom control boards created in kingsong factory. I dont care who make my control board if working good.
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