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  1. @buell47 Yes i try (you solution) problem is braking i ride on medium mode and if i brake light beam go up and overblind traffic anyway. Is possible cover botom and top lights make "strip of light" same preoblem when i brake beam go up and overblind hard. Is possible adjust light with tape to OK state this work only when MSP is static or ride or acelerate when braking beam go UP no Good way. 3M tape solution is best for me if i ride traill or non traffic i take tape OFF. i just dont understand why gotway not implement functions like only one LED shine maybee dimm LED just by using lower voltage mode. Roots of this "police" problem is now in 2020 our stupid politicans change trafic law and EUC now can be used on road only like pedestrian on left side and speed maximal walking speed. This mean if i ride like Bike/E-bike/ skateboard etc on right side is against law now. If problems acumulate i must quit this hobby because if somebody hit me with car and i ride on right side is my fault insurance give me nothing because i not respect stupid novelisation trafic law. This is worth toppic. And why this change in 2020? Because too many riders EUC ride like idiots on bikepath ETC overtaking bikers and some bikers is politicans this mean Czech Republic is not EUC friendly anymore.On (shared pedestrian/bike line) you can go only walking speed now OMG! And this is why police focus me (EUC) they know this new law is sh*t and nonsense they have strong wapon agains EUC riders. If police take my driver points out becasue EUC i must quit hobby. Because i need driver licence for my job. (we have 12 points and take license out) Riding on "wrong side" is 4 points(2 wrong side 2 points overspeed) i can potencialy lose my driver license for year in one EUC ride in one day this is not worth anymore. This is why i absoutely no want provocate any way.
  2. I try brutalist way. I got force police stop and ticket for "overblind" officers in duty.(no lights covered) They say me come next day to police station(local police) and show how you FIX this problem. then i do this: Electrical tape 3M and cover 70% lights.(local police say ok we see you do something universe in ballance again) 1, try with aluminium folil not efective too many beam overblind i remove aluminium out(in picture +- 60% covered). 2, try cover 80% with only 3M black tape. ( i think all ok in my mind some days later again force stop "federal trafic" police (big one) for overblind i argumented is covered you see ? Answer we can confiscate you MSP for investigation purposes for 3 moths if MSP is alowed for Czech Republic roads. My answer ok ok ok no please and i go home with front light off. 3, try i have covered 90% lights only small (4milimeters) left only not usable in night maybe for slow ride 10Km/h(+-6 miles). 4, solution front MSP light i use only in flash mode(90+% covered) and use Fenix FD41 (zoomable) flashlight. In right hand in night. Thank you Gotway/Begode engeners Another MSP rider in capital city no have problems with police is typical big city anonimity. (I live in small town 10 K ppl only and "sherifs" have more free time focus on useless things like me)
  3. I use this. Personaly not experience tree crash. Using this daily more than year and product is on perfect condition. http://shop.razzo.cz/photos/original/ochranna-vesta-leatt-3df-airfit-lite-body-tee-2018.jpg https://www.google.com/search?q=Leatt+3DF+AirFit+Lite+Body+Tee+2020&safe=off&sxsrf=ALeKk02NZB1ccJx8T6mjJDSJaW5VAekp-w:1603183217684&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiKqszx4sLsAhXbQEEAHawjD1QQ_AUoA3oECAUQBQ&biw=2133&bih=1076#imgrc=0g9ktRq6hUQoRM
  4. Best what you can do is wait to official release please! Please nobody try this FW! This FW can be just optimisation for newest batches and actualised control board just new revision propably. Impact on other old moldels (control boards) is unknow i recomended not try now.
  5. Small wheel is always big problems!
  6. I personaly use this: Ennui urban glove have great mix practicality(you can eat burger) airflow and protection. If you looking for winter version find some snowboard gloves what you like. Wear wrist guards VS moto/bike gloves i think is about weight cooch is lightweight and immortal "young" guy. For riders who is normal or heavy weight i recomended wristguard definetly becasue more weight more energy what wrist need absorb in case fall. Cheap solution is cheap wristguard and use standard gloves over wristguard (work gloves or bike/motocross gloves ) High speed crash propably destroy you shoulder/collar focus on this. Many riders have shoulder problems after fall EUC/ bike /onewheel /e-skate / snowboard etc. Another look is ride only asphalth if yes focus on sliding. Ride mix terain focus on strong protection and more layers protection becasue sliding not work good on MTB track in woods. Good luck
  7. Afer read full ecodrift.ru preview 2 things shock me . Ok no more coments about pedal hanger height i hope they fix this in torque model. First is this my opinion is this is strong weakpoint to water ingress: Second one is more dangersous ,same problem what Veteran sherman have is to close case to tire vulnerable to hit curbs and obstacles. I critise this on veteran but! Veteranb use cage here is only plastic. Oh noooooooo why gotway/begode why ? other angle (detail) Classic MSP is realy better designed for trail/curbs/obstacles. Yes i understand they change MOLD and make body bigger i see this but not good results for my and for use EUC i like and prefer. I take it this is SPEED version(C30) focused for road ok fine i respect this. I not belive they do other/special mods for torque/offroad version money is king and they want save money maximum way . Now in my eyes gotway push me more and more to veteran sherman in future ubgrade.
  8. This RS height pedal change surprise me negatively. Special my EUC experience is based on V10F 16X and now MSP 2500W. After i switch MSP(old small footplates) to nylonove pedals/footplates i scrape ground more often and i no like that GRRRRRRR sound and feel. Lucky i never fall or lost balance because scraping in hard turns ,maybee because nylonove have safe/round/circle corners. RS i see like naturaly ubgrade after MSP 2500W getting old or high mileage. For me personaly higher pedals always better this is my preference i fully respect opinions from riders who like/prefer lower/close pedals to ground. Everybody ride in diferent conditions terrain and style. Example V11 have "extreme" high pedals(based on pressure) and nobody cry/complain about this like deal braker for me RS lower heigh is actualy dealbraker (if we have still choice buy "old" MSP 2500w shops have stock still). I was in first RS released week sad because i buy "OLD MSP 2500" after realize this diferences RS vs MSP i am like i have "old/classic MSP".
  9. You can use motorcycle weight like me to ballance rim and reseat tire. Often help. PSI can make this beter ot worse experiment wit this. Tire rubbing on eleg is offten phenomen not big drama. Oneleg you push agains case/body to one side and deformate/push shell/case against tire. Is both sided coin. Oneleg turning deformate tire some way this pudh agains case too. Simpy say is 3 forces what want make you tire rubing.
  10. Pre-production EUCs are a scam last time it showed us the kingsong S18 pre-production models compiled by engineers and worked great. But people began to send "waste quality assembly" is a tragedy I will never again believe only tests of pre-production models. This is an expensive hobby, but the main thing is not to hurt yourself or anyone else.
  11. I work in a laboratory focused on water resources, Expert in gas chromatography and inorganic chemistry. Specialization in petroleum substances in samples during ecological accidents / disasters. My job is to protect nature from oil pollution gasoline diesel oil. Use samples to detect leaks from oil derivatives tanks. So I'm sitting at an expensive machine and getting fat.
  12. 1, Yes pedal sensitivity to 100 confort mode 2, Is chinese spy app like many others from china. (not work offline you need be conected to chinese server all time send all gps data to comunist party police if they tell inmotion give me data from @Roadpower) they must give all this is how chinese "law" work. (same other supercell LOL tik toc all games gotway kingsong everything software from china is afected this "cooperation LAW") 3, EUC world cant calibrate/update firmware you need "potencionaly" give all data to CCP party or not calibrate you V10F(safety issue) Thats all. Positive change is actual inmotion app not detect/block VPN this old version do.( this is good change) Best be inmotion make EU or USA version separated from chinese comunist spy this never hapend. As i say take it or leave it i own V10F and have app in phone freezed unfreze ony if i/v10f need calibration. Enjoy EUC and good luck and gear yourself !
  13. I would like to answer you but I personally have no experience, I only saw videos and drew information from the forum here. I'm no expert, just a user who has changed the control board on the KS16X a few times and replaced the tire on the V10F, so my expertise ends to be clear. Especially feel free to trust your EUC to do what others have recommended to you regarding wire insulation, etc. Be in contact with your dealer in case of anything strange that seems wrong to you. Firmware update over time will probably be easier. Gotway also does not have simple firmware updates and works well. I don't know where you live all around me are the "Beskydy mountains" there are many hills and climbs and therefore for me as a heavy rider the EUC's resistance to climbing is crucial and much more important than for 95% of riders worldwide. Sherman has 35mm stator and rotor magnets that is a huge power with a huge battery. This is a combination which, from the point of view of physics, brings a lot of design challenges, especially in terms of cabling and electronics, so you can understand what is happening with the early batches. I think if you don't overload Sherman or take extremes with him, it'll be fine. For me, Sherman will be "done" when he gets to the stage where he is now at the level of resistance to overvoltage and overheating of electronics as gotway MSP. As an example, there is the V11 which has heat problems at low speeds which lead to the burning of mosfets which engineers must solve either by improving the cooling or reducing the performance of a potentially redesigned control board. By that I mean that no EUC is perfect in the first batches.
  14. Veteran use same part like ninebot Z10. Here is detail is same thickness/construction like MSX/P ? @RagingGrandpa
  15. EUC for heavy riders in my definition is any euc what can handle. 1 overheat to extreme temperature and not burn (fuse ,c.board ,w/ring,) 2 handle overcurent sitiations nicely and not burn 3 is capable with heavy person nonstop climb hill or long inclines(miles long) and handle heat without damage EUC or rider example 90% battery under hill 15% on top of hill and not damage anything (motor,wring,control board) 4 have working safety mechanism what inform/stop rider to prevent any EUC or rider damage caused by riding to hard or long inclines/hills Top tier for heavy riders is MSP 2500W i hope all agree this. Sherman is speed long cruiser and doing this job great. In extreme conditions compare to others power euc sherman have problem warning rider or stop self/protect from overheat/overcurent im 100% shure engeners fix this in next batches/months. "cheated" in Marty Backe i mean firstime (burn ride) he ride nonstop and preproduction sherman stop ballance/burn board because overcurent. Second time Marty Backe ride more carefully with new motor and control board and he make more stops to control heat this test with extra cooling stops, veteran handle fine. This is just fact i watch both videos in premiere and enjoy Martys content. For me just test and retest was not same this is why say "cheated" mean not same condition he just not want go again OHH by walking and use hook of shame like he need do in first veteran(preproduction) try and V11(preproduction) burn fail. Dont froget this fact almost all EUC manufacturers say our EUC is 120KG /260lbs capable is from tech spec. People under 110 kg / 260 lbs can understand this but they will never really understand what it is like and what it means to ride the EUC on the edge of its technical ability. And it is the responsibility of the manufacturer if he says that his EUC will carry such a weight to ensure that the EUC can protect itself in the event of extreme conditions and if the EUC fails to do so is faulty / defective or the manufacturer should reduce the rider's maximum weight in the documents.
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