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  1. My real range my average speed is 25+- MSP2500w speed limit 40km/h 50km ks16x 65km Sherman V2 speed limit 43km/h 95km Abrams i am very scary/curious about real range i hope biger diameter help with range positively. S20 only belive in miracle realisticaly i expect under 50km range for me. ExBull future tell i think be ralisticly under 95km but i hope. Next spring maybee new euc. If Abrams outperform or same range like sherman is instabuy for me. (and i hope all new euc have working overheat protection)
  2. Honestly i dont know nothing about 126V vs 100V i just keep belive engeners and how 126 EUC work in real world (incline test ,charging overherating). For me is important i need one more charger 126V this is what i know and understand becasue charging under 8A on EUC "TRIP" is just pain. This is what reality tech me. Teoretical mas*****tion about 126 VS 100 is not my type of p**n. ( humor/satiristic/joke)
  3. Fan in ExBull is +- joke and here is my opinion: I think fan si here becasue front lights. That 2 powerfull LED light generate strong/big/extreme heat in "almost" closed space. Sherman have 2 active Fans not make good job cooling control board anyway ,mutch more important is airflow when ride for sucesfully cooling my sherman V2. V11 frontlight need cooling too. Sherman light is realy hot after longer time ON ,and have unlimited airflow and case/box made like cooler.
  4. Back to topic: Not expect anything form e-rides they "reviews" is joke mostly time. But i like this motor sound. Sad is CST knobby choice Wrongway(Adam) say is not good compare to kenda knobby because turn behavior because diferent center patern on CST knobby.(i talk about use on street/asphalt) I hope in some incline or overheat test in near future and range test too. Well say in this video no real reson buy C30 version over sherman but C38 have potencial fill market gap for riders like me who want torque sherman version.(I personaly not ride over 30Mph all season spe
  5. Love me worship me i am angel of truth and solution. 1.After charging (charger is green) UNPLUG ks16x 2.and TURN ON after 10 sec 3.TURN OFF This is it job done no more chaos on planet. Why 16x do this? Becasue after charging on orig charger 16x stay in standby mode need to be on/off manulay why i dont know this "feature" come with new firmwares. Bonus information: 16X beep over 5A charging not you case.
  6. For me S20 is fine around real buy in early spring 2022. Shure only if all test and reviews end well (excepted results). My idea is sell KS16X or MSP2500W and buy S20 what euc i sell is only about climbing ability and overheat protection implemented in S20. For long rides i plan holding sherman until some ultimate competitor overshine my V2 Sherman.
  7. Jokes aside i survived my EUC dead only because wear 1k dollar/eur protection gear: im on video: My new full face is this model excelent field of view and super comfort:
  8. 120+ Kg Speed 28 Km/h awerage (20-35) riding mode medium Mix hilly terrain windy day 95Km range and left 4% in battery. https://euc.world/tour/602515633972039
  9. Ublock have issues with web i recomended go to whitelist
  10. Im hyped for first incline/low end torque power test videos. And i hope Abrams have working overheat protection. Becasue tire diameter play against torque and inclining compared to other 18 torque EUCs. Battery i hope to performance be better compare to sherman .
  11. I am hyped for first incline tests S20. To topic kingsong have excelent overpower warning mechanism.
  12. MSP on hard mode or sherman on hard mode i feel like wood on water when road is not ideal. KS16X hard = MSP/Sherman medium V10F pedal sensivity 100 = KS16X medium or MSP soft Newer FW on sherman add responsivnes in medium mode i like that. Soft mode on sherman i personaly have problem turn fast and not fall becasue this "dip" maybee riding without pads is ok on soft but in my case with masive confort pads make soft mode dangerous for me. Is good we have option change modes ,every rider needs ,and surface is unique. actualy 1.0.58 sherman i use medium +2PA (reas
  13. Nothing scientific last longer we charge Sherman and MSP around 55Km from home in public car AC Menekess charger. Sherman on 5A stock charger and MSP with 4A(smart)+3A gotway original =7A this mean around 1300W say charger on wall. In one hour we consume 1,5Kw together and both EUC was charged almost all +- 50Km ride back Sherman to 92% and MSP to 96%. This is ok for me known i charge around 1km in one minute for real world planing. Charging cost me totaly with all fee(charger can be activated via phone only and this cost some mobile operator fee) but totaly
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