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  1. I dont know about android 8 issue maybee is something related to BT power saving try check that(phone batery save behavior). On my galaxy S7(android 7) and S5 (android 6) app work excelent and conect always. On lenovo A6000 (i try android 4,4/5.1 /6) BT never conect with my V10F both app inmotion app and whellog(euc world). Unventor you own strogner whells i strongly recomend you use wheelog(euc world) set current alarm around 29A -32A to know when stop push "that" hard (after alarm trigers little slow acceleration) .Here is realy strong safety features you can be frustrated and angry if you hear "please get off". Maybee is only my case i am 115Kg heavy/fat. No app = no alarm = no fun on my V10F. i use comfort mode 100% footboard sensivity and 40kmh speed limit in app( i still try find my best). You can use Euc World app and set 45kmh wheel is more agile is like overclocking. I never ride on whell limit im not speed demon my ride is speed is typicaly 16-26 km/h i like climb inclines ride slaloms im sidewalk rider (i must is trafic rule for EUC in czech republic). After i start using whellog (euc world) alarm i never have overload "problems" anymore. And overheat is imposibble here temperature is around 6 Celsius last 3 weeks . Dont forget calibrate wheel when need (or after change settings spd etc) if you feel in turn some tilt (front or back) stop and calibrate V10F is super stable after good calibration and pedals keep level excelently.
  2. I ride today V10F (last rev. QC 5/19) in 4 celsius medium rain in city 16Km trip i enjoy nice empty streets.I use original V10F cover only. Important after rain i wait 24h to charge again. Wheel is in livingroom temperature 24 hours before charging starts. I ride around 16kmh and accidently hit realy deep hole in street (pure my fault i watch trafic sign not route ) and V10F use 44A current and 3077W power to save me i was surprised when i se graph/log. Normaly i use warning in euc world (whellog app) at 29A curent when triggers/vibrate i just not push that hard after this trick i can climb all hills here without overload or overheat.i have 115Kg thats why wheel suffer and i need tricks and tweaks :-) https://imgur.com/hGrSN9i
  3. Realy nice to hear that.Make please option to view Current A on watch. I need that to optimize my ride to avoid overloads and overheats.I have V10F and im 115kg fat thats why
  4. Many users here on forum report on V10F 6000+ Km. Tire replacement is around 2000+ Km or more is PSI (bar) afected.Battery degeadation is not hudge (if you charge smart) all is about you weight and style how and where you use V10F.
  5. 1. support for inmotion V8F 2. support for inmotion P3 3. Fixed some bugs. download on google play Do you feel any specific improvement? Did it help you with connecting problems? By setting the unicycle calibration or crashing the application? Offers now 2.2.10 firmware for all V10F riders? (im on 2.2.10 alredy i cant test this) The only thing I noticed is the change of icons. Again the fan icon still does nothing. Only once when the fan was spinning very fast I turned it off with the icon. But to allow the fan to turn on preventively before climbing or mountain does not work like this and I'm afraid that I turned off the fan forever. Just came to us a wave of very cold weather and I had no opportunity to try in practice. https://imgur.com/gu7DqbJ
  6. DjPanJan

    V10 Refresh

    What i know from official store/service wil be "new V8F " and brand new V12 wheel version V10 V10F stay same. V10F have alredy new board all versions firmware 2.2.10 included new control board. QC 5/19 pass is my V10F
  7. Try using whelllog app (or EUC WORLD app on google play) if you batery level is 84,2-4V all is ok and you battery is ballanced. Green led show after balancing is complete. If you batery is under 84V after long time charging (10 hours) change charger.
  8. This is not issue you just not understand how this works. Its just user fail. 0 turn wifi/4G ON location ON bluetooth ON wait some seconds in app to fully load all this (for me stupid social pages) switch all vehicle/moments/discover/me for fully load app 1 in app light switch must be ON (always if you want change lights) 2 once you click DIY this mean YOU PATERNS logicaly all premade paterns from inmotion not showing.(nothing wrong just you fail) 3 To fix this click back to dazzled light effect and enjoy light patterns. 4 if you have no luck or you (worst thing deleted/clear data in unit in mainterrance settings) or you are too simple/stupid person easiest way to fix this is for dump is reinstall app and NEVER push DIY again and just use premade lights 5 You are not alone dont be sad here is not inmotion app manual(for actual version) or FAQ how controll and use app efectively its just try/mistake system. App works without problems i agree with you is not simply user friendly .Because inmotion app have no noob protection system everything you do is just done here is not back button. Its same with DIY sound once you click this unit is silent doesnt matter if you not do anything no ading you sound or just leave setting its just silent. To fix this sound you need again select some sound theme to activate sound back. Dont worry i was inmotion app noob too now i am at expert level and everything looks simple for me now. Good luck and always use protection gear .
  9. I make filter for smartwatch on our biggest (not recommednded) e-shop in Cech Republic just to filter compatible watches. Filter is : Wear OS + Android Wear here is result : https://www.alza.cz/EN/levne-chytre-hodinky-smartwatch/18854785.htm?layoutAutoChange=1#f&cst=null&cud=0&pg=1&prod=&par15569=15569-239681462,15569-239712890&sc=1300 1.EUC WORLD app is planed to work with all of this 30+ more product or its working now? 2.you say EUC World companion app is something different (if yes where to get) or is same like EUC World v1.0.1beta what i have from google play store in my phone? 3. Im scary buy pebble watch again because my last aftermarket pebble fail after 2 days but good news is i have my money back 4. If my questions its stupid sorry im very bad about all this android and wear apk stuff.I do setup pebble follow this video and work :How to setup Pebble watch with WheelLog 5. Its horn function button (select) work only on pebble or work on all Wear OS + Android Wear?
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