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  1. Normal air suspension setings (MTB) is 20-35% if you sit on. This mean 3 of 7 centimeters just stayng on EUC flat road. 4 Cm left for suspension obstackles curb ETC. I not belive this system can handle person 115+Kg/260+lbs. If i imagine jump of 10 cm jump of curb suspension hit hard max range and smash pieces against others suspension parts. If 120Kg with gear person jump this curb is 210Kg impact force( this example is tire on 60+ psi for science to not count energy absorbcion by TIRE). If is weight adjustable by pumping air up or down. And can handle this hard hits is good candidate to change my V10F MAYBEE in future. One thing all people here forgot in countries like Czech Republic is none gotway or kingsong official stores. V11 is here against others low cost EUC, inmotion product line and only ninebot Z10 is only competitor. Think this way. Inmotion can have big success with V11 on this markets. I give link here like proof https://elektricke-jednokolky.heureka.cz/
  2. DjPanJan

    777Wh KS-16X

    V10F and hot + heavy weight = problem (is based my personal experience) Again im not against V10F is good product logicaly have limits by design more waterproof(closed case with electronics) more heat complications you never have both everytime is compromise heat is V10F weak spot. Good videos about this is overheat hill test what @Marty Backe make and i realy like his content https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQeDQAr2JgTSSujXThdlWxg. MSP ,16X is best now early 2020 in hot climate strong cooling EUC. You weight is optimal you experience can be diferent many other EUC(try watch dissasemble videos) can handle heat if you compare just operation manual about overheating.PDF file 16x VS Nikola 100v is 16X overheat in 85celsius Nikola+ 65 Celsius this is oficial numbers. This is just numbers is based where sensor is located on PCB. This is example how hard is easy answer. Consider how mutch is waterproofing important for you if not 16X is winner if you are more trail oriented MSX/P if you are city/transport 18L/XL ,Tesla. For speed/travel/comute Nikola Plus. You Ninebot One E+ have 500W motor 320Wh is time buy 1500Wh+ just you charge in every 4/5 th ride you save batery cycles and money think about efectivity. And you trip/fun range strongly incrase. 777Wh KS-16X have diferent (weaker/samaler/6 mosftes) mainboard thats not mean is bad product. Just have smaler battery and logicaly have no need same strong hardaware(12mosfet) compared to 1554Wh model. Maybee is better with heat handling and energy consumation sounds logicaly maybee is posible add batery pack in future another 777Wh try ask you dealer if is possible to make this(without mainboard change).
  3. DjPanJan

    777Wh KS-16X

    777Wh KS-16X have diferent (weaker/smaler/6 mosftes) mainboard. I think is nonsence 777Wh is realy low range 16x case is fat in my opinion . Take another EUC or save more money or take loan and buy FULL HD Ks16x 1554 Wh. If you weight is under 80kg take V10F i dont recomended V10F for people 110kg +. I dont understand you logic you have One E+. Now is time to go realy ubgrade = 16X, Nikola 1800Wh, MSX , MSP 18XL. All what i say here is based on my personal experience what can save you money in future.
  4. I have 1400Km on my V10F i RMA because my fan fail to cooling. They fix this. Anyway with cooling working and little hill or long no step incline i hit 80+ celsius fast. Many times v10f just overheat and stop balancing. You need wait some minutes to colldown. This is not fail V10F i am just too heavy and my use this EUC just make V10F no good for me. This not mean V10F is bad i like how ride how light is how practical in public transportation is how smooth ride is. Is excelent FIRST wheel soon you realize like me is just not enouch. Save money and buy 16X limit it on 42km/h max and enjoy. Buy what you want here is JPG where you can see how bad handle heat in hills terrain( V10F hit 80-100 celsius in day temperature 6 celsius same route my 16X handle on 45 celsius on top of the hill) Gigantic diference and imagine V10 no have fan !. Again for city use V10F is amazing and is waterproof king on euc market. This tour is on 16x https://euc.world/tour/584404302845254 you can see how easy climb this hudge step hill under 50 celsius like nothing.
  5. V10F overheat 100+ kg people i not recomended. Overheat and overload.
  6. They use something like this. Inmotion say suspension. No say hydraulic suspension. Be realistic. This solution is simplest and no problem for heavy riders. Easy mainterance too. For me is leaf springs most timeproof solution.
  7. Any updates ? about 1.0.8 ? @lucian75 where you take this FW table?
  8. Because you say you buy for her not for you. V5F look better like premium product. That is important for girls and teenage mentality. KS14D is price/efectivity winer i know. Girl is just girls. Tenagers is just tenagers. This is how world work.
  9. Modular Stand Europe Style. Threaded Rod M12, 8 x Washers (40mm) 4 nuts + 4 nuts with wings, Dried wood 2 cm width. 18cm height. Length 30 cm The stand is very stable and on a flat surface it can calibrate a unicycle very accurately.
  10. Everything is about you weight. Cut outs no is Overlean aways be there EUCs is not idiot proof this is part of design all wheels. Is not cutout is overlean problem lack of safety buffer and driver failure. Dont forget kingsong 16x speed is fake by + 9% compared to real speed(gps ,inmotion, gotway) simplified app say you go 50km/h in real world you go +-45km/h I use alarms in eucworld app (without corection 9%): Tiltback 42km/h under 40% = 40km/h under 20% = 32 km/h under 5% = 26km/h Current alarm =27A This is superconservative settings for maximum safety . Real ks16x raw limits is little bit higher @Mike Sacristan have nice posts about this you can look there. He tested limits comparing FW 1.05 vs 1.07 all answers you need are there . MSX 100v vs ks16x i duno what 16x can give you extra what you expect? Maybee slow speed agility or handle i no see logical reason to buy. KS16x is anyway 45km/h unit what realy sufer to water damage if this things is not problem for you be happy.
  11. I realy hope. Change my V10F (37Km real range) to this "new" whell. I love waterproof of inmotion. This Ks16x water failings in superlight rain scary me. If kingsong not anounce 16x 100V or 16x (waterproof edition). KS18XL is only stability choice and geting older and older. Gotway Nikola + is road/comute machine pedals is too close ground for "offroad" Nikola = speed for me. I no have places where i can ride 50+ km/h here(no road conditons) only Nikola + benefit compared to 16X is for me waterproofing and battery. Next questionmark for me is. Fix V12 all fails what v10F have? Weak mosfets , overloads, overheats, apps what need conect to china for only calibration(what if they close server no more calibration anymore? ) tire size ,RANGE , lift sensor not work 100% for me if i no push it in centre sometime just not work. We know V12 use scorpion handle i no hate it is usable solution. Big Plus what many people not see inmotion have services and official selers in countries where gotway/kongsong have nothing. That is part of inmotion worldwide sucess. Inmotion please be smart and take my money!
  12. Left port to apply bluetooth patch. 6x beeps and done put out flashdisk. turn off/on 16x done.
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