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  1. 3 weeks ago, i have sent 750$ USD to this guy via Western Union. The day after, he has made an error by double up the Shipping goods. Instead of 11 items, he shipped 25 items. From there, he keeps asking me more money to unhold the shipment. I have always refused to give him more money. He never reimburse me with clear intention to not do so. Also, the day after i have paid, facebook has banned his wife account. But at the end, i believe his wife Ann Wilton and him, Neil MacDonnell are the same person and they are not american as they pretend. They used a company named Orient Touch Electronics and use a fake shipping company pretending it was too late for Fedex. There is bad reviews on scamadviser about this company. The situation is still unchanged. Even yesterday, he tolds me the good are still stopped at NY boarder and he is sending me text often with only for me to give more money to solve the issue. i have to trust him! He bullshit everything but I still need to trust him so I prefer to loose 750$ instead of 1500$. from now John, you think what ever you want but you know me on other groups. I usually don't talk much and do no wave. I follow the rules and give my fair 2 cents. My 750$ is lost but guys, be careful. There is scam in EUC and drift board...
  2. Don't trust this guy, he's a scam. It cost me 750$ USD to give you this advice...
  3. Wheelster


    @525rider Did you get your F528 finally? I'm ordering a new batch tomorrow, maybe I can put one for you! ;-)
  4. Wheelster


    We test every brands we distribute. All in normal riding conditions. We don't drop into the water, the snow, jump down the hill, try the cut-off... only normal ride on many days, many kms... Honnestly, my partner and I, experimented the Firewheel on dozen's km each (him way more than me). We have no issue at all. About 100 different people tested them at the Wheelster's launching party. The wheels went down on the floor very often. There is some videos of people doing ramps at skate park on our Facebook page. With all this we have a lot of scratches (us and the machines) but really nothing to say on the reliability. I never wait the complete down charge of the battery so personnaly, I have never experimented the cut-off situtation. That being said, there is a video on our Facebook from a guy doing an EPIC fail on it. I believe it's a cut-off but I wasn't the one riding it at this moment. He says wind... Hard to say. For the technicals questions of your post, we never had to open any Firewheel so far, I can't say. Bunch of people seems to know way out mre than me! Also, there is no demand for upgrading batteries in America so far. People doesn't even know what is an electric unicycle! I am daily working on it to make it known...
  5. Look very cheap to me. Any clue of the pricing?
  6. Wheelster


    Join the club 525rider! You'll love F528, it's a great machine. May I ask you on which Website did you bought it and what was the pricing? We always want to improve ourself with reliable information... thanks!
  7. Wheelster


    You are right 525rider and if you find the reason, let me know! Even the keywords used to land on our site are mostly F779 and F260... And for your knowledge Jason McNeil, we (Wheelster) have F132 and F260 black and white in inventory here in Montréal. We also have Airwheel X3, Ninebot One E+ and H1 from HX. We keep those brands in house as so far, we found them to be the most reliable in the market. We are a trouble free company and don't want any trouble either. So we keep it simple with tested products.
  8. Since a month, we now have www.wheelster.com for Canada and USA. It's a good company as I personnaly know the owner! ;-) Free shipping and no custom fee for Canada in June...
  9. I have tested my F132 in a skate park and street, did some bunny hop and else. Nothing happend, it's a great machine.
  10. Wheelster


    Trust me, 520 and 528 are the same. Like F132 x 4 is F528 but also F260 x 2 is F520. Wheelster is a reliable brand. :-)
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