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  1. This is a clear hardware fault, motor replacement required to rectify.
  2. Hi Bob, I think you are being a bit misleading in what you say here about ABNs from a ATO website "When a business doesn't quote its ABN" https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/PAYG-withholding/Payments-you-need-to-withhold-from/When-a-business-doesn-t-quote-its-ABN/ "If a business supplies you with goods or services it should quote its ABN. If it does not you must generally withhold 49% from the payment you make to them and send the withheld amount to us." Also contrary to what you say Milbay Australia does have import approval from Australian Government for Electric Unicycles, in fact we have delivered to most Australian states and many international clients. Yes Milbay do have electric unicycles in stock and you can find our unicycles in retail shops like Skater HQ in Sydney. Milbay also $20 Million AUD product insurance to cover electric unicycles.. Milbay have been selling and servicing electric unicycles in Australia since 2014. Any Australian businesses that wish to become involved in electric unicycle sales are welcome to contact me at Milbay Australia sales@milbay.com.au or call mobile 0450418901.
  3. Hi, I have just sent you an email, don't worry everything is ok.
  4. Hi Polpus, I have sent you an email, warranty is 12 months on device and 6 months on the battery (Standard factory warranty) Milbay keep replacement parts in stock in Australia or can ship direct X China depending on what is required. This is just a couple of units left over at my China facility so these will ship X China not X Australia. The 16 inch are with KS16 standard logo. Milbay have been in the unicycle business for more than 2 years already so no problem for service advice and trouble shooting if required.
  5. Milbay have a few KS16 at our China warehouse for fast delivery to most international customers. Limited availability so act now, reduced priced offer for international clients only. 12 months warranty on unicycle 6 months warranty on battery. Brand new stock. KS16 680Wh white - USD850.00 plus freight and any local GST/VAT KS18 Black 1360Wh - USD1600.00 plus freight and any local GST/VAT. email sales@milbay.com.au or visit http://www.milbay.com.au/customerviews/index/1020 to view the full range of of electric unicycles
  6. The Version 3 app that is on the Milbay site is a Beta Version and is only supported by Milbay Australia for use with Milbay unicycles only, some V3 app features are only available for the latest control board family, currently GTS16. The app will work on later control board Milbay GTS14 and GTS18 with some reduced functionality. V3 fixes the screen issue on lower screen resolution android mobile devices where not all screen buttons were accessible. Milbay does not recommend or support the KS V3 app for brands other than Milbay or KS. Please use the correct app supported by your devices manufacturer to avoid unexpected results. International owners should consult their local KS reseller or distributor for more information. DO NOT use this app to apply any firmware update to Milbay Motouni unless requested by a Milbay service technician. Unicycles that become unusable after an unofficial update will not be covered by warranty and a billable new control board may be required. Neale Gray Milbay Australia
  7. Download the Latest Version 3 app now available from the Milbay Motouni App webpage. http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/App This is a Beta verion and suits Milbay GTS-16 and KS16 and also GTS-14 and KS14 and GTS-18 and KS18. Fixes screen issue of V2 on small screen android phones. More information soon Beta version is Free to download and test. Post any change requests on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KingSongUnicycles/
  8. For those unaware of the consequences of their comments please read carefully http://cs.stanford.edu/people/eroberts/cs201/projects/defamation-and-the-internet/sections/precedent/cases.html
  9. Ok clearly @esaj has some unknown problem as certainly Milbay have no idea who he is (hiding in anonymity ) He certainly has strong opinions on Australian consumer law for a person supposedly in Finland, as expected he comments are inaccurate with no basis other than his own opinion as he states. . For the real information about Australian consumer law and Milbay Australia's warranty visit http://www.milbay.com.au/CustomerViews/WarrantyInfo A quick check anywhere online will reveal that Australia has some of the worlds highest standards and certification processes. Australia does not accept amateur resellers, check out the list of those who sold un certified hoverboard products for xmas 2015. They are yet to receive their fines. https://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1081137
  10. Moderator "the nonpartisan presiding officer" ??
  11. Hi, your comments are rubbish, delete or expect action

  12. Milbay Australia are exclusive distributors for Kingsong in Australia and New Zealand and have been for a very long time, Milbay ship internationally to most destinations.
  13. Hi @Jed I will not be posting to this forum until moderation of my posts are removed. I had a moderation placed on my forum account after posting information about safety equipment so I am sorry this forum will not receive any content until the restriction is removed. In the meantime Milbay will answer any personal messages and we continue to post on FB, our website and Youtube so maybe best to go there for the latest information Fast electric unicycles only https://www.facebook.com/groups/435305449993067/ Milbay FB https://www.facebook.com/MilbayAus/ Kingsong FB https://www.facebook.com/KingSongUnicycles/ Milbay website http://www.milbay.com.au I don't have a problem with the fine line between content and promotion but I do not believe in moderation of valid comments. I am looking at you @John Eucist
  14. @esaj I read this post with interest especially the part about asking distributors to post here, Only a week ago I had a post removed for pointing out how dangerous these battery modifications are especially in the face of the current Li house fires. The bottom line is that if you pay the absolute lowest price then you will receive the absolute lowest quality. When the device has a high power Li battery such as 130Wh (the smallest EU battery generally available) then your battery will cut out, be unstable and not do the job it was designed for, do forum members really think that batteries are the same and it is just manufacturers and resellers ripping you off. There is a possibility of a thermal runaway happening with Li batteries and a lot of development has been undertaken to reduce this from happening. Any and all modifications listed here are all highly NOT recommended. Buy a NEW battery if you are unhappy with the one you have, DO NOT modify in any way as all you do is loose any warranty and make yourself liable for any bad outcomes. Do NOT treat Li like lead acid ie "you cant electrocute yourself with 60V", I can tell you if it goes bad (eg while soldering) a little DC shock will be the least of your worries. So if you want a distributors opinion then for anyone who is unaware, EVERY SINGLE battery manufacturer, supplier or distributors follows the well known world wide recommendation: never ever modify or dismantle a lithium ion battery (unless dismantle/assembly/ is your profession).
  15. You can pre order the 16 inch from Milbay Australia, save over $200.00 delivery is during February, offer ends Chinese New Year http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/MB16GTS
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