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  1. Hi Jane, i have a problem with my gotway mcm4 battery installation and i am hoping you can help me. 

    I already started a discussions here:


  2. 84v and 67.2v is the same motor,different battery
  3. Jane Mo

    gotway msuper3 1600wh

    the same motor. 84v is faster and more powerful than 67.2v.
  4. Jane Mo

    gotway msuper3 1600wh

    国外只卖1600wh,国内只卖1640wh 1600wh /80v is for overseas market 1640wh/67.2v is for domestic market
  5. Jane Mo

    Apple Watch support?

    under development
  6. Jane Mo

    gold msuper3

  7. Jane Mo

    Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker

  8. Jane Mo

    Colorful msuper3

    no,it is DIY by customer it is a belt which attached to the wheel,and controlled by remote controller.