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  1. Will help you. Contact with me: yueyue.wang@iamips.com
  2. This is yueyue from IPS manufacture, please contact with me: yueyue.wang@iamips.com And I need to know more details, I will give you some advise and help. Thanks.
  3. haha, sorry, I5 tests are over now, and I5 has been started to sell, so that if you want to test you can buy one, haha, and welcome feedback! And here I will post some pics from one of our customers who come to company. then ride I5 away!!!!
  4. Hi, there are some guys want to test I5, and they want to know if I5 is really good enough, thanks
  5. Dears, S5 is on the research and development now, we need time to bring the good product to our customers. We cost 2 years to make I5, and we make many tests to make sure it is really good enough for customers( of course we can not do the best, but we will do better.) We do believe I5 is the good one, I will release more test videos or pics in the future, and also we hope more customers give us advice and feedback too, to prove it is a good wheel. Here I will show the climbing and waterproof test, please read it .https://www.facebook.com/pg/IPS-self-balancing-electric-unicycle-
  6. Yes, we have make some special to make that strong enough to support the body weight or some jumping activities. I will release some videos to show how can we test it is strong.
  7. Yes, we are always in the market, and thanks for your support. We will do better.
  8. Well it is totally different with the previous wheels, so that you can change your mind to ride it, when you ride it is not need to lean against the wheel, just like you stand. Really I guess you can try it.
  9. Yes, the board is in the wheel, but we research and develop a different board for I5. And there is no retractable handle, the metal handle is in the wheel, it is one piece now. So that you may feel it lighter when you carry it.
  10. 20700 battery is Panasonic latest battery, it is used for some Tesla. It is more powerful comparing with the previous battery in same volume. Maybe we will use it in the next generation wheel.
  11. It will need a long time for the S5, we launched I5 just now, and S5 is still in the research and development now. But it will be different with I5, and based on I5. Thank you very much for your support our IPS.
  12. 王月月

    I5, coming

    I5, Lighter and slimmer https://www.facebook.com/IPS-self-balancing-electric-unicycle-1593003297614828/ Official website is coming soon: www.iamips.com Any ideas, please contact with us: yueyue.wang@iamips.com runrui.meng@iamips.com bess@imaips.com Thanks
  13. News goes so fast, friends have linked it here. Hope you like it : https://www.facebook.com/IPS-self-balancing-electric-unicycle-1593003297614828/ Our official website will come back soon: www.iamips.com And any ideas please contact with me: yueyue.wang@iamips.com Thanks
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