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  1. My advice is to completely start over by emptying the shocks. Be sure to push down on the wheel. I did this three times to make sure all of the air was removed. Did Shane provide you with the plastic block? Be sure that is installed first before adding any air to the top and bottom chambers. *Make sure the block is removed after you have completed the fill.
  2. The S18 is an impressive machine designed to take a beating off road. The innovative aluminum frame should receive high accolades but your correct that the S18 gets flogged for it’s 1100 wh battery. I selected the wheel exclusively for off road and the more I see the superb R&D that when into the design the more comfortable I am with my selection. Just look at the mainboard and the solder joints for the motor’s wires along with the over abundance of silicone protecting the components from vibration and shock. Does anyone have any info on what wire gauge KS selected for it’s motor? It appears to be 12 gauge., Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this!
  3. I was assuming that if you can insert your thumb and forefinger into the chamber to loosen/tighten the existing valve cap you can easily use the short end of the allen key to access the valve cap’s anti theft screw. Additionally the stubby end of the key could be shortened even further.
  4. I use to love safety wiring bolts on my chopper but in this case using anti-theft valve stem caps might be a quicker method.
  5. I received this short video from Jason after he was kind enough to contact KS about my S18 handle locking issue. Morning Dan, I've received a response from KS about this issue: S18 Handle Fails to Lock.mp4 Please let us know if this works for you, Jason Now I just need an S18 tear down video. KS states this mod is for when the handle does not close well. Not sure if there is a communication/ translation breakdown because my issue relates to the handle not locking in place on the first catch.
  6. So impressive big guy! You did an excellent job constructing that deck around your tree.
  7. That’s hilarious! Reminds me of @Hirsute.
  8. Alright....you win.
  9. Mine does not. Do both sides of your telescopic handle lock in securely in the first click ‘carry position’?
  10. Great futuristic dream.
  11. The heavyweight V11 wins!
  12. Rehab1


    The next generation will dominate this sport!
  13. Good point! It might have something to do with carrying around two dogs, hauling landscaping materials or just having an extra ‘bed’ for those unannounced, annoying guests. Don’t ya just love spell check? I have other wheels for that. The S18 will allow me enough distance rolling off road through wooded trails before my knees give out.
  14. @Hsiang definitely likes the S18 shock system and styling. So do I. I can’t imagine this sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing suspension system hidden under Zthe side panels. Thrilled that Kingsong’s engineers were able to design an ergonomic body that allowed this mechanical masterpiece to remain exposed!
  15. Funny but no need to hide it. She knew about the new truck as my lease was up. Not sure if I got caught hiding the S18 under the tarp as it was uncovered when I got home last night. Possibly the cleaning ladies took a peek and failed to cover it back up. No yelling yet.
  16. Thanks! I went to a hypnotist to have that memory erased but now it’s back.
  17. My new Ram Rebel to match the S18.
  18. New wheel....new truck.
  19. Perfect! Thanks. Curious how the telescopic portion works. Just hate to have it drop my toe and then have to explain to my wife about a wheel that doesn’t exist.
  20. Unfortunately even when I extend the handle at a snail’s pace the right telescopic detente slips right past the first locking position. I don’t feel like disassembling the wheel as there are no KS tear down videos I’m aware of. I plan to contact @Jason McNeil . I have other wheels if I need to send it in for repair.
  21. Ugh. Reminds of the movie August Rush. Well forum members love videos complemented by the rider’s personal music score. Would love to see a video featuring both. Good for you! Never too late!
  22. My first glitch. The handle telescopes up to a ‘first catch’ position for carrying. The right side of the telescopic detente no longer holds so the handle tips upward. Now all of the lifting forces are concentrated on the left telescopic detente. Given the weight of this wheel I don’t expect the handle to last when 100% of the lifting mass is now focused on one thin- walled telescopic tube.
  23. Rehab1


    You’re a lucky man! I’m truly jealous but the video made my day!
  24. Rehab1


    Nice! 25 riders... that’s 24 more than my usual ride.
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