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  1. You guys were cruising just under the speed limit.
  2. EBAY!!! I should have purchased a dozen.
  3. Now the site will not accept an order. It sticks on ‘Please enter all product options’
  4. Weird. My link takes me right to it. I just clicked on it 3 times. Try your iphone. Want me to buy it and have it shipped to your house? Did you pray to the Aliexpress gods recently? Damn it’s not working now! Bummer!
  5. Being that @The Fat Unicyclist is ‘rolling’ in the big bucks at https://www.roll.nz how about a free complimentary Bodyguard included with every next generation wheel.
  6. Rehab1

    16X Notice

    I can’t believe you still have my wife’s name registered on the forum and she’s got 13 reps! Payback.
  7. Steven you got lucky. I signed up for an email alert months ago and it was announced last week that the GPS remotes were back in stock. Then at the blink of an eye they were gone. You must have grabbed the last one. I then decide to try Aliexpress and wa-lah they had it in stock. Mine arrives today 10 days after placing the order. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32944944368.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&spider=y&productId=32944944368&productSubject=Insta360-ONE-X-GPS-Smart-Remote
  8. Awesome photo of your ACM standing guard at the castle. If you ever propped your wheel up against the White House’s gate the bomb squad would be called.
  9. What an amazing Amazon Deal!!!!! I just ordered 2.
  10. Rehab1

    16X Notice

    She’s actually very excited about it.
  11. Rehab1

    16X Notice

    Yes I received Jason’s email and agreed to pay the extra shipping cost. Favorable weather is so limited in the Northeast. $250 is a bit steep but I’ll just cut back on taking my wife out to dinner.
  12. It’s nice to see that your wheel is near by if you decide go riding again.
  13. The vents did have filters (not shown) that could easily be removed to clean so dust was never an issue. When I butchered my ACM 2 yrs ago to perform the experiment GW was having major overheating issues at the time. They have since implemented many positive improvements.
  14. I’ve always been fascinated by the functionality of EUC cooling fans where the shell’s don’t contain an intake and exhaust vent like PCs do. At some point the Mosfets and MB become starved for fresh air when the same hot air recirculates inside. You may remember my modified ACM that contained both intake and exhaust vents for the cooling fan. The air circulation system worked great but unfortunately the downside was the strong possibility of water entering the shell.
  15. You should feel comfortable riding with that board installed. The installation instructions are actually well written. Slicing through the gobs of silicone surrounding the connectors without nicking a wire is most tedious part.
  16. I hear you! My issue is that I feel guilty about riding. I hate leaving my wife at home knowing that she is worrying about me when I’m gone.
  17. Wrapping the handle is tough. I molded some rigid foam inside the handle and glued it over the wrap. I also painted my trim and covered the ankle pads with leather.
  18. With your extra free time do you have any plans on teaching your wife to ride again?
  19. I see you wrapped your wheel. Great job! I wrapped my Mten3 last month as well. It’s so hard to prevent those tiny wrinkles around the contours. I’m not sure a professional could do any better. BTW...your’s came out better than mine.
  20. Sorry buddy! I just caught this. Looks awesome! Rivets, metal mesh and plates. That took some time.
  21. I’m sure I’ll receive numerous negative reps for this comment (I could care less) but why the hell are people disparaging Jason? Remember just a few short weeks ago when the Nikola seemed to represent the best performing wheel ever produced by GW. Then came the ‘Overheat Hill’ test which quickly demoralized everyone’s hopes- that the perfect wheel for all riding conditions was a failure. I would hate to be in Jason’s shoes sitting on inventory that has been verbally trashed.
  22. The company serviced the NB in one week. New control board installed and shipping was around $275. Unfortunately they will not sell a new board to the public. It’s interesting they’re listed as a NB repair shop but don’t service the Z models. Good point!
  23. You made me Bob! I needed that! Thanks buddy!
  24. That’s a little worrisome! My 14 yr old grandson rides my old NB1 E+ and has never had this particular issue thank God. Granted he is a light weight. Have you rode the wheel in similar conditions before with no issues? If so it could then be a bad control board or the old battery packs have degraded to a point that they have lost their initial power capabilities. I had a Ninebot repair facility install a new control board a few years back but it was not due to your issue. He simply overspeed the wheel when it was picked up and blew a mosfet. If you continue riding the wheel you may first want the repair facility to take a look at it. http://www.ninebotrepair.com/ I hope you find the answer.
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