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  1. Thanks for sharing. The wheel is leaning upright against the wall. Battery is fully loaded (charger light goes from red to green). The old Gotway app (electro-sport Google Play version) shows battery at 70%. Wheellog shows the battery at 72% and voltage at ~62V (also under load = doing in place "swings"). The uppermost battery light (1 red 2 yellow 2 green) is not green (the LED works though, it does colors when the wheel is moving). Is there a problem with the batteries? Maybe one of them is not connected? Shouldn't the voltage be 84V? Is that only under real load? Do these apps show the right readings for the ACM 1300 Wh? I didn't try the current Gotway app yet because that would tie the wheel number to an account and I didn't want to do that yet. What's going on?:huh: edit: 84*0.72 = 60.5 hmmmm,,,
  2. thanks for sharing, John, now I know better how to ride a unicycle.
  3. Different people have different taste and preference, It's a choice for people who do not pursue too much speed. After all, the safety is the first thing to consider
  4. Thanks for replying me and gave me some valuable advice. I have to say you're professional. But there is a unique design. Users can print any picture he or she like on it. And the letter on the LCD seems not very useful so it is small. As to the motor, maybe the designer is considering the safety.
  5. The price is around 600$. This unicycle is with high configuration, which aims at high end market.
  6. Please see more details on pinwheel official site: http://www.pinwheelonline.com/Product/Self-Balancing_Unicycle/PINWHEEL-T2-Relax.html
  7. The euc of F-wheel name Q3 series is suitable for you. Please leave your email here and we'll send you more details about that http://www.fwheel.cc/Contact-Us-F-wheel-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/
  8. Please visit this page if you are insterested in it, please click here: http://www.pinwheelonline.com/ Design your own appearance of the vehicle
  9. F-wheel is also selling this, please kindly have a look, the same kind, http://www.fwheel.cc/Product-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/One-Wheel-Hoverboard-X2.html
  10. Ok, I have to admit they are really fancy and exquisite, there is even the one made of maple wood, amazing! Will call my engineer for more information. Tell you later
  11. You will full in love with it when you know more about it, it's product is really attractive to users
  12. Oh, SlowMo, definitely, I have one for you, follow me, its in manufacturing. Improved model, also named as hoverboard. However, I promise you won't hover. Click here to see more. It will meet you in April. hi, super, i Bet you didn't ride on it or it will break down. ;)
  13. Hello Micheal, sorry but I can't see the pictures you showed. F-wheel attended CES and showed the iCarbot. According to your user experience, F-wheel has improved the software program of icarbot and did much job to improve the pressure sensor to make it agiler. When iCarbot show up in market on March, you'll see a brand new iCarbot with excellent user experience!
  14. Thanks for sharing. iCarbot is able to do this as good as this Japanese Version. You must be a man full of passion to life and great creativity. Adventurous and brave men are full of charm!!! Come on my friend, iCarbot is waiting for you. The most fresh four wheel scooter nowadays. No matter one wheel,two wheel, all kinds of wheel are available on F-wheel.
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