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  1. salut le dc-dc converter de chine pour 22$ B900W Input 8-60V to 10-120V 900W DC Converter Pour les pins, je pense ta besoin juste de 2 sur les 4 du connecteurs je me rappel pu trop jai vendue ma roue!! Join le groupe Facebook Quebec wheelers tu verra surement plus de roues usagée a vendre Mais bon comme tu va avoir une V8 le dc coverter te sera pas utile la! Vend la ninebot apres ca tu va voir tu veut pas rouler juste 20 km! Oui Jean Chretien, i like this lads too !! he lives near lac des piles/St-Flore- follow the rcmp cars haha
  2. @Lefteris i have NCR18650 version .. not the 21700 I was aware at first that combining ground from speaker would modify the stereo sound. I guess other who made the MODS dont use their speaker when they ride, well i do when im alone in a trail!
  3. i have done the mod as the diagram previously posted here (the ground speaker to the relay) and the sound output is now atrocious! (with both ground on the relay) I plan to only wire one ground to the relay, the result will be a starting sound on only one speaker, so half the initial volume! Here is a little description of the connectors: You get your relay power from 12 V connector (splice the wires)- then you connect the ground speakers through the relay as per diagram showed before
  4. Since we are confined, ive started the speaker/bluetooth relay swap. Seems my board is different, my power +100V is in the opposite corner from the drawing up there (Red connector) 11V from the one on the opposite side
  5. For Canada those two dont work anymore: eRide-Toronto, Toronto: http://www.ewheelscanada.com Gotway, InMotion, King Song, Ninebot Gotway Canada, Ontario: https://gotwaycanada.com/ Gotway ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and there another one in quebec (at the bottom) you can add: https://squareup.com/store/consultant-sebastien-mailloux-inc?fbclid=IwAR1Q4p6ygxyeAOR3eMsFUhUl-Ah2anqbKxmdAuEEZLZY-Cj2s0K-zIVI5Eo
  6. no side panel - great candidate for Rat Style dropped wheel !!! put rusted steel panel and u go
  7. im selling my Gotway ACM16 v2 640wh locally at 800$ CAD neg but id prefer not hassle to ship - one local guy is interested at 700$ but has to get the money first - if one want to pick it up in Trois-Rivieres,Quebec,Canada il let it for 700 $ CAD 16 inch - 2763km- 640wh- no trolley I think its a great wheel to learn- i still use it when i dont want to bring my massive nikola+ ... im only selling it because i want a MTEN3 to bring in the backseat of my car for distant electric charging station (i have a chevy volt) - i was doing +50km on a charge with this wheel - great great wheel - picture:
  8. Marty , make a video about using EUC World please!!! In the comfort of the californian sun , with grass and trees make me forget the snow field up here!!
  9. Why they dont make a firmware update available to avoid this sound !!!! Beh i already ordered my relay .. waiting for the parcel...will swap the speaker in the same time!
  10. Nice setup, but whats the purpose of the middle thing.. its a foam for suspension ?
  11. I went in an area without data signal (no signal at all) and used the csv logging option. Went back to area with signal but seems the log did not upload to EUC Worlds. I then connected my phone to my computer and used http://wheellogviewer.net/ to browse to one CSV file (from phone /EUC World/Logs folder) then they all appeared on https://euc.world/user/logs I dont know why they were not uploaded by the apps, seems using wheellogviewer did the job for me . You can then CREATE TOUR from the menu (where OPEN TOUR appear after) - or you can delete them - i guess the option CREATE TOUR is only available when there is GPS data, cause all my other logs i only have option to delete or download
  12. im also interested in the picture!! i can text you and you send it to me, ill post it on the forum!
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