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  1. Seems my two or three last tours were not uploaded !! My live map settings are enabled!! Is it because there was no data signal in the area i toured? Version 1.01
  2. my signature is not working anymore. When i try to put it back (insert image from URL) it seems it cant resolve the addresse https://euc.world/membersig/Lavabo ... the arrow turn and turn endlessly
  3. i found that interesting, thank you, keep us informed!
  4. Hey thanks for the answer!! no connection issue there, just the fact you have to manage your apps while riding... EUCWorld for speedo then swap to get another song then switch back to Speedo, the bluetooth's devices aren't the problem, only the way you manage the apps... if i could have the speed in a small windows over my music player i wouldnt have to switch between apps.. Are your bluetooth headphones whitin an helmet? The voice itself coming from the wheel is great - kind of riding a futuristic device when it talks If we could add some message like when Blade Runner movie spinner land " move on - move on": Move On Blade-runnner
  5. So we can't for now listen to bluetooth music while the apps is running? I will try it out!! Could be interesting to have a quick Horn button - Horn through bluetooth speakers (home button?) - i could then have an old style car horn on my wheel I dunno how folks use music on their wheel, but i have to switch from my music apps to wheellog and cycle between the apps... sometime its a pain while you ride!
  6. ok thanks for all reply i was just looking at a way to charge with vehicule.
  7. My chevrolet Volt 2014 has about 16 Kwh (10KWH -12 Kwh usable) and the Nikola 1.845 Kwh The 12V battery is supplied by the 360V main battery! When main Battery is depleted, the Volt (Chevrolet) thermic engine start to fill it - its a generator since all motorisation is electric So car battery is not a problem, and i want to stay safe using 12 V instead of 360V The funny thing here is i have more range with the Nikola (about 100km) than with the Chevy Volt (70-84km - i have it unlocked +20% battery)
  8. Hello Im wondering if i can use my DC tio DC to charge my Nikola 100v from my 12V car? On the old Gotway there was only 3 Pins Now the charger port is 5 pins if someone could lead me to the 2 extra pins I would like to use my 12v from my chevrolet Volt to charge my wheel. I have this dc to dc converter from an old project laying unused- i think i could use it to chargemy wheel https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32662329270.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27426c37AkOt77
  9. Thank you, ive finally figured it out yesterday by error while i was turning it on !! lol thank you for the followup
  10. Hello is there a way to configure the LED light patternon the nikola? i mean i had a ninebot that i was able to configure the LED light pattern with the APPS Turn it OFF/ON ??
  11. yes there is one for the thumb, i wonder if it can fit with the wrist guard: LEVEL Ski Thumb Protector https://www.sicurogear.com/products/level-ski-thumb-protector Also about those wrist guard, i was not convince with fancy brand name like 3DO, but mostly because a traumatology doctor engineered them for ski accidents in the French alps. (he also engineered Spinemeter, Helmeter- Salomon bought the patent). The difference here is the abrasion that you dont have in ski (But Demon enhanced the product with slider pucks). Also about the engineering - i guess the speed of the ski ride was studied - it can go faster than EUC You can read his story here (in French): http://www.mecatronique.fr/skimeter-equipe-le-skieur-pour-un-ski-securite-mecatronique
  12. Just received my Flexmeter Double sided protection (large are back in stock on Demon store) and wow those are bomb proof About fingers, i broke my thumb with my gotway cutoff .. it seems it could be broken again unless you fall on the palm padding ...
  13. Doc Meter (SkiMeter) sold the patent to Demon in 2013 Also interesting that they sold a patent for a helmet with air cushion to Salomon exclusive article in French here: https://www.ledauphine.com/haute-savoie/2013/03/20/docmeter-cede-ses-protections-pour-poignets I dont fin any Large for now but it seems in a few week stock will be back The 2010 Catalogue is impressive...Fullface Air System Helmet.. wow i would have buy this helmet .. and back armor!!! doc meter 2010 catalog added reference : White Paper: functionality and efficacy of wrist protectors in snowboarding—towards a harmonized international standard Effect of surrogate design on the measured stiffness of snowboarding wrist protectors
  14. Hello Im trying to find a way to make spark when my pedals touch ground! Magnesium fire starter i guess would work, but i think titanium screw are a better idea. Anyway was just wondering if someone did this Mods already!
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