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  1. Hi All, I've been MIA for quite some time but do have at my disposal some older model EUC's - specifically the two models listed below. I have a number of them in new condition and am looking to sell to any interested buyers 1. Gotway MSuper v2 High Speed 850Wh (black, carbon, white) 2. IPS Zero 340Wh Please PM me if you are interested. I am located in northern NJ and am able to deliver locally to NYC if that's near you. Thanks -John
  2. Aloha, Sorry to hear your experience has been so bad. I distribute Gotway MSupers and have had to deal with them on a few occasions for different issues on behalf of my customers. I would say they can be slow (for one customer, awfully slow) but I never felt they ignored my customers or their issues ranging from battery to shells. I don't want to speak on behalf of my customers so I won't make any absolute statements. Who at Gotway were you dealing with?
  3. Hi, first off please be wary of not heeding the beeps. via the app, u can disable the level 1 and 2 alarms but definitely heed the level 3 alarm. Otherwise learning the hard way can be very dangerous. When you are traveling close to 18mph+ and the wheel suddenly stops accelerating, you'll be launched forward into unknown danger (God forbid moving vehicles). When enjoyed with caution, the MSuper is a wonderful ride. For those looking for a unit, feel free to reach me via PM. I ship from NJ and stock the 850wh units. Happy to answer any questions you may have too!
  4. @logos122 this saddens me greatly, I'm sorry for the accident and wish you a speedy full recovery. definitely serves as a wake up call to always wear a helmet and protective gear. I'll definitely be taking greater measures after reading about your accident
  5. johnc415


    Are you in the US? I have stock of the 340wh IPS zero units. Can make you happy on Christmas Day haha, or potentially able to. PM if so and interested, I ship from NJ
  6. johnc415

    MCM4 specs

    Just a heads up to all that Gotway confirmed a HS model of the MCM4 that is available now . Anyone own this new model and can comment?
  7. Welcome to the MSuper club! That's great news!
  8. I'm jealous of your nice weather in FL. Here in NJ we're hitting 40-50's now and at such speeds, need a nice windbreaker, gloves, hat, the whole 9 yards to keep warm. BUT my accessories kit for my sport cam finally arrived so I'm looking to do some filming when I get the chance. No editing? No stabilization? Did youtube do that automatically?
  9. never seen this happen before. after calibrating, turn unit off. then turn unit on while holding perfectly level (both horiz and vertically). after it turns on, does it start to tilt back on its own? observe while OFF the unit
  10. Happy to get involved in whatever capacity needed to defeat this new dumb law that is about to be unleashed in NYC. Let us know what we NY'ers can do! John
  11. Glad to hear it wasn't more serious - that's a scary situation to be in, fp'ing at 30kmh! Please use protection when traveling that fast! I think you're the first confirmed MCM4 fp. For now, I will continue to hold off on stocking these...
  12. johnc415


    Chris, This is awesome, I'm stoked to see you take it on the offroad here on the state side. Of course @vee73 is the EU offroad hero but was very curious to see how it fared in US terrain. What tire do you use on the your VSpeed MSuper @vee73? I'm supposing its not the standard stock from GW? It's amazing to see you tap into its other potentials too, including the padded seat riding. Seems a bit low for extended rides, no?
  13. Hi, I will PM you for details, thanks -John
  14. I post this thread because I know we have a sizeable EU community in France. Please know our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with you during this awful tragedy. NYC support
  15. johnc415


    that's a good observation
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