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  1. Darkness can compatible with king song unicycles now. With it, you can upgrade firmware, unlock speed. If needed, you can download from Apple store. Best regards Tina tina@szkingsong.com
  2. Personally, I hope there is trade in options for king song fans to thanks for your support of our brand, but unfortunally, currently, king song is not capable to afford this program.
  3. 18XL is with 10A limited as well.
  4. Charging current is 10A maximum
  5. To cater the market demand, king song has released 18L with bigger battery 1554wh , that is also named 18XL by our distributors.
  6. It’s a great honor to announce that we have Ulf Scheidsteger joined our King Song team, he will be King Song Media representative on social media, mainly electric unicylce forum and our King Song official facebook group. Ulf Scheidsteger is knowledgeable about technical issues and knows well about king song wheel specs. He will follow general questions forum members have in his spare time. All the feedback he collected , will be reported to us for analyzing.
  7. Hello Tina,

    Is Freemotionshop.com one of your authorized dealers in US or Canada? I want to make sure this website is a legitimate business partner of yours and not a scammer.


    1. tinawong


      Yes, Freemotionshop.com is our authorized dealer in Canada. 


  8. @TomOnWheels Hi Friend, this is Tina from King Song Intell Co., Ltd. I am sorry for your problems. We got a similar case like you, and our engineer team made full test immediately and added a test link since our second batch to the oversea market to avoid this kind of issue. Also, we have advised our agent to contact with buyers to do the same test in the end user's side. For your wheel, pls kindly contact with the seller to get a replaced control board.
  9. Hi Peter, i am sorry, we don't have control board which can fit your own designed 26inch.
  10. Thanks, we also got same feedback from other users about increasing big speakers, but due to the restrict of our current module, impossible for us to increase the speaker volumn, so....I am afraid we have to leave it as it is ..
  11. Hi, unfortunately, it will be with 2 speakers. also, without USB port. With new control board, we will improve riding experience, will offer your feedback to engineer team, thanks!
  12. Ha, thanks! You are always so nice! 
  13. I am glad that you love the design :-) Any updates of new 14" and 16", I will keep post in this forum :-)
  14. You can contact with me to get one (tina@szkingsong.com)
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