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  1. Just a note: This happens all the time. Android users not able to use apps only for Iphone and the other way around. Just accept it, adapt you own side of the problem for a solution (cheap android phone) or learn how to make apps for Iphone yourself. /r/choosingbeggars material.
  2. All is well, haven't had any wobbles again. As stated before, I will write it up as morning muscle weakness. In the meantime I've ridden a few mountainbike tracks, those are the best! Got 4th place worldwide on a popular track via Strava
  3. I don't know. Maybe rooting the phone and putting clean Android One on it is the solution. MIUI isn't that great anyway.
  4. Thanks for the tips @Scottie888. I've dealt with slight wobbles before on this wheel and others but never this extreme. I'll write it up as an "it was early and I was half asleep" moment I guess and try and practice to stop the wobbles when it happens.
  5. I can't set the GPS access to "always". The only apps that can are Chrome, Maps and Poco Launcher. Strava is set to "allowed while in use" just like EUC World.. All permissions are exactly the same. Next ride I will try with an old samsung phone and with the screen permanently on on my current phone.
  6. Hello, Yesterday morning I exprecienced extreme wobbles on my 16X on flat asphalt while not riding that fast. At around 35km/h I had the first wobble and was able to just barely get out of it and continue riding. Then, around 100m later I had wobbles again but this time I crashed. Never had this happen before in my 1000km of ownership. I ride cautious and normally cruise at 35km/h. I'm glad I always have a first aid kit with me, I patched my knee up quickly and rode home to clean it and then did a better job of bandaging. Someone told me that the 3" tire might be the cause? Thinki
  7. Hello, I've sent this bug report in the app but I don't know how I could get feedback from it. Since I've been using the EUC world app, I've never been able to succesfully record rides. The app somehow pauses recording and when I open the app later on during the ride the path from the pause to current becomes a straight line and the ride recording is ruined. Here are some examples: https://euc.world/tour/595475880208130 https://euc.world/tour/592798841232003 https://euc.world/tour/591097297067124 I made sure the app is not being put to sleep (can't check if it really is ignored)
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