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  1. Official Ninebot One P Cheapest in Singapore $1150(U.P $1250) Limited stock available ETA : Early November Main Features: Max Speed : 25-30 Km/h Distance: 30-35 KM per charged Battery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 Km IP65 Water Resistance Removable Battery LED Customisable Ninedroid Mobile App for other setting 1 Year manufacturing warranty with six
  2. Price reduce to $1150 for a limited time right now oops XD
  3. Hi all, Just a short introduction about myself. I am the creator of eunicycle Mobile App, an international community on mobile (with web too.) We are looking for sponsors around the world , and we would like to invite each individual respective electric unicycle brands to take part in it, in supporting our movement. Our Mission is to educate and encourage more users to join our mobility community. Do note we are building a stronger safer community for all of us . We would love for you to contribute ideas so as to improve the app features for a better user experiences. If you would like to see the potential of this app, you could visit our app "meet users" section and see the number of users who are within( do take note there are more than meets The Eye.) What you will benefit from this is you could showcase your company brand and speciality to your customers e.g "hey, go to this app to locate my shop " or " you can visit our listing in this app" or even "you can contact me through there"... An official 'marketplace' everyone can trust. You could push out direct message to your targeted audiences , just like how any Mobile app works* We have come up with a bundle from which you could contribute starting from USD $10 for the bronze membership per month up to our gold membership. no string attached and you can withdraw at anytime with a month notice without any additional charges. you can contact me via email at readygoh@gmail.com or through my app eunicycle ...Download it on Google Play Store , App Store or visit us at eunicycle.appelit.sg *terms and condition apply. We hope to hear from you soon . Do drop any quires if any too. Thank you for your contribution and we look forward working with you
  4. korea ninebot posted on facebook already weight about the same
  5. SGD... sgd....1480 is the full price oh thanks, sorry for the trouble... price in SGD haha (Sinagpore)
  6. Official Ambassador of Ninebot Asia Pte Ltd (Local SG)Parther with us today ! Contact 96977841Pre-order with deposit of 50% at $1480ETA : Early NovemberEnter or Give our Promotion code to receive a free gift : AMDSUM16Main Features:Max Speed : 25-30 Km/hDistance: 30-35 KM per chargedBattery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 KmIP65 Water ResistanceRemovable BatteryLED CustomisableNinedroid Mobile App for other setting1 Year manufacturing warranty with six months covering for batteryPre-Order today .
  7. consolidate all the Facebook groups about unicycle or even PEV together ... have a mobile app for it ? locate other riders near you and make friends ... consolidate all the Facebook groups about unicycle or even PEV together ... have a mobile app for it ? locate other riders near you and make friends ... QR to App/Play stores
  8. Try it ! Login has gotten easier with Facebook! Share your journey with everyone ! Download it on the stores: https://itunes.apple.com/app/eunicycle/id1023113518 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appelit.eunicycle&hl=en Website App: http://eunicycle.appelit.sg
  9. Do you mind our promo code as well? AMBSUM16 . thanks our is just 'Ninebot Asia' thank you
  10. Hello , I am the responsible for authorised Ninebot selling under Ninebot Asia Lte Pte from singapore. http://ninebot.asia https://www.facebook.com/ninebot.asia.2
  11. Hi all We are proud to announced our new 'eunicycle' Mobile App We would firstly like for you to support us in the launching of this! It allows to see the nearest rider around you . Share reviews , tips , pictures and even videos ! Download the app on the Google Play Store Apple: In review or you can visit eunicycle.appelit.sg first View our riders picture and videos on their journey around their neighbourhood. Like our Facebook to stay updated https://www.facebook.com/eunicycleapp
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