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  1. Can you please, explain what is "not possible"?
  2. We present our new product: the Chargeman. https://eunicycles.eu/en/30-chargeman User Interface The ChargeMan can work in two modes: universal mode and dedicated mode. The universal mode allows to cooperate with any type of li-ion charger with voltage range 30-101V and current up to 10A. The dedicated mode makes measurements and calculations special for the predefined parameters of the charger and li-ion battery. This is the recommended mode. The working mode of the Chargeman can be setup at universal and dedicated mode option. Switchi
  3. We would like to present the best Gotway EUC available for order directly from factory. We give the support in all EU countries as an official authorized Gotway brand service. Check our offer on the new Sales Platform
  4. After a few days, the phone will completely discharge the EUC battery, even if it is not used. This GPS module use 20mW when is idle. It will drain 1600Wh battery after 9 years.
  5. Our GPS tracker don't have the ENG description. It should be appear in 1-2 days. The GPS module is the standard product from China what is important it is additional module which is the power manager. The features of power manager module: - Vibration sensor check the movement so when the module feel vibration it's turn on the GPS, when the vibrations stops the module turns off in 30 minutes since last vibration detecton. In the case when the EUC is in the car trunk it's also collecting GPS data (can be helpful agains the thieves) - Voltage measurement constantly check the b
  6. Total mileage should be stored in the wheel (pcb flash or eeprom memory). If it is not happend or it is much inaccurate your pcb board can have some problem with non-volatile memory or with the firmware. Maybe try to update the firmware once again via EUC World app or Darknessbot. But after sometime, when you want to sell your wheel, you will have lower total mileage, it is always an advantage. "Always look on the bright side of life"
  7. Strange. Try on few trips. Is it repeatable? Mostly the wheels overstate the mileage.
  8. What exactly the type of EUC do you have? Is it KS14D or KS14SMD? Check it in application or just look under the USB port. If there is a fuse you have KS14D, if you have only hole it is KS14SMD. Anyway there is also 2.00 version, but available only in the Service App. Probably it have to be tested to be sure that is safe and then will be released. At this moment there is some problems with update firmware via KS Official App. The KS try to resolve it but now there is Chinese New Year. So we have to wait till the next month.
  9. Dear @snuckit, If the application can connect to the wheel, this means it is not so bad. Please contact to us directly on email support@kingsong.pl and I will try to help you ASAP.
  10. https://eunicycles.eu/en/home/106-second-hand-king-song-ks-18l-rubber-black.html PRICE: 1 533 EUR
  11. Fortunately, when you grab the handle, the power button is just at your forefinger
  12. Check this out: https://eunicycles.eu/en/chargers/115-fast-charger.html
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