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  1. https://eunicycles.eu/en/home/106-second-hand-king-song-ks-18l-rubber-black.html PRICE: 1 533 EUR
  2. Fortunately, when you grab the handle, the power button is just at your forefinger
  3. EUniCycles.eu

    Inmotion V10 Fast Charger

    Check this out: https://eunicycles.eu/en/chargers/115-fast-charger.html
  4. Step by step how to fix King Song handle bar when it is opening while lift. Works for all models. What you need: 1. 3mm aluminium or brass pipe (it can be bought in a hobby shop) 2. a small piece of plexi 1mm thickness 3. super glue
  5. You want to stand out more? This is special limited edition of King Song Blue wheels. Check it on: KS14D 420Wh Blue https://eunicycles.eu/en/14-inch-wheels/93-king-song-ks14d.html KS14S 680Wh Blue https://eunicycles.eu/en/14-inch-wheels/96-king-song-ks14d.html KS16S 680Wh Blue https://eunicycles.eu/en/16-inch-wheels/92-king-song-ks16-sport.html KS16S 840Wh Blue https://eunicycles.eu/en/16-inch-wheels/91-king-song-ks16-sport.html KS18L Blue Comming soon!
  6. The King Song manufacturer declares that from the firmware 1.7 the maximum speed of KS-14D is 30 km/h (before was 28 km/h). Please check and give feedback.
  7. EUniCycles.eu

    Smart, Fast Chargers for KS, GW, Inmo

    Hi All, We are selling our chargers to whole Europe but not to US. @steve454 gave a good hint. We also recomend eWheels for US and North and South America. Our chargers are designed for 230VAC +/- 10% as @Smoother wrote. They will not work at 110V.
  8. EUniCycles.eu

    Smart, Fast Chargers for KS, GW, Inmo

    Thank you for the notice. That was copy/paste mistake. We fixed it.
  9. We present our new products: SC-280 Smart Charger 240W Inmotion V8 84V SC-360 Smart Charge 300W King Song, Gotway 67.2V SC-380 Smart Charge 300W Gotway 84V Read the article about batteries and charging
  10. EUniCycles.eu

    Kingsong KS-16S best color?

    It's true. I really don't understand that all people always choose glossy black. My personal oppinion, in all KS color the best is white color. It really fits great with the white iphone
  11. EUniCycles.eu

    Kingsong KS-16S best color?

    We have glossy black, rubber black and silver matt. White is also available but as @Marty Backe said, it's not so popular. In the nearest days KS will stop to produce KS16, therefore all colors of KS16 are available for KS16S.
  12. EUniCycles.eu

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    We are shipping our chargers to all EU. In case of Spain it takes 3-4 working days. Our chargers are similar to E-Wheels chargers. In our product you can setup cut-off limit on display by button (not on potentiometer). It is our product, developed in Poland. I can tell you more on priv. Our post is becomes too much commercial. Sorry guys.
  13. EUniCycles.eu

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    Please note that the green LED does not mean that the charging is stopped. It is only information that the measured current is below 100 mA. This could be inaccurate in your charger. When you leave the charger with a green LED, it will continue to charge. Then you try to measure current. When it is around 100mA and your EUC show less then 98-100% it could be battery problem. Anyway we recomended our new product Smart Fast Charger for KS: https://emonocykle-sklep.pl/en/spare-parts/81-fast-charger.html. This charger give you all information about your battery.